tagIncest/TabooHigh School Cheerleaders tease Dad

High School Cheerleaders tease Dad


First, let me introduce myself. My name is Lauren Ginsburg, and I just turned 18, a High School senior, and a member on my school’s varsity cheerleading team. I am 5’5” tall, weigh 117 pounds, and have dark brown hair just below my shoulders. My figure is 34c-22-34.

I have had a steady boyfriend for the past year and a half, but have yet to lose my virginity. But, he and I do engage in a lot of petting and some oral sex.

My mom (Betsy) and dad (Michael) have had much of their sexual lives together published on various erotic web sites the past several years. True stories of how my mom humiliates and punishes my dad for disobeying her, and several pictures of his tiny manhood have been published on the Internet. My two sisters (Wendy, 20 years old, and Sarah, 15 years old) and I have been aware of these sites, as have many of our girlfriends.

On occasion, our girlfriends will tease my dad about his punishments and his tiny genitals. This has always bothered him, and my mom thinks it is funny, as she feels it serves him right for his occasion misdeeds.

Well, last week, the other 7 girls on my High School cheerleading team were over at my house, all in their outfits, as our school had a special event that afternoon. My dad was wearing a tight pair of jeans that showed no indication of a bulge in crotch. On occasion, I spotted him start to develop an erection, but said nothing.

Finally, Allison, one of my team members, noticed him getting an erection. Apparently, he was paying too much attention to us. She pointed at my dad’s crotch and yelled: “Look, he is getting an erection, and I think that is sick. We are High School girls and he is an dirty old man”. We told him that to correct his behavior, we were going to have to come up a way to show him to stop being sexually crazed.

I told Wendy, my older sister, about the incident. So, she devised a plan to get my mom, and little sister, Sarah, out of the house for most on Sunday, the next day. My mom and Sarah were totally unaware of what had happened or what was to happen on Sunday.

My cheerleading friends and I came up with the means to take control of my dad on Sunday. We all were wearing our sexy cheerleading outfits, when we took my dad into the game room of our house. We stripped him of all his clothes, and just stood there for a while, laughing and pointing at his manhood, until he quickly developed an erection.

Problem is, even erect, he is still just under 5 inches, and narrow. And his tiny balls nearly disappeared inside him. And, yes, I measured him myself.

My teammates all developed deep husky, sexy voices and wetted the shorts of their outfits while teasing my dad, and manipulating his manhood. Several of my teammates would rub themselves against dad’s body, kissing and hugging him. He was instructed that if he put a hand on any of us, or if he ejaculated, he would be castrated. That scared the heck out of him.

We spent from 9:30am to almost 5pm teasing him, spanking him and even shoved a huge cucumber up his behind. Then Leslie, another of my team members, produced a vibrator. We took out the cucumber from his butt, and inserted the vibrator. You should have seen the look on his face when I switched it on.

Them most of my teammates decided he needed the ultimate tease. They stripped, removed the vibrator from hi butt, and laid him down on the floor, on his back. It didn’t take long before my dad’s erection was raging. Then, one by one, each of my teammates then would lower themselves down onto my dad’s stiff erection.

They would only let a mere inch of his prick into their pussies, before they would lift themselves back up and give my dad a solid squeeze of his balls. He was never permitted to cum throughout this whole thing and it was clear he was dying to get some sort of release. I was the only one not to touch him through this part of it all.

Finally, Allison convinced the other six cheerleaders and I that he was ready for the next step. We made my dad jerk off, and boy did he ever “cum”. We made him “cum” into Allison’s hand, and she immediately put her hand up to his mouth and made him lick her hand clean and swallow the whole load.

We then made him repeat the whole thing, and this time, his “cum” landed onto Allison’s but, very close to her vagina. He was told to lick up this load as well. As soon as he swallowed this load, he was instructed to lick her vagina and kiss her ass.

Each of the other six cheerleaders also made my dad lick their pussies and kiss their asses. And I thought of making him do the same to me, but knew that would be too much for him to handle But, I knew he just couldn’t make him to this to me, his own daughter. But, I did slap his face, and chastised him severely.

He finally made the promise to have more control over his erections in the future. But, frankly, from what I know of men, of almost any age, he won’t be able to have such control in the presence of High School cheerleaders in their outfits.

This week, I admitted to my mom what we had done to my dad, and she thought the teasing was a turn on. She loves it when he is sexually teased. She just asked we don’t castrate him, but said that next time, if he does get sexually aroused by a bunch of teenage girls, that she be invited to join in the “punishment”.

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