tagMind ControlHidden Talent Ch. 03

Hidden Talent Ch. 03


My Hidden Talent: Reaching Elizabeth Part 3 - Losing Virginity

Elizabeth was laid out before me on the dining room table wearing nothing at all. Her legs are spread out wide while I lick, stroke, and caress her gorgeous sex. I've kept her on the brink of orgasm like this for almost an hour.

"Turn over," I tell here.

She turns around and kneels on the table with her ass was high up in the air. While she crouches on the tabletop I sit in a chair and continue to kiss, lick, and nibble at her between her thighs. My tongue explores every part of her nether regions.

I'm really getting into it, as is she. I find myself spreading the cheeks of her ass open and licking her puckered rose bud. I'm surprised at how pleasurable she finds this. I continue giving her a heavy-duty rim job.

She's been on the brink for so long I could sense she was beginning to feel fatigued. I finally let her go while my tongue is glued to her clitoris. She explodes into a violent orgasm. She's moving around so much that I can't keep my tongue on her. Instead, I stimulate her mentally. She clutches the table shaking and convulsing in mind-blowing pleasure. When I feel on the edge of losing consciousness, I slowly calm her down.

A few minutes later Elizabeth is lying face down on the table exhausted. She looks like a goddess, covered in a shiny sheen of sweat. I can see the muscles in her back flex as she breathes. I caress her body while she enjoys her state of post-orgasm euphoria.

"You should get dressed," I tell her a few minutes later. "Your mom will be coming home soon."

"Just five more minutes," she whispers.

An hour or so later we're sitting in the living room watching television. Elizabeth's mother, Jane, had come home and is hanging out with us. It's Friday night and she had gone out to a reception for her work. This had become our routine. Elizabeth and I would get each other off, usually orally, until her mother came home.

Spending so much time with Elizabeth had forced me to spend more time with her mother. Elizabeth's mother and father had gotten divorced years before, and I had never met her father. I had become worried about Jane not too long before when I began to sense that her concern that Elizabeth and I maybe spent too much time together. She knew Elizabeth and I were dating, but Elizabeth didn't tell her much, and so Jane didn't know how much of an item we were. I had spent the past couple of weeks easing Jane's concerns. It was difficult at first, learning to influence someone else, but the more familiar I became with Jane's thoughts, the easier it was for me to ease her worries about Elizabeth and I.

I know for a fact that Jane would not normally let a guy stay in the house with her daughter while she was out. I had pushed the idea in Jane that I was completely trustworthy, allowing me more access to Elizabeth.

"Goodnight you two," Jane said as she got up and left to go her room. "Don't stay up too late."

"Okay mom," Elizabeth said.

"Goodnight Mrs. Smith," I told her.

"It's your turn now," Elizabeth said after her mother was out of earshot. Elizabeth was perpetually horny, so it didn't surprise me that she wanted more.

She pulled off my shirt and began kissing my chest. She worked her way down unzipping my pants, and pulling them off. Then she laid me back on the couch and slowly stroked my prominent erection.

"God you get me so hot," she said breathlessly as she stood up.

She pulled down her jeans and then took off her top so that she was only wearing her panties. I could feel the lustful desires pulsing through her body, which only made me more excited. Of course, even if I couldn't read her thoughts, the dark transparent wet spot at the center of her panties gave her away.

"Do you want me?" she asked as I stared up at her.

"Yes," I whispered knowing what she meant.

She pulls off her panties and climbs up on top of me. My hands roam the flesh of her backside as her face comes down to meet mine. I feel her lips against my own and our tongues play together, tasting each other's mouths, while I feel her warm, soft flesh against mine.

I can feel her love for me swelling deep in her heart. I'm surprised at the intensity of her feelings and feel slightly guilty that my feelings don't quite match hers. I care deeply for Elizabeth and maybe even love her, but her feelings are much more deeper and intense than mine, and without any doubts whatsoever.

As we continue to kiss I feel one of her hands gently drift down and touch my manhood, gently caressing it.

"Are you sure?" she asks me.

"Yes," I answer breathlessly feeling my heart pounding in my chest. "Are you?" I asked knowing the answer.

"Yes, Michael, I am," she says. "I love you more than I could have ever imagined. I can't think of anything I want more than for us to become a man and a woman together. I love you."

"I love you too," I say to her, suddenly more sure of my feelings in that moment.

"Oh God!" she moans. "I want you so bad. I've waited for so long."

I hold her face in the palms of my hands and kiss her passionately. I can feel her wet sex up against my erection.

"It's so big," she grunts as she grabs onto my penis and guides the tip to her entrance.

I can feel a great deal of pressure as she pushes her hips down, and then I begin to feel myself slipping inside of her. The feeling is exquisite, but I can also feel the dull pain of her tightness being stretched apart. I pull her close to me, kiss her lips, and gently rub her back as she gets used to the feeling of me inside of her. She moans gently as the pain subsides and a new intense feeling emerges. I feel her weight continue to press down, finally engulfing all of me.

My own sensations are mixed with hers. It's almost overwhelming. Not only do I feel her smooth wet flesh surrounding my cock, but I can also feel her own sensation of being so full and the intense feeling of being penetrated. Nothing else existed at the moment except for us making love to each other.

"God, I feel so alive," she says breathlessly after she breaks off our kiss.

She sits back and we both look down see myself completely sheathed inside of her. I just watch her while she sits there getting used to the fullness of me being inside her. She looks absolutely stunning. She puts her hands on my chest and I grab onto her hips when she begins to move them back and forth. I slowly slide in and out of her as she continues to move her hips. The feeling is beyond words.

Elizabeth increases the pace and I can feel her walls gripping my cock. I'm lying back enjoying the sensation and intense pleasure of her warm sex around my erection. We make eye contact and she is staring deeply into my eyes while she moves herself up and down in my lap. I feel as if we are one. I'm feeling what she is feeling, and I'm projecting what I feel onto her. I move my hips in rhythm with hers as we both become one with each other. Our movements become effortless with her increased wetness, and her sex getting used to accommodating me inside of her.

With my hand still holding onto her hips, I watch as she reaches down and begins massaging her clit. I can feel my own orgasm coming on in unison with hers. I begin convulsing in pleasure just as she starts to scream in the middle of her climax. We grab onto each other, holding each other closely, as I pump my fluid deep inside of her. After we're done, she collapses onto me, sweaty and exhausted.

I feel her lips upon mine once again, and we kiss deeply while I rub her glistening back. I can feel the warm moisture of her body against mine. Before too long, I slip inside of her again. The rest of the night is spent falling asleep in each other's arms, waking up to make love, and falling asleep again. Throughout the whole time we stay connected as one. I finally leave as the sun begins to come up.

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