tagLoving Wives"Hey Honey..."

"Hey Honey..."


I was in Chicago last month when I met Chris, an old high school buddy, on the street. We hadn't talked since graduating when he went west and I went east for college. I had just finished my day at a conference and he had wrapped up a business meeting. He was going to meet his wife in an hour in a bar just down the street, so he asked me to join him for a drink so that we could catch up while he waited. When I asked him about his wife, this is the story that he told me.


I met Angela just over a year ago. She still lived at home with her parents. We'd only gone out a couple of times before we ended up in bed at my place. That's when I found out, to my amazement, that this 23 year old blond goddess was still a virgin! She's gorgeous! Five foot eight and 130 pounds with long hair, long legs, and beautiful 32 D tits!

"Hey Honey..............." she said.

"Yeah Babe?"

"I want to have sex with you! Right now! But.......it's my first time..........."

She quickly tore off her clothes and then helped me with mine. When I played with her tits and nipples, she went wild!

"OH GOD! YES! That feels so good! Mmmmm! Suck them! Suck them hard!"

Minutes later I spread her long legs and pressed the head of my hard cock against her pussy. She eagerly guided me to her opening and used her legs wrapped around my waist to pull me into her, breaking her hymen!

"Mmmmmmmm! I love it! I love it!" she gasped. "Fuck me, Chris!"

Sex became a regular part of our dates and she was very enthusiastic!

Anyway, after a couple of months we both knew that we were meant for each other! She invited me to meet her parents. Wow, that was an eye opener! Her father is a Baptist and strict as hell! I never knew how the Baptists treated their women. The men run the church and women can't take any part other than serving the men breakfast every Saturday morning. Angela grew up in a home where her father's word was law and she, her mother, and her younger sister had to obey! I couldn't believe the way that they acted around him, like he was some kind of royalty or something. Eyes were always kept down and he did all the talking.

"What do you think of my little girl?" he asked me.

"I think that she's terrific!" I replied.

He scowled at me and said, "I hope that you're an honorable man and that there will be no sex before a wedding!"

I quickly glanced at Angela and the look in her eyes told me to say, "Absolutely not, sir!"

On our next date, Angela said, "Did you see how I was brought up?"

I took a sip from my coffee and carefully replied, "Uh, yeah."

With tears brimming in her eyes she said, "I'll never live that way! I want to be free to do things that my poor Mother would never think of doing! I absolutely love sex and I want to enjoy as much of it as possible in as many ways possible! I hope that this is OK by you because if you ever treat me the way that my Father treats us, it will be the last time that you see me!"

With a great deal of relief I smiled broadly at her and said, "If I ever treat you like that you can kick me square in the balls!"

Angela was so happy that she grabbed me and hugged me so hard it hurt! Four months later we got married! That was the first, and I hope the last, time that I was in a Baptist church!

True to her word, Angela became even more enthusiastic about sex. Just about every second night we were going at it like minks! Neither of us wanted kids just yet, so she remained on birth control. One night about three months after we got married we were in bed and about to screw.

Angela looked down at her dark brown pubic hair and said, "Hey Honey......what would you say about me getting some waxing done?"

"Sure, Babe. Bathing suit season is almost here," I replied.

She grinned at me and said, "I wasn't thinking about just a trim. I was thinking about a Brazilian!"

My eyes opened wide and then I grinned at her. "I wouldn't mind that at all!" I replied.

Two days later Angela came home late from work and walked up to me as I was sitting in the living room. She dropped her pants and panties and stood there with a grin on her face. Her pussy was as smooth and bald as a baby's! I loved the way that it felt, and she loved it even more because her pussy lips were much more sensitive! Watching her naked and swollen pussy lips as my hard cock slipped in and out of her was an incredible turn on for me! After that Angela used tweezers to pluck her pussy bald every couple of days so that she never got any stubble.

Then, about a couple of weeks later, this once shy girl from a strict Baptist home said, "Hey Honey......would it be OK if.....if I....if I sucked your penis?"

Well you can guess what my answer to that was. After that every time we had sex she would wrap her lips around my cock and lovingly suck it. Very quickly she got very good!

"I just love doing this!" she told me one night while she had my hard cock in her mouth. "It makes me feel so sexy!"

