tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHer Skirt was Shorter than Mine

Her Skirt was Shorter than Mine

byMichelle the blonde©

It was interesting, very interesting indeed two nights ago when Jim took me out for dinner, then to an upscale night club. As we sat on a couple of high bar stools, enjoying the live band, and sipping our screwdrivers (one lasts all night...lol), we noticed in the mirror that another couple was approaching the bar from behind us.

Jim quickly said to me, "Michelle, check out this couple coming to the bar behind us. Look how short her skirt is." I looked in the mirror and immediately noticed what he was pointing out. This young lady, about my age and her boyfriend (or husband) had most of the buttons open on her skirt. I could actually see her long legs almost to her crotch. I heard Jim saying, "Whooooooeeeee, what a set of gams."

They moved to the two empty bar stools on my right, with the woman sitting down next to me. I kid you not, she could have been a movie star, and it was quite apparent that they were well off, judging by the way they that were dressed. Both were well tanned as if they'd just come back from the sunny south. He had a very hairy chest and three chains around his neck, with several buttons open. His hair was styled like Elvis with side burns and all.

The woman's dress had a very deep V neckline plunging to her navel, showing a lot of her very tanned breasts. I could tell that she was tan all over and guessed that they had been to the Caribbean. From their tans I guessed that they spent at least some of their time on a nude beach.

As she slid onto the barstool next to me, I couldn't help looking down at her lovely long legs, which really surprised me, since I'm a female myself. Usually it's a guy thing to check out a woman's legs, but I was drawn to her legs and her sexy dress. As I admired her in the mirror, all I could think of was that I had to get a dress like hers. I knew that my full, perky 34B's would really show off nicely in that dress as I admired the curves of her lovely breasts visible almost to her nipples. This should let you form a mental picture of just how much she was displaying.

I just had to look down again, knowing that her skirt was mostly unbuttoned. I wondered if her legs were as soft to the touch as Jim always tells me mine are.

My boyfriend Jim ordered another round of drinks. Holy cow, I was drinking two screwdrivers tonight. Doesn't he remember how much two screw drivers turns me into a sexual animal? Doesn't he remember the last time I'd had two of them and practically let him undress me in the bar we were in?

I could suddenly feel my cheekbones getting a bit numb, which always happens when I've had too much to drink. It also makes me very uninhibited, so it was easy for me to get up the courage to do something, which even for me was very daring. With my skirt riding very high, I moved my right leg over, making it all look completely accidental of course, until my bare leg touched hers.

I suppose I was curious to see what kind of reaction I'd get from her, but nothing happened. She kept her hose covered leg right there, right up against mine. My mind began playing games with me, wondering if she was actually receptive to my leg against hers, or was she leaving it against mine just because the barstools were quite close together.

At that point, her skirt was hiked up much further than mine. While talking to me, Jim, who gets very playful after a few drinks, noticed my leg touching the other young woman's leg. In a low voice, Jim commented that he thought not moving her leg away from mine was a signal to me that she liked my touch. He thought she was enjoying displaying so much of her legs.

Jim suggested that I open my skirt buttons more and see what happens. When I told him that I was uncomfortable doing that, he said, "Well then I'll do it." You'd have to know Jim as I know Jim. He's the kind of guy that likes opening my buttons to show me off. He likes showing off my breasts as much as my legs and thighs. His eyes actually seem to glaze over when he's displaying me. I've come to want to see his eyes doing that as often as possible as it makes him look ever more sexy.

I felt his hand stroking my other leg, then move slowly up to my inner thigh. He knows how hot I get when he strokes that area. Being the gifted guy he is, he can both touch me intimately like this and open my buttons at the same time. He was using his skills this evening feeling my upper leg, and also opening buttons at the bottom of my already short skirt. I looked around the bar to see if the other people in the mirrored back bar, were looking into the mirror and watching what was going on where we sat. As more buttons were being opened I began to feel a breeze from somewhere kissing my thighs. Maybe it was from the air conditioning, maybe from the smoke ejectors or something.

I could feel my quite tight skirt become suddenly looser around my legs. I knew that he wasn't about to stop where he was at the time, and then I felt my skirt opening up as he continued to unbutton it further and further. Glancing quickly down for a moment I noticed he'd opened four buttons, leaving only the top two buttons holding my skirt together. Then he pulled the material off the leg that wasn't touching the other girl and continued to slowly tug at the material. I knew more and more of that leg was being uncovered.

