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High School Hooters Ch. 1



Anna Nicole Smith, aka Secret Agent Hooters stood nervously on the edge of the large stage at the 'Horny Monkey' bar. Anna was dressed in a plain white t-shirt that looked about three sizes too small for her and a black g-string bikini bottom. The small shirt stretched taut across her ample breasts, leaving little to the imagination, including the hard tips of her nipples which jutted against the cotton, plainly visible. The bottom of the shirt hung down barely below her breasts, leaving her flat midriff bare.

From her excellent vantage point up on the stage, Anna looked down at the target she and another agent had been assigned to protect. Amongst the crowd of young men in the large bar was Ryan Thompson, son of presidential candidate and senator Richard Thompson. The eighteen year old was with a large group of his college mates who were all heavily inebriated and downing more beer as Anna watched on. Ryan was an average, perhaps slightly handsome looking young man, with a strong build and a dark tan. He obviously enjoyed the good times and was happily partying with his mates.

Anna's view was suddenly blocked by a gorgeous brunette with long straight hair walked back across Anna's field of vision from the front of the stage. The brunette was wearing a skimpy g-string and t-shirt combo much like Anna, but her shirt was soaking wet, the white material practically transparent and clinging to her ample tits.

"Give it up for our next contestant, Anna!" said the announcers voice over the loudspeaker. Anna found the spotlight suddenly directed straight onto her as a young man came towards her with two beer pitchers in his hands.

Anna didn't wait for the water however, she immediately ripped off her shirt, her large, gorgeous breasts bouncing free and causing the male crowd to roar their approval. The young man wasn't going to be thwarted in his duties however and as Anna got close he poured the two pitchers of water onto her bare chest.

Anna yelped as the cold water splashed over her torso, the chill immediately causing her nipples to harden. She laughed in surprise, kissed the man and then ran onto the center of the stage, her huge tits bouncing delightfully as she moved. The crowd ate up the appearance of this stunning, topless blonde, cheering ecstatically as she jiggled her way to the center of the stage. Anna, surprising herself with the way she was enjoying all the attention from the crowd of hormone-charged college boys, danced across the front of the stage, shaking her ample tits, rolling her hips and pelvis and really turning on the crowd. Anna slid her hands slowly and seductively up her sides, and up to cup her big tits, squeezing them together and pulling on her nipples. She then turned, her back to the crowd, proudly displaying her tight, round ass in the skimpy black g-string, to the delight of the cheering men. Anna leant forwards, showing off her ass to better effect and looked down and back through her long legs at the crowd.

Keeping them hot Anna then straightened up and arched back towards the crowd, letting the balance tip back as she fell backwards into the rising arms of the front few men in the crowd, stage diving as if she were at a rock concert. The men eagerly caught Anna and held her aloft, a couple of hands grabbing at her practically bare ass, pinching and groping. Anna let out a delighted squeal as a pair of hands reached up and squeezed her big tits, roughly mauling them as the sea of hands floated her body across the crowd. Anna surfed her way in a circuit around the front of the room, at one point even rolling onto her front. Swarms of hands groped at her body, pinching her nipples, rubbing her ass and crotch and mauling her big tits. When she was returned to the stage she was lucky to be still wearing her g-string.

Anna gave a quick glance over her shoulder as she strode off stage to check that Ryan Thompson was still in the crowd and watching the show eagerly. As she returned to her position at the corner of the stage another busty blonde swept past her to have her shirt drenched, she would have to put in a spectacular show to top Anna's performance.

"Now let's hear it for Dixie!" yelled the announcer, introducing the next busty blonde.

The buxom girl following Anna put in a courageous performance, also losing her top as she pranced about and shook her ample assets at the crowd. She even let a couple of guys in the front row have a feel of her big tits but did surf the crowd as Anna had. In the end that was what it came down to and come voting time Anna got the loud approval of the crowd and was announced the winner.

The water-boy from earlier on tucked Anna's prize money into the waistband of her g-string (coping a decent grope of her ass in the process) and she strode the stage in a victory parade, arms above her head and tits wobbling impressively.

As the contest wound up and the girls moved to the backstage area to get dressed Anna looked out into the crowd to see that Ryan and his friends were getting up to leave the bar.

"Don't let him go!" hissed a voice in her ear. Anna was wearing an earpiece that linked her up to her fellow secret agent who was stationed out the front of the bar.

"What?" whispered Anna in reply, one of her earrings was fitted with a microphone to relay her reply to her partner.

"I think the assassin is out here!" her partner told her, "Don't let Thompson leave the bar!"

"Roger that," replied Anna, stepping out into the bar, still topless, wearing only the g-string. As she made her way through the crowds more than a couple of drunk students groped her uncovered ass, and a few even grabbed her bare tits, giving them rough squeezes. Feeling rather manhandled and violated she finally made it to Ryan and his friends who were almost out the door.

"Well hello there beautiful!" said Ryan as Anna walked right up to him. His gaze was directed downwards at her bare tits.

