tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersHi, My Name Is Hollie! Ch. 01

Hi, My Name Is Hollie! Ch. 01


DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fiction. Complete and utter fantasy, based on an old RP character of mine. I reserve all rights, etc. Also, the way things work in this story may not be an accurate account of any real scientific facts regarding the intersexed. It's meant as erotica, not a medical treatise. Try to relax and enjoy the ride. Anyone interested in using my characters, ASK. Anyone with story ideas, please message me and say so. Politely. Thank you. Both sisters are of legal age. Hollie is 19, and Emillie is 21. Sorry for the age confusion.

Hi, my name is Hollie! Hollie Marie Gibson. But my big sis, Emillie, usually just calls me Holl. She and I were born within a couple of years of each other, and we get along really well. I just wish our body types were a bit closer, so we could share clothes like some sisters do. That would be so cool, to be able to borrow some of each others' stuff. We both have things that we think are cute or sexy, but they're just the wrong size.

Now, I'm not a big girl. I'm only 5'6", and I have a pretty firm little body. My skin holds a nice, dusky tan, and while I have a fine pair of C cup breasts, they don't quite compare to Em's. She's bigger than me there, and has a thicker butt and thighs, too. Guys who like junk in the trunk just go wild for her. I've been told that my own butt is just pure sex in blue-jeans, though. It's tight and firm, the cheeks nice and perky. Em loves it when I wear jeans or my favorite Daisy Dukes. She always makes an excuse to give me playful swats on the ass. I return the favor, of course! You have to expect to get what you give in our family!

The thing that's unique about Em and me is that we're both what people call 'intersexed'. We were both born with both sets of genitals, even though Mom is as normal a woman as can be. I don't know why Em and I are the way we are...I like to think we just got lucky. At least that's how I feel about my nature. It was really weird at first, when puberty came and my body started to wake up in all those different ways. But I've had time since then to adjust to it all. At 19, I'm pretty comfy in my own skin. And at 21, Em is, too.

Still, there's a lot I don't fully get. For example, Em has a big set of balls hanging along with her girlcock, while I don't even have an external sac. Apparently, my own testes are internal, located somewhere just a little south of my ovaries. That's according to the doctor Mom sent me to just a bit after puberty. It was just so we could all get a grip on what to expect. I felt pretty exposed, but it wasn't horrible. Plus, I learned a few things. For example, my internal nature keeps my sperm at a good, healthy temperature. That means my stuff is really potent. I could give someone a baby pretty easily, if I'm not careful. At first, I thought that was really scary, but as I've gotten a bit older, I've come to think it's kinda cool. Maybe someday...

But anyway! That's enough of the medical stuff. I have a story I want to share, and it's a hot one. I want to tell about the first time Emillie and I played around together. We were both a couple of years younger than now, and we've kept each other happy since. Mom too...but that's another story. One thing at a time, huh?

It was a late night, and I woke up having to pee. I was wearing my usual stuff to bed, just a tank top and panties, and when I looked at myself in the mirror, I saw all my long, wavy brown hair in this big, tangly, sleep-frizzed mess. I couldn't help a giggle. I looked like I'd just woken up after sleeping for a year! So, I did my business and started back to my bedroom. As I passed Em's room, I heard her voice, but it sounded muffled. I waited by her door and listened, and it sounded like she was choking on something! I was scared, so I opened the door and found the lights on...and I don't think anything could have prepared me for what I saw.

Em was laid on her bed, naked, but with her legs and hips flipped up over herself and her weight resting on her neck and shoulders. Her big tits were smooshed up under her chin, and she actually had about half of her own shaft in her own mouth! She looked up at me and opened her mouth, and her girlcock popped out, glistening wet with her spit. Precum was drooling from her tip, down to her lips.

"Jesus, Hollie! If you're gonna gawk, close the door!" she said, lust thick in her voice. She was panting heavily, and I could smell the musk of wet pussy in the room.

"I'm sorry, Em, I heard you choking! I was concerned, I thought you were gonna die in your sleep!" I explained quickly, my hand pushing the door shut almost without any help from my brain. Also without help from my brain, I felt my own girlcock start to thicken up and grow, tenting my favorite little red panties.

