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Hercules: Boy To Man


Everyone knows the story of Hercules. He is the son of Zeus, the King of the Gods and of and Alcmene, a mortal woman. Hercules was born in the land of Cadmia and grew up to be a legendary hero. He was a man with a strength nothing on Earth could match. He would become the greatest hero of them all. Hercules fought against monsters and demons, all in the service of humanity. In time, he challenged the gods themselves. He was often at odds with the Olympians themselves, such as the Sun god Apollo and the wicked Hera, Queen of the Gods. Hercules fought against Giants such as Anteus and even fought against the fearsome Amazons, the legendary warrior women that few fighters could stand against. He would even battle the Titans, the seemingly invincible ancient enemies of the Olympian gods. This is one of the stories taking place in the hero's youth, before he began his amazing adventures...

The day comes and Hercules steps out of his home in Thebes. It's just another day in his life. He has recently turned eighteen. Hercules is a young man now. He stands six feet two inches tall, lean and rather wiry. He has black hair and pale green eyes. Nothing about him looks out of the ordinary. Hercules took considerable pains to hide his true nature from the ordinary mortals around him. Since he was born, he has had the strength of about a hundred men. His strength increased as he grew older. The body of Hercules is half mortal and half divine. The divine part of him comes directly from Zeus, his father. The power of the Thunderer lives inside the demigod who calls him father. As such, Hercules was impervious to what could hurt an ordinary man. His body could not be pierced by any blade or sharp object. It could not be crushed. Also, fire could not harm his flesh. He was simply invulnerable. Aside from his superhuman strength and invulnerability, Hercules did not differ from the people around him. He did not have superior stamina or agility. Indeed, other than his great strength and invulnerability, he was quite average.

Hercules was raised in the house of Amphitryon, a member of the royal family of Thebes and a cousin of king Eurystheus. Amphitryon was the leader of the Theban army. He had married Alcmene in his youth and had a son with her, Iphicles. When Iphicles was only ten, Amphitryon went away on a military campaign and the god Zeus assumed his form in order to seduce Alcmene. Zeus seduced Alcmene and their passionate night left her pregnant with Hercules. Amphitryon found out that the god Zeus had bested him and seduced his wife. He wasn't particularly happy with that fact. Indeed, he was very bitter toward both Alcmene and Hercules for years to come. He viewed Hercules with distrust and fear. Hercules didn't care much for his stepfather. He preferred to spend time with his teachers and friends. He developed a liking for the arts and his mother encouraged that. Hercules tried his best to conceal his super powers. He did not want the people of Thebes to fear him. Everyone knew that Hercules was the son of Zeus. People watched him with suspicion and awe. Hercules always behaved like an ordinary man should. He used to think of his super powers as a curse. They were what made him different from everyone else and there was a time when he wanted to be rid of them.

Since he was a child, Hercules has known that he was different. His mother Alcmene told him of what happened once when he was small. The goddess Hera sent two snakes into Hercules's crib and ordered them to kill him. The infant Hercules killed the snakes. His mother found him clutching the dead serpents in his tiny hands. Since that day, no one thought Hercules was ordinary. He grew up in Thebes and had very little interest in sports or military practice. Hercules liked to take care of animals and he also liked to read and write. He was a poet with a gentle soul, rather than the mindless brute that history and mythology portrayed him to be. Hercules met a young woman named Chiara when he was working in the fields. Chiara was the daughter of a farmer. She was a tall, slender young woman with blonde hair and pale blue eyes. She caught the attention of Hercules. The young demigod became fascinated by her. Contrarily to common belief, Hercules was not particularly different from any other youth when faced by a beautiful lady. He was smitten. He shyly approached the young lady and she was rather intrigued by him. Hercules often hid his true strength and while doing so, he behaved in a clumsy way that had the other farmers and field workers laughing at him.