"Hi there handsome," she replied, giving him her most seductive look.

"My name's Ryan," said the senators teenage son.

"Hi Ryan," said Anna, hesitating a moment as she thought of what to do. All the while Ryan's eyes were roaming her body, never actually looking her in the eye.

"We gotta get going Ryan," said one of his friends, "The car's about to go."

Ryan looked as though he was about to leave so Anna spoke up, "I've got something I need to show you backstage Ryan," she said, her voice a husky purr.

Ryan grinned, "Sure thing baby!" he turned to his mates, "I'll catchup with you guys later."

"Go Thompson!" yelled one of the guys as Anna took Ryan by the hand and led him towards the backstage area of the bar.

Once they got there Ryan's eyes almost popped out of his head as Anna led him into the bustle of beautiful women there, all in various states of undress. His gaze left Anna's body for the first time as he stared at the curvaceous brunette that had gone on just before Anna. She was completely naked and bending over sorting through her bag, her naked ass pointed straight at Ryan.

"Keep him inside, it's looking bad out here," said the voice in Anna's earpiece.

"So what did you want to show me?" Ryan asked, distracted as a red head in the corner peeled off her still wet t-shirt revealing a sizeable pair of jugs.

The question caught Anna a little by surprise as she was preoccupied by her partners voice in her earpiece. Doing the first thing she could think of Anna grabbed Ryan's hands and placed them on her massive naked breasts. Ryan froze for a moment in shock, his hands resting on Anna's ample tits. After a moment of shock he moaned softly and began to squeeze the delightfully large orbs of tit-flesh. Anna let the young man squeeze her breasts for a few moments, actually enjoying the sensations and letting out a soft moan herself. Ryan's fingers found her nipples, hard from the cold water poured on them earlier, not to mention Ryan's ministrations of her breasts. He pinched the hard buds between his fingers and tugged on them.

"I think they're getting worried," hissed the voice in her ear as Ryan shook her breasts by holding onto her nipples, causing the ample flesh to quiver and jiggle enticingly, "Whatever you have to do, keep him there!"

"As much as I'm enjoying this," said Ryan, his hands once again palming her big tits and squeezing them, "I think I'm gonna be stuck here if I don't leave soon. I don't suppose you want to come back to my place?"

Anna hesitated, desperately trying to think of a way to keep him. Then, acting before she had fully thought it through Anna dropped to her knees in front of the dazed college student and unbuckled his pants. Ryan swallowed as Anna pulled his boxers down and his thick cock popped free, fully erect and wavering just in front of Anna's face. Although Ryan Thompson was by no means a virgin, he had never come across such a bold female and was rather nervous.

Anna grasped his hard cock and brought it to her lips, kissing the head. She estimated his shaft as quite long, about 8 inches. Well above average, although in her line of work Anna had seen (and tasted) bigger. Ryan let out a low moan at the soft touch of her lips on his throbbing cock head.

"I think we'll just stay here," Anna said in her most sexy voice. She then bent forward and engulfed the top half of his cock in her mouth, immediately sucking heavily. Ryan's knees almost buckled as she swallowed his length in her hot, wet mouth.

"Holy fuck!" he breathed, his eyes rolling back as Anna began to bob her head up and down over his shaft. He looked across the room to see a few of the other girls giving them surprised stares, but given his dick was buried deep in this busty blonde's mouth he didn't really care. Ryan dropped a hand to the top of Anna's head to support himself, her head bobbing rapidly as she sucked in more and more of his length 'till she had almost taking all eight inches. Ryan groaned with pleasure as he felt the tight noose of her lips around the base of his shaft and Anna's nose touching his stomach.

Ryan grunted happily, thrust back a little again Anna's darting mouth. To his surprise the brunette that had gone on stage just before Anna came over to him.

"Hi there," said Ryan to the dark haired beauty, smiling nervously, Anna didn't cease her sucking the entire time.

"Hi big boy, my name's Karla, perhaps I can give you two a hand," said the brunette, Ryan's eye's once again bulged out as Karla tugged her shirt up over her head, revealing a juicy pair of well rounded C-cup tits. Karla's gorgeous face broke into an angelic smile then she too dropped to her knees in front of Ryan. The brunette briefly licked Ryan's testicles beneath Anna's bobbing head, causing the teenager to emit another loud groan, then she licked her way down the length of Anna's body. Karla's tongue made it's way to Anna's crotch where she tugged aside Anna's g-string and began to eat the busty blonde out.

"Hi there," said another voice, it appeared Karla was not the only one to notice Anna and Ryan going at it. Ryan looked up from the sight of Karla's tongue diving into Anna's cunt to see the busty blonde Dixie who had made such a valiant effort to top Anna's performance. Dixie gave Ryan a passionate kiss on the mouth, her tongue seeking his then dropped down to her knees on the other side of Anna and started to help the secret agent work his cock over, sucking one of his throbbing testicles into her mouth.

