Her First Time


I had to go to a meeting out of town with one of the companies I represent, and Linda decided that she wanted to go with me. Usually she doesn’t even want to think about going, saying how boring they were, but this time she said she just needed to get out of town. The first two nights we were there were just the usual group dinners and activities. On the third night we were free to do what we wanted to do.

I rented a car and we drove across town to a nice Italian restaurant that was one of my favorites when I was in town. We had a fun dinner and drank a couple of bottles of wine, and feeling very relaxed, got back in the car. Linda looked over and grinned and said, “Well now…what’s next?”

I shrugged and said, “I don’t know – what are you up for?”

We went back and forth with the usual ‘I don’t care’ and ‘whatever you want to do,’ so we weren’t making much progress. We approached a traffic light and as I slowed down, I saw up the way a nice gentlemen’s club that the guys usually went to when we were in town. I pointed it out to Linda.’’

“Well, we could always go there. You’ve always said that you wanted to see what one was like on the inside. Now here’s your chance – you’re out of town and won’t run into anyone you know.”

She looked over at me and said, “I’ll bet you planned to drive back this way, hoping you could get me in there, didn’t you?”

I just grinned and said, “Now would I ever do anything like that? You know me better than that.”

She laughed and said, “That’s why I said it, because I DO know you. But that’s why I love you, hon. OK, I’ll go…but only for a little while.”

My heart jumped as she agreed, and I pulled the car into the parking lot and came to a stop. I leaned over and kissed her and said, “I’ll bet you will enjoy it.”

“I know you will,” she laughed, as we went inside.

It took us a few minutes for our eyes to adjust to the lower lighting. I looked at the stage first, of course, and saw one of the dancers parading around in a tiny g-string. Linda saw it too and said to me, “I told you that you would enjoy it.”

One of the waitresses sat us at a table that was about fifteen feet from the stage, and then left to get our drinks. I watched Linda as she looked all around, looking at all the customers that were there, and watching the dancer as she completed her set. She looked at me and said, “So this is what it’s all about, huh?”

As the next dancer came on the stage, I grinned and said, “That’s about it,” and turned my attention to the new dancer.

Our chairs were close together and I slipped my arm around Linda’s shoulders as we watched. The dancer slowly removed her top, and then stepped out of her bottoms, leaving her in just the g-string. She made her way over to the edge of the stage where there were some guys waiting to give her a dollar. She went through the usual routine, rubbing her breasts in their faces and the like, and then moving on to the next one. Linda watched her, then turned to me and said, “OK, so they give her a dollar and she rubs her boobs in her face – what’s the big deal?”

I laughed and said, “I guess that is the attraction of it all. But some of these guys think that they are going to be able to hook up with her later, but I don’t think that is going to happen. Nothing wrong with a little fun, though.”

We got another drink and watched a few more dancers, and then one came out that I had seen on previous visits to the club. She was a knockout, with an almost perfect body, and was one of the more popular dancers there. Even Linda noticed, and said to me, “Wow, is she built or what?”

I nodded, and we both watched as she began to strip down. I decided to give Linda a little test on how much she was enjoying the show. I reached into my pocket and took out a couple of dollar bills. I laid them down in front of Linda and said, “Here – take a dollar and go up and tip her.”

Linda immediately looked at me and said, “You are crazy, you know. I’m not going to do that…that’s just what the guys do.”

I reminded her that there had been a couple of girls earlier that had tipped the dancers, and that it was perfectly OK to do so. She looked at the stage and back at me, and then sighed.

“OK, but only if you go up there with me.”

I just grinned at her and then stood up to help her out of her chair. We walked up to the stage together and stood there as the dancer made her rounds. I gave Linda the dollar as she approached us, smiling.

