He's Straight...Right?


He whimpered in dismay, when Brad suddenly pulled his cock out of his mouth. He lifted his eyes to look into Brad's. Brad had his eyes closed and was breathing heavily. "Why did you pull it out?" Mike asked still stroking Brad's cock.

Brad slowly opened his eyes and looked at the man before him. "I was getting to close, as much as I would love to cum in your mouth, I want that ass."

Mike had forgotten that Brad intended to fuck him as he sucked at Brad's cock and the fear he felt downstairs returned in full force. "I really don't know about this Brad." He said his voice trembling.

Brad touched his cheek lovingly as he pushed Mike back until he was on his back in the middle of the bed. "You'll love it honey, I promise."

Mike laid there tensely as Brad moved down between his legs. He watched Brad take his cock into his mouth and suck at it for a minute helping Mike to relax before he released the hard meat and moved further down between Mike's legs. "Put your legs up against your chest baby." Brad whispered lifting Mike's legs.

Mike pulled his legs up and pressed them against his chest, holding them tightly with his hands. His eyes watched as Brad moved his head down until his mouth was even with his wide open hole. "Brad...?" he asked with a tremor in his voice.

Brad lifted his eyes to meet Mike's, "trust me." Then he lowered his face and dipped his tongue against Mike's unused hole.

Mike shivered in pleasure when he felt Brad's tongue licking at his hole. "Ooooohhhhh..." He whimpered.

Brad licked at the outside of the hole before him for a minute then locked his tongue and slid it inside. It was hard at first but he was determined and within a minute, his tongue pushed past Mike's ass ring and into the man's body.

Mike laid there trying to keep his body relaxed as he felt Brad's tongue pushing against his hole. When he felt it finally penetrate, he couldn't hold back the moan of pleasure that coursed through his body. "Oh Brad, oh god." He dug his nails into his legs as Brad slowly tongued his ass.

Holding Mike's ass-cheeks apart, Brad dug his tongue deep into Mike's ass, thrusting it in and out like a small cock. Mike was moaning like crazy, as he shoved his ass towards Brad. "Oh fuck...Agh...Tongue my ass man, oh fuck that feels so good."

Brad continued to tongue Mike's ass for another minute then decided it was time for phase two of this fucking. He grabbed the bottle of vegetable oil, which lucky for him was in a squeeze bottle. He pulled his tongue out of Mike's ass, hearing the man's moan of dismay, he pushed the tip of the bottle against the hole he had just worked with his tongue.

He grabbed the bottle around the middle and squeezed, sending a good amount of the oil up Mike's hole. "Oh fuck..." Mike groaned when he felt the cool liquid slither up inside him. He felt the bottle leave him only to be replaced by one of Brad's fingers. The finger slid easily into his body and whined in desire as Brad slowly fingered his ass.

"You like that baby?" Brad asked lifting his eyes to look at Mike's face.

"Oh yes. It feels so good." Mike cried humping his ass against Brad's thrusting finger.

Brad watched his finger moving in the other mans ass, then slowly slid a second finger in to meet the first.

Mike whimpered a bit in discomfort when he felt the second finger slide into him, it wasn't long though before he was humping at Brad's two fingers as hard as he had humped at just the one. "Oh Brad, oh baby." He cried his cock leaking precum all over his stomach.

Brad watched Mike's ass clinging to his fingers. He pulled them out, and then squirted more of the oil into the other man's body before she slid three fingers into Mike's clinging ass. Again Mike whimpered in discomfort as Brad stretched his hole with his three fingers.

"It hurts..." Mike cried trying to pull his body off of Brad's fingers.

"Easy baby..." Brad murmured reaching up and jerking Mike's hard cock until the other man started humping against him again as pleasure soared through his body.

"Fuck...Agh...Oh...Ugh..." Mike groaned in pleasure as Brad pushed him towards climax. "I'm gonna cum." He cried suddenly.

Brad kept his fingers flying in and out of Mike's wet hole as he jacked the other man's cock. "Cum for me honey, cum all over your chest."

Between Brad's fingers slamming deep in his ass, pressing against his love button and Brad's hand moving fast over his cock and Brad's words egging him on, it wasn't long before Mike was shooting his load all over his body. The first shot went over his head while the rest landed on his face and chest.

