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High School Again? Ugh! Ch. 05


Author's Note: As those of you who read my biography page recently already know, I was stupid enough to lose all my 'fun' writing sometime ago. I had to start over from scratch. That pretty much shut me down for a while mentally. You see, I don't typically write one chapter/story to completion all by itself. At any given time I literally have dozens in progress (35 currently, of which 4 are in the final stages). I tend to bounce between them depending on my mood and interest. Most are just a page or two of some idea that I came up with based on what's happening in my life. For example, if I go to the beach for a weekend, that week I start a few stories about exactly that.

My point is that when I lost my 'fun' writing I lost years worth of ideas. Oh, I'm never short of them, but writing them down takes time. In the case of this story I think it worked out in that I like this chapter better than what I had before. It just took far too long to get completed. I hope you enjoy it.

This chapter still takes place in Las Vegas, but for those of you who like the 'high school' aspect of this story, don't worry, I'll be going back there next chapter. :)




"Hey John! Wake up!" Someone was pounding on my hotel room door. I groaned as the demanding voice continued yelling. "It's my last day here and I want to get an early start!" I was groggy as hell and didn't want to answer, but I realized that I had no choice when I recognized the voice.

"I think you'd better answer that before he breaks down the door." My eyes snapped open and there she was, Tara! She was lying in my bed, her face only inches from mine. It hadn't been a dream. I smiled, grinned really.

"Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?" I asked. She laughed gently. I pulled her into my arms and kissed her.

"Hey Kid! Come on let's go!"

"Who is that?" Tara sighed.

"It's Angelo. He's a great guy. You'll love him."

"Well, I don't love his timing," she grumbled, disentangling herself from me and grabbing a change of clothes. "I'm taking a shower. I don't want to meet him like this."

I took a long hard look at her body as she moved to the bathroom. Not only was the sight pleasurable, it reminded me of the night before, and not just the sexual part of it. I'd shared something with Tara that I'd never shared with another woman. It was something completely new to me. Oh, don't get me wrong, I couldn't wait to be with her sexually again, but what we had was much more than that.

Tara turned at the door to say something, but stopped when she saw me watching her. She smiled slowly. Her look let me know her feelings for me matched my own. At that moment I felt like the luckiest man alive.

We remained frozen, neither one of us wanting the moment to end, but both of us knowing something so intense couldn't last forever. Tara was the first to let it go. It was beyond me. She did so by suddenly giggling and shaking her ass provocatively before slipping into the bathroom. I was out of bed and halfway across the room almost without thought.

"Come on already John! Don't make me get the manager to open your door!"

Angelo. I stopped, shook my head and reached for some clothes. He was a great guy and all, but he owed me for this. I heard the shower turn on as I reached for the door.


"Are you enjoying your wine?" Angelo asked as we digested an amazing meal. He had insisted we come to this restaurant for dinner. He'd also insisted that he pay. I tried to argue, but he was having none of it tonight. He was going home tomorrow and he said he wanted to thank us for a great day.

"It's lovely," Tara smiled. I had no idea how much the meal was costing Angelo, but it had to be a lot. The place was incredible and the food was even better.

"So, do you forgive me for waking you up so early this morning?"

"She may have," I laughed. "But I haven't. In fact, I may never."

"Don't worry," Tara said, smiling at me sexily. "You'll forget all about it by the morning."

"I am so jealous," Angelo sighed. "And happy for you two. Not everyone finds someone that fits them so well. You two were obviously made for each other."

"I know," Tara said, sounding far older than her years. I smiled and kissed her briefly.

"You're right," I agreed, remembering just how few of the people from my former life were truly happy in their relationships. Many of them were divorced or lifelong bachelors. Even the married ones weren't always happy.

Oh, there were people like my parents who were deeply in love, but even that didn't end up happily ever after all the time. Pop's heart attack and mom's Alzheimer were still something that loomed in my mind. I had years yet to try and address them as best I could, but there was only so much I could do.

Mrs. C also came to mind. She'd loved Mr. C with all her heart, but that didn't stop him from dying. It had taken her years to get past his death enough to even think about dating again. I glanced up at Angelo and had an interesting thought.

