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I couldn't find some files on my laptop when I remembered that I also had them on my dad's pc. My father didn't like me using his computer, but he was away on business and my mom was out shopping. I fired up the computer and managed to find the files I was looking for. I also saw a file I didn't recognize.

I ended up opening two empty files until I got to a third file. When I clicked on it I got an eyeful. My dad must have taken photos of my mother over the years. There seemed to be hundreds of photos, many of them nudes. My mom had been posing in many of them and there were some that were quite revealing.

My mom was on the bed in some of them, her legs spread wide so you could see all of her pussy. As I looked through them my cock started getting hard. I knew it was wrong to be thinking these thoughts, but I couldn't help it. I went into my room and got a thumb drive. I copied all my mom's pics plus the files I had originally been looking for.

That night I was in bed naked. I got my laptop out and slid the thumb drive into place. As I looked at those naked photos I was stroking my cock as well. I was all horned up to be sure. I was also thinking that my mom was just down the hall from me. When my dad was away she normally stayed up and read her books. I got up from my bed. My cock was raging hard still and I opened my bedroom door and walked down the hallway.

I could see light around the crack of the door. My mom had to be up still. I stood there a few minutes deciding what to do. I eventually turned the door knob and walked in. My mom looked up from her book and there I was, naked with my erect cock.

"Jeff, what are you doing here?" I could hear the tension and excitement in her voice.

"I saw the photos," I told her.

At first my mom looked confused and then she figured it out. I walked over to the bed and stood there for a long moment.

"You need to leave and get some clothes on," she told me.

I had no intention of doing that. I got up on the bed with my cock pointing right at my mother's mouth. I was just inches away. My mom's eyes were glued to my hard dick. I moved a little closer and took my cock in my hand and I slapped my dick against my mom's lips. I had no idea what she would do, but then she opened her mouth.

I slipped my dick past her lips and started to feed her my cock. My mom wrapped her mouth around me and started to take me deep down her throat. I could hardly believe my luck. My mom was sucking me as deep as she could. My mom just had a small nightie on. I pulled up on it and my fingers found her pussy lips. She was damp as I slipped a digit past her folds. My mom started to moan as I fingered her pussy and she sucked on my bone.

We did that for a few minutes before I pulled my dick away. I reached down and began to pull her nightie up over her head. My mom knew what was coming, but I could tell she wasn't happy with what I had planned.

"We can't do this Jeff, you know how wrong this is."

I did know it was wrong, but I had to have my mom. As I removed her nightie I looked over her body. My mother might have been in her early forties, but to this nineteen year old guy she looked like a young woman still. I parted her thighs and crawled in between. This was the moment of truth. I held my dick in my hand and I guided it to her opening. She looked down as I started pushing into her.

My mother let out this long moan from her throat. I knew there was no turning back. I started to feed my mom's pussy with long, deep strokes. Mom threw her legs around my back and we started to get into it. I lowered my mouth and I took a hard nipple into my mouth. I sucked and bit on the tip of each of her nipples as my mother started going crazy.

Earlier in the day I would never have believed I would be making love to my mom. Here I was with my dick buried in her wet quim and she wanted all I had to give to her. Every time I slammed my cock into my mom's pussy my ball sacs would slap again her ass cheeks. I actually think my mom loved hearing the sound of skin hitting skin. She would groan as I buried my thick prick into her wet pussy.

I couldn't tell you how long we did it that night. It seemed like hours went by, but that couldn't have been the case. I knew I was getting closer to unloading. I didn't know if I should pull out or let my mom have my load. She didn't say I should pull out so I chose the other option. I went hard for a long minute then I arched my back and blew my load.

My mom's eyes went wide. If she wanted me to pull out it was too late. I was like a bull as shot a hot stream of my cum deep into my mom's belly. I did feel her use her pussy muscles to milk my sticky cream from my dick. We must have kept fucking a good twenty minutes or so before I felt my dick going soft. I did pull out and my mom pulled me tight into her body. She held me there for the longest time.

My mom was shaking after all that fucking. I had never seen a woman do that before.

"You know what we did was wrong, you can never let your father know we slept together," my mom lectured me.

I was never going to tell anyone about the photos or making love to my mother. I wanted to make sure there was going to be more than one time we fucked. We ended up falling asleep together. When I woke up my mom was already up and out in the kitchen. I walked out naked and my mom gave me a good look. She smiled and we had breakfast together. We didn't talk about what happened the night before. We did end up spending a good portion of that weekend making love.

That afternoon my mother rode me in bed. I was on my back and my mom got directly over top of me. She slid her pussy against the flat part of my cock. God, did that make me hard. My mom then positioned herself above me and she lowered down onto my dick. We went at it hard and fast in that position. My mother was pounding down hard against my pubic mound. I brought my dick up every time she lowered herself onto my pole.

I did manage to give my mom three hot loads of my semen that day. Mom just seemed to need my cock, at least that is what she told me. My dad was always away and when I walked into her bedroom that night, well, she just knew she needed my hard erection inside her.

My dad did finally arrive back home. Those were some of the hardest days to deal with. I was counting the time until my dad's next business trip. By the time he finally did leave, my tank was full. Mom and I fucked like wild minks that evening. She screamed for me to give her my seed. I did just that. Mom told me she was on the pill, but I kept telling her I was going to impregnate her belly with my hot cum.

I think that my mom is thinking about just that. If I wear her down enough she might go off the pill and I will coat her eggs with all my hot baby seed. Until that time happens I will keep taking my mom to bed and keep hoping my dad takes many more trips.

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