tagLoving WivesHer Seduction Wasn't Her Fault

Her Seduction Wasn't Her Fault


She was at her husbands works annual party again, this was the 3rd year and she loved it, Malc, her husband was well thought of and a rising star, he was assistant to the deputy MD and knew if he kept his nose clean and his work and success rate up he was a shoe in for the deputy's job when he retired in 6 months time.

Then the next thing would be to make sure was in line for the top job in a few years time, he was only 33 and brighter by far than any other possible contender for the job he was after.

He had told his wife that their future was secure almost, just the final push and he would be there, and then as far as he was concerned it would be easy street for her, and she was happy, in a way.

Her only problem was lack of children, they had both had tests and it all came back clear as a bell, no issues, both had their reproductive organs in top order, but nothing ever happened. She never got even close to pregnancy, no late periods, nothing, and it was burning her up inside.

They went to all the clinics, did all the things they were supposed to, fucked like rabbits in her most fertile time, and nothing, fucking nothing!

And more to the point at nearly 30 years of age her biological clock was ticking louder and louder.

She was being unfair she knew, but she was secretly blaming her husband, she loved him but she wanted a baby, a family and he wasn't firing the right bullets as far as she was concerned now. She was one of 5 in her family so she knew her side was okay, he was an only child, a late one at that, so it stood to reason that her parents had been lucky to conceive.

Her next fertile period was a just over a week away, she was already hoping for it to happen, but now she was stressing herself which wasn't good for her if she wanted to catch on, she had even said to herself if we don't get it right this time, I'm gonna look elsewhere! She admonished herself for this bad thought.

Malc himself was stressing too, he was finding it harder and harder to perform in the way he wanted to, he too wanted a family and had even stupidly mentioned adoption, Brooke had gone ballistic last week when he brought it up.

They had gone to all the specialists they could, the money they were spending was astronomical, and it was worrying too, he had gone to the company doctor and poured his heart out, he even asked Brooke to see her, just to see if the doctor could advise them of something new. Brooke had told the female doctor in a private moment that she would do almost anything to get pregnant, the doctor too had done all she could, she even talked it over with her husband who was also an employee at their firm.

He was a manager of the site fields division and had a respected position but even he knew he would never attain Malc's aspirations, but it didn't bother him, he wasn't a very materialistic kind of man and neither was his wife, and they was more than happy with their lot.

They had an open marriage and were quite happy, they had tried other partners and enjoyed it, gone to a few swing clubs etc, but were always honest about it and each was informed of possible escapades as they liked to call them.

The doctor had talked over the problem of Malc and his wife Brooke with her husband Tom although she would never mention it to another soul she was already breaking her Hippocratic vows to discuss it with her husband, but it was good to bounce ideas of each other.

Anne, who was a lovely auburn haired 43 year old, the same age as her husband Tom, talked at length about it, and Tom laughingly had said, 'maybe I should give her a go!' 'Maybe you should Tom, I have an idea she might be susceptible to a seduction, if it was done properly?' Anne had said.

'She is a beautiful woman Anne I think I might, wouldn't you mind too much? She is also a fellow workers wife too Anne?' Tom asked. 'Not me lover, just make sure I know all the details okay? And maybe I can deflect her husband while you make the attempt,' Anne said.

Tom was a good looking man, over 6ft, broad shouldered didn't drink a lot, never smoked and had an aura about him that he had found through his wonderful wife to be a very good aphrodisiac when it came to women, and virility was part of his armour, he was also a very charismatic man, women warmed to him subconsciously, and that's how their life was formed, after training himself, he was able to seduce a fair amount of them, and Anne being Anne also found it easy to have her way with men of her choosing.

He had met the beautiful Brooke a few times and had always lusted after her and always made sure to chat with her on her own if he could, and always left her with the definite impression that she was on his wanted list, but as she was a fellow employee's wife; he and Anne had decided those employees and their wives were on a very definite no no list, but not now.

