tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeroes of Herodor Ch. 04

Heroes of Herodor Ch. 04


Dawn rose over the Imperial Palace, and for a moment the crystal domes and ivory towers were painted a faint pink. For a moment the seat of terror that had gripped Herodor for centuries seemed almost idyllic, peaceful, with no sign of the bloody history that had marked the reign of its most powerful occupant.....

"I am not going."

Princess Sonya faced Darhon, fists on her hips, her dark eyes glaring angrily at the silver face of her fathers advisor and chief henchman. "Telluria is a frozen wasteland, there is nothing there but snow What am I supposed to dom, sit and count snowflakes...."

"Your father wishes to show the Tellurians a sign of his continued favor. Sending his only daughter to spend the season with them is exactly that. The Snow Lord has promised to lay on the most elaborate entertainments for your pleasure...."

"It's exile One year in that frozen hellhole, watching those savages fuck each other with ice sticks I'd rather...."

"You will do as your father commands " Darhons voices cracked out, causing the Princess to silence for a moment. "He is still the Emperor, and you will obey."

Sonya glared back at him, her fingers bent into claws. For a moment Darhon thought she might tear into him. Then, she relaxed. Darhon nodded. "Your ship leaves at noon. Cheer up, your Highness, at least you'll have Lasteen and Tarla with you."

Sonya didn't bother to answer that.


It had been a week since the Emperor had taken her, and Amy felt irritable, very irritable indeed.

They had given her a sumptuous set of rooms of her own, with several servants whose names she still couldn't remember waiting on her hand and foot. Silken sheets, every inch of the place decorated in opulent splendor. It was a place worthy of a queen, and yet Amy felt irritable.

She sat on the edge of the bed, arms wrapped around her stomach, wearing what was for this place a fairly conservative dress, even if it was made of sheer silk. Since that night, she had not seen the Emperor. She had heard that Saar had been busy with some of the other women, which was fine by her. As long as he stayed away, she was happy, if indeed happiness could be found in this place.

Two days ago though, her stomach had begin to ache. She awoke late at night in a cold sweat, felling dizzy, hot and cold spells alternating with each other. This morning, she had been ravenously thirty, yet no matter how much water she drank. Nothing seemed to quench it.

Perhaps I am sick, Amy thought silently. Perhaps the Emperor had given her some loathsome disease, the Herodor version of gonorrhea. A little known fact about Amy Chanier was that she had once had a case of the clap, an unwelcome present from an ex-boyfriend who had not been picky about his other partners. She could not remember the episode still without wincing.

"More water," she whispered, a servant handing her a full glass. Draining it dry, she put it aside, still thirty, so thirsty, she could drink a river, an ocean....

The door opened. "My lady, you have a visitor."

"Tell her to fuck off "

The door closed, muffled voices. The door opened again. "My l;ady, she insists. She tells me to ask you if you still remember the chamber where you were imprinted with the knowledge...."

Amy looked up. That woman, the bitch who had strapped her down. "Show her in."

The door opened wider, and the technician who had been there in the lab walked in, wearing the same white coat. "Out," she said to the servant. Amy nodded her assent, after a moment, and the maid left, leaving the two of them alone.

"What the fuck do you want?" Amy asked, glaring at her with feverish eyes.

The technician nodded. "I see the effects are already taking place."

"What effects? What are you talking about?"

"You have stomach cramps. You are thirsty, and yet nothing you drink seems to satisfy. You are dizzy, have hot and cold flashes, trouble sleeping...does any of this seem familiar."

Amy stared at her, and then slowly stood, her fists clenched. "What did you do to me?"

The tech bowed her head. "Forgive me, but I had no choice. I had been waiting for almost two hundred years for the right woman to come along. When you appeared, it was as if the gods had dropped you into my lap...."

"I will ask you again, and if you don't give me an answer, I swear I will rip out your fucking throat "

The technician replied, "All the answers will come, but first you must follow me."

"I'm not going anywhere with you...." She fell silent as the technician first locked the door, and then went to a part of the wall that depicted various naked women dancing around a red pole. Staring at it for a moment, she tapped her hand in a complex patter on the base of the pile. A moment later part of the wall sung inwards, revealing a secret door. "How did you...." "The palace is full of secret passages. I will show you them all in time. But for now we must hurry, or else you might suffer permanent damage"

After a moment, Amy stood, and followed the technician into a dark passage that wound through the walls of the palace. The floor was dusty, bare stone, and the only light came from between cracks on the sides. It was narrow, barely wide enough for her to move through. The passage wound its way for a while, then ducked down slightly, coming to an end in a small alcove. "Where are we?"

