Heroes of Herodor Ch. 02


Temmen! It had to be him! The prisoner did something to him, Tommy remembered. He clamped his hands on his head and then.....

"What's going on!" A man stepped out of the chamber, dressed in the brown robes of a technician. His eyes widened and he drew in breath, grabbing the communicator on his belt.

Tommy grabbed one of the guns and fired a bolt into the mans head, exploding it like a rotten fruit. Another man appeared in the doorway, and was felled moment later with a smoking crater in his chest.

Pushing his fears aside, Tommy stepped forward, bare feet padding silently on the metal floor. He looked at the first tech, and realized the mans robe was big enough to fit him. He knelt down and began to strip off the clothes.

A few minutes later he emerged from the inferno chamber. The rob was a little to short, but not so it was noticeable. The hoped no one would notice while he....what? Where would he go?

Tommy realized that he had no place to go. He was as far from home as could be imagined. He knew no one here, and if they caught him.... He pushed that thought away. One thing at a time. First he had to get Amy. Then they would see.....

He dragged the bodies into the chamber, along with the guns. Closing the door, he turned to a key panel, and pressed the red button displayed prominently on the front./The chamber filled with a brilliant red light, and he got a flash of heat. A moment later, all that remained were some scattered ashes, and few streaks of melted metal. He winced at that, it would draw notice. But with luck he would be long gone by then.

One of the teleportation pads took him out of the dungeon and to an empty room that looked like it was part of a barracks. After a few minutes rooting around, he was able to find a guards uniform that fit, and put it on. The black helmet hid his features, and he slung a new rifle over one shoulder.

The Seraglio was on the seventy-eight level. Somehow he knew this. He'd wonder why later on, for now he had to go. New boots taping against the floor., he stepped out into a giant, cavernous hall, stretching further than the eye could see, and tall enough to hold a good-sized skyscraper. Thousands of beings walked, shuffled, or crawled along the floor, while above various flying vehicles whizzed to and fro. Hallways at ground level branched away every few feet, while more tunnels could be seen above. No where else to go., he began to walk.

It soon became pretty clear that the Emperors palace was more like a large, self-contained city. Over two million people lived here, he later learned, soldiers, officials, slaves, all involved in some why with the governing of the world. There were men who lived out their entire lives without setting foot outside its walls, and enjoyed a luxurious mode of existence that others could only envy.

More for the novelty than anything else, he turned down a random hallway, and emerged into another chamber, this one quit a bit smaller. A small crowd was gathered before a large platform. Several naked young women stood on it with their heads, beside a fat man in an iridescent green robe. "....arrived from the northern reaches this morning! None of them a day over seventeen, untouched by the hands of men, although I must say their skills with their tongues are very good indeed!"

A slave market. He watched in horror as bidding quickly began. Then he stood his head and moved on. A teleportation pad was at the far end, and he stepped onto it.

"What destination?"

"The Royal Seraglio."

His vision turned red, and moment later he was standing before a large, arched doorway. A green-furred creature sat at a desk beside it, it's simian features bored.

Tommy wondered how he would get through now. The creature was obviously an attendant of some kind. Oh well, he thought. Fortune favors the brave. Taking a deep breath he stepped forward. Before he could say a word though, the creature waved him through. "Go on in," it said, it's voice chirpy. "The Hall is empty this time of day."


"Your welcome, Captain."

He glanced at the red disk on his shoulder. A badge of rank, he suddenly realized. Not trusting himself to say any more, he stepped through.

Most men would have been shocked at the sight of hundreds of naked women chained to stone pillars, all of whom called out lascivious invitations as he passed by. Several of them made suggestions that caused to stop thoughtfully for a second. One proposed an act that made him wince and hurry on. The looks of sheer desperation on the faces and in their voices was puzzling to say the least, along with the silver collars they wore around their necks.

He saw her at the far end, and halted for a moment in some shock. From the looks of it, she was hanging from some sort of cage, dangling limply from restraints. The insides of her thighs were wet, and he realized with some shock that she was in a state of arousal. Her fair skin was flushed, her hair hung limply around her body. He moved forward and she looked up, her mouth open her eyes feverish. As he approached she began to breath heavily.