She immediately went right in front of Linda and moved seductively in front of her. She dropped to her knees so that both of their eyes were on almost the same level. She leaned in to Linda and let her long brown hair fall over Linda’s face, then took her hands and ran them down Linda’s back. Linda glanced over at me, not sure of what to expect, and I just gave her a reassuring smile. The dancer leaned back a bit, then moved her hands to Linda’s shoulders and began to move them down her chest until they were resting on Linda’s breasts. The dancer gave them a long squeeze, and then moved them to her waist.

I was watching intently as she moved her hands slightly under Linda’s sweater. She quickly looked at me as I could see her hands moving higher, and then in a split second, she had lifted Linda’s sweater and bra over her breasts, letting them bounce free, exposing them for anyone who had a good seat to see.

Evidently quite a few customers had a good view, as a cheer went up from some of the crowd. I felt a stirring in my crotch as I looked at Linda’s naked breasts, but then the dancer quickly pulled the sweater back down. She gave Linda a quick peck on the cheek as the song ended, and then began to pick up her money and leave the stage. I put my arm around Linda as we walked back to our table and whispered to her, “Now that wasn’t so bad was it?”

We sat down and Linda took a long sip of her drink. I could see that her neck and upper chest above the v-neck of the sweater were flushed, which usually happened when she was excited. She finally smiled at me and said, “No, it wasn’t so bad going up there, but I didn’t know she was going to do that.”

I laughed as a couple of younger guys walked past our table and dropped a couple of dollars on the table in front of Linda. She looked up at them as one of them said, “Nice tits,” and they moved back over to where they were sitting.

Linda’s face had turned slightly red, and I said, “See, you’re a star now. They loved you.”

She shook her head at me and said, “You are so bad…you know that don’t you?”

We watched another couple of dancers, and then the one that Linda had tipped came over to our table and sat down in one of the empty chairs.

“Hi, I’m Kristi.” Looking over at Linda she said, “I hope you didn’t mind what I did up there. I haven’t had any girls complain too much about it before, and if you noticed, the guys in here really love it. It definitely helps on the tips.”

I said, “I could tell that – even Linda had a couple of people bring over a couple of dollars.”

Linda looked at Kristi and said, “No, I didn’t mind too much. It just took me by surprise. But I guess it’s no different than being on the beaches in Jamaica. This is my first time here, so I didn’t know what to expect.”

Kristi smiled and said, “So it’s your first time, huh? Are you having a good time?”

Linda grinned and looked at me and said, “It is kind of fun – a little different, but still fun.”

We all three turned our attention to the dancer on the stage, and when she was done, Kristi turned and said, “Can I interest you in a lap dance?” I looked over at Linda and said, “No, probably not this time.”

Linda then asked Kristi, “How much are they?”

I looked at her in disbelief as Kristi said, “Twenty dollars.”

Linda pulled a twenty out of her pocket and put it on the table. She leaned over and kissed me and said, “I’ll buy one for you. I want to see what it is all about.”

Kristi grinned as she stood and said, “Follow me.”

As we followed Kristi to the couches along the back wall, I took Linda’s hand and whispered, “Are you trying to get me in trouble?”

She giggled as she kissed my cheek and said, “Don’t enjoy it too much – I’ve got plans for you later on.”

Kristi had me sit on the couch, then pulled up a chair and faced it toward me for Linda to sit in so she could watch. Kristi then sat in my lap, facing away from me and began to rub her soft ass into my crotch. It didn’t take much of that for me to get even more aroused than I already was. I grinned at Linda over Kristi’s shoulder, and she licked her lips as she looked back at me.

After a few moments, Kristi turned around so she was facing me, and as she continued rubbing into my lap, unhooked her little top, letting her full breasts spring free. Her hard nipples were only inches away from my face, and she immediately leaned forward so that they rubbed over my face. I glanced over at Linda who was watching every move intently, and I saw that one of her hands was in her lap. Kristi pressed her breasts into my face and shook, then slowly moved away and stood.