"Where will you be fed."

"What do you mean?"

You're body has...changed a bit in the last few weeks. Some of its vital needs are a bit different. And like any need, it must be filled, or else the consequences will be severe."

"I don't understand...."

"Take a look." She pulled back a sliding panel, light streaming in through it. Amy, frowning,, went over, and peered through it. Her eyes widened at what she saw happening in the room beyond.

There was a bed, set in the middle of a plush carpet, surrounded by red painted walls. Red silk drapes hung from the ceiling, giving the place a red hazy glow. Lying on the bed, propped up on one arm, was a beautiful young woman. Her hair was blue, her skin a pale white, her large blue eyes half closed. She was slender, with small, perky breasts and narrow waist, And one slim, long fingered hand was between her thighs, the girl moaning as she masturbated.

"Oh my...." Amy breathed, looking closer. "Who is that...."

"Does it matter?"

The woman spread her legs open slightly winder, and Amy could see her pussy was bare. The lips spread slightly as she pushed two fingers into herself, her fingers bending slightly as she pumped them in and out., "Mmmmnnn," she said, her eyes half closed, as she slowly pulled her hand free. She raised the glistening fingers to her mouth, and her long pink tongue slowly ran up and down, licking her juices.

Her hand then went to her breast, slowly trailing down the flawless skin, leaving a glistening trail of saliva. And then, slowly, it slid back down....

Amy turned away, and found her self breathing deeply. She was so horny, so fucking horny, in her mind she saw herself in that room, lying on the bed, the girl pushing her fingers into her, pressing her mouth on her hot, wet....

"You feel it," the tech said. "The hunger, the need, then desire. She is waiting for you, my dear. She will give you what you need."

"But...I...I don't like girls that way....I never have done...."

"Liar. I've scanned your mind, remember? You've slept with women before, on three separate occasion, remember?"

Amy nodded, the memories coming back. She had been curious, and it had been a short fling with another actress, back when she was just starting. She had always preferred a thick cock between her legs than another woman's tongue, although her time with that woman had very pleasant indeed.. But now, here, she was so turned on, so aroused, that reasons not to indulge her lust with the woman beyond the wall were hard to find.

And then the tech said, "The inhibitions that exist on your world are unknown here. Pleasure is pleasure, whether it's with a man or woman. No one will deny you the chance to indulge yourself. You have no husband, and the Emperor is not here. And the only reason he would object is if he wasn't there to watch." She gently grasped Amy's head and turned it back to the peephole.

The woman was now leaning over to one side, pulling up a small, ivory colored box. Opening it, she pulled out a large, ivory dildo that was as long as her forearm. She tossed the box aside, staring at the long shaft with half closed eyes. Slowly, lovingly, she licked along the sides, and then pushed it into her mouth, her cheeks hollowing out slightly as she sucked.

She spread her legs, pulling her womanly passage open with the finger of her free hand. Pressing the tip against the entrance, she slowly pushed it in, her lower lips stretching aside. Gripping it firmly with one hand, she began to fuck herself with it, pulling out and pushing back it, rotating slightly. "Ahhhh," she cried, her hips churning as she began to peak. Through the wall, Amy could hear the squelching sounds as the dildo pumped in and out, could see the shining of the womans juices on the shaft, see them trail their way down her inner thighs onto the bed.

"You want this," the tech whispered.

"Yes," Amy said.

"You need this," the tech whispered.


The tech smiled. "Good. Well, best get this over with then." She pulled on a nearby lever, and a hidden door swung out, light flooding in from the room. Amy was shoved forward with a firm hand on her back, and a moment later the door was closed behind her.

She stood in the room, looking at the woman on the bed, who strangely enough didn't seem surprised to see her. "I..." Amy stammered, unsure what to say.

The woman smiled, pulling the dildo free from her body and standing up. Waking gracefully across the room, she reached out, and gently ran her fingers down Amy's cheek. Amy flinched and turned her head slightly away. The woman's hand then softly cupper her chin and turned her back.

Brilliant blue eyes looked into nervous green ones. The woman smiled softly. Amy noticed that the woman's eyes had pupils like a cat's. At any other that might have seemed strange.

