Heroes of Herodor Ch. 02


But on the other hand, he was going to be executed the next day. How much worse could things get? So he told the man his story, in-between gulps of the foul gruel. When he came to the part of the Emperor gloating over the fate of Earth, the man closed his eyes and shook his head.

"Saar loves to gloat. That's something he needs to work on. Of course, no one has the guts to tell him otherwise. I did, and look where I am."

"You knew the Emperor?"

"Of course." Temmen smiled. "I was once a general in his army. For five centuries I kept the peace...."

"Five centuries? How old are you?"

"Nine hundred years, give or take a few." After a moment, he said, "People live a long time on this world. Time is different here. The Emperor is five thousand years old. Fifty centuries has he ruled over Herodor, despite efforts by many to unseat him. But when he came to power, all seemed full of promise." And then, without further preamble, he began to tell the story of his world.

"This world has always been a harsh place. one hundred and fifty three kingdoms, dozens of races, religions and whatnot. No one could agree on anything. Then, nine thousand years ago, a warrior prince names Daal unified the planet under his rule. After the usual turmoil and rebellions had died down, it turned out to be a very good thing for everyone. Daal ruled with a firm hand, but he was just and fair, and gave justice where it was due. The wars stopped, and Herodor began to prosper."

"In time Daal had sons of his own. One of them was named Saar, and he lusted after his fathers power. Daal looked like he was going to live a very long time, so Saar hatched a plot, and killed his father with his own hands. Then he killed his brothers so that none of them had the same idea. He seized power, and began a reign of terror that hasn't stopped. Where his father ruled with justice, he ruled with tyranny. Where Daal showed mercy, he inflicts additional pain. He believes the world, the universe, exists solely for his amusement, and after five thousand years the things that amuse him are very dark indeed."

"My God," Tommy breathed. "Amy."

Temmen looked over. "She was taken by him?"


"Then best let her go. The Emperor will use her until she begins to bore him. Then he will undoubtedly use her in some perversion that will lead to her death. She is dead already."

"No!" He stood and paced. He didn't know the girl until a few days ago, and from what he saw she deserved every bit of her reputation as a prima donna Hollywood bitch. But he couldn't leave her here in the hands of that psycho. "I can't do that! I have to rescue her!"

"You can't even get out of this cell! How are you going to get into the Royal Seraglio? And need I remind you that by this time tomorrow you're going to be dead?"

"I'll think of something!" Plans rushed through his head, and were just as quickly discarded. He could try rushing the guards...but they might gas him again. Or outnumber him, or simply shoot him on sight....

With a roar of anger he slammed his fist against the door, casing a hollow boom. "You bastard, I'll you!" he yelled.

"I'm sure he heard you," Temmen said with some amusement.

Tommy spun around. "If you can't help, than just shut up." "Boy, I have been in here for seven years, and seen hundreds of men just like you come in here and say the same thing. And they all end up the same way, a dead body being fed to the beasts."

"I just can't give up!"

"Why not? I did." He smiled at that. "I served the Emperor for a very long time. I kept my eyes closed at the many things he did. I hoped that maybe he didn't change. I liked the life I led. But finally I couldn't turn away. I...did something, helped someone who wanted things to change. And now I'm here. Take my advice. Enjoy what few hours you have left in this life, because they will not come again."

"Bullshit! Maybe you have given up, but I won't."

Temmen sighed, and leaned back again. "You remind me of someone I once knew. He said the same things you did."

"What happened to him?"

"For all I know, he's dead." Another long pause. And then Temmen stood. "I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm dead already, I know this. Saar just hasn't gotten around to signing my death warrant. And once I'm gone, it will be lost forever."

"What are you talking about?" Tommy asked.

"Use it well." And then with a blinding burst of speed, he rushed up and grabbed Tommy's head.

Tommy gurgled and his world became filled with brilliant light. His head felt like it was being filled up with water, until it would burst, and then filled up some more. Through a red haze he saw Temmen's mouth moving, but he couldn't hear the words. Then two of them came through, repeating over and over. "Remember this...remember this....remember this....."