She turned around and sat back into my lap, and proceeded to begin rubbing her round ass into my lap. She leaned back until she was against me, and I could see over her shoulder as she took her breasts in her hands and began squeezing them. Her fingers went to her nipples and began to rub and pull on them. I looked over at Linda and saw that her hand was on one of her breasts, and the other hand was in her lap, and it was definitely moving. She appeared to be enjoying watching the dance, and I knew that I was.

After a few moments, Kristi slid down my lap until I felt the back of her head in my lap, and she pushed it back against my bulge a couple of times. She then turned toward me and leaned forward again, this time rubbing her face against my erection. I could feel myself growing even harder, and as I stole a glance at Linda, I could see her hand definitely moving between her legs, and her skin was flushed above the vee of her sweater. As Kristi moved upward, she stopped as her breasts reached my crotch and rubbed them in my lap again and again, all the while looking up at me with her sexy smile. She continued up until she was straddling my lap again, and her breasts were against my face, just as she had begun earlier. She pressed herself down against my lap, and I knew that she could feel my erection there. She knew just what to do as she rubbed herself against it, over and over again. Then before I knew it, the music stopped and the dance was over. She leaned forward and kissed my cheek, then got up off of my lap and sat down beside me. I looked over at Linda, and she had kind of a flushed look on her face, and I could tell that she had been turned on watching Kristi’s dance. I was very surprised at what happened next.

Kristi looked at me, then looked over at Linda and said, “Now how about you? Would you let me dance for you, too?”

Linda quickly shook her head and said, No…not me.”

I laughed and quickly pulled out a twenty and said, “Yes…you.”

Kristi grinned as I stood up and moved Linda to where I was sitting. Kristi looked at Linda and smiled at her and said, “Don’t worry…I promise you will like it.”

The music started again and Linda looked at me with a bit of an apprehension as I grinned at her. Kristi moved over and sat in Linda’s lap, just as she had begun with me. She leaned back against her, and I knew that she was pressing back against Linda’s breasts. Kristi moved up and down on Linda’s lap, and as Linda looked at me over Kristi’s shoulder, I could see that glazed look beginning to appear in her eyes. I felt myself getting harder as I watched this dancer move against my wife.

Soon Kristi slid down Linda’s lap to the floor, then turned so that she was on her knees facing Linda. She put her hands on Linda’s knees and then slowly moved them higher and higher up, until they had reached her hips. Kristi then brought them back down the inside of Linda’s legs, pausing briefly to go back up until her fingers were brushing Linda between her legs. Linda’s eyes got a bit wider as she flinched just a little, but then Kristi moved her hands back down to Linda’s knees.

She lowered her head to Linda’s leg and then slowly moved it higher until it was against Linda’s crotch. I only had to guess that she was pushing against Linda, because to my surprise, Linda slowly moved her legs farther apart. I could then clearly see that Kristi was rubbing her face against Linda. I was rock hard watching this, and soon found my hand in my lap, slowly moving it against the hard bulge in my lap. I wanted to pull my erection and stroke it, but that would be a sure way to get thrown out, and I definitely did not want to spoil the show I was watching.

I watched as Kristi’s hands began to make their way up Linda’s body, running over her sweater until they were resting on her breasts. She began to rub her hands over them, softly squeezing them. I could see Linda was really beginning to squirm now, and when Kristi pinched her nipples through the fabric, I heard a soft moan coming from Linda’s throat. Kristi lowered her head to Linda’s breast and I could clearly see her gently biting Linda’s nipple through the sweater. Linda’s head was leaning back now, her eyes closed, clearly enjoying what Kristi was doing to her. I had the best of both worlds – seeing my wife being pleasured by Kristi, then having a perfect view of Kristi’s ass in front of me.

Kristi moved her hands down the front of the sweater until they reached the bottom. She took the material in her hand and began to slowly pull it up. It wasn’t but just a moment until I could see the bottom of Linda’s bra, and Kristi quickly pulled it higher until the bra was in full view. Kristi looked over at me and gave me a quick smile, then pulled the bra up as well, leaving Linda’s breast in full view. Her nipples were harder than I think I had ever seen them, and the flush of her upper chest told me how turned on she really was. Kristi lowered her head and began to rub her face against Linda’s soft breasts.

