tagSci-Fi & FantasyHeroes of Herodor Ch. 05

Heroes of Herodor Ch. 05


Dawn broke across the Desert, bring with it no hint of the terror and bloodshed that was to come.

Of course, even on the average day life could be harsh in this place. Endless vistas of red sand and stone hid dangerous animals in the few shadows, plants whose lightest touch could bring instant painful death, insects that bored into the flesh and devoured from within, and so on. And the peoples who made the desert their home only added to the dangers. Here, a single drop of water could spark an endless bloodfeud.

In the westernmost part of the great desert, the flat vistas of sand were broken by giant cliffs and mesas that rose up from the land like great beasts, surrounded here and there by spires and towers that cast their long shadows across the land, the blazing sun overhead. To the casual observer, this place appeared as desolate as the rest of the Desert. Yet appearances were deceiving, for this place was the home of the Rock Sworn Cheloy.

Houses made from cut stone gripped the sides of the cliffs, while dwelling cut right into the living stone opened out into protected hollows and hidden entrances. Often the only sign of habitation was a single stone window peeking out from the side of a stony wall, the only evidence that perhaps a hundred or more people lived behind. All this was to a purpose. The Cheloy, Rock Sworn and otherwise, were a secretive folk. The world was full of enemies, and they rarely showed themselves unless they were ready.

Hidden in the shadows of a giant, flat topped mesa was the stronghold of the Black Tail Tribe, a group long known for their fighting prowess and unwillingness to bend to any overlord. Even among the Cheloy, whose pride and independence were legendary across Herodor, they were known for their stubborn ways. For years they had believed their skills in war and reputation for ferocity, rightfully earned in a hundred battlefields, entitled them to some measure of respect from their enemies. And for the most part, it did. But they were about to learn, very brutally, that when it came to the Emperor, respect was a one way street, which did not go in their direction.

"Either they are not there," Darhon observed, staring through the holo-noculers, or else they are hiding themselves very well."

He pressed the recall button, and the shimmering magnified image of the distant Cheloy stronghold disappeared. Slipping the device back beneath his robes,. He turned to the Imperial commander, standing beside him and sweating heavily beneath his black armor and helmet. "Are the men ready?"

"They are, sir."

"Make it quick. I don't want to spend more time here than I have too...."

"But spare the females, of course." The voice that interrupted was deep, husky, and seemed to convey the impression of constantly sliminess. Darhonms expressionless silver mask turned to the squatting, gorilla-like Hungu, saying nothing. An uncomfortable silence filled the area for a moment, as the slaver realized just who he had cut off. "My apologies...."

"Do not do that again, Haukbershar."

Haukbershar, Master Slaver of the Nine Class, nodded back, his silent robes waving in the desert breeze. His fur was short, and streaked with silver, his ape-face decorated with a large golden ring in the nose. One eyes was milky and the other was filled with unmistakable, never fulfilled greed. This was a being who bought and sold lives without a second thought, who had sold his own children at a profit and considered it a point of pride.

Darhon was a ruthless man and rightly considered himself such. In his centuries of service he had seen and done many terrible things. There was little that turned what remained of his stomach...yet the Hungu slavers came close. Foe millennia they had profited off the misery of others. Where there was war, where there was pestilence, there would soon appear the Hungu, rounding up the prisoners, taking the survivors, and selling them off in the great markets that existed in their distant mountain homes. And demand for their goods was always insatiable, even while they were derided as the lowest form of flesh peddler.

Normally Darhon would have given a walking pile of scum like Haukbershar the back of his hand, but politics decreed otherwise. The Emperor maintained his grip on Herodor through overwhelming military might, ruthless brutality, and a studied policy of playing one group off against another. The Hungu, knowing their chance when they saw it, had always supported Saar, and he in turn made sure to reward them for this by using their services against those who would not accept his rule. And today that was the Black Tail Cheloy.

"The agreement is set, Master Slaver. The men will be killed, and the females given to you fore the market. I expect my right and proper as compensation for arranging this deal, of course."

"Thirty percent. It shall be yours."

"And the Emperor expects his prize."

"The Green Lady is already on her way. With the Cheloy raiders cleared from the Desert...."

