tagLoving WivesHer Secret Life... Ch. 01

Her Secret Life... Ch. 01


My name is George Blackshear and I met Chrystal Jennings at a support group meeting of people who had lost a loved one to cancer. My first wife, Susan, had died from ovarian cancer at the age of 43 eight months before I met Chris and I had been attending the group for six months, spending the first two months trying to drink the pain of losing Susan away. My family and friends had done an intervention on me and I had begun grief therapy, finding the support group. Chris was attending her first meeting after losing her husband Robert to stomach cancer. I was attracted to her from the first minute I saw her, something that hadn't happened since Susan's death. Chris was 40, four years younger than me, 5'8" tall, black haired, olive skinned, brown-eyed, had a very impressive set of tits, a flat stomach, broad hips, and was a very sexy, beautiful woman. We lived in Austin, Texas and the meetings were held in a United Methodist church.

At the first break, when most of the group had gone outside to smoke, I walked over to her at the snack table and introduced myself. We exchanged pleasantries, but I could tell she was still grieving for her dead husband and backed away. For the next three months we would only make small talk during breaks. When Chris touched my arm while we were talking during the last break one day in that third month, I took a chance and asked her if she would like to go get a drink with me after the meeting. She accepted my offer and we ended up in a neighborhood bar a block away from the church where I drank club soda and Chris had white wine. We talked about our jobs and the things we liked to do for recreation and to relax. Chris surprised me when she admitted sex was one of her favorite activities and how much she missed it. I invited her back to my house because it was closer than her house and she accepted my offer.

She followed me in her car and had her dress off before I had even finished locking the front door to my home. She grasped my face with both her hands and kissed me hard on the lips which gave me an erection in seconds. Chris dropped to her knees there in the entryway and unbuckled my belt, unfastened, unzipped my slacks, and yanked them to the floor in one motion. When my 7", 2,5" thick, and rock hard cock sprang back up from being pushed downward by the motion of her yanking my slacks and briefs down, it hit Chris on her cheek. Chris grasped it with her right hand and brought her mouth to it. She began sucking on my mushroom head while stroking her hand up and down the remainder of my shaft. It had been twelve months since a woman had touched my dick so I began to spurt my seed into her mouth in only a couple of minutes. Chris swallowed every drop of my ejaculate, something Susan had only done on rare occasions.

I helped Chris to her feet and began kissing her with passion and could feel her need in her own kisses. I led her to my bedroom which was down a short corridor from the living room. I had moved from the master suite because of the pain from the memories of Susan and me together there. I removed Chris's bra and panties and resumed kissing her mouth while squeezing her right breast with my left hand. I kissed my way down her chin to her neck and spent a few moments licking and sucking on it. I proceeded to kiss my way down to her gorgeous breasts which I would find to be 36D in size. I would suckle and lick one nipple while twisting and pinching the other. When Chris moaned very loudly from my attention to her breasts and nipples, I decided I wanted to taste her nectar and kissed my way down to her bare as a baby's bottom pussy, another first for me. Chris begged me to make her cum so I didn't spend any time teasing her before I began licking her engorged clit. Chris had a huge orgasm after only five minutes of my oral stimulation of her clit. She begged me to hurry up and stick my renewed hardness into her hot, wet snatch. I rose up between her legs, placed the purple knobbed end of my penis to her pink opening and shoved myself to the hilt inside her with one stroke. Chris was yelling for me to fuck her hard and fast so that was what I did. I managed to last twenty minutes from the furious paced fucking we were giving each other. Chris was matching me thrust for thrust and with equal force. She screamed out twice that she was coming before I felt the tension in my balls that signaled the closeness of my own orgasm. I asked her if I needed to pull out before creaming her interior walls and she told me no; she wanted to feel me shooting my hot seed into her body. My steamy sperm rushed up my shaft and into her pussy within seconds of her saying that to me and Chris had another orgasm when she felt my pulsing head buried as deeply as it could go inside her.

