The rain is coming down heavy and if that isn't bad enough, it's cold as shit. I have been perched on this statue for a few hours now and my joints are screaming. I watch from this spot every night; watching and waiting for when I will be needed. So far tonight it's been rather quiet. I guess that's good for would be victims, but in all honesty....I am bored.

(The masked hero looks up and down the dark alley below him and occasionally looks out towards the city behind him. Rain runs down his dark mask and pours from the eye holes. The cape our hero wears is partly draped over his knees and hanging over the ledge. He is uncomfortable)

(Some time goes by and a girl enters the alley below him. She's very beautiful. She has light brown skin and luscious lips. Her hair passes her shoulders in dark strands. A look of concern sits on her face and this is what catches our hero's attention. He watches closely and doesn't make a movement. The girl collapses slightly against an alley wall; bracing herself from a fall. It's starting to seem that this quiet night may be over. Laughter comes from an adjacent alley way. It's loud and sounds like it's from multiple people. Sure enough three silhouettes come into view. The girl hides behind a dumpster.)


Here pretty lady! We only want to play. Don't you want to play with us?

(The thug gestures to his friends and they laugh at his antics.)


Yeah, like my buddy says. We only want to play with ya.

(The three laugh again)


If you ain't gonna come out, then we gonna come in.

(Once again the three laugh their heads off. Our hero; witnessing this from his perch slowly smiles)



Time for some fun.

(As the three attackers span out looking for their prey, our hero slowly makes his way down. He drops to his feet trying to make as little sound as he can and lands behind a car. Two of the thugs continue their search for the girl, but one of them stays behind blocking the entrance to the way they came in. To bad for him that is where the hero decided to drop. The mask vigilante creeps up slowly on the unsuspecting thug. Quickly, he springs to his feet and clasps the attackers mouth with his hand)


Got ya.

(The thug tries to scream, but the hold over his mouth is too strong and he is pulled back into the shadows with the hero. Totally oblivious to their mate being taken down, the other two search frantically for the girl and horrifyingly enough they find her. The biggest of the thugs grabs her by the arm and pulls her up from her hiding place. She screams.


Help! Help me please....someone!

(The big thug pulls her close to him)


Shut up!

(The girl begins to cry as they both close in on her. A sudden sound of a can hitting cement stalls the would be attack)


It still amazes me that even though idiots like you know that I am out here you still try to have your fun.


Shut up! We don't give a shit about you! You're a prick in a cape....nothing to worry about.

(The big thug pulls a revolver from inside his jacket and points at the hero. His friend follows suit and pulls out his firearm.)


Yeah, this not is not going to go well for you two.

(The hammers on both of the thugs guns are pulled back and this triggers the girl to scream. Tears roll down her face from fear.)


You're dead man.


No...I'm not.

(The masked hero quickly pulls from his waist what appears to be a grapple gun of some kind. The two thugs open fire and the girl screams loudly. Our hero fires his weapon and two ropes fastened to blunt hooks are released from the small canon and fly quickly through the air at the attackers. Both objects strike the thugs. One; the smaller of the two is instantly knocked unconscious. The bigger one takes off while still holding the girl. The hero flashes a smile again and takes off in pursuit. He fires his cannon again this time towards the top of the buildings and takes chase on the rooftops. The thug leads the scared woman down more twists and turns in the alley and then stops by a dark corridor. He holds a knife to her throat.)


Okay, you listen to me. If you as so much as little out a little squeak I will cut your throat like a rip banana. Do ya understand me bitch? Do ya get what I am.....

(In mid sentence a large object falls on the thug. The girl lets out a surprise yelp. It seems our hero decided to drop down on the unsuspecting criminal. The hero begins to get to his feet.



You know, I took out this idiot a few months back and a few more times before that and for some damn reason he keeps begging for more. Maybe he likes the taste of my fists? What do you think?

(He offers her a smile. She has heard about this man before. He is all over the news and papers. There are no photos of him so all that were in the news reports about him were descriptions of what he looked like and how he acted from those unfortunate enough to run into him; mean as hell and darkly dressed. That is how they described him, but here he is making fun and flashing a smile. He is dressed darkly enough, but his personality is quite surprising and light hearted and in a way, very warming to the frightened woman. So much so she begins to cry. Our hero stands up and looks at the attractive woman.)


