tagLoving WivesHide N Seek Ch. 04

Hide N Seek Ch. 04


Vicky walked out of the airport directly after the company car had dropped him there. He hailed a cab and gave the driver an address.

Mrs. Mason had told him to meet him at the guesthouse of the office where she worked.

“I’ve the permission to use it for a couple of days so I can finish off the work I’ve already finished,” she had whispered over the phone. “June has left and I’m supposed to leave tomorrow. Are you sure your parents won’t suspect you are still in town?”

“Yeah, I’m sure,” he had replied confidently.

Now, he couldn’t wait.


Big Mac knew every thing and every body. There was a faint smile on his lips as he watched the video clippings on the giant screen.

Christ, this was hilarious, he thought. Dan’s wife is fucking his son’s friend and Dan knew! And Dan’s son was fucking that friend’s mom and Dan didn’t know!

He picked up his phone and punched a number.

“Yes?” a female voice took the call.

“That broad’s still in the guesthouse?”

“Yeah. The kid just checked in a few minutes ago.”

“Good, good. Fine. Call off surveillance and unplug the cameras. You know what comes next.”

It was time to move.


He had hidden enough. It was now time to seek.

“We have to talk, honey,” Dan said when they were having breakfast.

It was the beginning of the weekend, a bright Saturday morning. He had packed off Vicky to his grandparents and the boy wouldn’t be back till tomorrow night.

Rick was to go off on vacation on Monday and it was Dan who had suggested to him to have breakfast with them this morning.

“It’s sort of a goodbye breakfast, pal,” Dan had told the boy. “Vicky isn’t going to be around and we will miss him. Your presence would therefore be appreciated.”

Dan knew that Eve had made arrangements to meet Rick later in the evening. Rick had arranged for his sis to leave ahead of him. His mom had to complete some work and would be leaving directly from her work place tomorrow.

Sitting on the table in the huge dining room, the three of them nibbled on the breakfast of bacon, bread and jam, orange juice and of course, the inevitable coffee.

All through the course, Dan had noticed his wife giving the boy her special looks: through arched eyebrows. The kid was flushing and Dan had pretended not to notice.

Dan, as usual, had a bathrobe around him, having had just finished his bath. So was Eve. In fact, the two had taken their bath together; having had the house to themselves after Vicky had left.

After the initial shower when they had soaped each other, laughing and giggling, they had filled up the tub and lying in the warm water had started their games.

She had become aware of Dan’s increased libido and he had realized that she seemed to be always horny around the house these days.

Dan had been right. That affair between his wife and the kid had indeed improved their marriage.

She had insisted that he eat her pussy when she sat on the edge of the huge tub, something she hadn’t done for a long time. He wanted her to take a deep breath, go under the water and suck his cock.

They had, later on, sat on the opposite sides of the tub, legs wide apart and masturbated.

“Shove your finger in your cunt, honey.”

“Jerk your rod faster, darling.”

“Oh god, play with those tits of yours with one hand.”

“I will if you play with your balls while you jerk off.”

They had spoken to each other in a way they hadn’t for so many years.

“I want you to come close to me when I shoot. I want to see my cum splatter on your belly,” he had said.

“I’ll do better than that,” she giggled. “What about fucking my tits when you are about to come? Say, reserve a few strokes for my tits? Of lately, you seem to be enjoying fucking them.”

“Your tits are as big as fucking watermelons. And I’ve always liked it. It’s just that I hadn’t thought of it till I saw that Big Tit movie. All those broads were doing in that flick was to take those huge boners between their jugs and allow them to drench them in come.”

She had drained off the water from the tub and had lay down on her back.

“Get on top of me, darling. Fuck my titties, now.”

He had scrambled from his position and knelt atop her. She wanted to suck him for a while and he let her.

“Not that your cock isn’t wet enough. But saliva is a special lubricant and it will make your cock slide all the better between my tits,” she had laughed.

Later, he had placed his cock between her huge tits and she had pressed them together. Gripping the edge of the tub, he had moved back and forth over her, watching his cock slide in and out of her cleavage.

“Oh fuck, this is great,” he gasped.

“The feeling’s mutual. I just love your cock flesh rubbing against my mounds. Fuck them, honey, faster, faster.”

“Could you drag yourself back and rest your head on the edge of the tub? That way your head will be raised and maybe I can fuck your mouth when I fuck your tits,” he suggested.

He had waited while she adjusted and sure enough, when his cock poked out from the top, she could manage to get the head in her mouth and give it a quick suck.

“I’m going to give you a necklace, baby,” he had groaned.