Now, it's important for you to know that showing this much flesh, especially in such a public place, is highly erotic for me. It gets my juices flowing like you wouldn't believe. It's very exciting. I moved the leg closest to Jim to open the skirt more, and he surprised me by lifting it and pulling it up and over his legs. He'd never done that before, and if he hadn't opened the buttons my skirt wouldn't have let my legs to spread that far.

The young woman noticed something was going on. As I looked forward into the mirror, I could see that she was looking down towards my legs. I wondered what she thought of Jim hoisting my leg up and over his. I figured she was thinking that I was some sort of nut case to even allow him to do that, knowing I was showing almost everything. Maybe it was the drinks, but I felt that since she was showing so much, why shouldn't I do the same, especially since it turns me.

My left leg was now bare to my waist, while the right one touching hers was still partially covered by my skirt, and still touching her leg. She seemed to be enjoying what she could see, and surprised me when I felt her leg move away from mine, which allowed the material of my skirt to drop away from my leg. As quickly as she had moved her leg away from mine, she moved it back so they were touching again; except now it was my hose covered leg directly touching her hose covered leg.

I felt something flutter down between my legs, and noticed that a cocktail napkin had slipped off the bar and had fallen between my legs. I heard the woman say, "Oops, I'm sorry, it was stuck to the bottom of my drink. Here let me pick it up." Of course picking it up meant she had to put her hand down between my legs, which made me wonder if the napkin dropped there accidentally, or if she'd done that on purpose.

I noticed she took her time retrieving the napkin and she did some fiddling around before finally grasping it between her fingers and her hand. Of course while she was searching for it she had the opportunity to touch my thighs quite high up. When her hand lingered there much longer than I thought was necessary, I have to admit it excited me. Although I'd never been touched that way by another female, especially that high up between my legs, I could feel myself getting very wet.

After again saying she was sorry that the napkin had dropped off the bottom of the glass, she commented on how lovely she thought my legs were. I felt quite uncomfortable hearing her saying that at first, especially since my other leg was still up and over Jim's legs. I didn't really want to admit that both Jim and I thought her legs were equally lovely, even though it was the truth. I thanked her for the compliment and she again looked down at my more than slightly spread legs. Jim, the big mouth leaned over and invited her to see how really lovely my legs were as he reached over and moved the material of my skirt well above my crotch.

With my legs spread the way they were, I knew that both Jim and the young lady could easily see my black thong bikini panties. I felt a little self-conscious because I hadn't shaved in a few days, and there was a lot of my blonde stubble showing on both sides of the thong panties. Actually, not much of the actual thong was even visible since with my legs spread the way they were, the front of the thong panties had crept up between my pussy lips. Since I was also very aroused at this point, my exposed blonde hair was matted somewhat because of my wetness.

Just having her staring at my exposed crotch that way caused me to have my first orgasm. I suddenly was so embarrassed, but the young lady remarked that she had wondered if I actually was a natural blonde, but from what she could see now, she knew I was.

I really shouldn't have had the second drink because I confided to her that my boyfriend Jim likes showing me off occasionally, and that I enjoy showing myself to complete strangers; usually a man, but sometimes a couple that might be seated in our general area. She admitted that her boyfriend loves showing her off also, and that's why she was dressed the way she was. She also admitted that while she also enjoyed showing off to strangers, she'd never watched another woman with her skirt raised as high as mine was. Big mouth Jim then said, "Well, since you like showing yourself off as much as Michelle does, why not show us a little more too." "Are you serious," she said. "Sure, why not," Jim came back with, "show us what you show other guys, after all I'm a stranger to you am I not?"

She said, "Yes, we've never met, and I guess it would be O.K. to let you see more of my legs since I can see almost everything of hers."

She turned towards her boyfriend first, probably to ask what he thought of the idea. When then noticed that he looked past her at me to see what kind of a show I was putting on. A big grin came over his face when he saw my exposed pubic hair and thong panties, and noticed that one of my legs was across Jim's leg. He reached down and opened more buttons on his girl friend's short skirt until it was open as far as mine, then slid her skirt off of her legs.

I have to admit that her legs looked very tanned and sexy. I now knew why Jim always enjoyed showing my legs to strangers, since it was so erotic seeing him getting the same view from her that I usually give to guys we didn't know. Jim leaned over in front of me and asked her, if she'd mind if Michelle touched her legs a bit, telling her that it was always a fantasy of his to see me touching another woman. My face must have turned fire engine red when he unexpectedly just blurted it out to her to her like that. The young woman admitted that she'd never had a woman touch her there before, but that the idea did sound interesting, as she looked to her boyfriend for approval.