You're okay now. You are safe. What is your name?

(He touches her shoulder and to his surprise she doesn't pull away. She wants to collapse into his arms, but she is still too scared)




(The hero smiles again. The thug begins to move on the ground and the avenger quickly throws his leg back and kicks him unconscious all without ever taking his hand or his eyes off the girl. His first instinct is to tell her his real name. He doesn't know why really, but he finds himself very attracted to this girl even in the midst of what just happened. He thinks it over and gives her the name that the media gave him.)


They call me The Watcher.

(He offers her his hand and she collapses into his arms. He holds her for a second. He is engulfed in the moment. In his arms he holds a beautiful woman and around him rain is falling; blanketing them both in wetness. He looks up and we fade to black)


(The beautiful woman awakens after she passed out. Her eyes are foggy and she doesn't recognize where she is. A fire is roaring in a very old fireplace. She begins to hear dishes being handled and an appetizing aroma fills her nostrils. Her once foggy eyes begin to clear and she can just barely make out a man. He is shirtless and wears a bandana around the bottom part of his face. She begins to panic. Her heart feels like it is running laps in her chest. The air seems harder to take in and she begins to feel faint once again. Suddenly a hand clasps her shoulder.)



It's okay. I am sorry I brought you here, but I couldn't find an ID and I didn't know where you lived. I didn't mean to frighten you. I am very sorry.

(The girl sits up and starts to breathe slowly. She wets her tongue with her lips and puts her hand to her head.)


It's...okay. My head hurts really bad.

(Watcher gets to his feet and grabs a glass of water. He brings it over to her. Crystal takes it and begins to drink.)


They roughed you up pretty good. Your headache should go away soon. I tended your wounds and gave you medicine. You'll be better in no time.

(Crystal gives Watcher back the glass of water and squints a bit as if the light from the fire bothers her.)


Who are you? I don't mean what you're called, but...who are you really?

(Watcher leans against the wall that holds the fireplace and looks at the glass of water he is holding. He contemplates telling her his real name, but is unsure if he should do so. As Watcher is busy over thinking his current dilemma, Crystal is come over by a bit of sensuality. The fire light is hugging the Watcher's bare torso in just the right ways. His muscles look more definite in the lighting. If anyone could see into her head at the moment they would say she should be ashamed; this is neither the right time nor place for such thoughts. Crystal couldn't help it. She wanted this man who saved her. She wanted him more than any man she has ever been with. Her stare was broken as the Watcher began to speak.)


I hope you don't think of me as being rude, but I just don't think I should tell you who I am. It's just not a safe thing...for me or you.

(Crystal barely heard him. She was once again stuck on her very untimely thoughts. Watcher cleared his throat and Crystal snapped out of her trance. She saw him smiling at her and she felt a strong sensation of embarrassment. He had caught her staring at him.)


I'm...I'm sorry. I shouldn't stare at you. I was being rude.

(Watcher puts the glass of water down and walks over to Crystal. Once again she is caught in the trance of his body. She asks herself why she can't stop thinking like this, but at the same time she wants it. She wants him.)


It's okay. I don't mind.

(When he spoke those words it was like something had swung open. It was if it was now okay for her thoughts to be where they were. She wanted him and even though she couldn't see his thoughts, she knew he wanted her. Crystal reaches up hesitantly and Watcher takes her hand and places it on his hard chest.)



(Her words are cut short as Watcher embraces her in a passionate kiss. Their lips interlock and press tightly together. They both can feel the rapidness of the others heartbeat. Crystal places her hands around Watchers head and slips her tongue into his mouth. He follows her lead and does the same. Crystal and Watcher's tongues wrestle each other in an erotic dance. As they kiss they both begin to undress the other. Watcher pulls off Crystal's top and then removes her bra. Crystal guides Watcher's head down towards her breasts and he begins to suck on her soft nipples.)