"What are you grinning about?" Angelo knew something was up from my expression. He was right. I doubted he would like what, but that was just tough.

"I need a favor," I said. "What are you doing next weekend?"

"Whatever you need." I shook my head. That was so Angelo. He had no idea what I was talking about, but that's the type of friend he was. I hope he didn't regret it.

"I want you to come out and visit," I answered. "I have a friend I'd like you to meet. Actually, what I'd like you to do is wine and dine her. She could use someone like you in her life for at least a little while."

"You want me to go out on a blind date?" he asked in surprise. "You're kidding, right?"

"It gets worse than that," I laughed. "Mrs. C is a lot older than the women you typically end up with. Hell, I bet she's only a year or two younger than you."

"Mrs.?" he asked.

"She's a widow," Tara put in, smiling now. I didn't know she knew Mrs. C, but she clearly did. "And it's not all bad news. She very attractive."

"How attractive?"

"Attractive enough," I laughed.

"Especially if you like well built women," Tara put in. "I wish I had her curves."

"Curves?" Angelo asked. I could see his mind whirling. He wasn't the type to go on a blind date, but he was clearly waffling and I had a feeling about Mrs. C and him.

"The nicest kind," Tara laughed. "Most guys would say the type that makes your mouth water?"

"What about most girls?" Angelo was grinning now.

"Most would be jealous of her. I, on the other hand, am not most girls."

"Obviously," Angelo laughed.

"Hmm, am I going to have to worry about you two?" Their flirting amused me more than anything else. It was a running joke all day.

"No," Angelo responded.

"And why not?" Tara asked him. "Don't you find me attractive?" Tara was buzzed and having fun with Angelo. I actually felt bad for him for a moment.

"I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that you're John's girl."

"Is she?" I asked. Tara leaned over the table and kissed me, letting me know in no uncertain terms that she was mine.

"Cut that out," Angelo laughed. "You're making me jealous again."

"Come and visit next weekend and you can meet Mrs. C. Then it will be my turn to be jealous," I teased. "Just keep in mind that she's not a jet setter or anything. She's smart and funny, but in an old fashioned way." I wasn't sure what exactly I meant, but Angelo seemed to understand. He looked at me for a moment and nodded slowly.

"Why not? After being home and back at work for a week I'm sure I'll need a break," he finally agreed.

"You won't regret it," Tara smiled as she sat back in her chair.

"Of course I will," he disagreed. "But what the hell!" The three of us laughed briefly.

I was happy at how well Angelo and Tara were getting along. It was also a bit surprising. Tara was only eighteen, but she didn't have any problem holding up her end of the conversation. I knew she was smart, but clearly she also kept up on current events.

"I think it's about time I let you two go," Angelo smiled as we finished our dessert. "It's obvious Tara has plans for you two tonight. Thanks for joining me for dinner."

"Thank you for inviting us. And you're right. I do have plans for John," she laughed. "But they can wait a bit longer if you two want to stop somewhere for drinks."

"Sounds good to me," I put in. "It's still early yet." I wanted to be alone with Tara again, but there was something in Angelo's tone that made me not want to leave by himself yet. Tara clearly heard it as well.

"Are you sure?" Angelo asked in surprise.

"Of course," Tara said quickly. "This way I get to flirt with you some more and make John jealous." I looked at her and smiled. She understood my concern about Angelo. She also meant what she said. I loved Tara and we felt right together, but there was still a lot about her I didn't know.

We went to the bar in our hotel. Three stools next to each other opened as we arrived. We took them with Angelo and me on the ends and Tara in the middle. One drink turned into two, which then turned into three, and so on. The drunker Angelo became, the funnier his stories were. Tara stopped trying to keep pace with us, but she was already drunk by the time she quit. Hell, I even gave up after a while. Angelo was really putting it away.

"Hello," a brunette said as she sat on the other side of Angelo.

"Well hello there," he grinned. The woman ignored him. She was looking past Angelo at Tara.

The woman had one of those ageless beautiful faces. Her hair was dark and reasonably short. It wasn't easy to see the color of her eyes from three stools over, but I could have sworn they changed from almost black to green as she stared at Tara. There was something very different about this woman and I wasn't sure I liked it. Don't get me wrong. I was attracted to her. Hell, I'm pretty sure everyone in the place was. She was gorgeous and knew it. Yet, there was something not quite right.

