tagInterracial LoveHer Love Ch. 04

Her Love Ch. 04


Howdy kids! So I'm sure another "Sorry i been out" speech isn't what you want to read, so here it is. Enjoy and be ready, i got another one on the way! Read it, love it, and tell a friend about it! Enjoy the show kids!

The simple words that spilled from Terry's mouth had their effect. The words were not special, nor were they powerful, but the effect they had was more far reaching than either could imagine them to be.

Char's only reaction to them was to stand up and hug him to her. The hug was a nice feeling for Terry. He welcomed being engulfed in her sensuous body. The hug lasted for a long time while neither spoke a word. Neither could. The words had a far reaching effect on both as they stayed like that for a long time, then the moment broke and the two ate in a companionable silence.

The two of them sat in silence for the rest of the night and went to bed in their respective bedrooms. Neither Terry nor Char slept that night, or the next few. Their dreams were filled with many images and fears. For Terry, it was the fear that he had made her mad at him by what he did. A great tightness in his stomach was constantly there as he lay in the bed and some tears came to his eyes as he let his fears swim around him like sharks sensing blood.

Char's own fears were just as complex. A strong part of her was confused to no end as what to do next. Another part of her screamed at her to move him out and somewhere else. That part had been screaming at her since the moment she spanked him. That feeling of needing to pass him off to someone else went through her mind, but it was countered by another feeling. That feeling was one she couldn't explain. It was a feeling of extreme want and need to keep him with her and explore further on what her actions and his confession meant and what the two of them could mean to each other. All those thoughts, plus a great many more filtered through her mind as the days passed.

While they settled back into their routine, there was a heavy tension that hung between them as the days began to turn into weeks. Char and Terry went to work, came home, worked out, ate, slept, watched movies, and all the things they did before the event. But as they did both held a simple truth between them: It happened.

Char slowly began to filter through her sanity as the thoughts and the unpleasant war between her feelings was waged in her soul. Her work didn't really suffer, but it wasn't what it once had been. Her strong persona was slowly slipping and uncertainty began to show in her eyes every now and then. A huge shift in her behavior began to show as she didn't snap at her people anymore and to the majority of the crew it was a blessing. To one, it was a slap to his pride.

Char kept things under control, but she noticed that everyday Henry was always glaring at her when he thought she wasn't looking. She accredited it to his being chewed out and the fact she did nothing positive for him, but in reality it was far worse than that. What she didn't know was that every day he saw Terry walk into her office and the thought of that little punk was touching what he coveted was galling him to no end.

Terry and Char had no idea of what to do with their new situation and it started to show at home. Terry no longer leaned on her and Char felt the distance growing day by day. She hated for him to think she wanted him gone, but her own confusion prevented anything from happening. The misery that Terry was, in feeling that he alienated her, was slowly making his smile come less and less. She noted that he would mope at times and that was the last straw for her.

While she sat at work Char replayed the lunch she just had with Terry over and over. He seemed to draw further and further away from her as they tried to talk about things any and everything except the event, as she had begun to refer to it in her mind. She noted how silent and mousey he was and it killed her. So much gain he had made and now this ogre in the room was killing all the hard fought progress they made. Char threw her pen to her desk and sat back. Her eyes blinked several times and she realized she needed to do something, or he would likely slip away back to his old self.

She picked up her phone, but no ideas came to mind. She tossed it down and looked at her office. Nothing presented itself, so she growled in an annoyed fashion. In a rush she got to her feet and snatched up her coat. Char stalked from her office and her anger was apparent to all. They quickly got back to work and even Henry gave her a wide berth. She went straight to the elevator and down to the lobby. She didn't know why, but she strode right up to Nathan's office.

As she got to his office she saw the door open and at his desk Nathan sat on his cell. He was wearing a very sharp blue and white striped shirt with a blue and black tie. The cuffs and collar of the shirt were white to contrast the darker blue. His suspenders held something she didn't know he was allowed to have as a shoulder holster with a pistol was in place. He was armed and that was a scary notion. She knew he was allowed to carry in extreme cases, but seeing him actually armed caught her off guard. The other thing that caught her off guard was the conversation he was having.

