Her First Time


"Yes, fuck yes, fuck me, fuck me good." As she starts to orgasm I vigorously rub her clit with my thumb.

"Oh, my, fuck me, I'm fuckin' cummmmming, I'm fuckin' cummmmming."

I feel her pussy clench and retract over and over again around my cock as she cums. And she cums hard. As her orgasm lulls down I take my cock out and manipulate her so we are both on our sides. I lift her upper leg and she guides my cock back into her pussy.

"Fuck, I can't get enough of your pussy. I want to pound it till we pass out."

"Yes, fuck my pussy raw."

As I continue to fuck her, she rubs her clit hard and fast, reaching down occasionally to rub my balls. She keeps licking her hand to lubricate her clit and when she rubs my balls she tells me how good they taste. She rubs herself to her third orgasm of the night. I flip her onto her knees and mount up behind her. I slide my cock back into her pussy and as I fuck her I every so often completely withdraw my cock and slam it back in. Occasionally, I pull out and pause, stretching her pussy wide, looking at her wet, gaping, stretched pussy.

"Fuck, you have a beautiful pussy. It looks really fucked now. That pussy is fucked wide."

"Oh, stretch the shit out of my pussy, stretch it out real wide. Fuck me sore, fuck me real sore."

"I will, I fucking will. Just wait till your ass is as fucked wide open as this pussy is. I am gonna fuck the shit out of your ass. I am gonna rip open your ass with my cock."

"Your big fuckin' cock."

I continue to fuck her pussy hard. With all this dirty talk, it is driving me crazy. I slow down a bit as I feel my balls tightening and my own orgasm building. I know I want her to cum at least two more times before I fuck her in her ass and my next load is getting dumped in her ass.

"I want you to suck your pussy off my cock."

She gets up and turns around and engulfs my cock to the base. As she comes up she exclaims, "Mmmmm, my pussy tastes so good mixed with the taste of your cock."

She continues to suck my cock for two or three more minutes. Then she gets up and tells me to lie down and she gets up facing me and mounts my cock again. She rides me like a wild girl out of control, pounding hard on me. As she does, she puts her feet up on my thighs and her knees on the ground, her hands on my chest, grinding her pussy down on my cock. I reach up and grasp her tits in my hands and proceed to massage and squeeze her nipples. This brings her over the edge to a pulsing orgasm.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck," she keeps shouting. "My pussy is cumming again! Fuck YES!" Her body is shaking all over, convulsing into another mind-blowing orgasm for her.

She slowly eases down, sliding her legs out so every part of her is lying on top of every part of me. She just lies there with her face nuzzled into my neck, trembling with my rock hard cock still in her pussy. As her orgasm subsides she picks up her head and kisses me gently.

"My pussy has never cum that many times in one month, never mind one hour."

I look up at the clock and it is only 6:22 PM. "We have about four and a half more hours to fuck and I am gonna make you cum more than twice that and some."

"I don't know if I could cum that many times without passing out."

"Oh, you WILL BE AWAKE when you cum for the tenth time."

I give her about fifteen minutes rest, then I roll her on her back, and get up and tell her I'll be right back. I return momentarily with a bottle of lube.

"It's time to stretch the hell out of that ass. I am gonna fuck the hell out of your shit hole, baby."

I pick up her legs and push them back to her shoulders and tell her to hold them up and hold them tight. I dribble some on my cock and rub it around then I drip some on her asshole. To her surprise I put the tip of the bottle against her ass and shove it up, dumping a ton up her asshole. I pull it out and quickly plug her hole with my cock. A little bit drips out and down her crack. I start to push my cock up her ass slowly.

"Motherfucker, that fuckin' thing is big, it feels like it's splitting my ass in two."

She starts to tremble from it. So I say, "Well, daughter-fucker, not motherfucker."

She giggles and says, "Smart-ass, that fuckin' thing is huge but, fuck, it feels so good."

I chuckle. "Tight-ass, not smart-ass, and I am gonna make that tight-ass loose ass when I am done fucking it."

"Please push it in all the way and just let it enlarge my hole. I need to get use to it."

So I embed my cock balls deep, leaning forward and pinning her ankles to the floor. Then I lift my feet, placing all my weight on her ass.


After a few seconds I rest, my feet back down, and start to pump her ass with long, deep strokes. Her ass feels so good wrapped around my cock. It is so, so tight, unbelievably tight, I might add. In fact, I have to stop and temporarily have to concentrate on something else so as not to cum prematurely. I recompose myself and resume fucking her in the ass.

She reaches up and she is playing with her clit, pushing one, two and even three fingers up her pussy, fucking herself.

"Oh, yes, fuck my little, tight ass. Oh, fuck, your cock is so fuckin' big, I can't believe you have all nine inches buried up my ass. Oh, yes fuck me, fuck my ass."

Then she starts chanting, "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass." She repeats it over and over and I increase in speed, pounding the shit out of her ass almost literally. I am so glad I used all that lube. Regardless of how tight her hole is the lube is allowing it to slide effortlessly in and out. I can tell she is approaching another orgasm, as well as me. We both know we are approaching our orgasms. She rubs her pussy faster and I pump her faster.

"Oh, yes, cum in my ass, fill my shit hole with your cum. Dump that load in me."

As she continues to talk dirty to me it brings me over the edge and my first load of cum spurts into her ass, which in turn brings her over the edge and she produces her most intense orgasm of the night.

As she peaks, she yells, "Stuff that cock in my mouth! I want to taste my ass and your cum, please, please let me taste it!"

I rip my cock from her ass and drop on my back. She flips around, cum dripping from her ass, and swallows my cock to the base.

"Fuck, fuck, yes, suck you ass from my cock, lick that cum, eat it, you dirty bitch."

She continues to suck my cock clean, proclaiming how good our fluids taste together.

After a minute or so she drops my flaccid, cleaned cock onto my belly and crawls up and cuddles up to me.

"You are so fuckin' incredible. You have definitely fucked my pussy raw and my ass, well, it feels so fuckin' good. We WILL do this again." As the vehemence of the word 'will' sinks in, she adds, "Mom is going next month to California for two weeks to see her sister and we will fuck for the whole two weeks."

"I won't tell her but I will take a few days vacation and we won't get out of bed."

We fuck a few more times and she actually cums eleven times total and I cum four. Once in her mouth, once in her pussy, once in her ass and once all over her face. In addition, as far as the two weeks her mother goes away, well, that's another story.


Please comment, good or bad. If you would like to hear about our two weeks, inspire me and I will see what I can do. ;D


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