"Hello," Tara replied. She was pretty drunk. I don't think she realize just how much interest she was showing as she looked at the woman. I was surprised by how much it bothered me.

I hadn't forgotten the first time Tara and I spoke after I was sent to the past by Tyche. I found myself back at the first day of my senior year of high school. It hit me pretty hard. I needed some time to think. It was too much to handle so I decided to leave. A guy I knew vaguely helped me sneak out.

John invited me to a sort of impromptu get together once we were clear of the school. I followed him into a nearby wooded area where we found a small group of kids sitting on logs around a fire, drinking and laughing. Tara was one of them.

I walked her home eventually and for some reason she decided to see if she could shock me. One of the things she told me was that she thought she might prefer women over men. It hadn't mattered to me at the time, but right now I couldn't say the same.

I wasn't jealous or worried about Angelo, but this woman was something else entirely. First, she was gorgeous. Second, she was clearly interested in Tara. And third, there was Tara's obvious reaction to her.

She was wearing a long black, expensive dress. The only jewelry she had on a matching pair of earrings and necklace. The woman seemed to have a thing for peacocks.

I was distracted when Angelo somehow slipped off his chair. He caught himself, but only with some difficulty. He was clearly embarrassed and more than a little drunk. I frowned. Oh, he had enough to be completely smashed, but it all seemed to hit him at once.

"You're done for the night," the bartender said. I frowned momentarily. He must have just come on because I was pretty sure we'd had a different bartender a few minutes ago. "I think it's time someone helped you to your room." The guy was looking at me pointedly.

"Let's get you to bed," I said to Angelo as I stood.

"You're probably right," my friend replied with a frown.

"Tara, are you coming?" I asked. She hadn't broken eye contact with the brunette yet.

"She'll meet you back at your room," the woman said, answering for Tara. It was very annoying, but Tara didn't disagree.

"Okay," I said, trying not to frown. "I'll be there in ten minutes."

"Good bye," the woman said in dismissal. I didn't like her tone. In fact, I didn't like her, but I knew my feeling were probably irrational and brought on by jealousy and alcohol, not that I didn't have a reason to be jealous. The brunette was looking at Tara almost hungrily. I started to insist Tara leave with us when the bartender interrupted.

"Hey buddy, your friend's really in bad shape," he said. "You'd better get him out of here before he makes a mess." I frowned in annoyance, but just then Angelo stumbled again. I caught his elbow and steadied him.

"I need a bed," Angelo said, looking pale.

"See," the bartender smiled. His tone was friendly, but I didn't like his smile for some reason. I shook my head. I was obviously pretty drunk myself. I started helping Angelo toward the door. I glanced back just before we left. I noticed that the woman had shifted to Angelo's stool, next to Tara. I frowned.

"Hurry!" Angelo groaned. I shook my head and went back to helping Angelo to his room. We arrived just in time. Angelo got sick and I stayed with him until I he was done. It took twenty minutes before I was able to leave.

I all but ran out of his room and made my way to mine. I opened the door quickly and walked in on exactly what I feared. The brunette was naked and in my bed with Tara busy between her legs. I stood there numbly for a moment. I might have feared this, but I can't really say I expected it.

"Tara..." I began, but I couldn't come up with any other words. She looked up briefly and frowned, but the brunette took the back of her head and pulled it back down. Tara didn't seem to be fighting her. In fact, she went back to what she was doing with only a brief hesitation.

"You're interrupting," the woman said in that same dismissive voice.

How could I have been so wrong about us? I thought Tara loved me, but here she was with another woman. Worse, she was so enmeshed in what she was doing that she didn't bother to comment. The moment seemed completely surreal. How could everything have fallen apart so quickly? If the woman was a guy, I might of killed him, but she wasn't. I needed to get away. I left the room without another word.

None of it made any sense. I loved Tara. She said she loved me too and I believed her. I wasn't some starry eyed teenager despite my physical age. Something wasn't right, but I had no idea what. I needed another drink.