"Yes, yes, I know. Will there be anything else?" Not bothering to hear the reply, he turned to the Commander. "You may begin the attack."

Liaka, daughter of Sonaka, shivered with pleasure as she mated with her god.

She was eighteen this summer, the perfect Cheloy beauty, which was why she had been chosen as gods wife for this season. She was tall, with long legs that tapered to a narrow waist, her breasts small, but round and firm, her waist narrow and stomach flat her skin tanned. Her face was triangle shaped, narrowing to a small chin, with large, cat-like eyes and a small, rosebud mouth, Her hair, a deep purple with blue highlights, tumbled loosely about her as she gasped out her first orgasm of the day, her knees slightly bent as she pushed herself down on the sacred phallus.

The stone idol, three feet tall and shaped like the male member, was thousands of years old, and according to Cheloy belief represented the presence of their nameless god upon this world, And like any being, this god had needs, fore food, for water, and for love. And every season a new girl of the tribe was chosen to act as the gods wife, giving her body, her love and lust to the god in return for all the bounties and blessing brought upon her people. It was an act of great honor and one eagerly sought, for not only did it give the girl in question great status, but is also, made her the lover of the divine.

Slowly she pulled herself up, and just as gently pushed back down, the won stone sides of the phallus rubbing her sensitive places, producing another shudder of pleasure. "Mmnnn" she whispered, pulling herself up again, and then free of the phallus, her juicing making the stone damp with dark. Turning towards it, she bowed three times, giving respect where it was due, her lower passage gaping open. Such a pity it had to end so soon, but there was work to do....


The chamber shook, as a massive shockwave struck the walls of the stone mesa, in which her tribes hold was hidden. She fell to her feet with a squawk, hearing more explosions from outside, Getting back up, Liaka grabbed a robe from a nearby peg, pulled it on, and rushed outside where she saw one her sisters running by, bolt gun in hand. "What is it?" she shouted?"

"The Emperor," her sister cried back, eyed wide with terror. "His soldiers are attacking "

Liaka growled, her blood boiling in her veins. Again they had come For five hundred years the Cheloy had refused to bow before the might of the Emperor, denying with their every breath and drop of blood his passage through the desert that was their domain. The Black Tail tribe was one of the fiercest, the most opposed. And now he had come for his revenge.

The walls shook again, and dust rained down from the ceiling,. Grabbing a long curved sword from a wall rack,. She rushed out, rope flapping half open, her breasts bouncing, long legs flashing. The menfolk of the tribe, warriors each, rushed out, bellowing their war cries. Liaka screamed in rage, her eyes wide, the blood lust filling her as they hurried to the main entrance. Outside, a dust storm raged as transports touched down, disgorging hundreds of black armored soldiers, who began spraying fire into the entrance. Men fell, blood spilled, but even that was not enough. With a howl, Liaka and the others rushed out, blades and guns at the ready. With a roar they rushed into the oncoming mass of enemy soldiers.

Liaka spun and danced, the favor of the god with her. Her sword bit into necks and cut off arms, black helmeted heads flying away. She felt blast bolts buzz by her hear, ducked to avoid wild swings and spraying fire. She was the gods wife, a daughter of the Black Tails. Battle was in her blood, and it sang to her,. She laughed as she fought, laughed as the soldiers fell back, heading back to the safety of their transports....

And then suddenly she was flying through the air, as the ground erupted beneath her feet. When Liaka came too, it was to see the flapping wings of the attack skimmers rising up, strafing the sides of the mesa with their impeller guns. On the top more transports had appeared, disgorging more soldiers. The Cheloy, in their eagerness to attack the enemy who had so obligingly appeared at their front door, had forgotten about the roof. From where she sat, Liaka could hear the screams and shouts of the few defenders up top. There was an explosion, followed by a plume of smoke, as one of the doors on the top, hundreds of feet above the ground, was blasted open, and soldiers began to pour in.

She got to her feet, swaying unsteadily a bit. She raised her bloody sword, and felt her feet step in someone's guts, Looking around, she saw the mangled remains of men, Cheloy and soldiers both. The Emperor had let hundreds of his own be slaughtered, just to distract them.

Liaka then gasped, as something struck her in the back. Energy crackled along her skin, and she suddenly found herself unable to move. She fell to the sandy ground, the tattered remains of her robe falling open, displaying her body to the world. She heard footsteps crunching on the sand, and then rough hands rolled her over.