“Yes, yes, I want to wear your spunk necklace.”

He let his cock lie there when his semen shot out. It splashed her chin and she swallowed some, but with great care, he aimed it over her neck till the drops looked like a necklace, albeit temporarily because the juice dribbled down to her tits.

Later, when they were waiting for Rick to arrive, she had leaned over the table, her robe up over her waist, panties around her ankles while he had thrust into her from behind. This way they could watch the driveway to see if Rick would arrive.

Rick did arrive, but not before Dan had emptied into his wife after ensuring that she had reached her orgasm before him.

He had divested her off her undergarments. “You don’t require these,” he had laughed.

Now, she paused and looked up at Dan quizzically. She was buttering a slice of bread and Rick was sipping orange juice.

Dan pushed back his chair and lit a cigarette.

“Like I said, we gotta talk.”

Rick’s heart fluttered, as did Eve’s. The look on Dan’s face was anything but serious. In fact, he seemed to be amused.

“Talk about what?” Eve asked anxiously. He never talked about anything in the presence of any one who wasn’t family and she felt a chill run through her body.

Dan laughed. It was a short laugh and was meant to be reassuring.

“I think it would be a great idea if we talk while we watch some entertainment, right, Rick?”

Dan rose from the chair and gestured to them. “C’mon you guys. I’ve recorded some great stuff and I want your comments on it.”

“You are a photographer, honey. And a damn good one at that. What kind of comments can you expect of us?” Eve let out her breath.

“The best comments come from amateurs,” Dan informed them as they followed him to the TV room.

Eve had picked up a glass of juice and sat on the couch, her knees crossed. Rick took a chair to her left, all signs of nervousness gone, now that he thought that all Dan wanted was an assessment of one of his shoots.

Dan slid a tape in the deck, switched on the TV and carried the remote in his hand as he walked back and flopped down on the couch beside his wife.

“Ready for the show, honey?” he asked.

She laughed throatily. “Sure, darling.”

“And you, boy?”

“Why, I’d be honored, sir,” Rick replied, trying hard not to look sideways at the woman seated on his right.

“Well, here goes.”

Dan clicked the remote and suddenly the TV glowed.

He had edited the cassette himself, making sure to include all the parts that he thought would be extremely clear: both, the sounds and the picture quality.

The first shot was taken from the camera located inside the bathroom of the store.

He is closing the door and she comes in as well.

“Oh, just a minute, Rick. I think I forgot my pen inside. Don’t mind?”

“O-oh, n-no, n-not at all.”

She leans over the sink and he is standing behind her.

The camera zooms in to show her heavy tits exposed through the top of her dress and then to the skirt rising up above her thighs. The camera zooms in closer and shows the red panties.

Cut to the bulge between his pants. The camera pans again.

“Oh god, I don’t seem to find it. Would you look around here, please?”

Dan looked first at his wife. To say that she was shocked would be an understatement. Her mouth was as wide open as her eyes. She gasped and held her breath. He could see the color rising in her cheeks.

Rick was practically in a stage of panic. The look on his face said that he was wishing the ground to open and be swallowed. His fingers dug in the arms of the chair.

“Oh my god!” Eve was the first to react vocally.

Rick was tongue-tied. But Dan noticed that neither of the two could pull their eyes away from the big screen.

“Oh my god, Dan, you didn’t!” she gasped.

“Didn’t, couldn’t or wouldn’t. What do you want to ask?”

She flushed, her heart beating against her ribs.

Dan looked back at the screen. He had missed some of the dialogue and the scenes. But it didn’t really matter to him because he knew them by heart.

“I-I am s-sorry, Mrs. Wilson.”

“Don’t be.”

The TV was filled with a picture of her heavy bulging tits from the top of her shirt.

She turns around, her hands behind her, resting on the sink.

“Lock that door, Rick. Hurry.”

“Go on, Rick, lock that door. We don’t have much time, do we?”

Her hand is on the fourth button of her shirt.

“Switch it off,” Eve cried out, her hands gripping the glass till her knuckles were white.

Rick had still not said a word.

“Why?” Dan asked casually. In spite of having fucked her tits hardly an hour ago, the scene unfolding on the TV was making him hard again.

Her eyes probed his. There was a look of sheer guilt mixed with the shock in them. Added to that was a look of pleading.

“Please, Dan, no.”

“Personally, honey, I think I have done a goddamn good job of it. What do you think, boy?”

Rick went red under the collar. He tore his gaze away from the flickering screen and looked at his hands.