Mike laid there panting as once again Brad had brought him to a glorious release. He felt Brad's fingers leave his body then something a bit bigger press against his opening. He slowly opened his eyes to see Brad leaning over him.

"I can't wait anymore baby, I've got to have you now." Brad said huskily as he slowly started pushing his cock into Mike's body.

Mike held his breath as he felt the other man slowly penetrate him. Brad had loosened him up so well that there was only a bit of pain but mainly he just felt full. When he felt Brad's balls press against his ass, he let his breath out in a rush. "Oh fuck...You're all the way in me."

Brad smiled down at him as he rested his arms on either side of Mike's body trapping Mike's legs against his chest. "You ought to feel it from this side baby. Your ass feels fucking fantastic wrapped around me."

Mike experimented with tightening his ass muscles and was rewarded by Brad groaning loudly. "Oh fuck...yea...tighten around me baby." He slowly pulled his cock out of Mike's body while Mike tightened around him trying to keep him inside. He pulled out to the head then slowly pushed back in, making Mike whine with pleasure.

"Fuck that feels so good." He whimpered closing his eyes as Brad slowly thrust into him.

As Brad fucked him with long, slow strokes, Mike pulled Brad's mouth down to his, locking their mouths together in a deep passionate kiss. Both men moaned into the other's mouths as their bodies rocked gently together. 'Oh fuck me. It feels so good." Mike groaned pulling his mouth from Brad's as he lifted his body towards the cock slithering into him.

Brad had been forcing himself to go slow as not to hurt Mike but at Mike's words, he couldn't hold back anymore. He growled loudly as he started slamming hard into Mike's willing body. Mike's response was to shriek in pleasure as he launched his ass upwards hard accepting Brad's cock slamming into his willing hole. "Oh fuck meeee..." he screamed wrapping his arms tightly around Brad, holding the bigger man against him.

"Fuck, yes...Oh god...Your ass is so tight baby." Brad groaned as he pounded Mike's ass hard and fast. "Cum for me honey, I don't think I can hold back much longer." Mike's ass was clinging to Brad's cock and it was as if it was trying to milk the cum from his balls. He let his stomach brush over Mike's hard cock every time he thrust into him.

"Yes...I'm so close." Mike cried reaching between their bodies until he was able to grab his cock. He jerked hard at it as Brad reamed his ass. "Fuck me, I'm gonna cum baby. Fuck me harder."

Brad growled as he tore his cock deep into Mike's body. His cock was flying in and out of the other man's ass and Mike was screaming for more as he jerked at his own cock. "Fuck meeeeeeeeeeeeeee..." Mike screamed as for the third time tonight, his cock let go. He tasted his cum as it hit him in the mouth and his ass tightened around Brad's pistoning cock.

"FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCKKKKKK..." Brad howled as he started emptying his balls deep into Mike's guts. "Take it baby. Take my cum deep in your hot ass." He buried his cock deep in Mike's ass as he emptied himself.

Mike kept jerking at his cock even as he felt Brad empty inside him. When he was completely spent, he dropped his hands to his sides as Brad collapsed against his sweaty body. He could still feel half of Brad's cock buried inside him.

"Oh fuck...that was the best fuck I have ever had." Mike panted as he wrapped his arms around Brad's back.

Brad chuckled against Mike's shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. "There's more where that came from if you want it lover."

Mike turned his head to look into Brad's eyes. "What do you mean?"

Brad slowly pulled his body off of Mike's pulling his cock out of the other man's well used hole. Mike whimpered a bit when Brad left him but sighed when Brad lay down beside him and pulled him into his arms. "I knew the minute I looked at you sitting on the floor there at the bar that if I got a taste of you, I wouldn't be in any hurry to let you go." Brad turned Mike's face up to meet his. "I was right."

Mike lifted his lips to meet Brad's in a soft kiss, then curled up against Brad's chest and just held him.

As the two men drifted off to sleep, Mike knew he wouldn't sell the house after all. He would live here with his new lover and be completely content. He had found the man of his dreams, and it was all because he forgot to stop and fill up the gas in his car. As he drifted off to sleep, he had never been so glad to run out of gas before.

The end

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