tagLoving WivesHer Name was Candy

Her Name was Candy


This is another of my true stories from my life. This one is a little different than the others I've written to date in that it does not really deal with interracial sex, my favorite thing in life per se, but is more about my early life with my lovely and beautiful wife. Yeah, there's some sex stuff here. But again its true sex stuff and not something I made up. I say that here because I have received private feedback from several folks implying my stories are just that; stories, something I made up. I can only tell you they really happened and if you don't believe them, well, fine. You don't have to believe them.

Please post feedback to my stories. How can I know if you like them if you don't tell me? And I will always respond to you if you leave me an email addy. But, if you wish to remain anonymous, that's fine too.

Thanks for stopping in! - Rick


Have you ever had your cock in a pussy that felt like velvet? I mean, it felt so good, so smooth and soft that you thought to yourself, "On my gawd! This is the best pussy I've ever felt. It can't be real!" Well I have had such a pussy wrapped around my cock before and friend, let me tell ya, it is really something! I still tap it whenever I can as I simply cannot exist without it. That velvet pussy belongs to my wife and I am absolutely mad about her.

I'm not a "cocksman" by any means. But I have had the pleasure of making love and/or fucking right around 200 women in my 54 years on this earth. I've had plenty of white women of course, but I've also had a wagon load of black and Native American women as well. In fact, it is the black and Native American women I prefer.

My first wife, Kathy, was 100% white. Her family was from Plymouth, Wisconsin and of German and Slavic stock. She wasn't beautiful but she had a great body and a set of 36C tits that stood out nearly straight with minimal sag. She was very proud of the fact she could pass the pencil test with her boobs. And to quote a Seinfeld episode, "they're real and they're spectacular".

Kathy was a rather serious young lady who graduated the university as an accountant and went to work for one of the "big 8" accounting firms, soon becoming a CPA. We married in July of 1977. It was a big wedding that damn near broke her father. I was in my Marine Corps dress blues but that was the only thing military thing allowed as she did not want a military ceremony. Fine...it was her freaking day anyway. It was a good day though followed by a fairly uneventful honeymoon to Eureka Springs, Arkansas. But, life was going to be good.

But, Kathy just did not understand sex, especially passionate sex. The sex we had before marriage was okay. I mean, even bad sex is still good sex. Foolishly, I had hoped after we got married she would loosen up but the stick she had up her ass seemed to only get stiffer. Sex became almost non-existent. I had a lot better sex with other women but I was going to marry a respectable career woman and not some slut I was tapping on the side.

Shortly before Kathy and I married, I had run into a girl that I had a crush on since I was 15. She was a beautiful Native American/white girl with long straight dark brown hair down to her ass. Candy was one year younger than me, and was 1/4th Cherokee Indian but looked like at least a half blood. There was obviously more Indian heritage in her family tree but no one took the time to research it. Her eyes flashed a dark brown and she had a wide mouth full of bright, beautiful teeth. She had quit high school at the end of her freshman year and married an older guy who had been her boyfriend for over a year previous. He was in the Army and stationed in Germany so after she married, off she went to Europe. I ran into her again in the fall of 1976. She and the dipshit she had been married to divorced and she had came back home to live at her mother's house. I asked her out and she immediately said yes. We started seeing each other almost every night. I told her before our first date that I was engaged but neither one of us seemed too concerned about that fact. There was many a night I would see Kathy, then after that go see Candy or vice-versa. Yeah, I was quite a scoundrel.

Candy and I dated until the day before my wedding. Though I had been a cheating bastard during our engagement, I had resolved to be a good and faithful husband and told Candy it was over between us. I'll spare you all the tears and sad words. Suffice it to say neither one of us was happy that our relationship was over. But I wanted to be a good husband to Kathy.

Six months into the marriage the honeymoon was over. Sex, as I stated above, was virtually non-existent and I was not happy with jacking-off in the shower for my relief. It wasn't long before I began to stray... my promises of faithfulness were all but forgot. And I started my relationship back up with Candy, but with the stipulation that we only see each other on occasion. I had way too many other women on the string to settle down again right then.