“Boy, that certainly makes for one hell of a hot flick,” Dan laughed, indicating the screen to them.

The sounds of her moans are amplified.

“Suck them, Rick, oh god, I’ve wanted this for so long.”

His face covers her right tit and his mouth opens. She carries her hands down their bodies and grabs his bulge.

“Aah, take it out.”

He sucks her tits desperately. She pulls the zipper of his pants. She pushes her hand inside his pants.

“Ah, god, it’s so long.”

Slurping noises filter out from the speakers as he sucks on her nipple. He pinches the other nipple with his fingers.

The camera zooms to show the movement of her hand inside his pants. He groans.

She pulls up her skirt and pushes her panties down to her knees.

“We don’t have much time, Rick. Later on, maybe, we will do it properly. All I want now is for you to shove your cock in me. Quick!”

Dan laughed out. “You were really hot for that, huh honey?”

Eve looked at him steadily. Rick couldn’t tear his eyes away from the screen.

“What do you want to prove, Dan?” she asked him in a small voice. “All right, I cheated. I had Rick. I admit I seduced him. And now we all know that you know. We also know that you have filmed the whole thing.”

“Over a dozen tapes, baby,” Dan grinned at her.

“Okay. A dozen. What next, Dan?”

Her shoulders drooped down and she had the ring of uncertainty in her voice. She didn’t know where he was going to from here.

He continued to look at her, the grin still on his face.

“You want a divorce?” she asked in a small voice.

Rick’s head jerked around at them when he heard the word ‘divorce.’

“O-oh, p-p-please, s-sir,” he began.

Dan shifted his gaze back to the TV.

“Now, now, again, Rick, again. Ah, yes, fuck me now, fuck me!”

Groans and moans, the wet noises of bodies slapping against each other follow. The camera zooms to show his hands mauling her tits. Then, another close-up; this time their mouths together in a open mouthed kiss.

Her body shudders. He grunts, stroking faster.

“Come outside, Rick. Not in my cunt!”

He pulls his cock out of her cunt. The zoom lens working again to show his cock jerking spasmodically as his cum bursts out of the tip.

She jerks his cock to and fro. The camera zooms and shows his come spill over her belly.

“Please stop it!” she cried out. Tears sprang out from the corner of her eyes.

Dan looked at her and merely gestured to where Rick was seated.

She jerked her head around to watch the boy. He was staring at the screen with wide eyes. When she swung back to her husband, he indicated his own lap.

She looked back at Rick and flushed. For, sure enough, the boy had a bulge between his legs that was too big not to be noticed. Too, he was twitching uncomfortably on the chair.

“Rick!” she yelled at him and he snapped out of his trance, glancing at her with his wide eyes. When he realized that she was staring angrily at his bulge, he was embarrassed. He tried to cover his hard on with his hands.

“Why blame him?” Dan said softly. “When that thing on the TV can give me a hard on, why blame him? He’s just a kid.”

She looked at her husband with surprise in her eyes and colored up again when she saw that he was now sitting on the couch with his legs wide open, making no effort to conceal his erection inside his robe.

“Dan?” her voice was soft and surprised.

“The next one is pretty good too. I edited the scenes and they are not in chronological order, I am afraid to say. Yes, Eve, I taped the two of you and every time I watch those tapes I get a hard on just as I did every time I watched the two of you.”

There! He had said it finally.

She stared speechlessly at her husband as he casually pulled the string around his robe and let it fall open. Her face turned the color of beetroot when he lifted his ass and pushed his shorts down his legs.

She gasped when she saw his naked cock spring out and his fist wrap around it.

“Look at that and tell me you that you don’t feel horny,” he whispered.

“Gee, I love it when you take my cock between your jugs, bitch.”

She laughs and pushes her tits together.

“Go on, then and fuck them.”

He rocks to and fro. He is straddling her body and they are lying on the floor of the store.

“Oh god, that feels fucking great, you big tit whore! Only problem is I can’t see my cock sliding between your fun bags.”

“Let us see if we can settle that problem, stud. Wait. Let me pull these apart. There, now, you can see your cock, can’t you?”

“Oh Jeeze, that looks so fucking great! I love fucking your tits.”

“Fuck them, then, fuck them faster, stud! Can you see your cock now?”

“Oh shit, yes! I can see my cock sliding in and out of your fucking tits!”

Rick recalled that day. Watching it on the TV made it seem so much sexier. He glanced at Dan who was now openly masturbating. Eve was watching the TV and her husband.

“He’s as old as Vicky, you know,” Dan remarked, casually pulling his cock to and fro. “I hope he doesn’t know about this.”