He fell away, falling onto his back. Just before he blacked out again, he sat Temmen collapse to the ground, mouth open eyes unseeing, as his life left his body.

Amy lost all track of time after the first day.

She hung on the straps, face listless, lost in a sea of unfulfilled desire. Her thighs were shining with the juices of her arousal. Her nipples had been hard for so long they felt little stones. She breathed hoarsely through her open mouth, red hair hanging around her.

At some point they had brought her into the Halls of Pillars and placed her in the very center, where she could have a view of everything that went on. By the looks of it, there were at least a hundred and fifty women chained in here, and nearly everyone was in the same situation as she was. The only difference being, they had the hope of eventual release.

Every so often a man, or at least something looking like a man, would stroll in. Mostly they appeared to be soldiers from the guards. Oddly enough, they always kept their helmets on, so she never got a look at their faces. Every time one of them entered, the woman would send up a cry of pleading, calling him over. "Use me...take me for you pleasure...I will give delights to remember forever...." They thrust forward their breasts, played with themselves, reached to touch the visitor. Some even kept up after he had picked his choice.

It wasn't only the guards who came in. Other did as well, minor nobles and court functionaries. Amy remembered seeing one being, a short greenskinned creature with eyes like an insects. He—she assumed it was a male—eventually settled on a busty blond not too far away. His robes opened and out flopped a green, segmented penis, which the woman sucked on eagerly until it was stiff. The she turned around and raised her rump, like a dog, while the stranger creature took her from behind. Thrusting in several times, he made a buzzing sound, while the woman screamed and thrashed. Personally Amy didn't know why she was making such a noise. Even from here she could see that the creatures cock was on the small side, and it finished quickly, pouring greenish seed after only three or four thrusts.

The man gave a buzzing groan as he came. He pulled out his penis, glistening from the encounter, and tucked it back under his robe. The woman slumped and slammed her fist on the floor. Th lights on the side of the collar blinked, and Amy realized that the collar had prevented her orgasm. Her number hadn't come up.

She witnessed several dozen more encounters like this. Most ended the same way. But one didn't. A black-skinned woman, her hair pulled out in dreaded, was humped by a guard, who lifted her up and held her against the pillar while he ravaged her. She screamed as he pumped her. He groaned, and Amy could see drips of semen oozing from the lips of her cunt. And then she screamed again, a long, lingering howl, eyes wide, back arched. The collar on her neck blinked once, and then snapped open and fell to the floor. The guard let her down, and dressed himself, even as the woman continued to thrash and moan. He was walking out the door when her orgasm finally subsided. She lay still then, and Amy wondered if she was dead. A pair of female servants entered and carried out her on a stretcher. An hour later another woman, this one fair skinned, with brown hair, was chained to the pillar, the same collar clamped on her neck.

Amy tried to witness as much as she could, but her own condition made it difficult at best. The buzzing sphere seemed to work on a irregular schedule. It would do its thing, driving her insane, for an hour, and then stop for another hour. It would begin again, then let off after ten minutes. It would stimulate her for half a day, then break off for a minute then continue again for five minutes, and then for several more hours. Once a full day went by between sessions.

And every time it finished, she was left even more aroused than before, and permanently kept there by the collar. After a while it left her almost comatose at times. She wondered why her heart hadn't stopped. After while she began to look hungrily at the men who came in. She watched every encounter with hunger, wished it was her being used, wishing it was her that was being brought to a screaming, even life-stopping orgasm. Several times she called out to men who walked in. "Hey big boy....come trey this treat....I'll suck you dry...." and even more graphic suggestions that would put the whores of Hollywood Boulevard to shame. The first time that happened, the man in question, a plump official took a look at her, hanging from the rack, paled, and then hurried out back without taking any of the girls.

Several of the woman called out curses at her as a result.

She passed out several times. After what seemed an eternity, she came to in a different room. It was smaller than the Hall of pillars, but still quite enormous. She was set in the center, and from the dampness on her skin had been washed down while she was out. Looking around, she saw cushions and divans set along the walls and to the back. Men and women in silks and finery lounged on them, served by naked slave girls with golden platters. Seated on a golden couch was the Emperor, wearing a g9lden robe open to the waist, a pair of maidens on either side.

