tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeroes of Herodor Ch. 03

Heroes of Herodor Ch. 03


There were trees as far as Tommy's eye could see. Fifteen yards beyond the crash site, and the last scraps of wreckage disappeared into the undergrowth.

Tommy's right side felt like it had been hit repeatedly with a dozen baseball bats. Held twisted his ankle at some point and was limping. As far as he could tell none fo his bones had been broken. His head was ringing like a giant bell, and to top it all off he was hungry, very, ravenously hungry.

He'd gotten clear of the skimmer only a few seconds before the missile stuck. Heat seared the hairs on the back of his neck as he flew into the top of a tree. Somehow, without thinking, he managed to twist like a cat falling through the air, and instead of crashing to ground managed to stumble onto it, although a number of branches were broken as he fell through. For a while he just lay there, trying to accept the fact that somehow he had survived. Then he began to walk. The bad guys might come back, and he'd best get far away as he could before then.

He had no idea where he was going, he simply picked the easiest direction and went with it, following a shallow gully down hill. By the looks of it there had been a stream here at one point. Now it wad a dry gully. Choked with fern-like plants, his feet smashed through then, nearly tripping himself up on more than one occasion.

Tommy rested a bit when he reached the bottom. He scooped up some water from a nearby stream, which took the edge of his hunger for a moment, but only just. A nearby bunch of berries hanging off a bush seemed tempting, but he resisted the urge to pulled them off. No telling what might be poisonous on this world.

He waited until nightfall before continuing. Several times he heard the sound of skimmers in the distance, but none came close, so he figured he was safe. When the first stars appeared he continued, looking up at the sky with some amazement. Nighttimes's were not as dark on Herodor, probably due to the fifteen moons hanging low in the sky.

He continued through the forest, thrashing his way through the trees and ferns. Then, shortly before dawn, he stopped. There was a smell in the air, smoke and ashes, coming to the east, or at least what he thought was the east. Moving as quietly as he could, he headed towards it, thinking that maybe there was a settlement of some sort. He had gone maybe a mile, when he heard something, the crackle of flames. And drifting over it, screams.

He picked up the pace, stopping when he saw the trees come to an end in the distance. Up ahead, in a clearing hacked out of the forest, was a village of crude huts, which looked to be made of giant fern leaves plastered and packed down into dome shapes. Some were on the ground, others were tucked high in the trees like beehives. And many of them were on fire.

Dead bodies lay on the ground, blaster burns plain to see. Others were running, trying to escape the soldiers who were attacking them. A skimmer hovered overhead, and soldiers were tearing through every house, dragging out the shrieking inhabitants by their arms and hair.

The people appeared to be primitives of some sort, short and slender, the tallest coming up to his chest. Their skin was a golden brown, with faint stripes on their upper arms and shoulders. Their hair was a pale white, with a slight silver sheen to it. Their eyes were a deep violet. Aside from that, they appeared human-like. The men wore kilts woven of bark cloth, the women the same, with an additional strip across their breasts.

Squads of black helmed soldiers crashed into a hunt, and a moment later chunks of wall blew out , red blots blasted through. They reemerged, dragging a struggling man by the arm, and flinging him to the ground. He tried to get up, and was felled by a giant kick to the side. One of the soldier than said something, the words indistinct at this distance. The man shook his head, and then collapsed as a shot was fired into his head.

The soldiers looked down for a moment. The one of them said something, jutting his head towards the hut. The others quickly nodded, and they quickly headed back in. A moment later Tommy heard the sound of screaming, and the smashing of furniture.

He slipped along the edge of the forest, and moving like a cat approached then hut. He hid in the shadows, and pressed up against the wall of the house. He heard shuts from inside, and weeping as well. Looking in through a crack in the wall, he saw with horror the squad of soldiers raping one of the women. One of the men having her bent over a table while he pounded into her. The others stood around, laughing and pointing at the scene. Oddly enough, they all kept their helmets on.

Tommy grit his teeth. Fugitive or no, this was something he couldn't allow to happen. He slipped around the house, headed to the low door. He halted before it for a second, scooping up a double handfuls of gravel in both hands. Then, taking a deep breath, he slipped inside.