"Of course. As a matter of fact she is here," he said and waived at Char to sit down. "I'll ask her, no problem," he said and put his hand over the mouth piece of the phone and looked dead at Char, "You're coming to dinner with us Thursday." he said plainly.

Char was blank eyed and nodded her head and he went back to the phone, "Yeah she's coming. No problem baby. I love you too. Yeah, no problem I'll pick some up. Si mi amor," Nathan said chuckling and looked to Char.

"Si mama. Si. Bye," he said and hung up the phone.

Nathan chuckled a bit and looked up to her confused face.

"She's making her famous chicken and red chili enchiladas and wants you to come," Nathan explained.

Char's mouth watered at the thought of those damned enchiladas, damn if she didn't love them. The last time Donia made her chicken enchiladas she made a pig of herself and ate four of them. The way Donia slow cooked the chicken and added black beans, corn, chilies and tomatoes was superb. Then she would fold them into corn tortillas with a mole sauce then bake them with crème fresca caused more drool to form in her mouth.

"And of course you have to bring Terry, Donia wishes to enjoy being not the shortest in the room anymore," he said chuckling.

Hearing that Char looked down and sighed suddenly. Nathan saw that and tilted his head curiously.

"Something amiss?" he asked.

A bare nod of the head was his only answer.

"Care to explain?" he mused.

Char's mouth opened and closed several times. She tried to form her sentences, but couldn't. Nathan saw this and sat back in his char. He knew that she was likely stuck in her thoughts so he did the smart thing and got from his chair and went to the door. He closed the door and went over to Char and sat down in the chair next to her. His hand found her shoulder and when it did she flinched from it. That caught him by surprise and he let her go. The eyes that met him were ones that seemed to be haunted and she quietly recounted her problem.

Nathan's eyes went wide as he listened to her story and nodded his head several times as he listened. From the spanking to the after effects Nathan's jaw slackened and his mouth opened. Several times his hand came up to point, but went back down. He blinked his eyes many times at the tale and when she was done Nathan sat back in his chair and brought his hands together. His fingers interlaced and his index fingers were out holding his chin up as he tried to wrap his mind around things.

After a long silence Char looked to him and finished the tale.

"He told me he liked what I did to him,' she whispered.

Nathan sucked in a breath and exhaled it for a long time. When it was out Nathan blinked a few more times and Char felt very uncomfortable suddenly. Nathan saw it and put his hand up suddenly.

"So you and Terry... are what?" he asked.

"I don't know Nathan! I just don't know," Char said and her voice sounded like she was about to crack.

Nathan nodded his head.

"So you're confused, and so am I", he said and couldn't help the laugh that escaped his lips.

Char heard the laugh and at first felt angry, but she couldn't help but notice that it wasn't a mean laugh, more of a confused chuckle.

"So wow. I mean, wow!" Nathan said chuckling softly.

"Nathan...what am I going to do?" she asked and sounded desperate.

"I have no fucking idea," he replied.

Char was angry at the response, but she understood that he was not likely going to be of much help. She was about to get up when Nathan shook his head and grabbed her hand.

"I'm not done with you yet," he teased and that actually made Char smile.

"Look, I know you're likely...umm...yeah...confused by the recent events. Hell, I'm at a loss myself, but for two reasons. The first, and the easiest one for me, is why the hell did you tell me this? I can't have sex for a long time as Donia is still recovering from giving birth to our child!" he exclaimed laughing and Char laughed with him.

Char actually felt a lot of tension slip away with the laugh. It ended after a few long minutes and at the end of it both felt a lot better. Nathan got his bearing back and went forth.

"The other thing is, and I guess this is the real question: how do you feel about it?" he asked point blank.

Char was rocked by the simple question and was about to answer when Nathan cut her off.

"Don't tell me what you think you want me to hear, but what do you really feel? How does it really make you feel for things? How does the truth of what you two did and what it means now make you feel?" Nathan asked all the questions were simple, but the answers would be real and hold real implications.