In the fall of 1978 and still married to Kathy, I went away to the University of Oklahoma and for the next two years fucked myself silly all over Norman, Oklahoma. I had a torrid affair with a Mexican girl named Barbara and even considered marrying her. Like Kathy, she also wasn't a beauty. But the girl loved sex! I may write some stories about our sexual escapades at another time.

I graduated in the summer of 1980 (for those keeping score, I already had gone to junior college for two years prior to going to OU) and returned to Tulsa. My marriage of course was over but I moved back in to see if anything could be salvaged. Nope! It was as dead as a fish in a barrel. We stuck it out for another year and a half until she served me with the D-I-V-O-R-C-E papers. I was shocked she had the moxie to actually do it. I moved out, we divorced and I proceeded to fuck half of Tulsa while still carrying on a long-distance relationship with Barbara the Mexican girl, who had by then moved home to Tempe, Arizona. In addition, I was dating a female Tulsa Police Officer and was actually having thoughts of making her my main squeeze. Then Candy and I got back together on a fulltime basis and things began to turn serious. To make a long story short, she put a stop to the police woman, Barbara the Mexican chick and every other woman I was fucking. And believe me, there were quite a few. No brag, just fact. I have stories about some of those women, too.

Candy and I soon married. Hells folks, it was meant to be! I should have broken off my engagement to my first wife and married Candy then but I didn't. What a fool I was. Candy was who I was intended to be with all along.

Now, as you know, sex after my first marriage died before the ink dried on the license. But let me tell you, sex after the second marriage increased after I said "I do"! Yes friends, I am one of the lucky few husbands who have married a woman who actually enjoys sex with her husband whenever and wherever the mood hits. We have "done the deed" on the hoods of cars, in the woods, in fields of grass, in our backyard, in our neighbor's backyard, in the pool, in the lake, in the garage, at my parent's house, at her parent's house, at a rest stop on I-35, in a public library, etc, etc, etc. For 30 years (counting our dating periods), my wife has fucked the dog-crap out of me. There has been many a morning I couldn't get out of bed due to the working over she had given me the previous night.

One of my weaknesses in life, aside from interracial sex, is I am a voyeur. I not only like to watch, but I like to listen to people fuck. It gives me a raging erection. Candy new this and early in our marriage she had agreed to some hanky-panky with other men for my pleasure and had even brought her best friend Karen to me on my birthday (I got to fuck Karen on two separate occasions along with my wife).

The first two times Candy fucked other men I did not get to see or hear it. But I did get to hear about it. She and Karen went out to a popular country bar/club that used to be here in Tulsa called "The Wild, Wild West". They got picked up on both occasions and got fucked by these other men both times.

On her first "date", she said the man's name was Jeff and he was a trucker from some other state and dressed like a cowboy. He asked her to dance and after two or three dances his hands started to roam as he pulled her in close to rub his body against hers. He started kissing her on the dance floor and feeling her big titties as his tongue danced with hers in her mouth. When they returned to their table, the making-out session continued with Candy reaching over and rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. Karen had a fella as well by then and the four agreed to go back to Karen's apartment.

Upon arrival at the apartment, Karen and her beau went to her bedroom leaving Candy and Jeff in the front room. It wasn't long before Candy had Jeff's cock out of his tight jeans and was licking and sucking it for all she was worth. And she's worth a lot as my wife is absolutely the best cocksucker I have ever had the pleasure of being fellated by. He came in quick order but due to her oral administrations on his cock and the fact she had pulled her huge brown tipped titties out of her dress for him to play with and suck on, he was hard again in no time.

After removing my wife's panties, he positioned her on her knees on the couch and flipped her dress up onto her back. He fingered her that way for a few seconds then moved in and started rubbing his cockhead up and down my wife's pussy slit and ass crack, lubricating the head of his cock with her gushing pussy cream. Candy read his mind and told him no backdoor action but he could fuck her pussy for as long and as hard as he wanted. Well ol' Jeff apparently was no fool and wasn't about to argue about anything with an invitation like that. He stepped up and sunk his cock completely into her treasure hole and rode her like a cowboy should.

Candy said he gave her one good orgasm and shortly afterwards he came in her pussy, leaving a copious amount of cum up in her (which for the first time in my life, I later sucked out of her before I fucked her).