I didn't have a rat's ass idea of how to go about touching another female, especially in such an intimate area of her body, and at first I was hesitant about the idea. Jim told me that the other woman's boyfriend was vigorously nodding his head up and down in approval. I still hesitant until Jim whispered into my ear how much he always wanted me to try something like this. "Are you sure," I asked him, and he said, "yes honey, go ahead, touch her a little". Well, I was sitting there as if my body had turned to stone, but then I felt Jim's hand on mine as he gently lifted my hand and moved it over towards the woman's legs.

Jim guided my hand to here thigh, about midway between her knee and crotch. I was still hesitant as the woman moved her hand to and began moving my hand back and forth over the top of her leg. Slow, short strokes at first, then she began moving my hand further up her leg. I must admit that it did feel nice and was getting me very excited.

"Thatta girl," I heard Jim whisper into my ear, "now move your hand down between her legs. I want you to see how soft a woman feels thighs feel way up between her legs." "I can't do that", I whispered. "Sure you can honey, " he argued, "try it, after all she's encouraging you".

I moved my hand down between her legs, and felt the softness. She seemed to like what I was doing as I heard a very quiet moan escape her mouth. I began moving my hand slowly down to her knee and back up again about as far as I could without touching her privates.

Up till then, I hadn't even looked down, still feeling very shy and timid about even attempting something like this, but now, I was feeling very excited as I felt her legs. She slowly parted her legs, and surprised me by placing her hand on my leg also. Soon, she was caressing my leg in much the same way as I was touching hers. It was almost as if she knew how good it makes me feel when Jim is stroking my inner thighs. While it did feel a bit strange when I realized I was touching her there while she was also touching me in the same area, I could begin to feel my pussy getting much wetter. I supposed that the thong bottom by now would be very wet, since wasn't all that much material in the front anyway.

She and I both kept it up, and I could tell she was enjoying the sensations as much as I was. She suddenly began humping her lower body back and forth on her barstool. I tried very hard not to, but soon found myself doing the same thing. I was a real slut that evening, touching the other young woman and allowing her the same opportunity with me.

She was moaning much noticeably now and I saw that her eyes were closed. I was feeling very excited. After all we were in a public bar, there were people all around us and sometimes very near when people would come up from behind us to order drinks from the bartender. She now had two fingers deep inside my well-lubricated cunt. It felt so good, just as good as it does when Jim fingers me down there, and especially so when he does me in a public place. I was really humping her fingers at this point and I knew that Jim was in for a good love making session sooner than he might have imagined. I'd even have let him fuck me here and now if he had wanted to do so, that's how turned on I had become.

I couldn't help myself as I felt the beginnings of a very sensual orgasm starting. I went over the edge as I realized that she was having her orgasm at the same time. My body was soaking wet by then, and I could feel the perspiration running down between my breasts. I knew I just had to taste her, so I slowly removed my fingers from her cunt and brought them up to my mouth, trying not to tip the other people off in the bar area to what had just taken place. I slide both fingers into my mouth and savored her taste, and found that it wasn't repulsive at all; actually she tasted really sweet. I knew it was something that I most likely would want to experience again if I could.

The young lady leaned over and thanked me for the experience and then told me that her name was Linda and that her boyfriend's name was Carl. I told her that I was Michelle and my boyfriend was Jim.

The four of us decided that since it was almost bar time, that we'd leave the bar before everyone else made their way to the exits. We decided that we'd each drive to a nearby pizza place and share one of their large super deluxe pizza's and get a bit helping of their garlic sticks.

With everyone in agreement Linda and I got our skirts buttoned up some, while still leaving our skirts more than half way unbuttoned. The night was still and the two of us could try to get some unsuspecting guys excited on our way outside and in the pizza joint. So that's more or less the way that evening ended.

As we made our way into the parking lot, Jim reached down and pulled my skirt up all the way to my waist giving Carl a greater view of my long legs and thong bottom. Then he rolled up my skirt to tuck it inside the waistband and quickly put his hand on the top of my bikini bottoms, and slowly tugged my thong bikini panties down to my feet. I looked around and noticed three other couples taking this all in. With the drinks and all, I slowly stepped out of my panties and began walking towards our car leaving the skirt up and showing everyone my bare pussy from the front, and my bare ass from the back. I wouldn't have taken much encouragement at all to just strip naked and walk to the car that way, but I guess that Jim didn't think quickly enough to do that.

It reminds me of another time when Jim was screwing me in the front seat of the car and some fellows were watching us doing that through the car windows, but that's another story.

Thanks to all for the comments to my first story, I really appreciated the comments.

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