tagBDSMHer Punishment

Her Punishment


You are on your knees, bound at the ankles. Your arms are behind you, bound at the wrists. A bit is placed in your mouth, and fastened to the back of your collar. A blindfold cuts out all light. Also attached to the collar is a restraint that extends down your back, connecting your wrists and ankles. This secures them and keeps your head pulled back. You have been stripped completely, only your slave wear in place. That means just collar, wrist and ankle straps. You are alone in the middle of the playroom on the hard floor.

I walk around you, looking at the work I have done to bind you. I am impressed at the simplicity. As I move closer, I remove a small metal clamp from my pocket. Reaching down, I clamp it to your clit. Making it snug, but not to tight. You jump as the cold metal makes contact, and then is clamped into place. A chain extends from the clamp and is laid on the floor in front of you. Next, a pair of clamps, connected by a chain, is removed from my other pocket. One is fixed to each nipple, a connecting chain slightly dangling between them. Then the chain from the clit is attached to the chain in the middle of the pair. This connects your nipples and clit, making it easy to remove them all with one jerk. I see a tear emerge from beneath your blindfold and flow down your cheek. No sound escapes your ruby lips.

I again survey my handiwork, as I walk in a slow circle around you. The room glowing from the light of a pair of candles. The candle stands set on either side of you. The glowing light starts to make your skin glisten as you begin to perspire. With the clamps taking their toll, I lean in close and whisper, "We are just beginning little one, hold on tight."

As I stand, I have a switch. Like the kind Grandma used to make me get from a bush outside, to teach me her lessons when I was a bad child. I continue the walk-around and stop to one side of you, just behind you. Raising the switch, I begin with the top of your ass, just above your heels. Whipping you up and across your back and arms. The thin red welts appear almost instantly. I move from your shoulders, down each side and across the tops of your thighs. The stripes are about every inch along this path. You squirm and flinch with each series of strokes to your tender flesh.

This brings me back to the original starting point, I can now see the tears flowing down your cheeks. To your credit and training, still not a sound has escaped your tightly pressed lips. One more trip around the path that I just followed, this leaves the occasional line of a larger welt. I finish with a thin cane to the bottoms of your feet, returning to that same starting point beside you. I step in front to you, your head pulled toward the ceiling. I lay my hard cock across your lips and up your face. Again I whisper to you, "This will be yours soon, my pet." I feel you struggle against the bit to try and leave a kiss on my member, still resting on your lips. "But first I have work to do."

I step away from you and move in behind, pushing you forward. I watch you land on the floor, your head turns at just the last moment, before your nose hits the floor. This pulls your ass into the air and your feet close against it. It also pulls the restraints tight, leaving you supported on the front of your knees. I then take a plug from a near-by table. Pushing it into your ass, I rub my fingertips across your very wet pussy as I finish. "Mmmmm my sweet, is it me or the lashings that have made you so wet and sloppy? Now don't disappoint me by cumming before you are given permission." Unable to speak, your actions, moving back against my hand, tells me. Of course it is me and you understand my wishes.

I laugh as I rub my cock against your wet lips. Slowly rotating the head around your clit. Pushing Him up and down the wet throbbing slit of your cunt. This covers me with your hot juices. Then, holding your feet as I push in deep, my balls begin slapping against your feet. Grinding against you as I hold deep. I start pulling, every so slightly, on the chain that holds your swollen nipples and clit. Placing my feet on the floor as I squat behind you, and holding your ass. I start to thrust in and out, slamming hard into you with each push. After every few thrusts, I pull out and slap you squarely on each ass cheek. Each slap leaving a red hand print on your quivering ass cheek. Then a slight tug on the chain attached to your tormentors, the damn clamps.

Keeping this routine up for a long time, I can tell that your release is desperately needed. The juices running down your thighs each time I pull out. I believe the slaps are getting you closer than my thrusting cock. I remind you, that you are still waiting for my permission to find your release and climax for me. After 15 minutes of this torture I grab the back of the plug and pull. A pop fills the room, as it is plucked from the tight grip of your little pucker. I quickly replace the rubber plug with my hot, wet, throbbing cock. Pushing steady and as deep as I could on the first thrust. You are so tight that I almost popped my cork right then. But I hold in deep, feeling your muscles gripping and massaging my cock in your ass.

As I was waiting for the pressure to subside, I started to spank your ass again. With each slap, you grip tighter, but still hold on. Then I start to thrust harder and faster, getting us both closer and closer to the edge. Just as I can take no more, as the fever starts to boil over, I pull out and yank hard on your chain. Pulling all the clamps off at the same time, and lifting your head up by your hair. My cum splashing across your back as I yell, "NOW CUNT!!" Watching you squirt a stream back and against your legs, splattering all over the front of me. You let out a howl as you cum HARD, squirting like a hose and leaving a very large puddle at your knees. The hot liquid running down your legs and mine, collecting between us. As the bucking and thrashing starts to slow down, I stand. Walking to the door, saying, "I'll be back, don't you DARE move cunt," and then leave. Standing down the short hall, I watch as you lay your head down on the floor and let the feeling just wash over you..........

... ........ When I finally return, about 10 minutes is all that has passed. I am sure it seemed like a much longer time to you. I stand behind you and just watch. You remain still but seem very satisfied. Then you hear me from behind you, "Well, you are covered with my sticky cum, maybe I should clean it off little one." As I finish talking, you feel a steam of warm, wet liquid hitting, your back and spraying you off. You're not sure what I am using, but you have a good idea. I have no intention of telling you, but you were completely cleaned. I then untie you, starting with your wrists and then your ankles. Removing the restraint the holds back your head. Then the bit is removed from your mouth. Next, I pull the blindfold from your eyes. Covering you with a towel, I dry you off. Finally, picking you up in my arms and carrying you to my bed. I lay you on your side and climb in behind you. Wrapping my arms around you and pulling you close.

Whispering in your ear, "Do not tell me no again, understand my pet?" As we lay in the bed, with my arms holding you tight, I can feel you slowly smile. Then you relax as you drop off to sleep. I wonder if you will push me to this again, and hope, if you do, that it's soon.

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