The soldiers looked up in shock as he entered, one of the grabbing his rifle Tommy flung the gravel in the mans face, the dust and dirt splashing across the visor of the helmet, obscuring vision. Cursing the soldier fired wildly, striking one of his compatriots on the back of the head. As the man fell, Tommy dove , and grabbed the rifle, snapping over three more shots, killing each man, killing the rapist last of all.

The body fell of the screaming woman, her clothing ripped and torn. Tommy got back to his feet, and slowly lowered the rifle. "Are you all right?" He asked.

She stared back numbly at him.

"Are you all right? I will not hurt you."

Slowly she nodded, pulling the remnants of her clothes over her body. She watched his warily as he began to paw through the wreckage of the house, trying to find, something, anything to eat. Reaching into a chest, he could a long piece of what appeared to be bread. Breaking it in half, he bit into one while handing the other to the woman., After a moment, she took it slowly, but didn't eat. Instead watching him as she might a wild beast. After a moment, Tommy realized he pretty much looked like one, given his ragged appearance. "Do you understand me?" he asked.

No answer.

"My name is Tommy. How about you?"

"She has nothing to say." The voice caused him to turn. Standing in the entrance to the hut was a man, his face obscured by the light streaming in. The barrel ons a gun was pointing at Tommy. "And if you don't surrender, neither will you "

Tommy stared at the man, weighing his chances. There was only one, and he had just killed four soldiers. But voices outside told him more were coming. And this fellow seemed different, For one thing, he wasn't weaning a helmet that much Tommy could tell.

He took another bit of the bread, and then raised his hands.

He was blind folded, and loaded into what felt like a very large basket. The swaying motion and bellowing sounds told him it was strapped onto the side of some sort of beast.

It was hot and airless, and the leather bonds around his wrists didn't help matters any. He knew, without really knowing why, that he could snap them in an instant if he so chose. But something told him that was not the action to take here. These people, whoever they were, were against the Emperor. That made them, if not his friends, than at least the enemies of his enemy.

Still, he did wish they would hurry the hell up to wherever it was they were going. It was hot, and his body was soaked in sweat. It was then with some relief that finally the top of the baste opened, and he was dumped unceremoniously onto the ground. Blinking at the sudden light and biting back curses, he managed to get to his feet somewhat stiffly.

He was in a village, high in some set of hills, that much was clear. The houses here were made from tree trunks stacked atone each other and resembled miniature fortresses. In the distance he could see the green of the jungle, covering the hills in a verdant carpet. The people here were like those in the village before, the men short, the women shorter, barely coming up to his neck. They stared at him with distrust bordering on animosity.

Spear points dug into his back and he was forced into a house, forced to sit on the ground while a pair of warriors stared down at him. Their spears were pointed directly at his throat, and there was no doubt in their eyes that they would kill him without hesitation.

Then, they turned and left, and replacing them was a man in battered black body armor and leather cloak. His face was tanned, his hair blond and cut short, and his grey eyes were hard. "Who are you?"

"Who's asking?"

The man drew the pistol at his side. "Listen well to me. You killed two of the Emperor's soldiers. That is the only reason you're not dead yet. But I do not know whether to call you friend or foe. I will kill you without hesitation if I think you and enemy. So I ask you again, who are you, and what are you doing here."

He was pleased at Tommy's killing of the soldiers. Definitely a possible ally. Tommy took a deep breath. "Well, that is a long story...."

He gave the man a quick version of the events that had transpired over the last few weeks or so, ending with, "And then I met a man named Temmen, in that cell who...."

"Temmen?" The stranger seemed surprised. "You met with Temmen?"


"How is he? Is he still alive?"

"Not anymore. He did something to me, pressed his hands on my head, and when I came too, he was dead....." Tommy fell silent as he saw the man stepped back a bit. He looked at Tommy with an expression of wonder, then quickly turned and walked out.

Tommy sat back, trying to ease the stiffness in his wrists. "Odd," he muttered. "Very odd."

"Do you think he's telling the truth?" Frangor asked his Lord, clearly doubting the strangers story, "Temmen...."

"He killed two of their soldiers faster than you can breath. That lone should be proof. But we need to be sure." He looked at the Gofmiki woman standing next to them. "Look into it."

