tagNonConsent/ReluctanceHer Reunion Was Stunning

Her Reunion Was Stunning


Morgan Childs was in an ecstatic mood, an invite had dropped onto her mat this morning, and it was to a reunion of her former classmates, she had no idea how she had been tracked down. Her family had left the area shortly after leaving school, and she had never returned there, the few friends, if she could loosely term them as such had been left happily behind.

She had always been the brunt of their jokes, taking the Mickey, sometimes very cruelly too. But she had got through it all, gained good grades, had gone to a local college where they had moved to, and now she was married to a very successful business man, wanted for nothing, had all the money she needed, and moved in the right circles.

The only blot on her personal landscape was the lack of children, her husband had been found to fire blanks when it came to having children, and on top of that, the higher he got in his own world of business the less amorous he had become, she sometimes wondered if he was one of "them."

But all in all apart from a couple of lapses because of drink, she had succumbed to 2 men, she had remained faithful, as best as she could. Not that she didn't have a lack of admirers, oh no, she was a lovely gorgeous woman.

But she wasn't the woman she had grown into from her schooldays, the reasons for her torture from boys and the girls were her looks. No, at school her teeth were crooked, her eye sight was bad, she had worn thick glasses, which were constantly stolen, broken, or thrown over a hedge.

Her hair which was really nice, it had a shine and hung well, but the colour was a continuing source of embarrassment. It was, in her opinion, the worst, it was a mousey brown and she hated it. So she never ever took care of it, it was always tied tight behind her head.

She had a nice face, even lovely, but because of her self generating deformities, she could never even hope to look like some of the "beauties" that hurt her so. She was above average height, about 5ft 7", her weight was rather more than it should have been. And her dress sense suited the way she felt about her self.

The change in her looks and fortunes declared themselves when her one and only true friend had persuaded her after she had left school to go with her to a hairdresser and beauty parlour.

Sara had made her go, and after talking to the owner who was her very own sister, she had slowly transformed Morgan. The first thing she did was give her a real makeover, a brand new hairstyle, and coloured her hair to a wonderful chestnut sheen. Morgan was truly amazed at the difference it had made.

She was also made to visit the dentist where her teeth were straightened and whitened, and they lit her entire face with the dazzling smile she now had.

Following that was laser treatment on her eyes, her glasses were thrown away. Sara and her sister showed her how to dress and the change was electrifying. Achange in her demeanour was gained when she was shown how to walk like the beautiful woman she was becoming. A year after her beginning, came the end, she truly was an ugly duckling turned into a beautiful swan.

She and Sara enrolled in a gym, and months of work followed, her body reduced in size and from that emerged a gorgeous sexy woman, her skin was flawless, it was as smooth as a baby's bottom. And Sara and her beautician sister showed her how to use make up.

She really was the consummate beauty now, but there were two things Morgan wanted to do before she declared her new self, once she had got the courage to tell Sara that is. She wanted to enhance her top lip, it was smaller than the lower one, it was the right shape, but she wanted them to be a matching pair. And she wanted the little bump taken from her nose, and the end rounded a little instead of the point it had now.

Morgan was now the beauty she knew she was inside herself, nature just needed a little helping hand. Now men and boys were falling over themselves to woo her, but it took a further year for her confidence was to get anywhere near matching her looks.

She had more boyfriends than she knew what to do with, and with all that emerged the consummate elegant confident beauty. The only mistake she admitted to making was to marry her husband, they had met and she could see in him a secure future, it was the wrong way to do things, but she wanted to feel safe.

And that's what he offered, so they married, and now 10 years on, she had all she could ever want, except.

Her first thoughts on seeing the invite, which was for 2 weeks hence were. 'You just wait until your eyes fall on me, you won't know who I am, you will have to guess.' And those thought enlightened her current mood.

But a troubling thought filled her mind too. Would Gary Abler be there, what would he be like to now after all these years? He had taken her virginity, she had always had more than a soft spot for him, his rugged good looks, his offhanded manner to nearly every girl in the school, his numerous girlfriends, they chased him everywhere.