"Amy," he said in a soft voice, "it's me, Tommy. I'll get you out of here."

She laughed weakly at that. "You want to help me?"


"Then cut me down, and fuck me hard."


She straightened up, thrusting her breasts out. "Fuck me, you moron! Before I go insane. Do you know what thy did to me...."

"I have to get you out...."

"What, are you gay? Every man in America wants to shove it in me!" She began to weep. "I don't know how long I've been here. If...if it doesn't stop soon...I'll die...." He pulled a small knife out of his belt and approached the restraints. "Whatever they did can be fixed," he said.

She sobbed. "No, it can't....."

"What are you doing there!"

A guard appeared from the front, gun at the ready. Tommy turned around, hand gripping the knife. The guard slowly took aim. "Back away from her. That is the Emperor's meat. Name and identification soldi....ggrhhh!"

The soldier fell, the knife hurtling through the air and slamming into his neck. Even as his gun clattered to the floor, two more guards appeared from the rear, and immediately opened fire.

Tommy dove behind an empty pillar, and heard women scream as bolts slammed into it. Peeking out, he saw a man fix a red beacon to the rack. Tommy took aim and blasted his head off, but moments later the cage disappeared in a flash of red light, teleported away to safety. He cursed at that. Amy could be anywhere now. He could spend the rest of his life trying to find her...assuming it didn't end in the next few seconds.

He had to escape. Laying down a rapid series of bolts, he sprinted out of the Hall, diving into the teleport pad just as another squad came barreling in through the door. Red light surrounded him, and he found himself in another hallway leading out to an open bay. Standing up, he rushed out, then dove as a hail of bolts blasted into the wall next to his head.

He was on a railing, looking down on dozens of round flying vehicles, the sort he saw skimming in the Great Hall of the Palace. Five soldiers were shooting up at him, one shouting into his communicator for reinforcements. The others were kneeling beside or behind the skimmers, shooting up at him.

Tommy threw himself flat on the ground, bolts whizzing by his head. He knew he only had moments before more soldiers thundered through the hallway behind him. He had to move now. He peered over the railing, and grinned at what he saw. Taking careful aim with the gun. He squeezed off a shot, hitting one of the vehicles on its fuel intake. A massive fireball blasted upward, destroying several of the skimmers and flinging the soldiers across the room. Tommy ducked again, as burning debris flew overhead. He then got to his feet, vaulted over the railing, somersaulting as he fell, and landed lightly on his feet. In a less stressful moment he might have wondered how he was able to pull such a move, but at the moment his primary concern was to escape.

One of the skimmers remained undamaged, and he jumped into it. He should have had no idea how the controls worked, but somehow he did, flipping switches and grabbing the control stick as it he did this every day. The skimmer rose off the ground, and shot out of the bay, into the Great hall of the Palace.

Other vehicles dove out of his way and he streaked down the center. He could hear faint sirens from behind, and knew that others were chasing him. If he stayed in the palace it wouldn't be long before he was shot down. Up ahead, a giant glass dome rose above a large intersection. Taking up the gun, he shot out a stream of bolts, smashing into the glass and sending it crashing to the ground below, the people on foot shrieking and diving out of the way. Pulling back on the stick he blasted out the gaping hole he just created, and felt cool fresh air whip past his face as he broke free. The skimmer dove downwards, as he kept close to the ground. The landscape blurred bay, too fast to take note of the details. He was crossing some sort of forest, purple trees and giant ferns. Behind home more skimmers followed, red bolts slashing past. He leaned back and fired several more shots, one of them striking a pursuer and sending down in flames.

Hills were ahead. He pulled up slightly, and saw his pursuers pull back slightly. For a moment he thought they were giving up. Then he saw a puff of smoke and flame, as a missile streaked out from a skimmer.

Tommy cursed, and pulled up, shooting over the heavily forested hills, weaving and jinxing, The missile, shot pasts him, but then curved around and came back. He kept just above the tree tops, swing back and forth, trying to shaking it. The missile slowly fell back, and it appeared ht was outrunning it.

He suddenly he a sharp crack, and the sound of torn metal. Behind, he saw fragments of wood, and he realized he had come too close to the ground, and clipped a tree. The skimmer began to shake, and he fought hard to keep it stable. The vehicles speed lessened, and the missile rapidly caught up.

