tagLoving WivesHer Old Fuck Buddy

Her Old Fuck Buddy


My wife Tina and I have been married for over 20 years, and sometimes we like to do different things to spice up our sex life. We've had sex in the car, sex outdoors, and so on. One thing we had never done was swing with another couple or other situations with another participant.

We had started talking about doing a threesome, and we even had a real person in mind to do it with us. I had read some erotic stories to Tina before sex and we had talked about our fantasies a few times. My wife made it clear that she didn't have any interest in having a second woman join us, but she always seemed to get very turned on thinking about the various things she could do with two guys on her at the same time. I agreed that we should try to do something.

The guy we had talked about the most to join us was one of my wife's old fuck buddies. His name was Billy and he had been friends with Tina for a long time, before I had even started dating her. I had met him early in our relationship and always thought he was a real good guy. He had respected me when we got married and remained just good friends with my wife. He was built like my wife likes guys; big but not fat, a bit hairy, but not too much, confident but not pushy.

The problem was that we had lost touch and found out that he was living out of state. So much for that idea we thought! However, we found out recently that after a couple years of living in Ohio, he was back in town. After discovering this, Tina and I talked about the threesome some more and had decided to get in touch with Billy.

Without telling me, Tina had already called him when he had first gotten back. The first time she talked to him, she asked him right off if he would join us in bed. She didn't tell me because he was reluctant at first. It shocked him and he didn't know what to do. They were such good friends that he didn't want to mess that up. We both respected that very much and let it go.

A month or two later I had tickets to a comedy club. I told Tina she should invite Billy to go with us. She agreed and then asked me if I thought maybe we could talk to Billy again about what we wanted to do. Maybe if we showed him that it was something that we both wanted, he might be more comfortable with doing it. She invited him and he was excited to go to the show, not knowing about our extra reason for inviting him. We set the date and made our plans.

The night of the show, there was a sexual tension for me that was hard to describe. I had butterflies in my stomach as I realized that I might actually be sharing my wife with another man tonight. Tina did her make up real nice and wore a real sexy outfit. She had a short leather skirt with garters and stockings. She also left her bra off and wore a thin blouse that showed off her nipples quite easily. She completed the outfit with a pair of high heels that made her legs and ass look so hot.

We had a few drinks at the house before we left, and Tina was getting horny already. She had done a couple pain pills too, and that combination always got her motor running. We had to run some errands before the show, so we took separate cars. She was picking up Billy and we were meeting at the comedy club. We took off and met up as planned at the club.

Billy looked at me a bit funny when we first saw each other, but he didn't say anything. I didn't know if Tina had tried to convince him to join us again or not, so I didn't bring the subject up right away. We walked into the club with Tina in the middle. She looked hot and she played it up as she grabbed us both by the arm and led us to our table.

"My two guys" she kept saying and winking at me. I figured she must have said something to him about our ideas.

We ordered drinks and when Tina went to the bathroom, Billy looked at me and came right out and said "Tina is telling me that you both want to have me join you in bed. It's hard to believe that you would let someone who's had sex with her in the past do it with her again. I've always respected both of your and that's still there. I'm afraid that I can't get past the friendship part. I don't want to lose what I have with Tina now as a friend."

"I understand," I said as I sucked down my drink. "I really appreciate your loyalty and your respect. That's why I never had a problem with her being friends with you. I always trusted you. All those times that she spent time with you, I knew I could trust you."

I looked at him and said "That trust we have with you and other factors are why you are the ideal candidate for us to try something like this. You're single and Tina's type. That's why we feel like you're the only option we really have if we're actually going to try and make it a reality."

He smiled and said "Well, I appreciate that, but I'll still have to think about it. I'll let you know as soon as I make up my mind tonight." He adjusted his crotch and waited for me to respond.

"Fair enough," I replied, just as Tina made it back to the table. She leaned over to me and asked me what we were talking about. I let her know I had discussed the issue with him and he still was a bit hesitant.