Brooke was slender woman who could walk down a street and practically stop traffic if she was dressed up, and was even stunning if she wasn't, her hair was bouncy, and light shone through it, it was naturally glossy but she took great care with it, it was worn lengthy and she also loved to pile it on top of her beautiful head and wear dangly fashionable earrings.

It gave her extra height of around 5ft 8" and added 3 or 4 inches, in her heels she would seem to tower over others, she was dressed like it tonight, her make up was perfect, not too brash, and just right for the demure woman she liked to portray.

Her lovely face was set of by her appearance; a long slender shapely neck gave her poise, to her slightly sloping shoulders, her arms were flawless as was the rest of her body, not a blemish was in sight, her long evening gown was made of silk and it clung and swayed to her gorgeous body when she moved, she was the envy of every man there, and some of the women too.

She was full breasted but not overly, her nipples were lovely nuts of sensitive texture that would try her patience sometimes even when unbidden they would arouse her without warning, they pointed out and up, not down like lots of women.

Slim waisted on sensual hips, long legs that went on for ever, even naked she could and did look alluringly beautiful and many men had tried to seduce her, but she had fought off all the attempts to bed her.

At the party that night Tom planned his slow seduction of Brooke, he and Anne had decided to let her get Malc to one side, and allow Tom a free ride at her and try and find a way in, his first action was to make sure her glass always had wine in it.

They chatted a lot, went their different ways a few times so no one would see them together too much, her believing he was a perfect gentleman, and he hoping like hell he was on the right path, her perfume and dazzling smile was intoxicating.

It was late in the night around midnight that he ended up chatting again after a dance with Brooke and were sat on a sofa. When Tom mentioned the fact that he knew they were childless and asked if it was intentional to not have a family, because he was absolutely certain that she would be a fantastic mother, everything about her shouted she should be a mother, that he could see it in her eyes that she was made for it.

He had said all this knowing they were trying desperately, and wanted to hit her right in her heart, he was trying to get her to open up and let him in, to give info about her situation, but didn't allow her to respond until he had said all he had prepared himself to say.

He awaited her response quietly, her eyes clouded over and because she had had a bit to drink it loosened her tongue a little and she blurted out as tears filled her gorgeous eyes that they were trying so hard to conceive, and she was desperate to be a mother, she would do anything for a baby, and she was at a loss as to what to do next.

He apologised for her distress and asked her to walk outside for some fresh air, she looked for her husband, but Tom knew Anne had him somewhere, he sniggered to himself as he thought maybe she is fucking his brains out right at this moment, he would have to ask his wife later.

As they passed through the French windows Tom took her lightly by the elbow so as not to alarm her, he guided her gently to a quiet corner on the large balcony that over looked the moonlit sea, it was a fabulous view.

They talked and Tom gently probed her about her problems and she dabbed at her eyes to dry the tears and not allow her mascara to run, he was a considerate listener and before long she was telling him everything, he took her in his arms and shushed her softly, her heart was breaking from the need of her own baby.

He held himself to her so she could feel his erection touching her leg but he didn't drive it at her, he wanted her to know that it was mans natural reaction when holding such a beautiful creature that a hard on was to be expected.

She did know, and she did realise it, but didn't pull away because she knew he was acting in a normal way, and anyway she liked it.

Tom was in heaven he was almost there, maybe not tonight right here right now, but maybe the next time, there would be a next time because he was going to call her and talk some more about her problem.

He slowly leaned back from her but carefully leaving his prick nestled against her, and looked into her beautiful green eyes, and said the words that would seal the deal or kill it in one fell swoop. He knew it was a chance he was taking, but one he felt was right to take in this moment in her hopeful seduction.

He whispered to her softly while steadfastly holding her gaze, she was partly mesmerised by his eyes as she gazed back at him and waited for what he had to say.

'There are other definite ways to give yourself every chance to have the baby you so desire Brooke,' he told her. He pulled her gently back into his warm safe arms and waited while his words sank in.

It took all of 20 seconds before she moved her body voluntarily or involuntarily against his, he wasn't sure yet. She tipped head up and met his eyes again, 'what do you mean Tom?' she whispered.

She knew exactly what he had meant; he knew that, she was biding for time to respond properly.