She nodded, took a deep breath, and stepped into the hut, closing and locking the door behind her.

Tommy looked at the woman as she entered.

She was a native of this land, perhaps a few inches short of five feet, and by any measure of beauty was certainly attractive. Though small, her legs were long and slender, her waist narrow, and her breasts large and firm despite her frame. Her face was delicate, with small, pouty mouth and large violet eyes. Her long silver hair hung in a brad to the small of her back. She wore the loincloth and breast band that the other females of this place seemed to fancy. And at the moment her face was hard.

"Hello," he said. It seemed the thing to say.

She reached back and pulled out a long curved knife. "You lied to the Prince," she said flatly in a musical voice. "Among my people liars suffer. Perhaps I should cut away some of your lying flesh?" She poked the knife hard into his crotch and smiled. "Perhaps I should feed it to you afterwards?"

And that, as they say, was the last straw. Something in Tommy snapped at that point. It didn't matter that they could help him. It didn't matter they were enemies of the Emperor. That was the last threat from ANYONE that he as willing to put up with.

Since arriving on this planet, he had been imprisoned, humiliated, beaten, and nearly killed more times than he cared to remember. And now some little pixie bitch was threatening to castrate him At that point Tommy MacAlpin understood one very important thing about himself; he was mad as hell and wasn't going to take it anymore.

His arms flexed, and the leather strips binding his hands snapped like threads. His pam swept around, so fast it barely could be seen as a blur, and knocked the knife out of the woman's grasp, sending it flying across the room to clatter against the wall.

The shrieked, and raked her nails across his face, then gasped as he slammed her against the wall, knocking the breath out of her body. Normally, Tommy MacAlpin had no truck with being rough with women, but the blood was filling his eyes, he was seeing red, and all he felt was the red rage rising. Without thinking, he wrenched her arm behind her body, causing the woman to yelp. With his other hand ne ripped free the strip of cloth around her top, causing her breasts to burst free, and used it to tie off her hands, She squirmed, and he felt her warm flesh against his body, felt the heat through the ripped fabric of his shirt.

"Fool " she spat, struggling, her arms bound tight behind her. "What next? Will you take me for your pleasure, little man?"

That knocked him aback. "What...." The he realized what she was saying. "No I'm no rapist. I killed a man who was raping a girl That;'s why I'm here."

"Hah " He let her go and she fell to the floor. Squirming about, she came back to her knees and glared at him, contempt on her face. "That at least was a real man He at least knew how to use a woman "

"What the hell are you talking about...."

"He had a cock, a man's tool, not a little worm like you " She spat on the floor before him. "I bet there's nothing under your clothes but a little finger, a limp little finger. I think you stick it little holes, the smaller the better. I think you bugger animals, or maybe little boys....."

"Shut up " His head swam at the insults, and something else. For some reason the air had a musky odor about it..... "You're talking crazy."

"Am I? She leaned up, thrusting her breasts forward, and juggling them a but. He couldn't help but look. "Like I thought " Turning away, she sneered. "Go find a boy, little man Spill your seed in the dung heap, since you obviously can't handle the honey pot...."

"Shut up " He was sweating profusely, he felt like he as on fire. He stripped off his shirt, down to the skin, the sweat shining off his muscles. His back was to the woman, so he didn't see her stare at him, her pink tongue licking her lips.

"Maybe I can find a old man, if you're too weak to handle a boy...."

"That's it " He grabbed her again and hauled the woman to her feet. Her eyes widened slightly, and he was hit by that musky perfume again. Desire raged within, boiling up from some dark well of the soul. His vision turned red, as lust and rage mixed together, forming as potent fuel that destroyed reason. He would show this bitch who was boss

"Little fool Where is your little worm?"

And that was it. He tossed her done again, and quickly stripped off the rest of his clothes. When he turned back to her, his cock was standing at full mast, hard as a piece of iron, all twelve inches looking fit to burst. He saw the woman's eyes widen at the sight, and perhaps a bit of fear in her eyes at the hugeness of the monster. But then the fear was gone, replaced by the same look of contempt. "You have no idea how to use that tool, do you...."

"Maybe this will shut you up " And he grabbed her hair and forced his manhood into her mouth. Perhaps four inches at most slid on, and her lips spread slightly to take in the girth. He felt her teeth scraper along the head and shaft, and for a moment some tiny rational part of his mind wondered if she might bite down.