He had started chatting to her, she later found out it had been a dare from a spurious friend. One day he had got her alone behind the school and if they hadn't been disturbed he would have got her right there. She had always been surprised when she played with her own nipples, it excited her no end, but when Gary had played with them her feet left the floor!

He had got her so breathless with his kisses, his body, his hot body tight to her willing one. When they had heard someone coming he had shot off, Morgan nearly fell down, her legs were like rubber and she couldn't get her breath, such was her excitement.

And then it had happened again, this time he had her blouse open, feeling her budding tits and squeezing her nipples. His knee was pressing up and down on her quivering virgin pussy. She hung onto him unable to protect herself, not that she wanted to, and as his hand was disappearing up her dress for the final conquest, they heard a cough, the moment gone, they left it at that.

'No one,' she thought, 'knows I have a body underneath all my ugly exterior.' She was sexually very receptive, her nipples were already sensual to the touch, her vagina was ready to be boiled dry at times, but because no one ever really looked at her, they all missed what was there!

It was to be the third time he got her alone that her virginity left her, and it was as good as she had been told it would be, if not better, she had no idea of what to do. He had her nipples screaming in her mind, her body was on fire. She did know she'd had an orgasm, her body told her that, and it was wonderful. Gary had done it all, along with her. She was now a woman, in her own eyes.

She was now totally in love with him, only to find out that he didn't love her. Her heart broken she never went near another boy again. But her mind was saying to her. 'I hope Gary is there at the reunion.'

She spent the following week searching for and trying on all sorts of very expensive gowns and dresses. Then with nothing in sight she saw the very item she knew was her!

It was a slinky silk traffic light red colour, bright blinding red. A long cross strapped evening gown, plunging neckline that showed off her terrific cleavage, and even more plunging at the back where it terminated right above where her cheeks separated, they could just be glimpsed. It was also split from heel to hip up one side.

She bought it, along with a pair of backless high heeled shoes, a matching red purse, and a silver necklace with earrings. An appointment was made at the hairdressers in her home town. Her long soft hair would be piled up in soft curls, and she was ready.

Morgan was sex on legs, a walking living breathing wet dream, and at the age of 29 she knew enough now to keep any man on his toes and gagging for her. She was going to knock the lot of them dead! All those that had been nasty to her were going to eat their words. She imagined them all talking, saying. 'Do you remember Morgan; I wonder where she ended up, on her uppers probably!'

She had made her husband take a day off, she wanted to go on the Friday, the do was on Saturday, but Morgan wanted to visit lots of places incognito. She wanted to visit old haunts, headscarf and sunglasses on, and she saw many 'old' friends.

And surprise surprise, her husband reneged on the visit, he had a call from the CEO on the morning, he couldn't go! Morgan was furious, but said she was going anyway.

'And don't be surprised if I don't come back!' she yelled at him. She would remember those words well.

Some of the 'beautiful' ones were beautiful no longer, housewives with 3 or 4 kids and no money. The reunion was to be held in the ball room of the Excelsior hotel, she had booked the best suite with a sitting room and a bedroom.

Then alone at dinner she saw him, Gary Abler, he was dining alone too, and he looked absolutely splendid, his dress code was befitting the hotel. He was slightly grey at the temple, but her insides turned to jelly, she remembered her conquest at his hands. He glanced in her direction a few times, a look of interest on his handsome face. But he couldn't put her face to a name he knew?

The evening came, Morgan looked like the best of the film stars, better than the best model, she was stunning, and god, did she feel hot. Her body was in tune with her inner self, she was feeling hot, sexy and inwardly aroused.

Apart from her dress, purse, heels, and necklace and a silver chain around her waist, and a silver chain around her ankle that showed through the hip long slit, she was as naked as the day she was born under it. She was as sleek and slender as a woman could possibly be. But still she was nervous.

Not being on her husbands arm, she was fashionably 30 minutes late; people looked and wondered who it was that had just glided into the room. She walked the walk, she asked for and got a glass of wine. It wasn't long before someone had to approach them. Morgan was not going to approach anyone; they all knew it wasn't her husband who was the invitee, although she appeared to be on her own, so it had to be the beautiful goddess.

