tagIncest/TabooHer Senior Year

Her Senior Year


There was already a background story for our love - and I will post these stories later. This one needs to be told.

I was having a good time getting ready for school to start. It was my second year of college - and I was just priming up for my 21st birthday. I had a few drinks over the course of a few hours. As my roommates found their bunkmates, I realized that I was alone.

I had not had a serious girlfriend since high school. During my first year at college I spent my time looking for the party favors... and I found my share.

But now I was alone in my apartment and I was very horny. I knew that there was one girl just down the road - and she was a vixen that could do me right in all the wrong ways. We had been there before.

We had already spent many moments and nights in absolute bliss. I knew if she was still awake, it would be magical again.

I turned the key over in my 1994 Dodge and headed up the highway to where she lay - just 15 miles away. As I parked the Caravan off of her drive I sat there thinking 'holy shit, it is the night before here first day of her senior year". Was I wrong to feel the pull of her? As I looked at the clock in my Caravan it read 1:14. Would she still be up at 1:14AM? Then I started to think - 'would her parents wake up?'

It was at that moment that my hormones took over and drove me out of the van and up the driveway. With every step I expected spot lights and sirens - but nothing happened. I approached the back door, but it was locked. My uncle never locked the doors on his house. What the hell? Then I remembered that they kept a key hidden in the garage. So I crept around the house to the garage - with every step I expected their dog to start barking an alarm. But no, nothing. The dog was silent. So I crept into the garage, grabbed the key, and swung back to the rear door. With the key in hand, I opened it up and snuck into my cousin's room.

I had been there numerous times before. So finding my way in the dark was easy - but I approached every step as it was my last. When I finally arrived at her door, I felt the need to secure my approach and turned on the light for just a moment.

There she was. Full body, hour-glass shape at the tender age of 18. Her long locks draped over her shoulder as she looked in my direction, and she was full of surprise. When she saw it was me, her eyes started to glisten. I turned out the light as I knew my path.

As I climbed into her bed, she adjusted to allow me room. Her first comment was "what a way to start my Senior year". I grabbed her hip and pulled her in as I asked "would you expect anything better?"

She jolted her ass into my hard cock and said "there is no other way I would like to start the year!"

We spend a few moments in the spoon position as I cradled her and caressed her voluptuous body. She was only 18, but her curves said she was 30. She had a beautiful full ass, long legs, broad chest that was complemented by breasts that were at least size 'D'.

I slowly worked my hands over her curves and peeled off her pajamas - starting with the top. I caressed her navel, opened up her top and then brushed it off over her shoulders. As I worked my magic, she was a great assistant moving her body to enable ease of her garments removal. After I removed her top I allowed my hands to swallow up her large breasts. Tiffany's nipples were erect and hard as nails. I took full advantage and licked them until my tongue went numb.

My hands then ventured further down to her waist and I started to remove he bottoms. She halted and asked if I was really ready to go that far again. I looked at her, brushed away her long brown locks and told Tiff that she was what I wanted. That is all she needed to let go.

After I removed her pajama bottoms, I climbed out of bed and undressed as fast as I could. My cock was at full mast and was dripping - ready for the show.

I climbed back into bed and we spooned and kissed as I rubbed my hard cock up into panty-protected ass. I guided my hand from her supple breasts along her flat belly toward her full hips where I found her panties. Panting heavy, I removed her panties off of her ass until they reached her knees... that is when I had enough. I had to put my swollen cock into her - NOW!

She turned to the wall and opened up her pussy. I slid my fingers down her ass crack and into a very wet love hole. She was ready and willing. I grabbed her right tit as I slid my throbbing cock into her. She squealed and grabbed at her pillow as I put my full load into her.

We spent the better of an hour trying every position. Every time I rolled her over, she placed her love hole into a welcoming arena that I was able to slop my dick in her. Her athletic nature added to the ease that we made love. I fucked her brains out over the course of that hour.

When we were done she looked at me and asked: "Will you surprise me again soon?" What could I say? Tight ass, gorgeous tits, and an all around knock out.

"Of course" I said, "Let's make it interesting next time"

With that I left and drove back to my apartment.

That wasn't the last time we found each other. There will be more stories coming soon.

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