She looked at me, grabbed my dick, and said "Leave it to me!" with a wink and a smile. The show began and we enjoyed the rest of the evening together. At one point in the show, she leaned over to me and said kind of loudly "I need a couple big, fucking shots of hot cum pumped inside me tonight."

She smiled and took a big drink, then went back to watching the show like she hadn't said anything unusual. I wasn't sure if Billy had heard her or not. I almost freaked out a bit, but then the butterflies melted into erotic energy.

When it was time to go, Tina was pretty trashed and had pretty much lost all of her inhibitions. She rubbed my dick several times and tried to rub Billy's too, but he pushed her hand gently away. She told me that she was taking Billy home in her car and that I should go home and wait there for her. She sais that she had the cell phone if I needed to get a hold of her.

I was a little worried about her being so drunk, but Billy was a lot better off and offered to drive. I said okay and gave her a big, French kiss, then went home alone as they went off together. My mind was racing as I thought of all the naughty things they might be talking about...or doing...

I got home around 10:00 and changed into some shorts and a T-shirt. I couldn't help it as I looked at some porn and pulled out my cock to jerk it a bit, teasing myself but stopping just soon enough not to cum. I brought myself to the brink 3 times before I decided to put it away and wait for Tina to get home.

My mind was racing as the clock ticked away, but I was giving her the benefit of the doubt. I figured she was going to talk to him in the car a little on the way home, then either just drop him off and come home, or bring him back with her. I was getting worried since she knew I was extremely horny and I wanted to fuck her and I knew that she was ready to get fucked too.

At about 10:30 I started to get those butterflies again. Based on my conversation with Billy, I really didn't think anything was going to happen with all of us together tonight. Therefore, she should have been here already. By 10:45, I was imagining all sorts of things that might be happening, including her sucking him off to convince him to join us, or maybe even letting him fuck her quickly to show him a preview of things to come. My mind continued to run through the various erotic possibilities.

I finally couldn't wait any longer and called her. Tina answered like she didn't understand why I might be nervous about where she was and what she was doing. She told me to be patient and not to worry. They were just "talking" and she said she would be home by herself in just a few minutes.

I waited another 30 anxious minutes before she finally pulled up out front. She came in all hot and smelled of sex. I was worried and asked her "Where the hell have you been?" as she took off her coat. I sat on the bed and waited for an answer.

She sat down next to me without saying a word and French kissed me. She told me "Billy couldn't make up his mind. It was really difficult for him to cross that line with me, so we talked for a while at his place. I made sure that he could get good glimpses of my tits while we talked. He finally decided that he couldn't have sex in front of someone watching, especially you."

"So you just talked to him, huh?" I asked. "Or did you do something else besides just talking to try and help him make up his mind?" I watched her as she slowly stripped down to the sexy lingerie she had been wearing under her outfit. I could smell her steamy cunt too as she moved around me. Something must have happened. My cock was stiffening at the thought.

She looked down at me all wicked, licked her lips and smiled, then said "Well...I might have done a couple things I shouldn't have done". She touched her pussy and looked back down as she shuddered and blushed. She noticed that I was stroking my cock and figured she wasn't in trouble, so she continued.

"When I was talking to Billy about joining us for a threesome, I noticed that his cock got real hard in his shorts and it looked so big too, just like I remembered it from before. I couldn't help myself as I reached out and touched it through his pants. I could see that it was leaking pre-cum too because his pants had a spot on them where the head was laying."

I sat down in a chair and continued to masturbate. "You were a VERY naughty girl, weren't you?" I said, as I showed her that I had pulled out my cock and was standing there stroking it openly in front of her. "I think you need to be punished for what you did. Get over here right now!" She crawled over to him like a sexy little cat.

"What else did you do, you bad girl?" She smiled as she knew I was going to be more turned-on instead of mad at what she had done. She looked up at me with a sexy little smile and said "well, I thought that if I got my face near his hard cock while we talked, it might help convince him that he'd have a great time with us. He was sitting on his couch and I had slipped down to the floor next to him, sitting with my hands on his leg while we talked." She took my cock from me and started to stroke it as she talked.