(Crystal slowly begins kissing Watchers chest as she undoes his pants. She uses her tongue to lick his muscular indentations. He gives off a slight moan and gropes her breasts. His hands glide up and down her back; feeling any bare skin he can. Crystal's kisses are starting to get lower and are now passing his belly button. She pulls his pants down and as she does his hard penis bumps her lips. It sends electricity through her body. She looks up at him. She reaches for the bandana he has covering his face, but stops half way and reconsiders. Instead she takes her hand and places it around his hard cock.)


Is this okay?

(Watcher nods his head with a yes and Crystal begins to lick his penis's head. His cock jumps as her tongue wiggles around it. She licks all of it and teases the under part of his penis. Watcher runs his fingers through her hair and leans his head back to let out a soft moan. Crystal's hand moves up and down the shaft of his penis; jerking him off softly as her tongue continues to please. Slowly, she takes the hard penis into her mouth where she begins to suck on it with a firm and strong pressure. Watcher shakes a little bit when she does this. This must feel quite good to him. She offers him more and begins to moan as she sucks the heroes cock. Crystal slides her hand down her stomach and into her panties. Her fingers glide into her wet pussy and tease her. She picks up her pace and sucks harder than before. The sound of her sucking his cock is too much for Watcher and he warns Crystal.)


I'm going to cum!

(Crystal looks up at him and pulls the cock out of her mouth, but keeps masturbating him.)


It's okay. I want you too. I want to taste my hero.

(With that she puts the cock back in her mouth and a moment later it begins to shake.)


Oh...oh, my god.

(A flood of cum erupts into her mouth and as it does Crystal's fingers bring her to orgasm. She moans loudly with the penis in her mouth; catching and swallowing all of her hero's warm cum. Watcher almost topples over and braces his hands on Crystal's shoulders. She continues to give him head, but slower now. Watcher slides his hands down her sides and grabs her ass. He quickly lifts her into the air and turns her around so her pussy faces him. He grabs her panties and tears them off her. It only hurts Crystal slightly, but she barely notices as she is still fully focused on Watchers hard penis. She feels the bandana against her ass and then the heat of his breath on the lips of her vagina. She knows what is coming.)


Do it! Do it now!

(Watcher follows through and begins licking the lips of Crystal's pussy. She moans with pleasure with every swipe of his tongue. She begins sucking his cock harder again. His moans are felt on her pussy as his tongue has now entered her. Every slight movement is felt as his tongue glides around inside her. She pulls his cock from her lips to let out a scream of sensation.)



(Watcher continues his onslaught on Crystal's pussy. His tongue does spirals inside of her. Crystal moans with pleasure with every swipe of his tongue. Watcher adjusts his arms around Crystal's waist and begins thrusting his hard cock into her mouth. She gags on his hard member and grasps it firmly with her hands. The tongue in her pussy is causing her to orgasm frequently. It's so large and strong inside her. The saliva from the Watcher's eating begins to flow down her clit and drip on her stomach. Watcher quickly pulls his tongue out and takes a lick of the dripping clit. This causes Crystal to cum immediately.)



(The cock drops from her mouth and she begins to shake uncontrollably. She bites Watcher's right thigh to try and hold in her screams, but the orgasm she is having is too strong to be controlled. She breathes in heavily and then notices that she is being turned around slowly. Lighting begins to fill the room as the rain shower outside seems to have shifted gears into a full thunderstorm. Watcher looks her in the eyes.)


Are you ready?

(Crystal shoves her lips against his and forces her tongue in his mouth; licking his teeth and sucking his tongue)


Fucking give to me.

(Watcher carries her over to the fireplace and spins her around. Crystal is facing the mantle and her backside is facing Watcher. He once again lifts her into the air and Crystal wraps her legs behind Watcher and leans forward and braces her hands o the fireplace mantle. She turns to face Watcher.)


Fuck me baby.

(Just as the words leave her mouth Watcher slips his cock into her pussy. The sensation of her tight, warm and soaking wet vagina causes him to moan. She looks back and smiles. He begins to thrust his throbbing penis in and out of her. His heaves are slow at first, but Crystal rears up a bit and begs him to go harder. Watcher obeys the command and begins a more forceful thrust. His body and his testicles slap against Crystal's ever perspiring ass. She screams at him.)