For the first time in many years Char was not confident in herself or what she was thinking. All her life Charmel was a rock that was a foundation for her family to stand upon. She was a titan of her craft. Her assertive personality was something that always made her stand out and run with life and its many challenges. But now, now she was totally lost.

Nathan saw the look in her eyes and nodded his head. He understood exactly what was wrong with her. She didn't know what to do next. His mind came up with the answer right away and he stood up from his chair. Sure strides took him to his desk and his phone. He pulled up a number and wrote it down from Char. Once it was there he walked back to her and handed her the memo.

Once the note was in her hand Nathan spoke in calm tones, "Give this lady a call. She is a therapist that helps me."

Char's eyes got wide as the words sank in. she looked up to Nathan and couldn't help the surprise in her eyes or voice as she spoke.

"You have a therapist?"

Nathan nodded his head and took a deep breath. He undid the shoulder holster and suspenders. Off came his tie and then the buttons of his dress shirt. Char was stunned as he took off the dress shirt and his tattoos and muscles came to view. Her eyes got wide as he took off his tank top undershirt and she saw his frame. On one side of his chest was a rank of the Marines she knew as Gunnery Sergeant and his recon insignia. On the other side of his chest was a cross sheathed in flames. Her eyes followed the line of his cord down and saw a grinning death head with crossed bones. She looked at the tattoo and her eyes met his. Seeing her confusion he slowly turned around and when he did that her eyes got wide.

The jagged scar on his lower back was disturbing. The three tears in his skin had been closed by surgery, but the grotesque lines and rivulets in his flesh were still there, forever carved into his flesh. Char's eyes and mouth were wide open as he slowly turned and walked to her. Once he got to her his hand found hers and he traced her fingers over the holes in his abdomen. Char looked up to him and saw his serene eyes as he looked down at her.

"A memento of my service in Iraq," he explained.

Char was silent as he went back to his desk and put his shirt and tie back on. As he did Nathan decided to explain.

"When we were ambushed I had to get to a vehicle that had been taken out by an IED. Meyerson was on the ground and I held off an attack that was trying to get to his body. I got into a shootout that went on and on, then I got hit," Nathan calmly explained.

"For a long time I couldn't sleep at nights. Even when I met Donia, things were not well with me. I put a gun in her face one night and it was the wakeup call I needed. When we moved in together I started seeing a shrink. Things got a lot better for us and after I was fine I saw what I had in my life and she is beautiful," Nathan said smiling as he tied his tie properly.

Char knew of whom he was speaking and her lip quivered. Nathan put his suspenders of and his holster then sat back down with her.

"Listen, life is a miserable bitch and a half. It sucks and makes you wish to God that you were dead, but when you see something that you really want life has a way of fucking with you. Find out what you want and go for it, or you'll hate yourself forever," Nathan said softly and lifted her head to look at him.

His warm eyes filled hers and a smile on his face made her nod her head.

"That's my girl," he growled and patted her cheek.

Char stood up and hugged her friend to her. Nathan returned the hug and patted her back softly.

"Feel better?" he asked.

"Yes, she whispered.

"Good! Now make sure you're on time for dinner," he laughed and poked her side.

Char laughed at the tickle. She shoved him away and Nathan laughed at that.

"So when did you start carrying?" she asked.

"Since the building owner got paranoid from all the BS in the Middle East," he said firmly.

Char rolled her eyes and walked to the door. She looked at the name and number and took a deep breath. One last look back to Nathan made her smile as he smirked at her and pointed to the door.

"Back to work and make my building some money," he joked and Char laughed at the crude humor.

"Fuck you!" she laughed and walked from his office.

Nathan smiled at her and went back behind his desk. He turned on his computer and went back to his work. He had a few meetings lined up with the owners of the companies in the building so he set about making calls to each of them.

Char rode the elevator back up to the office and walked to her desk. She sat down behind the chair and smiled. Nathan's words helped her a lot. In a nutshell she knew he was telling her to make good on her own mind and heart. With the number in hand Char placed a call and was surprised to find his therapist was a woman. She and the lady had a small chat about a time and date for the meeting and Char was surprised when she said that the next day she would see her. The appointment was set and Char sighed as she set the phone down and looked out her window.