A couple of weeks later she was licking and sucking my cock in bed one night and she asked with a big grin on her lips, "Hey Honey......I want you to cum in my mouth!"

I didn't know what to say, so she took my silence as a go ahead and started licking and sucking like mad. In another couple of minutes I exploded with the biggest orgasm I'd ever had in my life! Angela choked and gagged, and some semen dribbled down her chin, but she had swallowed most of it!

"Wow!" I said

"Wow!" she replied. "That was fun!"

I spent half an hour eating her bald pussy while I recovered. She came three times! Then, after Angela's talented mouth got me hard again, I fucked her so long that she had three more orgasms! We both lay there gasping for air afterwards.

"That was the absolute best sex ever!" Angela said between gasps.

From then on she would give me a blow job before every time we had sex! It was incredible! In no time she could swallow my load without gagging or losing a drop, and afterwards I lasted longer so I would fuck her into oblivion!

I didn't think it could get any better, but it did! One night shortly afterwards she was sucking my cock when she said, "Hey Honey......I want to try to take you deep!"

For the next half hour there was a lot of gagging and retching as Angela trained her throat to accept my cock. She wouldn't give up! Finally she managed to get her gag reflex to relax and I looked down to see her nose pressed hard against my pubic bone as all of my 7 and a half inches went into her mouth and down her throat. Once she had that licked, she started bobbing her head back and forth until I came and shot my full load straight down her throat! What a feeling!

With her eyes watering and gasping for breath, Angela looked up at me and said, "That was the most incredible thing I've ever done!"

From then on Angela wanted me to use her throat every time we had sex. She would lay on our bed on her back with her head hanging over the edge. I'd stand on the floor with my hands braced on the bed and literally fuck her throat! My balls bounced on her eyes and nose, and she could only breath when I pulled my cock back on every stroke! Angela loved this! And then, after I shot my cum down her throat, I'd return the favor by eating her pussy until I got hard again, and then I'd fuck her pussy like a madman and bring her off as many times as I could!

I was lapping at her pussy one night after fucking her throat when she said, "Hey Honey........."

"Yeah?" I asked with a grin, knowing that when she asked a question that way I'd like it.

"What would you say to me getting my nipples pierced?"

I was stunned! My little Baptist woman had turned into a sex bomb, but I hadn't expected this. "I.....well....sure! I think that would be great!"

"You're the best!" she squealed and clamped my head between her long white thighs.

Less than a week after that Angela came home late one day and immediately pulled off her top and bra. Angela had 1/8th inch thick bars in both of her nipples with a half ring on each that was held on by two threaded balls on the ends of the bars.

"What do you think?" she asked as she turned those beautiful 32 D's this way and that to let me look at them.

"I think they look fantastic!" I replied.

We had to wait about six weeks for Angela's nipples to heal, but after that both of us played with them while having sex. She just loved to have me tug on them and twist them using those half rings!

Up until then, Angela had always dressed very conservatively, but having those bars in her nipples must have kept her thinking about sex all the time because her choice in clothing became more adventurous. We were going to a party the next weekend and Angela went shopping for a new dress to wear. When she modeled it for me that evening, my cock twitched just looking at her! It was a classic 'little black dress' and man did it look good on her! She was standing in our living room wearing it when she asked her next question.

"Hey Honey......" she said with a little grin. "What would you say if I wanted to wear this dress to the party with nothing on under?"

I'm sure my mouth dropped open! I collected myself and said, "I think that would be great!" I managed.

She went into our bedroom and returned a minute later without a bra on. Her large breasts wobbled and swayed sexily as she walked into the room. God she looked hot!

"OK?" she asked mischievously.

"OK!" I exclaimed.

"I thought you'd like it, but I think I'll need a little support. Wait here!" and she skipped back into our bedroom.

A few minutes later she returned and I noticed that her boobs weren't bouncing around as much as they had been. She was wearing a heavy silver chain around her neck and rather than being a loop, it was attached to the half rings in her nipples. Every time she took a step her boobs would bounce and the chain would pull up on her nipples. With the thin material and low cut of her new little black dress all of this was very plain to see!