Don't stop, don't stop!!!! I am going to cum!!!

(And cum she did. So much so that it sprayed right down Watcher's hard penis.)


Oh wow.

(Crystal reaches back and tongue kisses Watcher. She then hops down from his erect pole and hits the floor on her knees. She begins sucking his cock again and more strongly. Watcher let's out a strong moan.)


You like that baby?

(She licks the tip of his cock with her tongue.)


Let me ride you.

(She gestures to him to join her on the floor. He lies down and she quickly grabs his cock and slides it back in. She wastes no time with her sexy effort and rides furiously. Her beautiful breasts bounce as she slaps her ass up and down; riding him like a pogo stick.)


Baby, baby, baby.....ooooooh, baby!

(Watcher grabs her tits and squeezes hard. He then glides his hands down her back and holds her ass as she bounces. He begins to clench his teeth. The feeling is coming again. Crystal sees this and smiles; looking down at him.)


I'm thirsty baby. What do ya got?


Oh fuck!


Mmmmmm, just what I wanted.

(Crystal licks her lips and jumps off Watcher. She quickly grabs his quickly throbbing penis and begins jerking it off with her mouth over the top of it opened and ready to catch her drink.)


Come on baby. Mmmmmmm, that's what I want. Come on, come on.

(Watcher screams in passion and fires his hot beverage into Crystal's mouth.)


Yes, yes! Mmmmmm baby give me more.

(Cum erupts into her mouth. Filling it as far as it can go with white orgasm. It drips from Crystal's lips and she licks it up with her tongue and swallows it all. She continues to lick and suck on Watcher's cock, but almost in a cool down fashion. She slightly strokes it as well.)


My hero.

(They both begin to laugh. They lay on the ground with each other until they both fall asleep. Later during the night Crystal awakens and sees that Watcher is still asleep. He is still wearing the bandana around his face. She so desperately wants to remove it and see her lovers face, but she doesn't want to betray the trust he has given her. She slides her hand down his body and feels his sleeping penis. Crystal is enthralled with him. She knows she wont stop thinking about this night ever. She begins to drift to sleep and the world fades with her.)



(It's a hot summer day and it's been almost five months since that unbelievable night. Crystal sits by herself on a park bench reading a book. Ever so often she will glance up and look around. She watches the park parishioners as they enjoy their fun fill day, but she also is keeping an eye out for him. Does he do these types of things too? Could he be watching her or looking for her like she does him? She thinks of these things and she thinks of the way she felt that night. Just the thought of it sends shivers down her body. Shivers she likes very much. Where could he be? Why wouldn't he tell her his name? Hell, that's the least he could have given her. She woke up in her apartment the next day. How did he know where she lived? Maybe one day she will get those answers.)

(As the summer day begins to end and make way for evening Crystal is deeply involved with her book. She is so involved in fact that when she hears the voice it startles her.)


I'm sorry. I just wanted to ask what you were reading.

(Crystal folds her book close and looks up at the man. She looks at him closely. He is attractive enough and she finds that she is very drawn to the look of his figure.)


It's okay. I was just really into it. It's a horror story called "THUD". It's pretty creepy.

(The man smiles at her.)


I thought that is what you were reading. I know what you mean. It is pretty creepy.


I'm sorry. I don't mean to be rude, but do I know you?

(The man pops himself in the head with his hand.)


Oh damn. I forgot to introduce myself. It's the heat. It's affecting my manors.

My name is Eric.

(They both laugh at the goofy action and remark.)


Would you like to sit down?


I would love too.

(The two begin to carry on a conversation. They talk about the book Crystal is reading as well as other mundane subjects. While they talk Crystal finds herself enthralled with the gentleman. He seems like a good guy and she feels very comfortable with him. Time goes on as the two get to know each other some more. Eventually it gets late and Crystal begins to pack up her things.)


I have to get going. It's getting late. It was nice to meet you Eric. I hope I see you around here again.

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