After Jeff had rested a bit, he pulled up his pants and took off, leaving Candy there to wait on Karen to get through with her man, which was about ten minutes later. After he left, Karen brought Candy home to me.

When Candy came home after the first fuck date, she told me all about it while I was eating and fucking her. My cock was so hard a cat couldn't scratch it and I had three, count 'em boys, three hard cums before I was satted for the night. Candy had a couple good ones herself. I decided right then and there that I liked other men fucking my wife.

The second time Candy and Karen went out it was pretty much the same scenario so I won't repeat the scene again. Suffice it to say that Candy's man, a high school football coach, had his ashes hauled by an expert. He too, came twice with her but he was not able to get her off even once. What was especially fun about this was she called me from Karen's apartment to let me know where she was and what she was doing, which at that moment was having her pussy fucked by the coach! I loved it. I damn near spackled in my PJ's when she told me that and I could hear him grunting in the background as his body slapped up against hers. I'm getting a hard-on now just thinking about that!

It was 1983 and the wife and I were having an absolute sexual ball. I was in the Marine Reserves and one of the guys I served with was a Vietnam vet named Roy, who had applied to go back on active duty and his request had been approved. Candy and I had doubled with him and his wife on several occasions and Candy had mentioned she thought Roy was attractive and wouldn't mind trying him on for size.

I had mentioned to my wife that I would like to do something special for Roy before he departed to Okinawa (which is where he had been ordered to go). It was she who said "Why don't we have a foursome with Roy and Karen?" Oh yeah baby.... I was all over that!

Candy called Karen and she agreed to be a participant. She had met Roy before and liked what she saw and wouldn't mind a little tryst with him. We decided to rent a motel room and the girls would tramp themselves up with corsets and heavy, heavy make-up. I had contacted Roy and told him he needed to make plans to be with me on Friday night for several hours as I had a special treat for him as a going away gift. Roy was up for it as he was an old whore-dawg who would fuck a snake if someone would hold its head, just like me. That was one reason we got along so well I think.

I picked Roy up at his house on Friday night and on the drive over explained that I would have to blindfold him as part of the deal, and he could NOT remove the blindfold for any reason until I said it was okay. He asked what was up and I told him that I had two sluts hooked up for mine and his pleasure as long as we wanted them for the night but the stipulation was he had to be blindfolded. He tried to get me to tell them who they were (I had told them he knew them) but no dice. He agreed as he definitely did not want to miss out on some hot pussy.

When we pulled up to the motel room, I put the blindfold on him, ensuring he could not see. I then led him into the room. The girls were both on the bed and my cock almost ripped out of my jeans seeing them. My gawd they were trampy looking and I loved it! Karen had on a white corset with black lace trim and my Candy had on a solid black one with lace cups. Both had on black seamed hose and black spike heeled shoes and a ton of rouge an, eyeliner and lipstick.

I explained to Roy the girls were here and to just relax as I was going to turn him over to them, which I did. I sat down in a chair as Karen and Candy got off the bed and started rubbing and kissing on Roy who was standing close to me. He was reaching out and running his hands over them as well, especially their breasts. I suspect he wanted to ensure it was real women in the room and not some big joke I was pulling.

My wife had been rubbing his crotch and looked at me to see if I was watching. I nodded my head to her, giving her the okay to play with Roy's cock. She undid his belt, button clasp and pulled down his zipper, while reaching into his jeans and wrapping her hand around his cock. After a few seconds of playing with it, she pulled it out.

Now, I had seen Roy in the shower before when we were on duty, but I had not seen him hard. And, I must admit, old Roy had a good looking cock. There is nothing gay about that so shut-the -fuck-up! Roy was well hung and was at least eight inches erect, maybe nine and very thick. I do know Candy was impressed as she looked at me with large eyes and her mouth slightly open in surprise.

Candy pulled Roy's jeans and skivvies off along with his shoes and socks. Karen, who had been French kissing Roy, had removed his shirt. They pushed him back to the edge of the bed then pushed him down. Candy continued to suck his cock while Karen waited her turn. Roy was diddling Karen's pussy with his fingers making her mewl in delight. Then Karen and Candy started sucking Roy's cock at the same time. I damn near spackled myself when they began sharing the cocksucking. Damn what a site!