Linda looked me in the eye and I smiled at her. Her eyes then quickly closed and she leaned her head back, and looking back at Kristi, I could see that her tongue was teasing Linda’s nipple…licking it all over, and then briefly sucking it. I heard a moan from Linda, then a bit louder one as Kristi’s hand began to rub between Linda’s legs. I was so hard that it was quite uncomfortable, and I realized that I would come soon if this little show went much further. Kristi’s hand began to move faster against Linda’s crotch, and I could tell that Linda was pushing against it. Then suddenly, the music stopped.

Kristi looked back at me, and then gave Linda’s nipple one last lick. She pulled down her bra and sweater, and as Linda’s eyes began to open, leaned up and kissed her lips. She smiled at Linda and said, “Well…did you enjoy it?”

Linda slowly nodded her head and Kristi said, “So did I. You guys make sure you come back and see me again.”

I nodded as I gave her the money and said, “I sure hope so,” knowing that the chances of that wouldn’t be very good.

As Kristi said goodbye and walked away, I reached my hand out to help Linda up and grinned at her.

“Wow…that was something wasn’t it?”

She looked at me and whispered, “Let’s get out of here.”

I nodded and we headed toward the door, and Kristi waved at us as we went by. We got to the car, and as soon as we closed the doors, Linda immediately was all over me. As her lips pressed against mine, her hands were in my lap, quickly unfastening my belt and unsnapping my pants. It didn’t take long until her hand was wrapped around my erection.

Our lips parted for an instant, and I said, “Is somebody turned on or what?”

Linda was breathing heavily as she whispered, “I am so horny…I’ve got to have you right now.” She moved her hands from my lap just long enough to unfasten her pants, and in one motion, the pants and her thong were on the floor. I could see that her bare pussy was soaked, the moisture glistening on the smooth skin. She was quickly sitting in my lap, and my dick slid right into her soaked pussy in one movement. As she began to move up and down in my lap, I pulled up her sweater and bra to expose her breasts, just like Kristi had done. My mouth immediately had one of her hard nipples in my mouth, and I began to lick and suck it,

Linda began to moan quite loudly and as she began to move up and down faster and faster, I released her nipple just long enough to whisper, “Do you like me to suck on your nipples? Did you like it when Kristi did it?”

She surprised me by moaning, “Yes…yes…yes. I loved it…please don’t stop.”

She began increasing her pace more and more, and I said, “I’m not going to last much longer,” and began thrusting upward to meet her.

Linda began groaning and said, “Come on…give it to me.”

Almost simultaneously, we both cried out, and I could feel flowing out over me as I shot deep inside her. Linda continued pressing down against me, and I felt like I was coming more than I ever had before. Our orgasms seemed to last forever, until finally we collapse against each other, Linda resting her head on my shoulder. All you could hear was our heavy breathing.

When we finally regained our composure, Linda opened her eyes and then kissed me lightly. I grinned at her as she said, “That was incredible. I don’t think I have ever been that turned on before.

She then whispered, “I came 3 times while we were inside…once while Kristi was dancing for you, and twice when she was dancing for me.”

I laughed and said, “I thought I could tell that you were enjoying yourself. Did you like what she was doing to you?”

Linda’s face got a little pink, but she said, “Well, I admit I did. I was a little scared at first, but she really got me hot. She was a very good dancer.”

I laughed again as I realized we were still in the parking lot of the club. The windows were all fogged up, so I started the car.

“I guess we better get out of here,” I said as Linda climbed off of me.

As I put the car in drive, she leaned her head down in my lap and took my softening cock in her mouth. I pulled out of the parking lot as she continued to lick me until I was clean. She sat up and leaned over and kissed my cheek.

“Thanks for a fun night…maybe we might do it again sometime.”

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