Hercules was not that much of an expert with women. No man is an expert on women. Indeed, at the age of eighteen the son of Zeus was still a virgin. He used to go to his best friend Iolaus for advice. Iolaus was a tall, red-haired young man with dark brown eyes. He was the son of Labodros, a former sea captain. Iolaus was a charmer and a really great guy. Women loved him and he had his way with many of them. Iolaus was known to be a scoundrel at times and had broken many hearts. Still, he seemed to be an expert on women so Hercules came to him. Hercules had fallen in love with Chiara and didn't know how to go about getting with her. Iolaus gave him the wonderful idea of impressing her by giving her flowers, wine and later taking her back to his villa. Chiara was a smart young lady. She was twenty years old when she met Hercules. She had been with men before. Hercules was a novice when it came to matters of the heart. She wasn't. She should have been married a long time ago but she seemed to be a lady of ill repute. No man would have her. Her prospective husband had died the night before the wedding under mysterious circumstances and many were shocked by this. Chiara was a worshiper of Hecate, the goddess of Vengeance. A goddess that was particularly popular among the female half of the population but not so among the male half. Many suspected foul play on the matter of Chiara's prospective husband's death. Many suspected her as well but nothing was ever proven. It's with this woman that Hercules fell in love.

As luck would have it, Hercules persevered on his attempts to woo the lady and finally, his patience paid off. One evening, Chiara brought the young man back to her place. It was a small house near the fields. Hercules stood there, watching Chiara as she seductively undressed before him. Chiara was simply beautiful. She had full breasts, a slim waist and a wonderful, heart-shaped bottom. Her ass was sexy and wonderful to look at it. She looked at Hercules, who played the part of a shy youth. She kissed him and in that moment, Hercules lost all inhibitions. He was a man with desires. She was the woman he desired. She wanted him. He wanted her. She caressed him and eased him out of his clothes. He stood naked before her. They caressed each other. Chiara beheld the body of the son of a god. She was in awe. She was also consumed with lust. She kissed Hercules passionately and he groped her. She drew him down to her bed. The two lovers caressed and frolicked in the bed for some time before Chiara couldn't wait anymore and neither could Hercules. She took his manhood in her hand and pumped her hand up and down on his cock. Hercules sighed as she did so. She took his cock in her mouth. He gasped. Chiara began to suck his cock and caress his balls. Hercules closed his eyes, determined to enjoy what she was doing to him. Chiara sucked on Hercules's cock and licked his balls. Hercules grunted and moaned as she sucked his cock. She continued to suck him until he came. She drank his cum and licked his cock and balls until they were hard and dry.

Hercules opened his eyes and grinned at Chiara. He pulled her into his arms. Laughing, she pushed him back down on the bed and straddled him. She lowered herself onto his cock. Hercules grabbed her by the hips and thrust his cock into her glistening wet pussy. Chiara barked obscenities as he entered her. He fucked her, hard. She was bouncing up and down on him, riding him for all he was worth. He was thrusting in and out of her snatch like there was no tomorrow. Chiara was like an animal in bed. Shouting, screaming, riding him like a matador would ride a powerful bull. He came inside her while she was shouting crazily. Chiara screamed and her fingers tried to dig themselves into his impervious skin. They couldn't. Hercules roared as he felt his seed leave his body and enter hers. She rolled off him and he extracted himself from her. The son of Zeus lay there, staring at the ceiling for a long time. When he looked at his companion, he was awed once more. Chiara lay next to him, sleeping soundly. Apparently, such happenings weren't all that unusual or all that special in her existence.

For Hercules, this was a very special night. He was the son of Zeus. He was the heir of the god of Thunder. He had the strength of a god and the soul of a man. He would accomplish things no mortal ever could. He would challenge the greatest forces in the universe and emerge triumphant from each challenge. No human, god or monster could stand against him. Hercules would be a champion for men and gods and a hero to all. For now, he was no different than any ordinary young man who just had his memorable first time. He goes to sleep with a smile on his face and in that regard, he is no different from any other man on the planet. The son of the Thunder God's now a man for all to see.

The end.

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