'You know what I mean Brooke, you are a beautiful sensual gorgeous woman that needs fulfilment in her life, fulfilment that only your own baby can bring,' he said, without saying he wanted to fuck her, he wanted her to get the message that he was only wanting to help her in her desperate quest.

His words hit right at the centre of her being, her next words sealed it, although she was unaware she was being manipulated by this lovely sexual tender man, because she felt she had at last found someone who understood her needs and her dreaded fears, and on top of that it was a man too, which took her by surprise and unknowingly fuelled her fire of need, it then came into his mind that not only was it his wish to fuck her and fuck her often, he wanted to give her the baby she so wanted.

'But Tom, I'm married how can you help me?' she was unknowingly giving in, it would still take a little work on his part but he knew if he played his cards right, she would submit, and he would fuck her when ever he wanted to.

'Yes Brooke I know you are married, but you wanting a baby has nothing to do with being married, it's your inalienable right to have children, and I know I can help you achieve that goal honey,' his cock was still gently wedged in between her legs and was licking at her pussy, she moaned and he knew he was almost there now.

'Oh Tom, oh Tom,' she whispered against his chest. He bent his head and kissed her neck and slowly moved his perfect teeth across her bare shoulder, she shivered moaned and moved against him, unwittingly pushing against his fully erect prick.

He tipped her head up with his fingers and kissed her softly, powerfully and sweetly she responded to him, he looked about him and spotted a gazebo 20 yards away in the grounds of the hotel and without any hesitation, took her small hand and pulled her after him, she went with him in a daze of arousal, desire and the urgent need to be made pregnant, any thoughts of her marriage and her husband was washed away by this overriding need for full womanhood.

They were there in seconds, he kissed her some more, fondled her super aroused sensitive tits and pulled her dress up her smooth legs, it slipped up easily, while he guided her hands to his prick to keep her suspended in this irretrievable state she was in now.

She stroked it, grasped it and moaned loudly into his mouth, he felt for her pussy, and snapped her panties away in a ripping motion, he stood her against the railing to help support her and putting his hand under her knee lifted it and pushed leg around his back, she did so and her foot pressed into his back while her knee was up under his arm, pulling open his pants he drove his prick into her in one throbbing hit.

'Oh Tom, Tom please,' she wailed quietly, 'make me pregnant Tom please?' She was begging him; her need for it overwhelmed her.

He drove into without thought for her, he wanted to fuck her so bad, so hard, and he succeeded, it never took very long before he shot his load into her but it did the business for her, she followed his lead and came straight after he did, her body exploded internally as her orgasm tightened its grip on her.

'There now my beautiful darling,' he whispered into her ear, 'that was the first load, you'll get as much as you need until you start to swell baby.'

He helped her redress herself, zipped up his own pants and said, 'come on Brooke we have to get back before we are missed.' 'Yes Tom,' she said, but not before beautiful woman gave him a loving kiss and saying, 'thank you for that.'

They hurried back just in time to see Malc and Anne appear at the opposite side of the room, Tom and Anne exchanged knowing looks, Tom laughed to himself and thought, 'you crafty sod Anne, but I know you won't have had the kind of time I've just had, and am going to have.'

Brooke dashed off to the ladies room followed by Anne, both to clean themselves up, leaving Tom and Malc at the bar, Malc looked as guilty as hell, but Tom was fine and got them both drinks, Tom chatted about this and that until Malc relaxed at last.

Anne and Brooke appeared, Tom immediately took charge so they could all settle down.

Tom looked at Brooke knowing her panties were in his pocket, and she, knowing it too gave Tom a look that said she was okay and happy about things.

As the party broke up and everyone made their way out Tom sidled up to Brooke and stroked her soft toned arse and whispered, 'I'll call you on Monday baby okay?' 'Yes Tom,' she murmured back, 'I'll await your call, and Tom? Thank you for tonight.' She glided and flowed away from them with Tom's eyes on her arse and flowing body, his cock gave an almighty jerk at the sight.