The bar was pretty empty by the time I arrived. It made sense since it was getting late. Oh, I doubt it ever emptied completely, but this was definitely a down time. I sat at a stool and waited for the bartender to serve me. It was a girl this time. I wondered what happened to the other bartender, not that I'd miss him.

"Hello," the bartended smiled as she walked over. I hadn't really looked at her when I first sat down. I did now. Did all the gorgeous women come to Vegas?

A picture of the brunette with Tara popped into my head, but I forced it away. I wasn't ready to deal with that yet. I wasn't sure I'd ever be ready. Instead, I focused on the bartender. She had thick, curly red hair that was tied up to keep it out of her way while she worked. Her curves were impressive to say the least and they looked real.

"I'll have a whisky," I got out. The woman nodded and went about getting my drink. It didn't take very long.

"Here you go," she smiled, placing it in front of me.

"Thanks," I mumbled and downed it. "Another."

"Bad night?" she asked as she poured me a second whiskey.

"You have no idea," I replied, tempted to down the alcohol again, but sipping it instead. Getting completely hammered wouldn't help me figure out how everything fell apart so quickly. I needed to think.

Just then three women came in and walked up to the bartender, which basically put them right next to me since she was hovering. I shook my head. I guess all the gorgeous women did come to Vegas. These weren't as beautiful as the bartender, who really should have been a model despite her curves, but they were still pretty amazing, especially considering just how different they looked from each other.

One was an Indian girl with dark shiny hair that reached below her back. She was slim and walked with a confidence that I found myself liking. I had a feeling that she'd be fun in bed. I shook my head. What was I thinking?

"The usual," she said to the bartender who nodded, but had an oddly ironic smile on her face. That didn't stop her from reaching under the bar and pulling out a bottle of blue liquid. She poured it into three drinks and handed it to the ladies. Each sipped from their glasses and smiled.

The Asian girl was the smallest of the three. She had short hair and perhaps the sexist smile I'd ever seen. She seemed to always be laughing at something. A picture of her face in the throes of passion suddenly filled my head. I felt myself responding.

"Hello," the third one said with a friendly smile. She was obviously in a good mood. She was tall and dark skinned. Her chest was impressive. I'd never been with a black woman before and I found myself daydreaming about would it would be like to be with her.

"Hi," I replied, shaking my head. What was wrong with me? These women were all obviously attractive, but I'd just lost Tara, the woman I loved. I should have been oblivious to their charms. I clearly wasn't. I shook my head again. It didn't help.

I frowned to myself and finished my drink. The bartender poured me another without my prompting. She was definitely the hottest woman I'd ever seen. My body was on fire as I pictured her naked despite my best efforts not to.

Something was wrong. I knew that, but I couldn't control my thoughts long enough to figure it out. For some reason the three women were now around me. The Asian and Indian were leaning into me from either side. The black girl was behind me. I could feel her heavy breasts against my back.

"John, look at me," the bartender said from directly in front of me. I did and everything seemed to slow for a moment. I blinked hard twice, but it didn't help. I felt overwhelming passion and reached for the redhead. I forgot everything else but her. Her kiss sent a fire through my body and I reached up and caressed her full breasts.

"Abby, come over here and help me undress him," the bartender said.

Undress me? In public? I blinked again and looked around. We weren't at the bar any longer. We were in a suite. I was so confused. The bartender started pulling my clothes off and I looked at her. She was completely naked and oh my God! Her body was impossible! I was filled with an aching physical need that made my confusion trivial and unimportant.

I felt a second pair of hands helping me undress. It was the Indian girl. She was naked as well. The other two women were in the bed and on their knees, facing each other as they shared a kiss that was filled with pure passion and desire.

The redhead touched my body once my clothes were completely gone and I gasped. Her caresses burned in a way that was damn near orgasmic!

I don't remember moving to the bed, but suddenly I was in it. The bartender was straddling my hips and riding my cock. Her body was amazing. I reached up and squeezed her full breasts. She licked her lips and smiled. She also squeezed down on my cock and made me moan.

"He's close." I glanced away from the redhead and noticed the three other women. They were on the bed as well. It was surprisingly big. The black and Indian girls were locked in a sixty-nine. The Asian was watching the redhead and me. She was fingering herself unabashedly. She was the one who spoke. "He's not going to last at this rate."

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