The word went round that it was Morgan Jenner, now Morgan Childs, old girl friends approached and extended their welcomes, but they could not get over the transformation before them. She was by far the best looking woman there, the hottest, and also the richest.

As the evening wore on she was asked to dance by this man and that, and to be fair not all of them had treated her badly years ago, so she was nice to them, gave them her eye, and listened to their boring biographies. She realised that some of the old antagonisms were still there from some of her old 'friends.'

Morgan also noticed her old teacher was there too, she had liked him, in times of her upsets he would glance at her with a look of sorrow and sympathy on his face, he had been one of the few who had been nice to her in her senior year. But no one knew of his sexuality, some said he was gay, others said not. But he was never ever seen anywhere with a woman. He was about 8 or 9 years her elder. She tried to get time alone with him for a chat, but it never transpired.

She deliberately played up to some of their men, eyed others, and generally she enjoyed their discomfort. She was glad her husband was not here now, she was feeling naughty. Then there was a soft tap on her shoulder, Morgan turned and found herself looking up into Gary Abler's deep eyes.

'Morgan,' he said, 'I cant believe its you, you have changed so much, and I know its hard to believe, but you are better looking than you used to be.' Morgan couldn't get her breath, it was as if he had transported her back 10 years and she was just 18 again.

Her nipples tightened, expanded and then exploded. 'Gary, so nice to see you again, and my my, aren't you looking good, and also successful?'

She had no idea that he was the head of his own very profitable construction company. He took her hand in his, smiled his smile and Morgan almost fell down. But she knew she had to keep him at arms length, for a while anyway, she certainly would not allow herself to be railroaded like she once was by him.

'May I have the next dance please?' he asked with the utmost chivalry.

'Yes you may Gary,' she replied, and soon she was twirling her way around the dance floor. All the old emotions came back, and also looks of venom from some of the women there too. She had several dances with him, he escorted her to the bar where he bought drinks.

Then much to his dismay and not a little annoyance, she excused herself and walked off and chatted to another man she knew from her youth. She hoped for the reaction she saw in his eyes, and got it.

An hour later he was still hanging around, Morgan revelled in his obvious discomfort, but then she saw him with her once hated rival, and in seconds they were leaving. He had gone!

Morgan was internally disjointed, he could have got lucky tonight, now he wouldn't.

The man she was now with rejoiced in telling her all about her old 'friends,' she loved it, he soon had her laughing joyously. Then the night drew to a close, she actually thought to herself, 'I have enjoyed myself a lot, but really it's been a waste of time coming, I might have well as stayed at home.'

She had one last dance, said goodnight to those who deserved it. And left the room on a swirl of fabulous sexy red silk! Morgan was happy really, she could feel all eyes on her as she swept away. She had lain a lot of ghosts to rest, had got silent revenge on her past enemies, they now knew they were second best in all departments. She didn't hate them, she just dismissed them, and there was now no reason what so ever to return again, they were gone!

As she got out of the elevator and walked to her room, she said in her mind. 'I really could have done with a man tonight; I'm as horny as hell, what I would give to have a good time. Probably with Gary Abler in fact! But never mind, he's gone off with that floozy, and has no idea what he has missed.'

She entered the card, the door clicked open, and a hand secured itself over her mouth, another arm encircled her waist, and she was in her room with the door slamming behind her.

She struggled immediately, the room was in total darkness, she was carried to her bed, made to lie on it, and the man who had just grabbed her got in the position he wanted himself in.

Morgan was utterly trapped, her right arm was under him, his left arm was around her shoulder and clamping her left wrist, and his mouth was securely fastened to her lips. And his right leg was holding her in place. Morgan couldn't twist away, his free hand held her chin; his kiss lasted for an eternity.

Gradually he adjusted his mouth to hers, slowly lifting, and rejoining, allowing her to adjust her soft pouty lips for more comfort. Without realising it Morgan was now kissing him back, she had no other option really, her luscious lips were locked onto his, this stranger, whom ever he was.