Then the woman leaned in, and gently touched her lips to Amy's. Desire flared in her body, and without realizing in Amy grasped the woman's back and pulled her close, the kiss turning hard, passionate, and hungry. Tongues touched, and then the woman pulled away, her hands going to Amy's silk shift, pulling it free from her shoulders and letting it fall to the ground. She looked at the Earth woman's firm, sensual body withy obvious desire. Their hands grasped, and the woman led Amy to the bed, and gently lay her down on her back..

Lips touched, and breasts pressed against each other. The woman then slowly slid down her body, leaving a trail of kisses. "Yessss," Amy moaned as her hot mouth suckled on her breasts, worrying the nipples between her teeth for a moment. Her tongue swirled in Amy's navel, causing her to shiver. And then, "OHHHH MY GGGGG....."

She felt the woman's long tongue push into her, exploring her clit, lapping up her flowing juices. It was clear she was a master, that she knew every spot to push. Amy tensed and gasped. Her orgasm hit, and hit hard. "OH SHIIIIITTTTT "

Hands clenched at the sheets, her back arched. Drops of sweat were running down her skin as she thrashed. And then She gasped again as she felt the hard, smooth tip of the dildo run softly along her slit. "Wait...." she gasped, the final spasms still rocking her body.

The woman grinned, eyes narrowing, and thrust the dildo in. Amy gasped again, eyes wide, her torso lifting up off the bed as the tool thrust in an out. The woman's hand gripped the end tightly, jiggling it, rubbing her clit in that way, which caused a second orgasm to strike only seemingly moments after the first.

"NRRUUHHH " Amy screamed. "SLAM THAT THING IN SLAM IT BITCH OOHHH, FUCK " She had never been a screamer before, never shouted such word while fucking. And yet now here she was, and she loved it. And there was something else, something odd. She felt...better. The sickness that had seemed to afflict her was gone. On fact, as she shuddered out the last remnants of her second climax, as the woman gently pulled free the shining, sticky dildo, she felt....stronger.

Nothing else was happening. She lay there on the tangled sheets for a long moment, letting the bliss wash over. And then she heard footsteps by the bed. Amy sat up, panting slightly. The woman was pulling on a silken robe. "Wait," Amy said. "I....who are you..."

The woman tied the robe firmly around her body, and turned back to Amy. Smiling, she bent down, and kissed her again, this time lightly, on the lips. "Shhhhh"

It was the only thing she had said to Amy during the whole encounter. She went to the wall and pressed a a small button set into it. A door slid open and silently she padded out. A moment later it slid closed.

Amy stood, clibving out of the bed, her legs a bity wobbly. On the far wall, the hidden door opened, and the tech stepped out. Reaching into her pocket, she took out a small plastic cup and set it on a nearby night stand. "How are you feeling?"


"Good. There is only one last thing to do." Pointing at the cup, she said, "Knock it over."


"Knock it over."

Amy began to walk to the table, and the tech raised her hand. "No. Knock it over, without touching it."

Amy blinked. "What the fuck are talking about."

"I need to be sure."

"Sure of what?" Amy rounded on the woman. "Who the hell are you anyway "

"Knock the cup over."

"Look, I have had it, I want some answers...."

"Bitch, what did you do to me...."

"Knock the cup over."

"Who are you " Amy shrieked. Her skin suddenly seemed to crackle. It was as if a lightening storm was taking place inside of her. The still air in the room began to blow, and seemingly from nowhere a mighty wind blew in, whipping her hair and tearing at the sheets of the bed. The tech ducked her head, shielding her eyes,. As the wind screamed and howled.

And then, just as suddenly, it was gone. The wind disappeared, and the air in the chamber was still again. The sheets of the bed had been torn free and lay in tatters across the room. And Amy stood there, eyes wide, breathing heavily, hair flung all about, her fists clenched at her sides.

The tech opened her eyes, and together they turned to the cup. It lay on the floor, rolling slightly.

"Wha...wha...." Words seemed to fail Amy Chanier, her face pale with shock.

The tech smiled, and bowed deeply before here. "My apologies, Great Lady. I had to be sure. Come, I will answer all your questions now."


"My name is Samaz 14. I am the fourteenth clone of the original Samaz, the loyal servant of Jilasha Kos, last of the Guardian Witches."

They were back in Amy's room, the woman named Samaz 14 pouring two cups of tea. Amy took hers, and said, 'Clone?"

