tagInterracial LoveHer Love Ch. 03

Her Love Ch. 03


Hey kids! So be honest, you didn't see that last one coming did you? I know,I know, I'm a big stupid meanie face. But then again would you have me any other way? Sorry I left you hanging so long, so here it is at long last. Now i am saying this outright, i plan to take a bit of time off for a project i am working on, and a vacation with family so it's gonna be a bit before i get done, but i plan to drop two stories very very soon. Chapter four of this and chapter five of by the horns. i already have the layouts down so i can just go dead into them once I'm ready to go. have some patience and you shall be rewarded kids! ENJOY THE SHOW!


Terry was petrified as he heard the door start to open. Though Char's soft lips had calmed him temporarily, the fear of coming back to his own personal hell was starting to get to him. The lock slid into place loudly and every noise the familiar device made caused another shake to come to him. The large hand of Char found his and the squeeze she gave it provided him with the strength to face the demons that were on the other side.

Jenny opened the door and there was Terry. Her face became a sneer as she saw her errant brother. Her face became the same obnoxious sneer it was before she launched into him. The malice in her shrill voice was on full bore as she tore into him.

"Where the fuck have you been Terry! Vonte's gonna have your..." she began to say, but a loud throat clearing stopped her dead in her tracks.

Jenny's eyes found the source of the sound and when they did her neck was forced to crane back to see the whole spectacle of Charmel standing next to him. Up and up Jenny's eyes traveled till they met the firm jaw and scowling lips. And slower still they found the hard face of a quite stunning woman, but her beauty was marred by a scowl that drained the will from Jenny. The burning eyes that bore into her caused Jenny to stop her tirade in mid-sentence. The unspoken threat of pain or worse made her stand still and tremble a bit.

"Step aside,' Char said plainly.

"Um...who...who are you?' Jenny stammered out trying to keep herself firm.

Char's eyes bore directly into hers and she took a step forward that brought her to within inches of Jenny. The fear in the smaller woman's eyes became apparent almost immediately as Char towered over her and crossed her arms. While not heavy in muscle, the tone of her arms was clear as was the tightness of her belly as she breathed evenly. The threat of pain hung silently between Char and Jenny and after a few long seconds of the display Char finally spoke.

"I am the one who is coming into this house and getting Terry's things. The men behind me are going to help Terry pack. Then, we are going to leave and it's not your fucking business as to where we are going,' Char said sternly.

Jenny unconsciously moved her hand from the door and when she did Char walked right by her and purposely slammed into her shoving her out of the way with her large frame. Jenny was shoved to the side and her back impacted the clock next to the door.

The two men saw the spectacle and grinned as they began to enter. Emil put his hand on Terry's back and guided him into the room. Walking into the house both men actually felt that the house was beautiful and could be considered inviting,but as soon as they saw Terry reaction and how he began to tremble so badly that Emil had to move him along, it made them think otherwise. The company walked towards the main area of the landing when Char stopped and turned to face Terry. She saw the scared rabbit he was and it made her walk to him and put her hands on either side of his face.

"Where is your room?" she asked softly.

His head and eyes moved to the up and right and Char nodded her head. She looked to Emil who nodded and walked with Terry towards the stairs. As the two made the landing loud footfalls made the devil's presence known.

Vonte stomped through the house after hearing the noise at the door. He was in the study at the time going over his own work when he heard a commotion. As his feet brought him to the main foyer his eyes caught sight of Terry.

"Boy where the fuck you been?!" he roared at Terry then saw the man with him, "And who the fuck is this motherfucker!"

Emil heard the challenge and turned to face the man. As he did he stood at his full height and threw his shoulders back. Emil was no stranger to combat as he served five years in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. He was a former Force Recon Marine and as such his training was the hardest the Marine Corps had to offer. From weapons to explosives he was well trained, but in hand to hand combat he and Meyerson had few equals. Both were not just well schooled in the martial arts, they were also instructors to their former units in the same arts.

What Vonte didn't see was in the simple motions he had rolled his shoulders loosening them and set his feet to move at a moment's notice. He also positioned himself between Vonte and Terry in a typical bodyguard style. The wordless gaze he gave Vonte was all that was said between the two. Vonte took a step forward, then saw he had other guests.