"Oh God that feels so great!" she said, holding her breasts in her hands and then letting them drop so that the chain would tug up on her nipples. Then she started bouncing her breasts up and down in front of me! Every bounce ended with her nipples being tugged up by the chains!

I just stared at her for several seconds, then asked, "You really want to go to the party like that?"

Angela grinned hugely and said, "Yes! Do you think the guys there will like it?" She did a little spin around and then pulled up on the front of her dress to show me that she indeed wasn't wearing any panties either!

I nodded and smiled. "You'd better believe that the guys will like it!"

That Saturday night Angela was the hit of the party, at least as far as the guys were concerned! Several of the wives and girlfriends gave her a glare, but Angela just smiled at them and if anything added even more bounce to her walk! All night long she had two or three guys hanging around her. You'd think that I'd be a little jealous, but I found myself feeling proud instead. On the drive home at one in the morning, Angela was bouncing with excitement.

"Did you see the way the men were all looking at my tits?" she asked. "I could almost feel their hands on them as I'm sure that they all thought about squeezing them!"

I'd never heard her refer to them as anything other than boobs before then.

I grinned at her and replied, "Your tits were definitely the hit of the party!"

"You don't mind?" she asked.

"Babe, didn't you see me strutting around with my chest out? I was really proud of you tonight! You looked great!"

Angela blushed and then put her hand on my leg as I drove. "Hey Honey......."

I turned towards her, recognizing by that phrase that she was about to say something that I'd like. "Yeah?"

"What would you say if I wanted to try anal sex tonight?"

I almost hit the curb at 50 miles per hour! "Sure, Babe!"

She smiled back at me and said, "Hurry!"

I broke several speed limits getting home, but didn't get stopped. We both ran into our bedroom and pulled our clothes off. Angela stood there wearing just the chain that was holding her nipples up. She reached behind her neck and unhooked the clasp, separating the chain into two pieces. She put the free ends into my hands.

"Play with my tits!" she said, her eyes sparkling with excitement.

I started bouncing her tits up and down by pulling on the chains.

"Ummmmm Yessssssss!" Angela sighed and closed her eyes.

"Could you really imagine all those guys feeling you up?" I asked.

"Mmmm hmmmm," she said and nodded her head. "My pussy got all wet just thinking about their hands on my tits!"

"You are one very sexy lady!" I whispered and I pulled up on her nipples as I leaned forward and kissed her lips.

"Mmmmmmmm! I like that! Pull harder on them!" she said.

I pulled up on them until her tits were two pointy cones up near her chin and she was standing on her toes.

"Oh God! Oh God! Chris! Fuck my ass! Please! Fuck me up the ass!"

Now that was something that I never thought I'd ever here Angela say! Her bright blue eyes were sparkling with lust! I smiled and pulled her towards the bed by her nipples.

"Oh. Wait!" she said and reached down to open the drawer in her night table. She pulled out a small bottle and held it up to me. It was anal lubricant! Obviously she'd been planning this for a while! I took the bottle and used her chains to pull her onto the bed. She put her head down and kept her ass high in the air. I opened the bottle and rubbed some of the lube on her tiny brown anus. Angela gasped. I put more lube on my finger and slowly pushed it into her tight hole!

"Ohhhhhhhhhh!" she sighed.

I worked more lube in, and then pushed in two fingers. Angela grabbed the sheet with her hands and made fists.

"Oh! Oh! Do it! Do my ass!" she murmured.

I quickly smeared some lube onto my cock and got up onto the bed behind her. I put the head of my cock against her anus and gently pushed.

"Oh yesss! Oh yesss!" Angela moaned.

The head of my cock slipped into her and she gasped. I stopped there to let her get used to it, but she pushed herself up on her hands and then pushed backwards, impaling herself on my cock!


I'd always heard that anal sex was painful at first, but it wasn't for Angela! I grabbed onto her lovely hips and started thrusting into her! She took every inch of my cock up her rectum and was pushing back hard to meet every thrust! Her anus was so tight that in no time I was ready to cum, and to my surprise Angela started screaming!


I rammed into her hard and fast as she screamed through her orgasm! Then we both fell forward onto the bed! Angela quickly rolled us over so that I was on my back and she was laying on top of me.