I had brought a Polaroid camera and had starting taking a few pictures. After each shot I took, I'd lay the photo down on the table to develop. I got some great shots and still have most of them. I occasionally break them out and marvel at what all went on that night.

I don't know how Roy kept from cumming but he held out. The girls sucked him for about five, maybe ten minutes. Then Candy began pulling and pushing his body to scoot over on the bed. Roy did as he was nudged to do. Candy then took his place on the bed and then reached over for him and pulled him towards her. He picked up on the plan and rolled over on top of her. Candy grabbed his cock and began rubbing the fat tip up and down her wet pussy slit. After a few swipes, she positioned it at the opening to her honey-pot and Roy drove it home. The boy went straight down and in one motion, burying his bone in my wife's womb.

Candy gasped audibly and her legs shot straight out to the sides, not realizing that gave Roy even more access to the nether regions of her pussy.

Roy was mumbling now about how hot and wet the pussy was he was now buried in and how incredibly soft it felt.

"Hot damn Rick! Holy crap this is good!" Roy muttered as he began to move his cock in and out of my wife's box.

"Oh man this is some good pussy! I've never felt anything so wild...shit...Rick you gotta get some of this tonight".

I assured my friend I would tear into that pussy soon. Little did he know at that moment that not only would I get some of that pussy that night, but I had been getting it for a long time.

As Roy pounded my wife's pussy, Karen, who had been left out of the fun, manipulated herself and put her pussy at my wife's shoulder. She reached up and grabbed Roy by the hair and moved his face to her sloppy cunt for him to suck on. Roy wasted no time and dove right in with his tongue as Karen held her pussy lips open for him.

Orgasm number one hit Candy about this time. She could no longer maintain her silence and began adding words to her moans and groans.

"Oh damn your cock is sooooo big! Mmmmmm...fuck me....oh yeah fuck me....give it to me".

Her cum was intense and I'm sure people three rooms down heard it. I know I was not going to be able to hold out much longer myself!

With Candy in the throes of orgasm, Roy busted his nut. He slammed his cock into her as far as it could go, reared his head back and screamed the way only a man can scream when he is being satisfied sexually and is dropping a huge load.

As Roy's massive orgasm abated, he continued to talk to my wife about how great her pussy was and how he wanted to fuck her all night. Karen, who was once again being left out of the action, had just leaned back on her forearms to watch the two cum.

Roy's cock stayed hard even after his huge cum, and continued to fuck up into my wife. It was time to remove the blindfold though, while he still had his cock in her and her pussy was full of his cum. I told my wife to remove it.

Candy reached up and took off the blindfold. It took Roy a second or two to adjust to the light. Once he was in focus, he looked at Candy then at Karen but did not realize who they were at first. But once the light came on in his brain-housing group he gasped out my wife's name.

"Candy! Holy crap!"

"Hi Roy. Did you like that?" my wife asked.

"Hell yeah! This is great! I've wanted to fuck you since I first saw you. I can't believe this!"

Karen, probably a little jealous, then spoke up.

"Well now you've fucked her, how about getting over her and giving me the next load?"

Roy immediately rolled off of Candy and a slight "plop" was heard as his cock exited her pussy. He then grabbed Karen's legs and bent them back to her chest as he drove his dick into her. The bastard was still hard!

I could see the cum leaking out of my wife's abused pussy and running down the crack of her ass, leaving a puddle on the sheets. I had never in my life seen anything as sexually stimulating as that and quickly ripped off my clothes and mounted her. As I laid my head down next to hers as I fucked her, Candy began to talk to me, just like she had after she had fucked those other two guys she had picked up at the club.

"Uuummmm baby. Can you feel Roy's cum up in me? Can you? He made me sooo wet and then filled my pussy to overflowing with all of his lovely cum. Oh Rickey...I loved feeling his cock in me. It's so big and thick! I'm going to fuck him a lot while he's here. You don't mind, do you baby? You don't mind if I meet him again and again to get more of his big cock up in me, do you?"

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