Annie's voice brought him out of his reverie, 'so you got it all then Tom, it must have been too easy honey? Were you a little disappointed?' she asked him. 'No Anne it wasn't easy,' he said, 'it took a great deal of sacrifice for her, but there again she didn't know who she was dealing with my darling!'

He laughed to her as he hugged her tightly, 'come, lets go home I want to hear about you and easy Malc!' 'Easy?' she giggled, 'he was all over me once I got him upstairs.'

That night because of the sublime quick fuck she had gotten from Tom and the wine, she slept like a baby.

In the morning she awoke to see Malc leaving the bedroom to go to work even though it was Saturday, she had momentarily forgotten about Tom, but not when she rolled over onto her stomach, she suddenly remembered what she had done, and after a moments regret and sorrow for being unfaithful, her thoughts turned to why she had let Tom fuck her, it was because she wanted a baby.

She would never love Tom like she loved her Malc, but she knew she would let him fuck her and become her lover for as long as he wanted to, if she became pregnant because of it.

As Tom was the company's nation wide site manager coming and going was his prerogative, he would be gone for days at a time or in the office, or meeting clients, so he was really a free agent.

He called Brooke that Monday morning around 9:00am, he started by asking her if she was feeling okay, and that Friday night, while totally unexpected, he was thrown and so very happy that they had made love and couldn't wait to see her again.

Brooke was a little bit shy now, she had thought long and hard about what she had done, and while it was a wonderful feeling to be made love to by such a dynamic man, and it had only happened because of her paternal needs, she was in some turmoil regarding her marriage vows.

'Brooke my lovely soft lady, we did what we did because you want something you believe Malc is sadly unable to give you, believe me Brooke, I can and I will give you everything you want if you let me, and no baggage afterwards, the baby would be the product of a totally loving marriage.' Tom said.

He knew he was getting to her again because she hesitated at his words, and looking across at her husband there in the office he put her in a position of not being able to say no, by telling her he would be with her in 45 minutes time.

Brooke just looked stupidly at the phone, 'Oh my god,' she said to herself, and her first thought was how she looked, 'I must look dreadful,' then without thinking she raced out of her bed and into the shower, quickly dried off and did her face, put on a mini dress and backless heels, piled her lovely hair up into a gorgeous tangled mess and hurried downstairs, never even thinking of what she was about to do again.

She stopped herself in the kitchen and wondered if she was going to do this again, Friday night had been a wonderful very spur of the moment thing; but this would be deliberate action, a deliberate betrayal of her husband and her wedding vows.

Tom replaced the handset, sent a quick e mail to his boss that he would be out of the office for most of the day, and left for Brooke's home, he knew where it was because Malc and her had held a BBQ there, he also knew there was a very obscure back way in so being seen would be nearly negligible.

In his car he rang Anne and told her was on his way to see Brooke, and asked her to wish him luck, she did, but also said he didn't need it, as an after thought Anne said, 'I might get Malc down here for an examination,' she laughed to her husband.

Tom arrived at Brooke's home and made his way to the back of the house and knocked on the door, Brooke came from the front of the house were she had been waiting at the front door. Her surprise was evident, as was the cloud of worry on her pretty face.

She admitted Tom, and began to tell him of her worries and feelings, he turned and locked the door then he stopped her dead in her tracks with a grab of her slender shoulders and a mouth watering kiss, he wrapped her in his arms and held her mouth with his, his tongue found it's way in and a moan escaped her throat and into his mouth.

He broke the kiss momentarily to adjust his lips properly to hers, she accepted it completely, his manliness and powerful aura was overwhelming her feelings and the inbred urge to be a mother took her over, he knew instinctively what was going on, slipped his hand down to her lovely rounded arse and held her to him, his twitching cock found the crevice of her pussy and he felt her thighs press against his own legs.

He told she was ready for motherhood and he was ready to make her the mother she so desired to be, it was enough to win her over, her mind immediately locked onto being a mum, nothing else mattered now, her arms snaked around his neck as the new kiss they shared deepened into a crescendo of love and desire from them both, he wanted to get his prick into her so badly, and she wanted to conceive just as badly.

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