"No..." she mumbled as the Hungu slaver grinned. She felt his rough hands pawing between her legs, and saw him lick his lips. And then something cold and metallic was pressed against her neck, and she saw no more.

A good while later, Liaka awoke to the sound of grunting, and the slap of flesh on flesh. Opening her gummy eyes, she found herself lying on the sad, hidden in some shade. She could hear voices talking, the sounds of activity, and that odd grunting, mixed int with what sounded like choking and slurps. She tried to rise, and found that her arms and legs were tied. She rolled over and slowly managed to sit up, and gasped at what she saw.

They had placed her in a shady spot beside a land transport of some kind. After a moment she recognized it as a hung land ship, a rolling monstrosity the size of a building that rumbling across the world, gathering that foul races living cargo. Around her, lying on the ground, were other women of her tribe, all of them naked. Most were young, some as much as twelve, although most were around her age, there were a few that were close or just into their middle years, although still comely and firm bodied. Cheloy women were renowned for their beauty, and to the Hungu beauty was a prized commodity.

Beyond, out in the open, were stacked various crates and boxes. Sitting on one of these was a Hungu male, his black fur rustling slight in the desert breeze. He was naked, his erect cock being sucked on by one of the captive Black Tail women, her hands bound behind her back. Liaka frowned, why didn't the woman simply bite the bastards cock off, resist with every breath... She caught a glimpse of the face, and recognized her as mother of two small children. She looked around, and saw them, lying nearby, bound hand and foot and apparently unconscious. A small mercy then, their not having to witness their mother being ravished. The threat was clear, give pleasure or watch her children die....

The Hungu stiffened, and then groaned as his seed spilled out, the Cheloy mother gagging as yellow goo dribbled out, her face streaked with tears of shame. The Hungu grinned, standing up and shoved her away, the woman falling to the ground. Pulling on his robe, he wiped his wet cock clean on her hair and sauntered off. A moment later another Hungu appeared, and forced the woman on her knees. Pushing her face into the ground, he opened his robe and shoved his cock into her from behind. The woman gasped, wincing in pain at the intrusion, began to sob as he pumped hard...Liaka looked away.

More Hungu appeared, grabbing the captive woman and hauling them upright. No rapes here, they were working slavers, inspecting their new stock. One by one they went down and scanned each women, recording her health, age, and other vital statistics. When they came to her, the device beeped. "Not a virgin," one of them said.

"Put her in hold two."

Rough hands grabbed her arms, and she lashed out with bound feet, struggling and cursing. She kicked one of the Hungu away, sending in stumbling back with a curse. Another appeared, holding a silver rod that crackled at the tip withg red energy that promise nothing but pain. "Behave " he said. "Or you get this " The energy flared up, sparking striking her skin, causing her to writhe as the pain struck, like fire burning along her nerves. She slumped and allowed herself to bbe carried into the landship, through a entrance in the side and down a ramp to a hold where she was chained to a wall, and left lying.

He head spun, and when she closed her eyes she passed out yet again....

Liaka felt cold metal beneath his cheek, when consciousness returned. And she also felt someone fumbling at her thighs.

Slowly opening her eyes, she looked up and saw the squat furry form of a Hungu kneeling above her. Rough hands grabbed at her smooth thighs and were slowly pulling them apart. She groaned and shifted, sensing her hands were chained to some post. The movement caused a snort of surprise from the male kneeling. "Awake," he grunted.

"Nnnnh," she moaned, trying top pull away.

"Stay still, Cheloy. You're a sweet piece of flesh, nice and soft, just the way Gugor likes them. You'll give Gugor what he wants, and then maybe he'll make things nice for you, hmm." She heard the rustle of cloth, and then flinched as she felt some hard bump between her thighs.

Liaka kicked out, her legs slipping up and bashing the Hungu in the head. He grunted and rolled away, then screeched with pain as she struck again, expertly hitting his knee. She felt the crunch of bone, and gritted her teeth at the pain in her bare foot. The Hungu rolled away and limped off, yelling for help.

