tagIncest/TabooHer Uncle's Touch

Her Uncle's Touch


Gerre put the phone back in its holder and headed to his SUV. His niece had just called; she asked if she could visit for the evening. That was no problem. Since he started the consulting contract in this city, he loved having her around to share dinner, talk with, and generally spend time together. The guarded tone in her voice bothered him. The usual laugh or uplifting tone was muted. That missing element was more than enough to get him moving.

The college was less than 15 minutes from his townhouse. As Gerre pulled into the parking lot by the sorority house, he took in the usual people movement around the campus. He always took care to drive slower than usual for two reasons – some dweeb, with no attention to their own reality or surroundings, and invariably talking with friends, would walk out into the street. The second was the better reason; the sheer volume of fine pussy worth looking at. The numbers of women in tight jeans, shorts, or short dresses on a college campus purely pleased his male spirit. He counted himself fortunate he had all his senses, and especially his eyesight while 'skirt watching and nipple counting' in the female population.

"Yer gonna get whiplash trying to see 'em all, Gerre!" kidded his niece Darlene as she walked up to the SUV and kissed him quickly.

"Ah, yep... probably, true," answered Gerre, "but I'll damn sure be happy while recovering. You ready to go?"

Darlene indicated she was. As she put her leather book bag in the back seat and started to enter the front, he noticed she was favoring her left side. Years in the military and playing sports had taught him how to watch people's motions. The issue of her side he'd pursue back at his townhouse. He continued with light conversation and bad driver jokes as they maneuvered through the usual rush hour traffic on the return trip.

With a light dinner in the works, Gerre poured his niece a glass of wine and asked how things were since he had last seen her a month ago. He was looking her over, head to feet, front and back, as he always did. He'd decided years ago she was truly beautiful. Here they'd spent time together and learned to know each other as adults, not uncle and niece. He was more convinced his niece was a well-built, intelligent, stunning little package. She was about 5-4, maybe 105 pounds; his guess was probably a full 34-cup, a tight waist and superb ass end with near perfect legs. She was probably a 32 across her hips. Mother Nature had certainly said, "Bless thee my child, and BLESS THEE some more in creating this particular woman-child. She's a Man-killer to the maximum, Gerre pondered as he poured more wine.

"Now, what did you want to talk about", asked Gerre as he replenished the wine in her glass after dinner. "I know it can't be about my underwhelming methods of preparing a baked potato."

"Remember what you told me about no topics being taboo with you," responded his niece, "and you'd always respect my privacy, no matter what you heard or knew?"

"Certainly I do," said Gerre. "What I said was that this place, the things you share with me personal or otherwise, and anything we talk about or do, stays right here. In no manner does anything said, done, or learned here, leave here – especially to go anywhere near the 'Parental Control Units' as you so fondly call your parents. But... as long as your physical safety wasn't an issue," Gerre added, ' that I'd decide who to contact."

"Okay," said Darleen, " then I need to show you something, and get your opinion on what to do. Just don't go all spastic and freaky on me."

"So, show me; I promise to not be any more horny, bizarre, spastic, or outrageous than I usually prove myself be!"

Darlene giggled a little, then, as Gerre watched, his niece slowly removed her sweater over her head, leaving just a light blouse covering her chest. He knew immediately she was hurt by the slow, deliberate way she moved. He continued to watch as she stood next to him, and then using her fingers, she lifted the bottom edge of her blouse up to just below the bottom curve of her breasts. Along her left side, just under the larger part of her breast, heading all the way down her side, were angry red scratch marks that were obviously painful.

"How, or where, did you get these war wounds, " asked Gerre, "and how long ago?"

"3 days ago, playing touch football outside the sorority house," said Darlene. "Some asshole from the frat house next door was wearing a metal watch band. He pulled me down with him as he fell and it raked my side. I punched him in the nuts cuz it hurt so bad right then."