Chris and I went to sleep in each other's arms in my bed. She awoke me as she was dressing to leave before daybreak, but asked me to come to her house for dinner that evening. I agreed of course and stood to kiss her before she left me for the day. I had trouble concentrating at work and since I didn't have any clients to handhold that day, took the rest of the day off. My law partner, William Danielson, had noticed my happiness and distraction and decided to find out why. When I explained to him that Chris and I had finally done more than talk to each other at the meetings, he was very happy for me. He and his wife Cheryl had been close friends with me and Susan and worried about my wellbeing since Susan's death. I didn't go into any details about the previous evenings activities with Chris, but Will knew I had gotten laid and couldn't stop grinning at me. He told me not to do anything he wouldn't do that evening with Chris and his hysterical laughing was the last thing I heard as I entered the elevator to leave the building.

Chris was a top level manager for a national company headquartered in our hometown. I had expected take out, figuring Chris wouldn't have time to cook for us, but was surprised to find a home cooked meal waiting for me when I got to Chris's house. We had a lovely time at dinner and were relaxing on the couch in Chris's living room after the meal. Chris put some music on her stereo and we danced together while smiling and laughing with each other. When the CD re-started after playing through its entirety, Chris turned it off and led me to her bedroom where we undressed each other while kissing and caressing each other. Chris stopped me when I started to kiss down her body, telling me she was more than ready for my hard dick and I needed to fuck her good and hard from the start. I slammed my turgid rod home with one stroke and began pounding her pussy hard and fast. Chris was screaming yes and don't stop after a couple of minutes. I only lasted ten minutes before I was spurting my heavy cream into her, but Chris came shortly after I did.

Before I could react, Chris had turned us so that she was now on top. She quickly scooted down to my crotch and took my deflating erection into her mouth. She sucked and licked our combined juices from my now re-hardening phallus, another first for me. When I was fully engorged, Chris rose up, straddled me, and impaled herself on my steely tool and rode me like a woman possessed. I couldn't resist her breasts as they swung there in front of my face and began squeezing them while suckling first one then the other then both of her inch long nipples. Chris had two orgasms before my second one of the night.

We cuddled together after our fantastic fuck session and talked about the future and where we each saw our relationship going. I had begun feeling the same way for Chris as I had felt about Susan and told her so. We both agreed to continue dating each other so we didn't rush into any serious entanglement on impulse. The sex with Chris was great and I know that was part of the reason I was feeling the way I was about her. Chris agreed we needed to get to know each other better and maybe we needed to slow down. Unfortunately or on second thought maybe fortunately, we couldn't seem to make that happen. We were seeing each other almost every other day and having the best sex I had ever had whenever we were together. Susan and I had a good sex life with each other, but Susan wasn't very adventuresome in that part of our life together. She became adequate at blowjobs but wasn't enthusiastic about giving them. Missionary, occasionally doggie, and very rarely cowgirl were the three positions we used. Our bed and occasionally the living room couch were the only two places we had sex in. I thought our sex life was great until I started having sex with Chris.

Chris and I made love in every room in her house and all but the master bedroom in mine. We had sex in a parking garage in her car one day at lunch a couple of months after we began dating. Chris didn't let me fuck her ass, she begged me to; another first for me. We both exercised to stay in shape and Chris exchanged her gym club membership for one at the gym I was a member to. We had sex in the parking lot of the gym in my car during daylight hours, in the pool area after midnight one night when no one was there but us, and even in a storage room that Chris had found with a faulty lock.

After six months of fucking each other at least four and usually five times a week, we both agreed we loved each other and decided to marry. I suggested the weekend of June 4th which was my birthday, but Chris informed me she had a business trip to Albany, New York that week and while she was there she was going to visit a couple she and her late husband had been friends with for twenty years over that weekend.