Char saw Vonte for the first time and she was not impressed. He was maybe five ten if that and looked to be of a moderate build. He had a tone, but not much else. His skin was as dark as hers, but she saw his face and it almost made her laugh. She made herself known to him and without warning to him, or the men with her, by stalking right up to him.

Vonte saw just enough out of the corner of his eye to look at her and when he did he saw the biggest woman he had ever seen in his life stomping right up to him. While that was nothing to give him pause, the fiery look in her eyes was enough to stop him dead in his tracks. The second she got into his personal space she stood fully over him and her eyes tore into his soul.

"Who the fuck are you?' he asked indignantly and showed he was not afraid.

"Who the fuck are you?" Char mocked back.

"This is my fucking house bitch and you don't need to be here,' Vonte said plainly as he worked himself to a fury.

Char saw he was trying to work himself into a fighting mode and with that she reacted before he could.

"This may be your house, but Terry isn't,' she said plainly and an evil smile came to her face.

"The fuck that bitch isn't!" Vonte said and stepped forward, only to be rocked back as Char's hand found his shoulders and shoved him with more force than he thought imaginable.

Char hadn't expected to react like that, but the moment he got too close she decided to let him know of whom he was fucking with. The sheer power came from her whole soul as she sent him stumbling backwards. The second he was upright she had her hands on her hips and the glaring eyes promised far worse if he should get too close again.

"Bitch I oughta..." he started to say, but Char was quick to cut him off.

"If anyone here is the bitch, it would be you. You bitch ass punk!" she exclaimed and Meyerson moved as silently as a ghost around to the side of Vonte.

Vonte heard the taunt and he stormed right at Char, but Char didn't budge and inch. She met him halfway and the two of them slammed into each other. Their bodies crashed into each others with a loud thud, but Char was more than equal to the task. Her larger frame gave her leverage over him and as soon she met his body she brought her large hands up and found his waist. With an application of force and a twist she bent sideways and hip tossed Vonte to the floor.

The loud thud shook the air and left Terry with his eyes open wide. For the first time in his life Terry saw Vonte getting pushed around and it shocked him. After nearly a year and a half of torment, torture and abuse, Terry couldn't help but shrink away. As he did Char was standing straight and her face was in a contorted snarl. The look was very scary and Terry stopped shrinking.

"Look at you now bitch! On your fucking ass! Get back up! You have been beating on people smaller than you too long. Did your punk ass forget how to fight someone that could defend their selves? You fucking bitch, get the fuck up! I really do not want to do this the easy way." Char roared and threw her hands up in a taunting gesture.

Vonte was on his backside looking up as she said that. He scrambled to his feet and as he did he couldn't help but notice that the man from the stairs was not where he was supposed to be. Vonte didn't stop his motion as he ran straight at Char his fist cocked back to slug. His fist shot forward and Char saw it. She was about to react when the man behind Vonte suddenly did. His fist was intercepted behind his body leaving Vonte dangerously exposed. The first sign Vonte was in danger was when his arm stayed behind him and wouldn't go forward. The second thing was when he suddenly felt a body next to him and his feet became slack. His whole world got put on its head as he went backwards over a solid body and landed firmly on his face and chest. His composure was thrown totally off by the dizzying move, but then his day took a painful turn. As he got his bearing about him a strong arm snaked across his neck and locked tight.

Vonte found himself hoisted up violently and before he could regain his composure the arm hooked in deep then was joined by another arm behind his neck. Like a snake the arms constricted and the flow of precious oxygenated blood began to flow slower and slower to Vonte's brain. As soon as that happened he was slammed down on his ass and the other man dug into the choke hold by digging his head deep into the nape of Vonte's neck. Emil had the rear naked coke sunk in deep and as much as Vonte tried to move, he couldn't get away as Emil was on his knees behind him angling Vonte's head down. The flow of blood stopping made Vonte's face burn brightly as he struggled for the last few seconds before his world would go black.