"PULL MY TITS!" she screamed, and for the first time since we'd been together she reached down with one hand and started rubbing her clit!

My semi hard cock was still buried in her ass and I grabbed her two nipple chains and started pulling on them. Angela's fingers quickly brought her to another screaming orgasm and then another. Finally she just lay on top of me, twitching and moaning as I pulled her tits around by her nipples.

Anal sex then became another regular part of our sex life. At least once a week Angela wanted to feel me deep inside her back door. Again I thought that our sex life could never get any better! I was wrong!

Later that summer we got invited to a pool party. Angela wore a tiny blue bikini that barely held her tits, and she wore her chain attached to her nipple half rings! When she first shrugged off her cover-up, I heard a couple of faint gasps from some of the women there. Ever since Angela had her nipples pierced they were always hard! The thin material of Angela's top clearly showed her nipples as well as the bars and rings in them. On top of that, all could see that the chain around her neck was hooked onto her nipples! Angela was in her glory! She loved having everyone looking at her tits! Once again she always seemed to have 2 or 3 guys that wanted to talk to her.

After a couple of hours of talking, drinking, and the occasional dip in the pool, Angela pulled me off to one side.

"Hey Honey......." she said with that sparkle in her bright blue eyes.

"Yeah Babe?" I replied with a grin.

"Do you remember after that party I told you I could imaging those guys feeling my tits?"


"Well.....I'm imagining it again.........." she said and just trailed off and looked up at me.

I looked at her for several seconds and then I figured out what she wanted. I asked, "Do you want them to feel you up for real?"

Angela's eyes opened wide and she gasped, "OH YES!"

I grinned at her and said, "Go for it girl! See how many of them will!"

Angela gave me a big hug and whispered, "You're amazing!", then she bounced off to the far side of the pool. I watched as she started talking to one of the husbands who'd been hanging around her earlier. A couple of minutes later the two of them slowly wandered off towards the shrubs. I watched closely as they entered the shadows, and then I saw Angela take his hands and press them against her tits! I had to concentrate to keep my cock from hardening as I watched another guy thoroughly feeling up my wife! Over the next two hours Angela managed to get five husbands/boyfriends to grope her in the shadows! She was very discrete and I'm sure that I'm the only one who noticed.

Later, while driving home, I asked, "Did you enjoy yourself?"

Angela turned towards me and again said, "You're the most amazing husband in the world! Yes, I enjoyed getting felt up by those guys! But I made sure that you could watch me, Honey. I didn't want to be doing it unless you could see me! Was it.....OK?"

I grinned and said, "I had a hard time keeping it down! Yes, it was OK!"

We went home and fucked like rabbits until almost dawn!

For the next while I thought that we'd finally plateaued. Sex was still often and incredible, but we didn't add anything new. Frankly, there wasn't anything that I could think of that a man and woman could do that we weren't doing.

Then, one night while Angela and I were enjoying a long, slow 69 she pushed back and said, "Hey Honey........."

"What is it, Babe?" I asked as I pulled my face away from her luscious pussy.

Angela looked at me shyly for several seconds and then said, "That's OK. Forget it." and she pushed her mouth down over my cock again until her nose was nuzzled against my balls!

I tapped her on the shoulder and said, "Out with it! What where you going to say?"

She looked at me again and stammered, "I....I was just wondering what you'd think of.....well of trying a threesome."

I looked into those luminous blue eyes of hers as she waited for my reply. I had been thinking about one ever since I'd watched her getting felt up at the pool party! I just didn't know if it was something that she'd be willing to try.

"I could go for that, Babe!" I said and before she could reply I buried my head between her thighs again and started lapping up the juices that continued to flow from her wonderful pussy!

"Oh......OK," she said and took my cock down her throat again. Half a minute later we both came really hard! I shot my load down her throat as I sucked and licked her clit!

As we lay entwined on the bed afterwards, Angela said, "If you're really OK with a threesome, I'll make the arrangements."

"That would be great, Babe," I said as I nuzzled her slick pussy lips with my nose.

Nothing else was said about a threesome until we both got home one Thursday evening about a week later.

Angela looked nervously at me and said, "I'm going to take a bath. We've got company coming at 7 o'clock."

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