Even though she had five weeks of vacation as one of her perks, she had to wait a couple of months between them so we decided on a September wedding. I had never been to Los Angeles and Chris's company had a condo there so we went to LA for our honeymoon staying in the condo which was the company's wedding present to us. We had two weeks for our honeymoon and spent the first two days in the bedroom trying to fuck each other's brains out. The third day was spent lazing around the condo and its pool recovering from the past two days. We went to Disneyland, Knotts Berry Farm, and some of the other must see attractions in and around LA. I had a meltdown because of traffic so Chris became our designated driver after that. She had been to LA before on business and knew all the great places to go. We enjoyed our honeymoon and returned to our everyday lives full of love and happiness. We sold both our houses and bought a newer one because of the memories of our dead spouses. The house we bought was smaller than either of our previous two homes, but we had agreed that it would be the right size for us. We had both bought our previous homes with our former spouses with the idea of raising families in them, but that hadn't happened for either of us. In both cases problems in the female reproductive tract had prevented pregnancies. I did wonder sometimes how I managed to marry two women with similar circumstances. The money left from the sale of our two homes and the purchase of our new one was divided by us with each free to do with their share what they wished. I invested my share and began receiving a small bi-annual return from it which I reinvested.

Chris and I enjoyed the next five years together, living what I considered to be the perfect marriage. Chris never refused me sex nor I her even though some of the places she wanted to have sex were semi-public with the risk of being seen a possibility. I assumed that risk was what excited Chris so much. I didn't share in her excitement but participated to keep her happy. She traveled a few times a year on business with two of those being to Albany, New York spaced every six months apart, usually in January and June. I managed to accompany her on a couple of trips but never on one of the ones to Albany. I don't know had long I would've been in the dark if fate hadn't stepped in.

It was January and Chris was in Albany. I had called the previous evening and gotten her voice mail immediately. She had always returned my calls the same day in the past so I began to worry when I hadn't heard from her by midnight Austin time which made it 1 AM in Albany. I went to bed and slept fitfully, arising before dawn, and pacing the floor till it was 7 AM Albany time and I could call Chris's cell again.

"Hello George, I'm glad to finally get to talk to you." A strange man said after answering Chris's phone.

"Who is this and why do you have Chris's phone?" I asked in confusion. "Where's Chris? I'd like to speak to her."

"I'm Brian Cody and my wife and I are good friends with Chris. Chris is not able to speak to you because she fell on the icy sidewalk outside Joyce's and my home last evening. She hit her head and is still out cold. The doctor says she might have a concussion but he won't know until she wakes up."

"Why didn't the hospital call me before now? I've been worried sick from not hearing from her."

"I didn't let the hospital know about you. They think Joyce is her sister and next of kin. I wanted to talk to you and this seemed like the best opportunity for that. When I said Joyce and I were good friends with Chris I meant we were "GOOD FRIENDS", if you get what I mean."

"No Brian, I don't get what you mean!"

"We have friends with benefits relationships with Chris. BOTH Joyce and I do."

"You're saying Chris is having sex with you and your wife!"

"Yes that's what I'm saying. It started over twenty years ago when the four of us were in college. Robert was into it as much as Chris was. He and I would watch our wives together then enjoy the other's spouse. I've been trying to get Chris to bring you with her to Albany so we all can have the same relationship together, but she didn't think you'd go for it. Don't worry about the hospital and doctors' bills; I'll take care of those. I'll have Chris call you when she's able. Take care and have a nice day, George."

The bastard hung up before I could say another word and the phone went straight to voice mail when I called back. I had gone from confusion to shock to anger to hurting the longer Brian had talked. I had learned my wife was hurt then learned she was a cheater and a bi-sexual one on top of that. I didn't know what to do and went to the one person I always went to when that occurred to me in the past, my best friend and law partner Will. I told him everything that I had learned and told him about the confused state I was in from that information. I loved Chris with all my heart and didn't want to lose her was one side of my dilemma. The hurt and anger from her betrayal and the secret life she had been living were the other side. We had talked about including another woman in our sex life and I could have forgiven her that even though she did it behind my back, but letting another man fuck her behind my back was another matter entirely. Yes, it was her body, but she had promised to be faithful to me forsaking all others. And yes the gender of her partner in crime shouldn't make a difference, cheating is cheating, but my male ego didn't see it that way. Will told me to stay calm and to talk to Chris before I did anything rash. He would get to work gathering information on Joyce and Brian Cody in case we needed it for a divorce and other legal maneuvers we might want to make.