It was no use. He was going to get hit.

"OH SHIIIIIIITTTTTT!" he screamed, leaping out of the skimmer moments before the missile slammed into it.

Tree's rushed up to meet him. His felt himself strike a trunk. And then nothing.

"And that is the last time we had sight of it." The guard captain gave his report to Darhon, who stood before the viewer with obvious disapproval. "Considering the state of his skimmer, he must have been destroyed."

"Make absolutely sure, Captain. Search the area thoroughly. Find the body, or at least a piece of it." And with that he broke the connection.

"Shall we tell the Emperor?" General Narla, wearing only a slip fop silk, lounged on the bed behind him.

Darhon turned. "His Majesty seeks to break the Earth woman once and for all today. He is not to be disturbed." A slender hand picked up a controller and persisted a button. Metal restrains snapped around Narlas hands, and she struggled for a moment against them. "As for us we have our own amusement to attend to."

He picked up a pain baton, the tip crackling with energy. On the bed, Narla licked her licks with anticipation, writhing her hips as he approached the bed. "Yes," she whispered huskily as her slip was slowly lifted. "Punish me."

Amy had lost all track of time. She had been there for ages, it seemed, locked in that Purgatory of lust that could not be quenched.

She remembered seeing Tommy, claiming how he was coming to rescue her. She remembered the gunfight that ensued, moments before she was whisked away. But was it real? Was it a dream? Was she alive or dead? Such questions seemingly had lost their meaning in the red haze that had become her life.

They head brought her into a giant room, filled with cushions and pornographic scenes painted on the walls. Music played from a distant, unheard of corner, but otherwise she was alone. Hanging from the restraints, she slowly opened her ryes and smelled the heavy perfume that thickened the air.

A door opened, and the Emperor appeared, walking past her without so much as a glance. The rush of his passing blew gently across her breasts and skin, and she shivered at the rush of desire it brought on. He plumped himself down on a great pile of tasseled cushions, wearing only a silken robe that left his muscular chest revealed.

A servant appeared, bringing him a goblet filled with some sort of sherbet. Draining it dry in a single swallow, he tossed it over a shoulder, then nodded once.

Amy heard soft footsteps, and watched as two women appeared. Both wore the same kind of clothes she had been given before, a single long piece of cloth, with a hole in the center for the head, bound at the waist with a golden cord. Both were beautiful, and appeared to be twins, with alive-colored skin, high cheek bones and almond shaped eyes. Their long brown hair trailed down their back, and their pear-shaped breasts strained against the fabric.

They knelt before the Emperor, legs tucked beneath them, hips slightly apart, hands placed gently on their legs, breasts thrust out, For a moment they looked at him, and he looked back. Then with a gesture, they stood, and began to dance. Hips swayed, hands clasped above their heads, they moved in unison, gyrating their hips and thighs in time to the music. Their hands moved as one, in intricate motions, as they looked with their eyes to the right, then the left.

Then one hand went to their belts, and then the other, untying the golden cords and letting them fall to the ground., Their strips immediately fell loose, and their both twirled, the cloth rising upwards, revealing flashes of their bare skin. Hands went to the cloth, and deftly lifted it over their heads, hair whipped free twirling the strips with their hands so they rotated like helicopter blades. And then the clothes were cast aside, and they danced in the nude, a single narrow chain around their waists the only adornment they wore. Their arms were out, and their hand links, and then spun each other about, once twice, and then with a moist smack they came together in a lustful embrace, breasts mashed against each other. They looked into each others eyes, mouths open and breathing heavily.

The one kissed the other, tongues flicking into each others mouth. Hands ran across each others bodies, fondling breasts, running lightly across their cunnies. One of the girls bent down and took the breasts of the other into her mouth, sucking on one nipple, then the other. The other moaned, hands running down her partners back, eyes half closed, mouth open.

The first girl then knelt, and with a soft sigh pressed her lips against the seconds cunt. Her hands grasped the first girls firm buttocks, while her long tongue pushed into her slit, lapping at the flowing juices that poured out. The first slowly ran her hands up the seconds back, and entangled them in the long hair, her heavy eyes looked directly at the Emperor with an expression of erotic challenge.