Gerre continued to look at the angry red welts down his niece's side. Nothing really serious in what that he could see on his niece's body. There were some deep scratch marks that needed cleaning up. He had herbal medicine materials to handle the scratches, and a body oil to rub in to the raw skin, but he had to get her agreement to let him take care of her. It was necessary that she told him it was okay before he would touch her.

"Not too terrible, at least what I can see," said Gerre, "how far down does the scrape mark go?"

"It goes down to the point of my hip," his niece replied as she pointed with her hand, " these places really hurt the worst." As she was saying this, she pointed to the places just below her breast, and just where the waistband for her jeans was located.

"Ok, here's the deal, I can help ease the burning and the pain in the scrape marks, but you have to let me do it my way. So, I have a question for you," Gerre continued slowly, "do you trust me that what I do is in always your best interests?"

"Yes, always...no doubts," said his niece, "so what's the question?"

"Do you trust me enough to let me see you without your blouse on," said her uncle, "or pull it up enough that I can work on your side and not have to fight holding it away from your skin. That means I get to do the 'really happy dirty old man thing and see all of your boobs without straining myself!"

Darlene laughed, and then winced with a twinge of pain "I really don't care what you see, how much you see, or for how long. I trust you enough to know you'll do what I need.." She was looking up at her uncle's face, and into his eyes as she unbuttoned her blouse. She took it off and folded it before placing it on the back of the sofa chair. She turned her back to him for a moment, and turned back around to face her uncle. She wondered what he was thinking as she stood there watching her, taking all of her into his eyes. The warm smile on his face told her he was very pleased with the view before him.

"Thank you for letting me see you," said her uncle. Gerre knew it took some guts and courage for his niece to do what she just did. They had become close compatriots in the past 8 months since he moved into the area. He also knew she trusted him more than anyone else in the family. Now, she was standing before him, nude from the waist up, with a huge red streak of scratch marks down her side. He had to be very careful in how he handled this to make her feel this was the right thing for her to do.

"A small comment, and then I'll start on your side," said Gerre, "I knew I was right. You're absolutely stunning dressed, but even more so undressed. If I start drooling and slobbering on myself, just scratch me behind the left ear every now and then."

His niece laughed a little, and then relaxed her arms from covering her breasts and put her hands on her hips. Gerre had full view of his niece and she was something beautiful to see. Her breasts, not large, were full and stood up on her chest. No sag or an under hang on her. The aureoles of her nipples were probably an inch across, and the center of the nipples stood up about a half inch even then. The darkened, pinkish brown color that was very tantalizing to him. When she laughed, they swayed but did not jiggle. The fullness in them was firm, not flab. He had seen and known many women in his life of traveling all over the globe. She would definitely fit into the top 5 in any matter of discussion.

He had her sit backwards and straddle a chair at first. She'd have something to hold on to when he began to apply the herbal ointment he used for scratches like this. While she was getting settled, he washed his hands in water as hot as he could stand. Rule #1 of a good massage – never touch anyone with cold hands. Returning, he saw she was leaning forward in the chair with her head resting on the pillow he gave her. Her shoulder length, dark auburn hair was hanging forward, just covering part of her face. Her arms were up, which let her breasts hang free of their own weight. The effect was stunning and sensual all at once. This was going to be tough, thought Gerre, she hurts and all I want to do is touch every cubic inch of her body about 10,000 times!.

"Ok," said Gerre, "I'm going to start putting this ointment on your side. It will sting at first before it really starts to work. If you feel like crying or screaming, I understand."

"Do what you gotta do," said his niece, " and I'll do what comes naturally when it hits."

Gerre put the salve on his fingertips, and then began to work it into the edges of the raw area about halfway down her side. Her hands clinched the chair back, making the muscles in her shoulders move, which in turn made her breasts move back and forth. Her nipples were getting tight and small being out in the open, cooler air. He stopped, then moved to another area and applied the medicine there as well. As the herbs began to work, the pain was less in the area he had used it first.

As he began to move back up her side with the salve, she raised her left arm above her head and put her elbow behind her head.. This gave him full access to her entire left side. It also gave him total access to her left breast. Gerre looked her in the face and told her he was going to be putting the salve on the sore skin near her breast and would be touching her there. That was, unless, she wanted to put it on herself.