I went to the gym to work off some of my anxiety and pain. I thought about stopping at a liquor store and getting a fifth of Jack Daniel's black, but decided that I wasn't going down that hole again. I went home and sat in my recliner not seeing the wall in front of me as my mind raced from one thought to the next and my emotions rode along. I would remember the good times with Chris and be happy. I would think about her making love to another woman and get aroused. I would think about another man with a bigger cock fucking her tight pussy and my erection would wilt before anger and despair began wrestling for control of my emotional state with anger winning some and despair the others. I must have dozed off because the ringtone for Chris's cell phone jerked me awake around 2 PM.

"Hi Chrystal, I understand we have something else in common."

"George, thank God you took my call. I was afraid you wouldn't. Brian had no business answering my phone this morning and I'm sorry about what he told you. I love you and only you George, please believe that. Please George, I'll do anything if you'll forgive me. Now what was it you said to me when you answered the phone?"

"I said I understand we have something else in common."

"We have a lot of things in common George. What do you mean?"

"We have something in common that I didn't know about before. If what Brian said is true and I'm guessing it is, we both like to eat pussy! Wish I knew that about you before now! Our fantasy of sharing a woman could've already happened!" I had heard Chris's gasp for breath when I said the bit about eating pussy. I could hear her sobbing softly now. ""Come home now, as quick as you can, and don't spend another minute with THEM if you truly want to save our marriage!"

"Okay George, I'll pack my things and get to the airport as quickly as I can. I'll be home as soon as possible. I love you."

"NO! Leave your stuff and get to the airport now! Do you not understand what "not another minute" means?! I'm going to call Albany airport myself and see when the next plane from there headed to Texas is leaving. I expect you to be on it no matter where in Texas its heading. Will already has a PI watching you, if you're not in a cab headed away from their house as soon as we hang up, don't bother coming home! GOODBYE!"

I disconnected the call and turned my cell phone off before jumping up from my recliner, jerking the lamp off the small table beside it, and flinging it across the room where it hit the marble stonework around our fireplace and shattered. I stormed out of my house and speed walked around our neighborhood until my anger had subsided. When I got back to the house, I turned my cell back on and saw I had two voice messages. I listened to them and the first was from Chris telling me she was on her way home. The second was from Will telling me to call him as soon as possible.

"Will, this is George. What's going on? You sounded agitated on the phone."

"George, what did you say to Chris? All hell broke loose in the house in Albany after you talked to her."

"I told her if she wanted to save our marriage to get away from them that minute and get her ass back to Texas. What happened?"

"I don't know what was said before because it was in conversational tones, but when Chris started screaming she was leaving and to get out of her way, the PI could hear the sound of things being broken inside the house. The front door burst open and a petite blonde that couldn't weigh more than a hundred pounds flew out of it and landed on her ass on the front porch. Chris was struggling with a man not much bigger than the woman before she picked up an umbrella stand beside the front door and hit him over the head with it. When the woman tried to stop her, Chris picked her up and threw her on top of the man. She almost got hit by the first taxi that came down the street. I don't know what she told the cabbie, but he let her get into the front of the cab and took off fast. The man in the back of the cab looked like he had seen a terrorist; his eyes were so big, according to the PI."

"Have you found out anything about Joyce and Brian Cody, Will?"

"Yes, they are both only children from extremely rich and old money. Both sets of parents are dead and they haven't worked a day in their lives. They went to the same college as Chris and her late husband and their foursome activities are still talked about on its campus. You'll have to get more from Chris if you want it. My suggestion is you let the past be the past if you want your marriage to work."

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