Music began to play from a hidden place. A soft murmur began as a young woman entered, wearing a purple hooded robe. With a shock Amy realized she recognized her. She had been at the audience, the daughter of the Hippolyan Queen.

A slender, trembling hand went to the laces of her robe and tugged them loose. The heavy robe fell to the ground, revealing a slender body, small breasts, and long firm legs. Her long hair was tied out in a tail, and her blue eyes looked out nervously. She wore seven strips of silk wound around her body.

She fell to her knees and leaned back, hands on her thighs, breasts thrust outwards, breathing deeply. The music began to play more quickly, and Lady Karila—that was her name, Amy would learn later—suddenly rose to her small, delicate feet, and began to dance. Arms out, hands twirling, she leapt across the floor, jumping gracefully in time with the music. It was a traditional dance of the Amazons of Hippolya, done on the day they were reckoned a woman and worthy to take a another woman as a mate, and a male slave as a breeding partner. But Princess Karila, delivered up as tribute by her mother, danced for the gratification of the Emperor. One thing was certain; while this may have begun with a dance, it would not end. That way.

The strips of silk began to peel away, fluttering from her body, now shining with perspiration. One by one that came free, revealing sights of slender, pale leg, flat, narrow waist, small breasts, and finally shaved cunt. And then she was naked, springing and dancing, coming to a sudden halt as the music crecendoed, kneeling before the Emperor.

"Well done," Saar said, touching the panting girl on the head. "You are a credit to your people, and to your mother. She had trained you well."

"You honor me," Karila replied in a breathless voice.

"There is only one test left for you to face."

She looked up, surprise on her face. "I don't understand...."

She then flew back as a rose spray struck her in the face, released by one of Saar's slaves. She stumbled back, blinking, momentarily dizzy. But the sensation soon passed, just as a large set of doors to the rear opened.

A few gasps came from the audience as a large shadow appeared. Others leaned forward eagerly, wondering what entertainment their depraved monarch had in store for tonight. Lady Karila just stood there, eyes wide, tears streaming down her face, as her worst nightmare entered the chamber.

Amy couldn't believe what she saw. The creature was seven feet tall, with a human shaped, heavily muscled body. It was a dark green color, with thick hair matting the flesh. Hooves were on the end of its legs instead of feet. Its arms were much longer than they would have been on a human, with six fingers tipped with blunt claws. It's head was not even vaguely human like, resembling a bulls head, with two large curving horns, and two small tusks jutting up from it's lower jaw. In all, it resembled and overgrown minotaur, and was now fastening it's eyes on the shaking girl.

A sword clattered to the ground next to her feet. "Show us your warrior spirit," Saar called out. "Prove why the Hippolyans still rule with an iron hand."

She picked it up, staring at the beast with wide eyes, ancestral hatred mixing with raw, gibbering terror. It was a Taurr, the ancestral enemy of the Amazons. For countless generations they had warred for control of the jungles both called home. When the Amazons came upon one, they cut it down without mercy, often taking the time to castrate it first. When a Taurr captured an Amazon, it slaked its bestial lust on it's body. In fact, among some of their tribes, a Taurr male was not counted as a warrior until it had captured and raped an Amazon.

And now the daughter of the Hippolyan Queen was facing a fully grown Taurr warrior, which stared at her with contempt, his hands bare. She assumed a defensive stance, praying to the goddess for help. With a rumbling laugh., the Taurr strode forward hands at the ready.

Karila dodged it's first swipe, and scored a cut along his side. The Taurr didn't even seem to notice. It was at that point that she noticed the strange smell coming from it, saw the ointment he had rubbed into her fur. She felt woozy...and to her horror found herself becoming aroused. What was happening?

Another slash, this one missed, and the Taurr grabbed her sword arm and twisted. She cried in pain as the sword fell from her fingers, and then was thrown to the floor. The smell of the Taurr was overwhelming. Too late she realized the Emperors cruel joke. The spray she had been struck with was reacting to the smell coming from the ointment, causing sexual arousal. Not only was she going to be used like a whore by the ancestral enemy of her people, her body was going to be very willing.