Char saw the move from start to finish and it made a part of her excited. She watched how Emil had gotten behind him and left Vonte unaware of his presence. Then she saw as he caught his punch and turn it into a throw and choke combination. Seeing Vonte in such a dangerous position made her do something she normally would not have done. She took the opportunity to get right in his face making sure she was the last thing he saw before he blacked out.

"Well now, lookie what we got here! A punk ass bitch that's about to find out what it's like to be a victim. Isn't this fun?" Char purred into Vonte's face.

Vonte's hand came up in an effort to find release from the hold, but it lost its power as his brain sent the signal to shut down. Char gave him a contemptuous look, and as Vonte's face drooped as he passed out Char let out an evil chuckle. She got to her feet and as she did her eyes fell upon the other part of Terry's misfortune.

Bernice was in her room taking a nap when she was woken by the loud voices. The loud thud she heard made her eyes open wide and toss on a robe. As she rushed out she saw Jenny running past her to her room and slamming the door. That alone put her on edge, when she got to the foyer her eyes got huge.

Emil tossed Vonte's limp body to the floor with a definite amount of contempt. Once Vonte's body was his stomach his arms were roughly tossed behind his back and a loud zip was heard as Emil zip tied his hands together. He was drug along the floor to the bannister and tied to that. Once he was secure Emil stood up and saw the woman at the top of the stairs. He looked back to Char and the scowl on her face was one that made him back up.

Char saw the woman and knew at once who it was. The glare on her face was magnified as she suddenly began to walk up the landing to the stairs and one by one she climbed them. The loud clacking of her boots as she took each step was like a sonic boom that rent the air and put Bernice in a bad place. As Char got to Terry she took his hand and softly tugged at it making him walk with her. The slow, steady gait up the stair made Bernice back up until the wall was firmly at her back.

Bernice was stunned as the huge woman walked up the last ten steps and as she did Bernice felt very small. The color in her face seemed to melt away as the woman crested the rise and stalked right up to her.

"I'll call the cops if you don't...' Bernice started to say, but was cut off as a large hand connected with the side of her face and sent her to the floor.

The echoing slap tore through the air and was adjoined with a yelp and thud as Bernice hit the floor. Char towered over her and glared down at the bitch on the floor. Looking back Char saw Terry's eyes were huge at what just happened and Char squeezed his hand to make him look at her. Char used her free hand to stroke his cheek and as she did the warmth she radiated came through to calm him down.

"Go to your room and get your things,' she said softly, but firmly.

Terry nodded his head and quickly walked off to his room. Emil came up behind her and followed Terry to his room. As he passed her, he patted Char making her look to him.

"Don't get crazy,' he warned.

Char nodded her head and turned back to the bitch on the floor. Char looked at her for a long time before she was sure that the bitch was ready for what was coming her way.

"I can understand that you are a money grubbing, low down, skank, whore, piece of shit, slut that deserves to be on the corner of 125th street giving blow jobs for five dollars a whack, but who gave you the fucking right to lay your filthy, fucking rat claws on Terry like that? What gave you the right to treat your son like he was a bitch you were pimping out for money?" Char asked and wasn't hiding the venom in her voice.

Bernice was shaking uncontrollably as she looked up to the large woman and was too terrified to speak. The sheer malevolence that the woman seemed to radiate off of her and that was stealing the very will to speak from her.

"I fucking asked you a question bitch! Now speak the fuck up!" Char roared and snatched her up by the robe.

A loud thud split the air as Char slammed her viciously into the wall. Bernice was hanging nearly seven inches off the floor and was now eye to eye with the substance of her worst nightmares as Char's rage-fire filled eyes bore into hers melting any thoughts she may had about anything. The whimpering Bernice was doing was getting on Char's nerves and when Bernice flinched, she tore into her savagely.

"That's your own fucking flesh and blood and you do that to him?!" Char screamed into her face making Bernice whimper louder.

"And you whimper like a whipped dog! You know what fuck you! You aren't worth a damn bit of my fucking time!' Char said dismissively as she threw her to the floor like a sack of trash.