"Yes. I see there is some explanation required." She quickly told Amy about the Elemental Lords and Guardian Witches, describing their roles in the world that was, and how they had been wiped out by the Emperor. "To the Elemental Lords were given control over the elements of earth and fire. They were meant to be lone warriors, single champions, generals of armies and leaders of soldiers, to strike down evil and inspire the people with their example. The Guardian Witches were meant, as their names suggests, to be Guardians of the people, to calm old hatreds, smooth divisions and build consensus, to be diplomats, councilors, teachers, protectors and leaders in the community. Elemental Lords are like fire, they burn, they build, they fight and inspire. Guardian Witches are like water, they cool, they heal, they protect and preserve the peace. Like two sides of a coin, both are, opposites and yet connected, in more ways than you might expect.

"However, there are differences between the two. Elemental Lords are meant to be lone warriors, to protect and save. Often that means going alone into places others fear to tread, fighting for ages in battles across the world. And more often than not, they are outnumbered. But Guardian Witches are meant to be with the community, they are tied to the community. They cannot serve the community if they separate themselves from it. So, when the gods gave their gifts, they placed a restriction on the Guardian Witches. With their powers comes a price. You felt earlier, they restlessness, then pain. That is the Hunger for Passion.

"Like any other living creature, Guardian Witches need food to survive. But in addition they need something else, sexual energy. The power within you has changed you somewhat. In order to maintain your strength you must take in a certain amount of sexual energy on a regular basis."

"Sexual energy?" Amy asked.

"When two people engage in the act of sexual intercourse, the passions it raises, the force, the raw energy of desire, that is a great source of power. For you it is essential. To put it simply, you must have sex opn a regular basis, at least once every two or three days, in order to maintain your health, your strength, and of course your powers. If you go without, you will grow weak. Eventually you will grow too weak to live, and will die, withered away...." "That's isn't fair You mean the fuck men can do what they want, but I have too...."

"I didn't finish." Samaz 14 set down her cup with a clink. "There is an additional benefit that comes with this, one the men do not have."

"Like what?"

Samaz paused a moment, trying to frame her words. "An Elemental Lords power is self contained," she finally said. "That is, it comes directly from within him. In many ways it is like any other physical ability, like being strong or a fast runner, it is innate. And like all physical abilities, it has some limits, although in the case of the Elemental Lords that limit is so great, so far away, that it is hard to discern. Nevertheless that limit is there. That limit can be increased, but only slowly and with great effort, like any other physical ability, You don't just wish yourself stronger or faster, you have to work at it, increase your muscle mass, an eternity of practice and exercise for the smallest of increases. In some respects Guardian Witches are the same. Your abilites are innate as well, more or less. But unlike the Elemental Lords, you can move far beyond them quickly, albeit temporarily.

"As I said, you must have sexual energy to survive. A bare minimum if required in order to sustain yourself. However, if you take in more than that, the extra energy is stored within you, almost like a battery, except there is no limit on how much or how long. You can tap that energy to increase your strength, or skill, agility, to do great wonders and mighty feats far beyond your normal, unaltered abilities, at least until the energy is drained and you must replenish it. To put it simply, the more sex you have, the stronger you become. One Guardian With, after a week or nonstop intercourse, had enough power to cure ten thousand people of a terrible plague that was ravaging them. Another, after a moment, was able to divert the course of the largest river on Herodor a hundred miles, thus saving a city of a million from being destroyed by the flood. " Amy didn't know how to respond to that. "Cool," she finally managed to get out.

"That is why your sexual desires are greater than normal. It's also why, in the past, Guardian Witches and Elemental Lords were so often found in each other's company. The gods did not intend for them to be separate. The powerful strength and stamina of the Elemental Lords made them phenomenal lovers and a powerful source of energy for the Guardian Witches. And while the strength and power of the Elemental Lord is not affected by sex with a Guardian Witch, the act of copulation does temporarily increase their perception, make them somewhat sharper. The difference is small, but perceptible, gives them a slight but definite edge, and in battle that can make all the difference. It was commonplace for Elemental Lords and Guardian Witches to be married to each other. In fact, once bonded, they proved to be remarkably faithful to each other, sharing everything they had and were, indulging themselves only with the bonders the two of them held, which is strange considering the highly sexual nature of the Witches.... But in hindsight it makes sense. Guardian Witches would find no greater or more potent source of Elemental Lords. One of them in equivalent, I am told, to a thousand men, or two thousand women. And the Elemental Lords certainly appreciated the company of the Guardian Witches, as well as the increase in perception. Plus the love between such couples is the stuff of myth and legend. Songs and stories of Trindan and Ysela, of Markom and Adreni, and others as well, are still being sung and told to this day. Yes, to this day...."

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