"I wasn't choking dangerously, silly...just trying to deep-throat! I saw a video online earlier, and thought I'd give it a try after everyone else was in bed." Em explained, keeping her legs up and her cock-head near her lips. "It's actually working pretty well...if it doesn't freak you out too bad, you can stick around and watch. I don't mind." Her wink threw me off guard, but also sent a naughty, lusty shiver along my spine.

"But Em, you...I mean, we're sisters! We shouldn't...it's just..." I stammered, and she smiled at me upside-down.

"Well, you don't have to touch me or anything. So it's not really that naughty. Besides, maybe you can manage the same trick with a little practice. I'd like to be able to share something like this with you, Holl. If you end up enjoying this yourself, it'll make me really happy." Em said calmly, and did her best to reach out to me with one hand. "Besides, I can keep a secret if you can. Mom never has to know."

"Em, I just...I didn't know this was even possible. I never imagined I'd see you doing it..." I said, and paused to try to swallow the lump in my throat. A part of my mind was hollering at me to back out, but another part was keeping me rooted to the spot out of fascination and quickly-growing arousal. My hand reached for hers, and I squeezed it gently. "It's really okay if I just sit and watch?"

"Sure. And if you need to take care of that, I don't mind." she said, gesturing to the tent in my panties. Even though Em's member outclassed my own by at least a couple of good inches, mine was still making a respectable showing, my horniness very clear. "Make yourself comfy, and do what you feel you have to, sis."

With that, Emillie flexed and squirmed a bit, tightening the stomach-crunch she was in, and she opened her mouth, tongue reaching out as she engulfed the thick tip of her girlcock again. She made a low, muffled, sexy "Mmmmmm" around it, and started to bob her head up and down as best as she could. Her lips were a tight seal around her fleshy rod, and she hollowed her cheeks as she sucked with a will.

I sat on the edge of the bed next to her, my breath coming in hot, quick little pants as I watched her pleasing herself in this exotic way. My hands seemed to wander over my body on their own, one slipping under my top to fondle my breasts while the other one squeezed at my own hard shaft through my panties. After a moment of that teasing squeezing and rubbing through soft cotton, I just popped my own member out through the side of my panties' crotch, letting it out into the open air. My panties already had a big dark spot from my leaking precum juice, and a big bead of it formed on my tip. I bit back a groan as I swirled my thumb over my knob, smoothing that silky liquid over my fat, red-purple glans. I knew I was well-equipped, even by most mens' standards. Maybe I wasn't wrist-thick, but I had eight sturdy inches that I loved to play with. Emillie's eyes widened when she saw my girlcock for the first time, and I saw her tongue peek out of her mouth, giving her own velvety shaft a sexy little lick. The wink she gave me made her flirting clear. She liked what she saw, a lot.

She drew my left hand to her, and just rested it on her upturned thigh, high near her butt. I hesitated at first, but started to rub soft circles over the skin there, and wrapped my right hand around myself. Slowly, I started to pump at myself while Em suckled on her own she-dick like a hungry baby. My heart was thudding in my chest, feeling like it was going to burst right out of my breast, and my girlcock throbbed in my hand. As Em's sucking speed increased and her muffled moans grew louder, I felt a pre-orgasm shudder thrill its' way along my nerves. I watched her face as she worked, and saw her furrow her brow. It happened so suddenly, I was amazed!

"Umph...! Gumph...umm! Mmmf!" she started to grunt, her tightly-curled body starting to shudder and twitch as her big, thick she-dick unloaded a hot, thick load right into her greedy mouth. My arousal was too high, and I couldn't help but press down on her ass, to help keep her big unit deeply-seated while she sucked herself dry. She closed her eyes, a dreamy "Mmmmmmm..." escaping her, and after a long moment, she gave my hand two pats. I took the pressure off of her big, juicy butt, and helped to ease her legs down gently.