"I laid my head down and put my face in his lap a couple times too. He sat real still while I rubbed my face on his hard cock through his shorts. He almost stopped me, but you know how good I am at teasing a dick, so he just sat there and twitched as I talked to him and started to nibble on his bulging penis through the fabric. He tried to carry on a conversation, but was having a very difficult time."

"You know I was just trying to get him to do what you wanted Baby, right, to join us in our bedroom?"

"I know I asked for it, you little slut, but I bet you were a VERY BAD girl weren't you? You know that I told you I had to be there. You sucked his cock without me there, didn't you? I know, because I thought I could taste something different when I kissed you." I pushed my dick up to her lips. She looked up at me a little worried and replied a bit hesitantly.

"Oh Baby, I hope you're not mad at me! I couldn't help myself; I think it's the drugs making me so horny...or something...I don't know...I know I wasn't supposed to do anything without you. Please forgive me!" I made her stick her tongue out and I slapped it a couple times with my cock.

I told her "you're not forgiven until I say so. Keep telling me your story and I'll decide what to do with you." She looked up at me, and then licked my erect cock a couple times. She sucked it deep a few times, then started jerking it as she continued on with her story.

"He finally couldn't resist all of my teasing and he unzipped his shorts and pulled that big throbbing dick out without me asking. It was so beautiful and strong. Once it was out there, all bouncing around in my face, you know I just had to lick it,"

She opened her mouth for me and stuck her tongue out to show me how she licked it as my cock slipped in past her lips. She ran her tongue all over it first, then closed down on it and started to suck me like she does so well. I started pumping my hips to thrust my dick in and out of her mouth as I got into face fucking her. I jammed my cock all the way in and she let me keep it in her throat without gagging.

She pulled off long enough to look up and tell me "I finally deep-throated him too until he came in my mouth, and I ate it all too!" She then gurgled and moaned as she shoved my cock back down her throat. I shuddered as a wave of erotic energy washed through my body. My wife was describing sucking another guy's dick just an hour ago, and I loved it! She had just sucked him off and swallowed his hot cum, and all I was feeling was a wild tingling in my nuts as she lapped away at my prick, telling me her naughty story.

She pulled off once again and said "He kept telling me how good it felt while I blew him, then, when he filled my mouth up, I showed him the load on my tongue before I swallowed it all. He watched me eat his sweet sperm as I gulped it down." She was really into it now and was breathing very heavy. She opened her mouth again, waiting for me to shove it down her throat again.

I slapped her face with my cock to get her attention and told her "Look at me!" She looked up with lust and I told her "I guess I can forgive you this time, but since I wasn't there to watch, you have to tell me EVERYTHING that happened you hear me? If you leave out one sexy detail, I'll be mad and you'll have to be severely punished."

She smiled and said "I understand," as I forced her mouth open and started to fuck her face hard. She took it like a pro as I shoved my dick down her throat and held it there. She just kept it there and looked at me. Next, her tongue snaked out as she started to lick my balls while at the same time her throat was massaging my cock head.

I fucked her mouth without mercy until I finally started jerking in orgasm. I shuddered as she let me fill her mouth with my load. She kept my dick in her throat and her tongue on my balls and kept swallowing until my twitching had subsided.

She finally pulled her mouth off of my cock and gave one last swallow, then said "I promise that I'll tell you everything you want to hear about whatever I do sexually." She then plunged her mouth back over my cock one last time to finish me off. I hoped she didn't think she could have sex without me now whenever she wanted as long as she told me about it. I may have created a monster!

"You'll have to tell me all of the details again tomorrow, to make sure you didn't miss anything" I said, as my dick started to shrink to normal size. I pulled it out of her mouth and put it back in my pants.

"Deal!" she shouted as she licked her lips and got up off the floor. "Now I just need one more thing from you tonight; you need to eat my juicy pussy and make me cum all over your tongue just like you love me to do."

"Deal!" I shouted back, and then lay back on the bed to let her ride my face. She jumped onboard and fucked my mouth with her sweet pussy. I was in heaven!

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