tagExhibitionist & VoyeurHero's Life Ch. 07

Hero's Life Ch. 07


Peaches was already a near- daily fixture at my house. After the three of us had our day-long date, Samantha became a weekend fixture. Her boyfriend Danny either didn't care or didn't bother to notice during his beer-swilling, football, and video game marathons. This went on for the rest of the summer.

My favorite times together were the mornings. Yeah, so I'm a morning guy. Shoot me. It's quiet and there's coffee. Plus the girls look all sleep-tousled and adorable. We'd sit on the back porch and read. Books, newspapers, magazines. For a couple of hours, the only sounds were pages flipping and java slurping.

My sex life got a bit more complicated. After our two initial and fantastic romps, Sam rejected my advances. She did it sweetly; with a smile, a kiss, or a brush of her hand. I took the hints and didn't press her. She had a lot to work out inside. We were still comfortable around each other though. We kissed, patted, pinched and teased one another. The three of us even slept together in my big bed. There was just no naked sweaty stuff between me and Sam.

Sam did, however, like to watch Heather and I make love. She'd often masturbate, naked in a nearby chair while gazing at us intently. I'd look at her now and again. Her beautiful body sitting just out of reach turned me on immensely. Peaches liked it too. Sam particularly liked to (stay with me here) slurp my semen out of Peaches' orifices afterwards. There were times I'd barely finished coming before Sam was nudging me out of the way. It drove both of them crazy. Peaches would come again as Sam worked on her, licking greedily.

Dear Peaches was drowning in sex and thought she'd gone to heaven. Sam may have backed away a bit from me but things between her and Peaches continued undiminished. They liked to take long showers together. Sometimes I'd catch them in corners of the house gleefully writhing in a mini-pile. Sometimes they'd start up right in front of me. Then it would be my turn to watch. It happened this morning.

The three of us were relaxing comfortably on the back porch. Heather was wearing a creamy white satin robe. It looked great against her tan skin. She and I were sitting in neighboring chairs and sharing an ottoman. We'd been playing footsy lazily during the slow morning. Sam wore a black satin robe whose dark shine matched her near-black hair. Their contrasting robes were also a testament to their dispositions. Sam was stretched out comfortably on a love seat.

Heather got up to get herself more coffee. As she passed by, Sam lifted her cup up from behind a newspaper in a wordless request for another round. Heather gently batted the paper down. "It'll cost you a kiss this time, lazy buns," she said as she leaned into Sam for a smooch.

"Ick. No way coffee breath!" Sam dodged.

"Coffee breath offends you? You've sucked come out of my ass!" Heather pounced on Sam. The newspaper was quickly forgotten. The girls giggled and kissed and I watched Heather's juicy little teenage butt hump into Sam's body through her thin satin robe. They sat up long enough to open each other's robes and rotate into a sixty-nine.

"First one to come gets up for the coffee..." Sam muffled out from between Heather's thighs.

A few minutes of licking and nibbling later and Sam came, shuddering beneath Heather. Heather followed quickly after. Sam closed her robe, grabbed both coffee mugs and disappeared into the kitchen. Heather sat up but left her robe open. I was treated to a view of her enormous, round young D-cup breasts. They were framed in white satin. Her golden blonde hair was even more tousled than when they'd started. Heather let me stare awhile, her blue eyes shining happily as she soaked in my admiration. Finally, she stood and padded over to sit in my lap.

"Wanna catch a movie tonight?"

I groaned. There was a new Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie movie that had just opened. I'd seen this coming. Peaches had a thing for both of them. Sam wanted to see it too - there would be enough sex and violence to appeal to her. I was the odd man out. I resolved myself to my fate. "Fine, I'll go. But there is going to be a condition..." I said slyly, an image forming in my head.

"What kind of condition?" Sam asked, returning from the kitchen with two coffee mugs.

That night, I pulled up to the movie theater's entrance and dropped the girls off to wait in line while I parked the car. Every male head, aged 10 to dead, in front of the theater turned to watch Sam and Heather step out of the car and up onto the curb. Their outfits guaranteed it.

Don't get me wrong, the girls were neck-turners in their own right. My condition had just poured gasoline on the fire. They were wearing little plaid skirts and white button down blouses - catholic schoolgirl uniforms. You can't argue with the classics.

I trotted back from parking the car. The girls were doing fine. There weren't any catcalls or whistles, just plenty of long, hungry glances from married men. It was a nice neighborhood. We paid for tickets, grabbed snacks, and made our way to the theater. It was stadium-style seating and we moved to the top level and sat in the back corner. I was between Heather and Sam living a silly adolescent fantasy - at the movies sandwiched between two hot catholic schoolgirls.

The lights came down.

An hour into the film and I gave up hope that it was going to get anywhere interesting. I turned to look at each of the girls. They were both engrossed in the movie. I slipped out my chair, kneeled down and slipped between Peaches' legs.

"Whatcha doin'?" Peaches asked, eyes never leaving the screen.