"Gerre," I'm sitting here with my top off, my boobs totally out in the open for the past 15 minutes. I really don't care what you touch, or where you touch, as long as you don't pinch, bite, or squeeze too damn hard."

"As a matter of fact," said Darlene, "I'd really like to know..." and she finished her sentence by picking up her uncle's hand with hers and holding it on her left breast.

"Now," she giggled as she held her uncle's warm hand on her breast, " I know you've really been wanting to do this again since the family reunion, haven't you?"

Laughing, while he was feeling the roundness, the firm tone, and the heat in her left breast, Gerre told her "Well, it was accident or fate I got to hold it before. Thanks for allowing me the pleasure to do it more openly and no jerking and pinch actions."

Gerre lifted her breast in his hand and gently touched it while continuing to apply the ointment along her side. The effect was like gently massaging her breast without any squeezing. The salve for the raw skin had a warming sensation; the effect on Darlene was immediate. Her nipples darkened slightly, then distended outward nearly a full inch. Gerre massaged around the bottom edge and back up the cleavage curve, careful to not bump her nipple too hard. He knew her nipples would be hypersensitive to the herbs in the ointment. A scorched nipple is a woman's comparative pain to menthol ointment inside the jock strap. The word exquisite came to his mind as he intimately touched her breast. Slowly, he moved away from it and farther down her side to apply more ointment to the other large scratches.

Darlene was amazed at the skill of her uncle's hands as he touched her. Large, warm, gentle, and they made her feel so-o-o-o damn good. No boyfriend had ever touched her so, so... personally. She didn't care what her uncle saw, nudity was no big issue with her. Only her bible thumping parents and what they didn't know, or couldn't find out, was fine. She trusted her uncle more than anyone she knew – he always told her like it was, no bullshit and no tap dancing around things. The look on his face when she put his hand on her boob was pure joy in her book. She decided that wanted that hand to hold her right then, right there.

His soft touch, his gentle massage was driving her off the end of the happy scale, as she called it. Should have called him sooner, she thought as her uncle carefully moved around her left nipple with his hand. Her mind and body were screaming "touch it!, TOUCH ME!!" but he kept moving all around on her breast. Well, that was okay, too. Maybe he thought she would freak out if he really touched her nipples. Whatever, as long a he didn't stop what he was doing with his hands for 3 or 4 days she'd be happy. It felt so-o-o-o good, and so nice...

"Darlene," her uncle said softly, "wake up."

"What did you say?" she responded.

"I said, wake up, honey," her uncle repeated, "you have been asleep in the chair for almost 30 minutes."

Darlene looked up, and her uncle was right. She had totally zoned right out while he had taken care of her side. And massaged her left boob. That memory was so nice, and so clear in how it felt. He had wrapped a huge bath towel around her shoulders and chest. When, she had no clue.

"How long have I been asleep," she asked her uncle.

"Oh, maybe 20 minutes, if that much," replied Gerre. "It's a by-product of the heat, the massage, and you needing to relax from the pain"...

Darlene felt her side where the scratches were. They didn't feel as hot or as painful anymore. Some were not red any more. She assumed the herbal ointment was doing its work. She just felt very comfortable, as she leaned on the chair, remembering letting her uncle touch her body. No man had ever touched her like that! This was something she'd have to find out more about. Her uncle's hands felt superb wherever he had touched her. Regretfully; she had to ask him to take her back to campus, she had homework to complete and she didn't think to bring her books.

"Gerre, thanks for taking care of me," said his niece, as they pulled up in front of the sorority house, "you know how to treat a lady."

"Any weekend you'd like a massage, let me know," he responded, "I didn't spend all that time being stationed all over the world sitting on my ass. I learned all sorts of massage techniques."

Darlene smiled, and then kissed her uncle before going in the house. Gerre was all smiles going home; he had found out for himself that his niece was truly a stunner under those sweaters she wore. The opportunity for giving her a massage would come, of that he was sure...

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