Then, her lips closed around it, her tongue lashing the penis as he thrust it on, and slowly drew it back out, her cheeks hollowed out as she sucked on it, hard, seemingly reluctant to let it out. Her eyes opened and looked up wide into his. He looked back down into hers, dominating her with his will. His hand tightened around her head, and he pulled her forward even as he thrust back in, the woman gagging slightly as the head of his penis hit the back of his throat.

"Take...that," he grunted. "Fucking whore, fucking bitch, take that, take that, TAKE THAT "

"Glrrrrr...." she gagged back. Her hips squirmed slightly as he did this, and had he looked further down, he might have seen a moist sheen on her thighs.

His teeth grit, and with a half grunt, half shout, he spilled his seed, the salty cum spilling into her mouth in a huge wave. She coughed, trying to wallow it all, long dribbles of it leaking from the corners of her mouth. Tommy pulled his cock, out, drips of semen hanging off the tip, and pushed her aside, watching as she swallowed as much as she could, bits still leaking from her lips.

That should have ended it, but it didn't, He was still hard. In fact, it seemed like he hadn't cum at all. He knew he still had a lot of fight left in him, and this bitch still needed a lesson.

"Maybe..." she gasped out, then squawked as he flipped her onto her front, raising her backside up onto her knees, her breasts and head still left on the ground, Pulling her thighs apart, he tore away her skirt, and saw he cunny, shining like morning dew. The musky smell was stronger than ever. With another grunt, he placed his cockhead on her lower lips, and with a single brutal thrust rammed into her. She gurgled at the intrusion, the massive cock stretching her cunt walls. It was like a giant lock, a battering ram. Slamming into her plundering her depths. Her cunt felt like a velvet first, gripping him as he finally reached her limit, eight inches in.

He pulled back out, and slammed back, pumping her hard and fast, grunting like an animal, her cries and squeals like music. She was cumming, he realized, with an intensity that would have been shocking had he any reason left enough top appreciate it. And something else was happening. For a moment he felt like his something was crawling about his in his head, in his mind, Seeking, probing...and then it was gone.

The woman screamed, her body shaking as a massive orgasm struck, Her breasts left furrows on the dirt floor as she thrashed, her arms straining against the bod around her wrists. He felt her pussy grip him in the spasms, and pulled out. Gripping his wet cock with one hand, he rolled her over onto her back with the other, Slicking his hand back and forth, he roared as he own speed spurted again, this time striking the woman across her face and breasts. One, two, three, and then it seemed an endless stream.

He stiffened as the final jet came out, then stepped back, looking at the woman lying before him, still shuddering from the aftershocks of her climax, ropy strings of sperm staining her body. Picking up her discarded skirt, he wiped himself clean on it, the threw it aside. "Now get out," he growled.

Slowly, she came to her feet. Her expression was dazed, and she walked slightly bowlegged out the door.

"By the powers." Frangor looked at the Truth Seeker as she limped out. "What did he do to you...."

"Nothing I didn't want him too." She twisted her arms slightly, and her arms came free, swinging back to her sides. "Goddess, he was a raging beast. I must tell my sisters, they will want to know....."

"Later." Their Lord looked at her. "What did you find out."

She nodded. "He knew Temmen, and more. Temmen passed his power onto him, He's...one of them now."

The two men were silent. Then Frangor's Lord smiled. And began to laugh.

"Sire. A moment of your time."

Darhon stood outside the door of the Imperials Baths, listening within to the sound of his lord and master frolicking with what seemed to be no less than three of his concubines. Water splashed and he heard the sound of laughter and giggles, and then a moment later the Emperor's voice came. "Yes, Darhon?"

The Imperial Advisor wondered for a moment whether his masters newest plaything was in there with him. Since her arrival in the Palace, the Emperor had been possessed of unusual vigor, and had been spreading his seed ever wider. Some of the women no doubt thought this a good thing, seeking in it a chance for greater power and influence. Some of them no doubt regretted it, especially when Saar's mood ran to the more...exotic. Darhon for one had long since given up trying to tell the endless stream of pretty faces apart.

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