tagInterracial LoveHi My Name Is Tine! Ch. 02

Hi My Name Is Tine! Ch. 02

byDanish Cuckold©

Hi it's me Tine again, in my last story I told you about how I meet Rashid and Yasir and got a real valuable contract for my company.

The contact was not the only thing I got out of that meeting, as you surely remember I had a lot of delicious hot sex with the two black guys, I enjoyed them so much that I wanted them to fuck them unprotected and take their hot black seed, after the first fucks I got them to deliver their seed deep into my unprotected pussy, 7 times during that night I felt their seed invade my pussy and womb.

When I in the early morning came staggering home to my husband Henrik and the time up to my next period I allowed my husband to fuck me unprotected too, but I was sure that if anything had happened it would have happened already that night with Rashid and Yasir and all that sperm they have deposited inside my womb.

As I had expected my next period was overdue, 14 days later I took a pregnancy test and it was positive, I was pregnant, most likely it was Rashid or Yasir, but I could not be certain before the baby would appear.

The following month while the baby was growing inside my womb, Henrik and I often had discussions when our 2 kids had gone to bed, which would be the father of my baby, Rashid, Yasir or Henrik.

Henrik him self said he would have the biggest chance, he had fucked me after the other guys and have done it many times since that night of faith.

My self - I was pretty sure, Rashid would turn up as the father, he was the first who have delivered his sperm inside me that night, delivered directly into my womb, if it wasn't him, it would be Yasir, I was totally convinced it wouldn't be poor Henrik my darling husband, his cock couldn't reach as deep into me as the other two could, so their seed had a big advantage to his, and they had been delivered hours before his, no doubt in my mind, the baby would turn up black or at least a mixed color-baby.

As my pregnancy preceded Henrik admitted to me that he had fantasies involving black guys having sex with me long before that night, but he had not in his wildest dreams thought it would be two black guys fucking me, but now it had become true, he was not so crazy about it any longer.

A couple of month later Rashid phoned me to tell me that the first consignment had arrived safe at their import company, we talked a bit about business and then suddenly Rashid said: "How are You Tine, any side effects?"

I was in doubt if I should tell him what have happened, but at last I told him I was 2 month pregnant, and didn't know who was father to my baby, him, Yasir or Henrik my husband.

Rashid sounded happy as he said: "I'm pretty sure who it is, it can't be Yasir as he is not able to breed children, and tell me honestly, who do you think your self is the father, me or Henrik?"

I admitted that I had been pretty sure the father either would have been him or Yasir, and now where the possibilities have narrowed it down to Rashid or Henrik I had no doubt in my mind what so ever.

I ended up promising Rashid to phone or write when the baby was born, and it would be clear to everybody who the father would be - Rashid or Henrik.

As the month passed away my belly grow bigger and bigger and I redraw more and more from work, the time up to the birth was passing away very slowly it seemed, alone the little bit of doubt in my mind who was the father made the time seem even longer than normal.

I know that the moment of truth was getting near; when he was born there would be no doubt.

I somehow wanted Henrik to be the father, that would not cause any complications with our surroundings, but in my mind I sometimes thought back on that night with Rashid and Yasir, and the thought about how I got cock like I never had before in my entire life made me hope Rashid would be the father.

Finally the day of birth arrived, 2 days before scheduled I started to have contractions and Henrik drove me to the maternity ward, 4 hour later the moment of truth arrived, I felt the baby has left me and heard a "smack" and the baby started to cry out loud.

I could se by the midwife and nurse's raised eyebrows it had happened just like I suspected it was surely not Henrik who was the real father.

I heard the nurse tell me it was a fine 9-pound baby boy.

Henrik bow down and kissed me and whispered in my ear: "You was right Tine!"

As soon I got back home I sat down by my computer and wrote a mail to Rashid.

Subject line: Congratulations Daddy!

I told him I had a 9 pound baby boy and the boy was sure the son of a black man, and when Yasir was out of the picture according to him self, the only possibly conclusion was that he Rashid was the father of my baby.

I wrote him that he could have photos of his kid as he grows up, but he would be treated as Henrik's and my baby.

I told him I never would forget that wonderful night the boy was conceived; it had been my best sex-experience in my whole life.

Next day Rashid's answer arrived in my mailbox.

Rashid told me he had been sure right from the start that the was the proud father, he told me he would put some money on a account for his baby's education if only we would call him one of the following names, he would be satisfied with them as his middle name.

The names he suggested was the following: "Adham" which meant "Black", "Hama" which meant "The lion", "Husaam" meaning "Sword", "Sayid" meaning "Master" and "Zayd" meaning "Superabundance"!

Now it was up to me and Henrik which name we would choose as his middle name, after a lot of talking we choose "Hans" as his Christian name and "Husaam" as middle name, I surely remembered that big "sword" that penetrated my resistance and had delivered the seed that become little "Hans Husaam" deep into my womb.

There were a lot of explanations after his birth about how the "accident" had happened, but the real truth friends and family never was told.

As time passed along the surroundings slowly accepted things as they were, but I'm sure I would never be chairman of the local women's club.

Little Hans, that was what he normally was called in daily terms, was breastfeed until he was 13 month old and his African father was informed about his progress

About 2 month later I got a phone call from Yasir, he told me there had been some kind of problems with our deliveries and we had to send someone down to take a look at things or else they would terminate the contract.

I felt that time to go back to work was right, and I decided to go to Africa my self as they was our most important customer.

At least that was the reason I gave for taking the trip my self, but another thing that made my decision was the fact I hoped to meet Rashid again, I needed a real fucking real bad again.

Next day I was on a plane headed for Africa and our most important customer, I was afraid to loose the important contract, but at the same time I was daydreaming about the two big black cocks who had taken me about 1½ year ago.

To be continued...

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