“He doesn’t!” Eve’s voice was shrill. She was beginning to feel the wetness between her legs. Damn it! She couldn’t help it.

“He’s got this strange habit of going through my cassette collection.”

“Please, Dan. Don’t.”

Dan laughed. “Don’t worry, sweetie. He won’t know. Hey Rick, why are you squirming around that chair? Pull out your cock.”

Eve was tongue tied as she glanced at the boy who did exactly that, unzipping his pants and fishing out his long erect cock.

God, she thought, he was young. What would Vicky think if he ever saw these tapes?


They were sitting cross-legged on the bed. They were so close to each other, their knees touched. They were naked.

“My god, you are so rough with it,” she said.

“I like it that way, Jenny. Why don’t you put another finger in your cunt?”

“You like that, huh?”

“Yeah. Shove your fingers in your cunt, Jenny!”

“Beat your meat, Vicky.”

“God, I love to watch you finger fucking yourself.”

“And I like it when you beat your meat.”

“Jeeze, I’m gonna cum, Jenny! Grab my balls in your other hand.”

“Cum on my cunt! And squeeze my tits with your other hand!”

He shifted closer to her, his fingers now a blur on his cock.

“AARGHHH…here it comes, Jenny, here it comes!”

“Come baby, come!”

Their legs were twined; his come erupted over her cunt and she sighed as she came herself.


“Why don’t you suck my cock, baby?” Dan asked.

She glanced apprehensively at Rick. He had pulled out his cock and was masturbating, his eyes fixed on the screen.

She felt the stab of excitement course through her body. It was a novel experience. There were two cocks, both hard and erect and she was confused.

Instinctively, she leaned towards her husband and put her hand on his cock. He shuddered when her moist fist wrapped around his shaft.

“Aahhhh…that feels so good!” he spread his legs wider.

She ignored the TV and concentrated on jerking his cock off. She seemed to be fascinated; her husband’s cock had never looked so big and so never felt so hard.

Impatiently, he put his hand on her head and pulled her towards his hard on.

“Suck my dick,” he gasped.

Her mouth took the shape of an ‘O’ and with lusty eyes, he watched her lips slide over his shaft.

Dan thrust his hands inside his wife’s gown. She was not wearing a bra and he seized her enormous tits.

“Ah, this is great,” he sighed, kneading her tits. “Suck that cock baby!”

She closed her eyes, letting him weigh her tits, flopping herself on the couch. Her robe rose over her hips and she wasn’t wearing any panties either.

“Hey kid,” Dan said. “Are you going to just sit there and jerk yourself off? Don’t you see that hot cunt?”

Eve was shocked. Also, she was thrilled at the same time. She didn’t know what came over her, but she moaned and took her husband’s cock deeper in her mouth till his pubic hair tickled her nose.

Rick licked his lips and carried his hands over to the couch. His fingers touched her wet pussy and she moaned around Dan’s cock.

“Shove your finger inside her cunt, boy!” Dan cried, his eyes fixed at the sight of his wife’s pussy peeping under her robe.

“Oh my god,” the boy groaned. “Your cunt’s so hot!”

Dan grinned, lifting his hips to fuck his wife’s mouth.

“You don’t know what you did to us, kid. At least, to me. I never thought I could get this horny.”

The boy now leaned over the chair and pushed his mouth between her legs. She cried out, pulling her husband’s cock out of her mouth as she did so, and when Rick stuck his tongue inside her swollen cunt, she took Dan’s cock back into her mouth.

Dan gasped her cheek and pulled his cock outside her mouth. He looked into her eyes and in a harsh voice, said, “Ask him to lick your cunt, baby. Tell him like you told him all those days.”

She looked at him for a long time. Slowly, she pushed her hips forward against the boy’s mouth. She was lying on her back, her robe bunched at her waist and Dan had by now pulled down the top of her robe to expose her quivering tits.

“Suck my cunt, stud!” she whispered. “Suck ma’s pussy, ah yes, stud, just like that, oh god, stick your tongue inside, oh god, yes, like that, you big horny bastard, suck me!”

Dan got on to his knees and crawled over her supine body. His cock was dangling and the tip was wet with his pre-cum. He put each knee on either side of her face and lowered his hard on.

“Suck it now, baby,” he growled.

She opened her mouth wide and gagged as she swiftly thrust his cock inside her mouth. Her hips bucked up when she felt Rick grab her ass cheeks and lift the lower part of her body. She moaned when the boy put his mouth on her pussy.

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