But the Emperor did nothing, merely staring back in vague interest. The second girl, her mouth still affixed to the pussy of the first, slowly slid her legs between those of her companion. The first then slowly unfolded, one leg stepping over, then other, until she was facing in the opposite direction. Gasping, for the tongue was still probing her sweet spot, she gracefully knelt, lying atop her companion in a sixty-nine position, delicately jabbing her tongue into the girls warm quim. Both moan and gasped, their hips churning, as they quickly brought each other to an orgasm. Gripping each other by the hips, they began to roll across the floor, neither breaking from their eating out of each other.

The Emperor then raised his hand, and tossed something onto the floor beside them. The girls broke from their routine, and looked at it. Amy looked too, and saw a large double headed dildo. The girls slipped away from each other, one of them grabbing the instrument and slipping inside her body, gasping at the sensation. The other then carefully slid her legs around the first, and lowered her felt onto the other end, moaning at the pleasure it brought. Both slid down, until only six inches separated them. They were connected, by the shining purple shaft, which then began to buzz as it vibrated.

Skin shining with sweat, they looked at the Emperor, who nodded one. With ecstatic moans and gasps, then began to pump themselves up and down on the dildo, grinding their bodies on it, the shaft twisting and turning beneath their gyrations. One of the girls shirked out her release, followed by the other, and then another, and another, as they abandoned themselves to the pleasure the device brought.

The Emperor stood, taking off his robe, his manhood already standing erection, Amy stared at it hungrily, desperately, like a woman dying of thirst at a stream of cool clear water. It was big, no doubt, perhaps nine inches long and very thick, the red bulbous head bobbing a bit as he moved to one of the girls, grabbing her by the head and thrusting his cock into her mouth. With a delighted squeal she sucked in, her cheek bulging out as the head pressed in the inside. He sighed with contentment, feeling her teeth scrape along the underside.

Then he pulled out of her mouth and walked over to the other girl, and repeated the process, jabbing his cock in and fucking her mouth, hands wrapped through her hair. She moaned, as her tongue rasped along his shaft, then groaned as she climaxed again, cunt tightly wrapped around the dildo.

The Emperor pulled himself free, his cock shiny with the girls saliva. He grabbed the first girl, and she pulled herself free of the dildo. Crawling away from her companion a few feet, she lay on her belly, then slowly raised her rump into the air, knees tucked beneath her. The Emperor moved off some distance, squinting, as if taking aim. Then he moved across the room at full speed, and with unerring accuracy speared his cock into her cunt, as if threading a needle. His body slammed into her with ferocious impact, and Amy heard the girl cry out from the shock.

He gripped her buttocks tightly, grabbing handholds of firm flesh to brace himself as he pulled out, and then slammed brutally back in with great force. She gasped again, eye wide, eyes bulging, as he fucked her brutally, slamming himself into her each time with great force, her body quivering from reach impact. Her hand clawed at the cushions on the floor, as her body shuddered from the pounding it was taking, the pain mixing with the sheer pleasure her Masters cock gave to take her to new heights. It seemed that whatever frustrations the Emperor was feeling were fueling his force, the girls warm, tight body being the recipient of his tension.

She screamed, as a massive orgasm filled her very being. His cock slid free as her body collapsed to the floor. The Emperor, breathing slightly heavily, then turned his gaze to the other girl, who was getting herself off with the dildo. Stepping over the first girl, still heaving and twisting with her passion, he went to the second, yanked the wet dildo free and flung it away., The climbed on top of her, and rammed into her body, fucking her just as brutally as the first.

The girls cries of passion filled the room, but the Emperor said nothing. Instead he looked up, his golden eyes meeting Amy's, locking them in his grip. She watched unable to look away, as the Emperor took his pleasure with the squalling, mewling slave girl, his eyes gazing into her with a burning lust. At thew point Amy realized that while he may have been pounding into the girl, it was she that the Emperor saw beneath him.

Her own passion peaked. Her hips gyrated as new lust raged through her body. She wanted this, she realized. She wanted to be use by him, fucked until she couldn't walk, used as the fuckwhore toy she now knew herself o be. The Emperor had broken her, but a part of her held back.

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