The Taurr snuffled as he pulled aside her thighs, one hand clamped around the back of her neck to prevent struggling. He looked up at the Emperor, who nodded once. With a earsplitting bellow it pulled away the rank loincloth around its waist, revealing a massive penis already stiffening to attention. He looked down, and saw her female passage, already wet with arousal. Bellowing again, he rammed itself into the weeping girl, grunting at the tightness of her passage.

From her position in the cage, Amy watched in fascinated, lustful fascination. The penis seemed too large, that it would split her in two. Karila screamed as her passage was stretched wide open, her cunny lips wrapped tightly round the giant cock. The Taurr thrust forward once, and four inches slipped it. He halted, feeling the head press up against her hymen. He laughed, realizing the girl was virgin. With a roar he smashed forward, and Karila screamed as her virginity was raped away.

The Taurr began to fuck her crazily, like the beast he was. Pulling back and slamming in, Karila young tight body shuddering from the impact. She wept and grunted, and then began to moan. With a shock, she realized her body was reacting to the harsh treatment, and wept at her shame.

The Taurr then suddenly stood, grabbing her by the hips and lifting her up, With the girl still impaled on his cock, he planted his hooves firmly on the floor, thrust his hips out, and began to lift her up and down, rising Karila upward, than slamming her back down. The first time she gasped. The second time, she began to whimper. And the third time she screamed as her own orgasm struck. Screamed with pleasure and humiliation, for she had been used by the one creature she hated above others.

She was then lifted off and dropped on the ground. She tried to crawl away, but little strength was left in her body. Her pussy was stretched horribly wide, blood and juices trickling out mixed. The Taurr stood above her gripping it's huge shaft in one hand. Gobs of yellowing semen shot out, splashing across her body in the Ritual of Domination. The Taurr groaned, as it cock twitched for one last time, softening as the last drop splashed across her face.

Saar clapped his hands, the others quickly following suit. He nodded at the Taurr, which shuffle out, breathing deeply. Two guards rushed forward and grabbed the stunned girl by the arms, dragged her out. They would take her through the palace, display her to all who saw, as a sign of her complete and utter humiliation for the amusement of the Emperor.

Amy hung from the cage, breathing heavily. The smell of sex was still string in the air, and she drew it in deeply. Idly, she wished it was her who had been so brutally ravaged by the Taurr, then started at what she just thought., She had just fantasized about being raped by a monster! What was happening to her?

The Emperor looked at her, and smiled his cruel smile.

Yet again Tommy awoke to a blinding headache.

This time his head was ringing like a church bell on a Sunday morning. Blinking away the gumminess, he opened his eyes, and found himself staring at a pair of black boots.

"Get up." The guard stood over him, gun at the ready.

Tommy did as he was ordered, a cold chill running through his veins. The time had come. He was going to die, unless he did something about it immediately. Standing on shaky feet, he saw another guard examining Temmen. Lying still in the corner, eyes open wide, mouth hanging down. "He's dead," the guard finally said, turning back his voice slightly buzzy from the helmet.

"About time." The first guard lowered the gun. "Move!"

They pushed him out the door and into a wide, metal hallway, standing with rust and things less savory. At the far end was a metal door, which lay open. Beyond it was a small chamber lined with glowing red panels.

The inferno chamber, he realized, then wondered how he knew the name. The guards kept pushing him up. The first one had his finger away from the trigger....move left, break his neck...they are weak in the neck....He blinked. How did he know that?

The gun prodded him again, and this he heard the ominous whine. Have to kill them...NOW!

He moved without thinking, slipping smoothly around the guard, who was unable to pull the trigger, wrapping his arm around the neck and squeezing, feeling the bones crunch as he twisted the neck almost completely around.

The second guard whirled and fired two red bolts, which impacted into the dead body, Tommy using it as a shield, he gripped the arms, and hurled at the remaining guard, throwing him to the ground. Before he could get back up, Tommy leapt into the air, his feet smashing down on a particular spot in the guards back, where he knew there was a small, but fatal pressure point....

He rolled away and came to his feet, and realized he was still breathing slowly. His hands began to shake. How had he known all that? How could have possibly known?

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