It was over an hour before they came for her. Foot steps, shock batons crackling, warning her of sudden, unpleasant pain if she resisted. Her chains were unhooked, and she was forced to her feet and dragged out of the darkened hold and down a narrow corridor lined with caged doors. To the left and right, as she looked, she saw slaves. By the looks of it Hungu had been about their business for a while, as a variety of races and peoples were inside, most of them female, all of them pretty. She didn't know it at the time., but Haukbershar specialized in the sale of pleasure slaves, had grown wealthy from it.

She was dragged upstairs, and entered another corridor, this one paneled in rare, scented woods, the difference between rough metal of below shocking. They dragged her though a pair of double doors and threw Liaka onto a carpeted floor, the girl rolling a bit as she fell.

"You Cheloy. Never know when to submit."

Haukbershar, sitting in his chair, a naked slave girl fanning him with a giant bamaba feather, stared down at Liaka as she slowly got up. "Stay on your knees, whore."

She stood. "I kneel to no one...ack " she gasped as a shock baton pressed into her back. Every nerve ending in her body was on fire, and she collapsed again, gripped in such pain that she couldn't even scream. And then, just as quickly, it was gone, and she lay gasping.

"Better," he said as she sat back up, staying down this time. "The man you killed...he is a member of my family. My sisters youngest son, in fact. Now his knee is broken, thanks to you. Ordinarily I would have you thrown into the ships furnace for such an offense, but a beauty like you will fetch a rare price."

"He was going to rape me..."

"You are a slave. As you are no virgin, any one of my crew may slake his lust on your body if he wishes, as long as he leaves no permanent mark or damage. You must be punished. You must be broken."

She held her head up high, though still on her knees. "I will never break, not to the likes of you...."

"I beg to differ. Look to you left." A wood panel lifted, revealing a view screen. A moment later an image appeared. It was one of the cargo holds, filled as they all were with slaves. Only these were women of her own tribe. And seated I the center, hunched up on fear....

"No..." she breathed.

"Your sister, I believe. Genetic sampling confirms it. We have several members of your family here, all of them as lovely as you. My men will take great pleasure in the delights of their bodies." The screen flickered, and a new imaged appeared. Another hold, with more woman. One of them was kneeling before a Hungu crewman, her tearstained face bobbing up and down on his erect penis. For a moment they watched the scene in silence, and then the viewer shifted back to the first hold, where she saw her sister curling up in a ball., face hidden by her long hair. "That could be any of your relations, slave. With a siung;e word, I could have them all taken again and again before your eyes, and there is nothing you can do about it. When it is finally done, they will be desirable to no man."

"You monster...." She fell again as the shock baton touched her. When the pain finally went away, she heard Haukbershar say, "Get this slaves relations together. Give them to the men for their pleasure...."

"NO " She struggled back up. "Pl..please...don't hurt them. I'll submit..."

"Oh, you'll do more than that." Haukbershar cupper her chin in his hand and tilted it up. "We have been on the slave ttrail for som time now, and it is a hard trail to follow, Soon, we will arrive at Zarkantar, where we will finally sell out cargo and reap a just reward. But from now until then is a long time, and my men rightly deserve some reward. I can't have them taking too much from the slaves below, eventually it will ruin my stock, an accident will happen, a valuable pleasure slave ruined and thousands of cariks lost. Which is where you come in,. You, my lovely little Cheloy will be the ships whore. You will service my men, do anything they ask, and in return your sisters will not be harmed."

"A whore," she said, in shock. She, a gods wife, a daughter of the Black Tail Tribe....

"Say no, and I'll just pick one of your sisters instead...."

"No, wait." A long moment of silence, and then her head fell in defeat. "I'll...I'll be your...whore."

"Good. The you can start now." A wide grin split his face as pulled his robes apart. His rough, dark cock rose up, already hard, the knobby head bobbing. "I have an excess of fluids in me. Relieve them...with your mouth."

She hesitated, then remembered her sister. Shuffling forward on her knees, her hair swaying, breasts shifting,. She came before him, ion his chair. Liaka closed her eyes, opened her mouth, and descended down, taking the long hard shaft into her mouth. Hungu sighed with pleasure as she bobbed her head up and down. Once, twice, and then she was gagging as he spurted his seed, she fell away, coughing, trying to swallow the scum without tasting it.

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