Bernice slid along the floor as she hit and scrambled to her hands and knees trying to get away from the furious woman. Char saw her trying to run and would have none of it. Like a snake she shot forward and her boot connected with Bernice's exposed ass and as it did she yelped and was thrown on her face. As she hit a hand grabbed her arm and flipped her over to her back and a large foot was on her chest pinning her to the floor.

"Did I say I was done with you yet you worthless piece of shit that calls herself a mother?!" Char growled making Bernice frantically shake her head no.

"See, now you learn your fucking place! Under my fucking heel!" Char taunted and used the point of her boot to make Bernice look up.

"From this moment on Terry is no longer in your life. If I see you or that brain dead chump you call a husband come near him I will come back here and next time I will not be so nice!" Char growled and Bernice couldn't move her head as Char stepped fully down on her neck.

"Let this remind you how fucking pathetic you are without that piece of shit husband to protect you from me. And don't think that broke ass mark will save you from me,' Char said firmly.

Char removed her foot from Bernice's neck and turned her back to her as Bernice sputtered and gasped. She walked down the hall to where Emil was standing and pointed back to Bernice who was still on the floor sobbing pathetically. Emil nodded his head and walked down the hall and stood over the sobbing woman and shoved her against the wall. Once she was secure Char knocked softly on the door. It was open and inside she saw Terry standing in the middle of the room with his head down.

Char walked into the room and looked around. Of all the rooms his was the smallest. His simple bed and dresser was all that adorned the room. No posters and no trinkets of his life were anywhere. He had one suitcase and it was filled with his clothes and work uniforms. Char saw Terry's shoulders were shaking and walked up to him. She wrapped her long arms around his body and pulled him into her. Terry's back was against her chest and as he felt her there Terry seemed to melt into Char.

Char held him for a few minutes then decided that he was in the hell hole long enough. She pushed him forward and leaned down to his ear.

"Almost done sweetie?' she asked softly.

Terry nodded his head and pointed to his closet.

"Then let's get this done,' Char said cheerfully and went to the closet to help him finish.

Between the two of them they had the room emptied of what he wanted and put it in the suitcase. Char walked to the end of the closet and looked up at the top of the shelf and saw a box. She took it down and saw on top was a picture of a man and a little boy. She could tell it was Terry when he was younger as he had the same mop of hair and cute smile. She looked at the man next to him and saw a smaller man, but one who carried himself very well. The picture was taken at what looked like the old Shea Stadium. She sighed and put the box under her arm and walked out.

When Terry saw the box he looked up to Char and she smiled as she handed the box to him and picked up his suitcase. She motioned for Terry to go on ahead and as he did Char took one last look around the room. The simple room seemed to echo with the pangs of torment and misery. She saw the door and how it looked out of place from the rest of the house and didn't want to ask. She ran her hand over the wall and the cold feeling told her everything she needed to know.

Char walked out of the room and closed the door behind her. As the clunk sounded it seemed like Terry was walking with his shoulders up a bit. She smiled at that and walked down the hallway to see his sister standing at the end of the hall and she decided to let one more person know of her displeasure. Terry told her of how Jenny would purposely get him into trouble and sic the asshole on him and she got a smirk on her face.

Char walked up to Emil and handed him the suitcase. Down below she saw Meyerson standing at the foot of the foyer with something in his hand. She couldn't see what it was, but it was a steady red light on the top of a black box of some sort. Emil guided Terry down the stairs and as he did Char stalked by the simpering Bernice and was now approaching Jenny who looked at her door and decided to get into the safety of her room. Char watched the little rabbit run and before Jenny made it to the room she was there and pulled the door shut before Jenny could get in.

"Going somewhere?" Char growled and snatched Jenny by the hair and yanked her back into the hallway.

Jenny screamed in pain as she was led back into the hall and tossed next to her mother on the floor. Char stood over her and when Jenny looked up Char was there and her snarling face was close.

"So you think you're funny don't you?" Char asked simply.

"I didn't do anything to that loser..." she whined and the back of Char's hand rapped off her head making her cry out.

"Oh please, I barely touched you. You sniveling little bitch! You had no problems listening to Terry cry and beg for help. Where is that bravado now?' Char laughed at her.

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