"Oh, God...wow. That was so good." Em murmured, a wide, happy grin on her face. There were still thick traces of her seed on her lips, and I felt a sudden desire to lean in and lick it right off of them. She must have seen the conflict on my face, because she reached up and tangled her fingers in my long, brown hair. Drawing me down over her, she pressed her soft, cummy lips to mine and gave me a deep kiss that made my own girlcock jump with renewed lust.

"Thanks, Holl. That was really hot. I'm glad we could share that together." she said after breaking the kiss, and stroked my cheek softly. "But you poor thing, you haven't gotten to cum yet. I bet we can get you to do that same trick. You are a cheerleader, after all. All flexible and sexy."

"Oh, Em, I...I want to, but..." I started to protest, and paused. In spite of my words, my girlcock was simply pounding with lust. I could feel every vein that pumped blood along it, and I ended up just nodding my head mutely. I got up just long enough to shuck my top and panties before I laid down on Emillie's bed, nude and very erect. I could even feel horny tingles in my pussy, and a trickle of my juices tickled along the crack of my ass. "Help me get my legs up, Em?"

"Gladly, Holl." Emillie said, and took hold of my legs just behind the knees. She lifted them upward, and I grabbed a pillow, sliding it under the back of my neck. "You know, you should be glad you have smaller titties. Mine kinda got in the way. I was glad when you put that extra pressure on me. Thanks."

"Oh, no problem...I figured it'd...gumph!" I began, but stopped talking as Emillie pushed down on my hips, sending my own stiff tool right into my already-open mouth. Startled, I tightened my lips around it and drew in a breath through my nose, and moaned around myself. The sensations were simply electric. Every little shift and squirm of my tongue felt ecstatic along my soft-skinned she-dick. I tried to lift my head to take more, and got a couple of inches of the shaft past my lips. "Push, pwease..." I mumbled around my hard member, and Emillie smiled.

"Happy to help, Sis." She said, and started a slow, easy rhythm of pushing on my butt, urging more and more of my pulsing pole into my mouth. I couldn't help but groan around myself, sucking and gulping at the mix of saliva and precum that kept filling and re-filling my hungry mouth. Emillie giggled, using both hands to help guide my motions, and more than once I felt a fingertip tease between my upturned cheeks, brushing almost casually over my pussylips. That only made my lust boil even hotter, and I imagined how fucking good it would feel to have something inside me while I was doing such a naughty, perverted thing to myself. I'd probably cum my brains out, and be left a drooling, limp mess for an hour or longer.

"Holl, you're so hot...I can smell your puss. It smells so yummy..." she said, and leaned down closer, the suggestion in her big, dark eyes. "I wanna help you feel really good. Can I?" she asked simply, batting her thick lashes at me. She squealed happily when I gave her a thumbs-up, unable to manage a nod that she'd recognize.

She kept pushing, thrusting my girlcock deep into my mouth and making the tip nearly tap at the back of my throat, and then I felt like someone had touched me with a live wire. Two of her slim fingers slid easily into my wet little pussy, and twisted around inside of me. I rolled my eyes as my muscles started to tighten and flex, and I know she could feel the tremors. When I felt her warm, slippery tongue on my clit, I simply lost it. I started to cum, pumping my own mouth full of my hot, thick goop, and fighting to swallow all that I could. But the pleasures I was feeling were stacked too high against me, and I had to release my member to drag in a big, deep breath and let out a long cry of bliss. My girlcock, free in the open air, sprayed thick jets of cum over my face, the skin of my throat, and even into the tangles of my hair. Em gasped when she saw the size of my load, her mouth falling open.

Finally, the last aftershocks faded down, and Emillie helped me to get my own legs back down, then left the room for a minute. Coming back with a warm, wet washcloth, she cleaned me up with gentle, loving strokes.

"That was fucking hot, Holl! But you're gonna have to be more quiet, or Mom will definitely hear you." she said, keeping her voice soft. Just the same, the lust was thick in her tone, and her own immense member was roughly at half-stiffness from my messy finale.

"Well, there's only one way to get better...practice, practice, practice." I said with an impish little smile. That got me another of the deep, hot, tongue-wrestling kisses I've come to love so much since that amazing night.

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