Once he had established the kiss was on, he dropped his hand and cupped her firm breast, her nipples were rock hard already, she was horny, her nipples agreed with her too. He felt it glide across his palm as he caressed it. He smiled inwardly.

He closed a thumb and forefinger over it, tweaked, twiddled and squashed it all in one go. Morgan's Ooooh, and Aaah into his mouth told him all he wanted to know. She just could not stop her voice from expressing her nipples approval.

His kiss deepened, Morgan had to follow it now, not understanding that he was no longer holding her chin. He pulled her toward him, and slid the one tiny strap that held her dress up, and got it down over her elbow, this released the tit, whose nipple he was playing havoc with.

Morgan's mind was all over the place, the horniness and heat she had been feeling all night was being well and truly brought to the fore! Then his mouth closed over t, she was free to scream if she decided to. But all that came from her blood red lips was a huge gasp, 'Aaaargh oh Ooooh Mmmm!'

His hand that had been devastating her nipple was now sliding up her exposed thigh, and in moments fingers were in her undefended hot and very heated pussy.

Her body involuntarily cringed, her knees rose, her shoulders left the bed, her head fell back.

'Who is it, who are you?' was all she managed to get out. 'Please stop, this is wrong, you shouldn't do this to me, I haven't hurt you, what have I done?'

'You have haunted me since you were at school with me,' he said.

'Please release me?' she begged. 'Let me see you, who are you?'

His fingers were dancing on her clit, his lips and tongue fine tuning her nipple, all the time she was speaking she was sinking lower into her seduction without knowing.

'You turning up here tonight Morgan presented me with my very last chance of making love to you, and I have you now.' 'Please Morgan, don't fight me, don't scream or shout, I can and will silence you if I have to!'

His voice wasn't venomous, but it meant what it said, her eyes had adjusted to the gloom a little, all she could see was the shape of him in the dark.

He slid the secret zip from under her arm down and opened her dress, he pulled it away, and now she was naked apart from her shoes and her jewellery.

'Be quiet!' he ordered her. He suddenly rose stripped of and was back on the bed with her locked in his arms again so fast she didn't have time to draw breath, let alone raise the alarm. She was more than aware of his naked form next to her, she also felt something hard and heavy laying on her thigh, it sent a shiver tripping through her.

He kissed her again, recaptured her nipple, and the inside of a hairy leg found her hot pussy. Morgan could only groan, she was already admitting to herself that she was going under, he was going to fuck her, she had nothing to fight him with, her body had already rebelled and was going with it.

He kissed his way down her supple yielding body, dipping and swirling his tongue in and around her belly button, his fingers still playing havoc in her pussy. He went down further; he wanted to taste what had wanted to taste for years. His kissed all the way around her lips, his tongue dipping in making her hips leave the bed, then he clamped his mouth hard and tight over it and rammed his tongue in as far as he could, he sucked her all the way up into his mouth and Morgan came with a guttural scream that began in her stomach and finished in her throat.

Her back was off the bed, her hips jamming her even tighter into his mouth, his hand slid under her soaking gash and a finger dipped into her tight little back hole, another orgasm erupted from her, she tried to call out but her vocal chords were frozen in place, she had been struck dumb!

She had been transported into a place she had never been, or knew of. Her hands were tight around his head, holding him in place while she tried to break his face with her wanton traumatic pussy. She had several orgasms, how many she would never know. Then he was gone, she saw a shadow above her.

'Is it you Gary, please tell me, who are you, please?' she managed to croak out of her, these would be her final words on the matter.

'No,' he replied softly, 'I am not Gary Abler, he never was good enough for you Morgan, none of them, any of them, they are and were worthless of you.'

'If you had looked closer at me Morgan, you would have seen me in your beautiful eyes, I have loved you from the first moment I saw you when you first came into our class.'

'So I do know you then?' she asked.

'Yes you do,' he answered her.

He guided her hands to his prick. 'Say hello to your new owner Morgan, this is yours, always has been, always will be.' He told her.

The very words 'your new owner' did it for her, her mind capitulated, just as her body already had done.

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