tagSci-Fi & FantasyHidden Magic: Prologue

Hidden Magic: Prologue


The past Amorn

As the night wore on the sky cracked with lightning and the sound of shouts could be heard through out the night. Glancing backwards the young women fell her hair was louse and wild. It had been tried to put up delicately her eyes where as green as emeralds but it was Her clothes that where ripped and dirty they had a royal insignia on them. Hearing shouts she struggled to get up she as the voices got closer to where see was. As the branches whipped her face as the sound of thunder rumbled in the distance. The sounds of a baby's cry could be heard from the blankets hiding the young women whispered to the child trying to soothe her. Looking about she realised she was only a few feet away from the portal.

Slowly she crept forward from the bushes hearing the sound of men she realised they had gone a different way some how someone was leading them away. Seeing no one there she reached the portal it's red glow on the white clocks showed about twenty of the finniest men standing there. Running up the steps to the portal she sighed she had made it the bundle squirmed and a cry rang out from the tiny infant. Seeing the old Queen standing the men quickly grabbed her as she fell down onto the ground gasping for air she spoke to her mother "There close we have to be quick". Holding out the child she collapsed watching as her mother handed her to the elders seeing the child lay there on the red portal. She smiled and said one word "Daughter" as the men placed a circle around her they began to chant. As a figure watched he had called his master and showed them where they where. The sound of a scream came from behind as the darkness swamped over them. Taking her necklace the old queen took her daughters star necklace and fussed them together the star and the moon joined as one sending the child through the portal the queen smiled she was protected. Suddenly the darkness came and from it to figures Catorios and the Dark master.

Seeing the dark one stand there the queen tried to destroy him but failed as her body was destroyed. Only her daughter was left the men who had done the chanting had formed a protective circle round the infant and her mother. As the Dark one killed the entire circle her mother looked at the man beside the Dark one "Catorios why betray your own kind why betray me" the young queen spoke. Hearing a cruel evil laughter the queen saw the sword raised above her child. Saying the one word she sent her daughter into the future and a doorstep so very far away. As the dark one walked forward his body shock with anger at what had happened grabbing the queen he hissed at her "I will find her and when I do. I will kill her or make her my slave its your choice whiter she come back or not"

In a New World the sound of a babies voice broke through the night air her small hand gripping the necklace. From this her mother saw a young women her age find the child. Picking her up she smiled and whispered be safe my child before darkness took her and she fell asleep. Knowing her body would give up the fight she let her eyes fall she knew her daughter would be powerful and she would come home to fight the darkness and save her world. Dragging the young queen on to the horse the Dark one smiled soon he would have her and her power .But he need to get to her laughing the rain began to pour down and the sound of thunder rolled over head. Looking Behind Catorios looked at the people who had died and the portal smiling he hoped she would come to free them and maybe love him.

The future 2007

As Roseanne slept beside her boyfriend her hand instantly reached out. Feeling the soft smooth sheet of velvet she opened her eyes. Realising she was not at home she stared at the place seeing a man look at her she wondered where she was as she at up he gambled at her chest right where she always wore it was her necklace seeing his eyes she spoke hoping he would say where she was "Hey excuse me where am I"

She whispered afraid of him "You are in the realm of Amorn and well I'm sent here to help you Princess" he spoke his eyes where like liquid fire reaching out he touched her lips rubbing his finger across it . Suddenly the sound of buzzing woke her up groggily she reached and turned her alarm off getting up she looked at the necklace yeah right it was just a dream Or was it?

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