tagNon-Erotic PoetryHer Presence

Her Presence


She need not say a word,
Yet her vibrant eyes tell a story,
Sparkling with a life of their own.
Melting into your soul, so completely.
She does not want to steal your essence,
But only to caress it into incandescence.

Her presence alone,
Eclipses all else around you
With its warmth and radiance,
Until it feels as though you have lost your breath.
Go to her, join her in the ancient dance
Of man and woman, as old as time itself,
Merging your souls to create a new
Love that will forever remain true.

Feel the haunting of her siren's call,
Close your eyes and allow yourself to fly,
You will never fall.
Her presence will keep you captive and never die.
Drink in its beauty,
For she will remain yours for eternity.

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