She was so lost in thought when Terry came into her office with his trolley that she didn't see him. He had a few packages and envelopes for her. Terry stood in the doorway for a long time and his mind swam in circles. How he desperately wished he could just talk to her and let her know how he felt. The biggest feeling in him was a hope that he didn't make her disgusted by their moment together. His body shook softly as he suddenly realized she was looking at him.

"Hey," her voice said breaking the silence.

Terry was snapped back to the here and now and walked into her office.

"I have some..." he started to say when she raised a hand to stop him.

"I know that silly," she said and a smile was on her face.

Terry smiled and looked down. Char saw that and shook her head.

"I thought you were smiling and looking at me?" she asked.

Terry looked up and when he did saw her warm and smiling face looking at him. Her long arm reached out and touched his cheek softly. When it did his eyes closed as the back of her fingers stroked down his face. A sigh came from his mouth as her soft fingers trailed along their path. Char saw it and more things began to make sense to her. She knew that without a doubt he was infatuated with her. That was fine, but she was scared about more of how she felt.

"Donia is making dinner for us on Thursday, Nathan invited us over. You want to go?" she asked.

"OK," he said quickly.

"Hope you like enchiladas," Char whispered and Terry smiled at her.

Terry was shaking a bit and Char saw it. She knew why he was shaking and it was all because of her. She glanced out of the office and saw all of her workers were not looking at her so she took a big risk. She leaned across her desk and kissed Terry on the lips. Terry sighed into her lips as she shocked him by pulling him to her and really kissing him. While it was a closed mouth kiss, it sent a shock wave through the both of them.

As they kissed a single head managed to peek into the window of her office and the burning eyes saw the spectacle in the office. Henry was seething at the shocking display. How could that bitch be making out with that asshole? Without a word he got up from his desk and left the office fully in a rage, but keeping it under his skin.

For the couple in the office time seemed to slow down. Their lips moved slowly with each other and Char didn't control the pace, but she did take the lead. The two of them held each other for a few seconds longer, then broke the embrace. When the kiss ended Terry was light headed. Char was amazed at how she felt. Of all the feelings she may have felt at that moment the one she did feel was a simple one, she felt good. Her eyes found Terry's closed and a sweet smile washed over her face. Her hand brushed his cheek once more and he shuddered out a sigh.

They stayed like that until her phone rang and took them from their reverie. Terry quickly went to his trolley and gathered her things. Char handled her phone call and signed her document. As Terry was about to leave Char waved at him. He came back to her desk and she put a hand over the phone and mouthed.

"Come back later."

Terry nodded his head and went out of the office. He didn't smile as he left, but inside he felt alive. He felt like his shoulders weighed a whole lot less than they did before. The goddess still liked him and that's all he could hope for. The sweet kiss she gave him was one that shook him to the foundation of his being, but somehow he managed to keep himself under control until he was done with work.

Char got her load done, but her mind still swam a bit. She wasn't as confused as she was before, but it was still there. No matter how hard she tried to imagine making him leave, his smiling face dispelled those notions and they were put to rest. The thing that still troubled her was a complicated issue to her. The issue in her mind that was all focused on was: what do they do now? All those simple questions swam in her mind, but she hadn't a clue of how to act upon them.

The shift came to an end and that found Terry riding home with Char. The cool night air filled the SUV and the soft sounds of a newer song had come to appreciate filtered through. Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys played and the words seemed to touch Char. The end lyrics seemed to resonate in her stomach as she pictured hurting Terry. Of all the things for her to think about, that was one that seemed to make her more and more nervous as they drove on.

When they got to the apartment Char sat down on her sofa and took off her heels. She actually walked a lot during her day and it started to get to her. While her stilettos were sexy as she was, they killed her feet after too much walking. She had taken the first one off and as she started to rub her foot, Terry's small hands found themselves on her toes and before she could stop him she felt his magic fingers find the spot and rub deep in.

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