"Just not feeling the movie." I whispered. "Thought I'd make my own fun. Pretend I'm Brad or Angelina " I flipped her little plaid skirt up in the front and revealed her smoothly-shaven teenage pussy. Her decision to skip panties had been hers, I hadn't asked for that. I was grateful she did.

I stared a little too long at the perfect vertical line of her labia. She patted my shoulder, "You're pretty good at this Hero, but you can't get me off just by breathing on my cooter," she teased.

I took the hint and bent to take one delicate little lap at the small cleft of her sex. "Yeah, that's it..." she whispered, "you're going to make me come here in the theater with your tongue."

I knew what Peaches liked. Peaches knew that I knew what she liked. There was no point in torturing her. I began the slow side-to-side licks she favored, pausing periodically to let her pleasure sink in. I took my time and she relaxed and let me work on her. I lost track of time, there in the dark, with just this beautiful teenager's soft moans over the sounds of the movie. I happily gave myself into the sweet bubble-gum and musky leather smell of her.

I un-tucked the front of her white blouse and slid a hand beneath it, tracing fingers along one of her enormous bra cups to the little bridge between them. There was a front clasp there as I'd hoped. With a twist it came loose and her bra fell away from her breasts beneath the shirt.

"You're soooo baaad," Heather murmured, glancing down at me. "There's people here you know," she smiled. The smile faltered and her mouth hung open when I slipped my other hand up her blouse to cup both of her over-sized tits and twirled my thumbs over her already hardened nipples.

"Soooo gooood," she changed her mind abruptly, and went back to watching the screen.

I accelerated the licking of her little clit, dipping down to her drooling vagina periodically to lap the drips of juice that gathered at her opening. I could tell she was well on her way to coming.

I began to pinch her nipples gently and Heather panted through her nose and stared down at me. She started humping her crotch up into my face involuntarily. She soon sucked a long slow breath through her clenched teeth and ground her sex up into my face. Her orgasm came and I pinched her nipples a little harder and sucked gently at her clitoris while she rode it out.

Peaches collapsed back into the chair with a sigh and I stroked her thighs while covering her again with the front of her skirt. A soft "Ohhh...." came from Sam and glanced her way. She was masturbating one chair away. Both of her hands were clearly rubbing herself beneath the little plaid skirt.

"That was pretty hot," Sam whispered between breaths.

"There's probably another hour left in the movie if you'd like the same treatment." I said half-jokingly. I was hitting on her out of habit - a flirtation to remind her that I thought she was sexy as hell.

She actually considered my offer while I swiveled back into my seat. "Hmm.... maybe you could just touch me a little?" She smiled and scooted forward in her chair a bit. She took my hand and pulled it beneath her skirt to her barely-furred mound. She held her panties to the side. This was crossing a line she'd been the one to draw and she sensed my hesitation. "It's OK, I'm most of the way there already," she whispered again.

I slipped two fingertips just inside the entrance of Sam's pussy with the innocent intent to wet them before rubbing her hardened clitoris. When they eased into her though, Sam's eyes rolled. I started to pull them back out and apologize - Sam's pussy had always been completely off-limits. This time, she caught my wrist and held the tips of my fingers inside her. "No. Wait. Stay," she gasped, bringing her own fingers up to circle her clit.

She looked at me hungrily. I held still, fingertips just inside the mouth of her now drooling vagina. I was scared to break the spell.

"More!" she moaned a moment later, staring up at me without blinking. I slid my fingers into her a bit deeper - up to the second knuckle.

"More!" she urged again. I slid them completely into her hot, wet depths. The webbing between my index and ring fingers was rubbing against the partition that separated her anus. Again, I held still. This was entirely Sam's game.

She panted hoarsely and leaned into my neck. She gently sucked onto my skin there while she rubbed her clitoris rapidly. "Fuck me... like this... fuck me with your fingers and I'll come."

I did as she asked, fucking her once-forbidden cunt in a long series of deliberate strokes. Sam keeled into my neck with a quiet "Eeeeee...." Soon her hips started gyrating, rooting my fingers around in her rippling vagina. She rocked this way and that, violently, then contorted into a silent, open-mouthed orgasm. Her pussy alternately grabbed and released my digits. She finally relaxed into her seat with a sigh. I gently slid my fingers from her sex.

I kissed Sam's forehead and leaned back into my own chair, curling an arm around her shoulders as she shuddered a little in post-come tension release.

Peaches' dozing head lolled onto my shoulder. A minute later, Sam quietly laid her head to rest on my other shoulder. She smelled, as always, like honey and sandalwood. She took my hand in her own delicate, slightly shaky grip and tilted her chin up to kiss me softly on the cheek. "Sometime soon," she whispered, "I'm going to give you something wonderful to thank you for all of this. Then you're going to fuck me, for real." She rested her head back down onto my shoulder again.

My heart swelled warmly. We let Peaches snooze, quietly watching the ridiculous movie together. We had to wake her up when the credits rolled.

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