Her mouth still bobbing over Ryan Thompson's cock, Anna wasn't sure what to make of things. She had impulsively started giving the senators young son a blow job and had now been joined by another two of the wet t-shirt contestants, one of which was doing a fantastic job of eating her out and making her incredibly aroused.

Dixie slid her tongue up from Ryan's balls up along the underside of his shaft, feeling it twitch against her tongue. She gently pushed Anna aside and covered the throbbing cock head with her own mouth, sucking noisily as Anna in turn worked her mouth down to toy with Ryan's testicles, her tongue fluttering rapidly. Anna jerked her head back away from the teenagers loins as beneath her Karla's tongue plunged deep into her hot sex.

"Oh God yes!" moaned Anna, grinding her pussy down into Karla's face with mounting lust. Dixie's head was bobbing rapidly over young Ryan's cock, the teenager's hips pumping as he thrust back against her sucking mouth.

Anna leant in again, stealing the cock from Dixie's mouth and plunging it deep into her own throat. Anna kept swallowing till she was deep throating the young man's twitching cock, her nose pushed against his belly. Dixie rose up and started to passionately kiss Ryan, her tongue diving into his hungry mouth.

"Wow," breathed Ryan as Dixie broke off her kiss. His hands rose up to cup and squeeze the busty blondes ample tits, his thumbs rubbing across her hardened nipples as he kneaded the abundant flesh of the bountiful orbs. With one hand still working over Dixie's big tits he dropped a hand to the back of Anna's head and forced her to move faster and deeper on his thrusting cock, now practically face fucking the beautiful secret agent. Anna wasn't troubled by his roughness, Karla's tongue working her cunt over was too much of a distraction. She merely let the lustful teenager use her wet mouth for his pleasure.

When Ryan's hand left Anna's head to grope Dixie some more Anna pulled her sucking lips from the boys erection. Anna shuffled forwards a little, careful to stay in range of Karla's magical tongue as she wrapped her huge tits around Ryan's cock. Young Thompson moaned from within Dixie's cleavage where he had buried his face. Anna held her big breasts around his cock and jerked them up and down, stroking his hard cock with her cleavage. Ryan's hips started to pump as he fucked her expansive hooters, sliding his slick cock back and forth.

Then it happened, the son of Senator Thompson went suddenly stiff, muffling a loud groan by biting down on Dixie's vast right breast, and shooting his hot load between Anna's big tits. The young college student gasped and groaned, his cock twitching and spurting, cum squirting across Anna's deep cleavage and throat. Ryan lifted his head from Dixie's bosom and moaned loudly, Anna's head darting forward to capture his spurting cock between her lips as she sucked heavily, milking the last of his cum into her mouth.

Ryan moaned softly, his hips stopping pumping as Anna sucked gently on his spent manhood. Dixie pulled his face to hers and began to kiss him passionately, his hands rising to her breasts which he absently fondled while her tongue probed his mouth. As Anna sucked the teenagers softened cock, cleaning the last of his climax from the shaft, Karla moved out from under the busty blonde secret agent. Karla wrapped her arms around Anna and found her big tits, squeezing them gently as she pressed her own naked body against Anna's back.

"It's still not safe," came the voice in Anna's earpiece, taking her slightly by surprise, "They don't seem to be moving, can you keep Thompson in there a while longer."

Anna was startled to feel Ryan's cock twitch in her mouth. She increased the force of her suction and began to slowly bob her head, his penis amazingly starting to stiffen already.

Two minutes later, Ryan was again rock hard, his big cock stuffing Anna's mouth. Anna, horny as hell from Karla's skilled attentions stood up and pushed Dixie aside.

"You're mine big boy," she told him, wrapping a long leg around his waist and pulling him close as she lifted herself up and lowered herself onto his hard cock. Anna moaned as his thickness filled her cunt, she was super-sensitive after Karla's licking and almost came herself. Ryan joined Anna's groan with one of his own at the exquisite feeling of impaling the gorgeous blonde. He reached around and grabbed her by the ass, lifting both her feet off the ground and starting to fuck her standing up. Anna wrapped her other leg around the good looking teenager and bounced on his cock, taking his whole length deep inside her.

Beneath them both Karla and Dixie knelt down, their hot tongues flicking across Ryan's balls. Each time Anna bounced down Karla would give the underside of her pussy a lick, then her tongue would move back to Ryan's testicle. Dixie meanwhile had sucked one of his balls completely into her mouth and gave it her full attention.

"Ahhhh!" squealed Anna, grinding her cunt down onto Ryan's hardness as she came, her luscious body undulating as her climax gripper her body.

The two girls moved from beneath Ryan as Anna dismounted, lifting herself off Ryan's still hard cock.

Karla smiled at Ryan, "My turn again," she told the teenager. Ryan thought for a moment that she was going to mount him as well, but to his surprise she took Anna's hand and pulled the voluptuous blonde to the ground and sat on her face. Anna, still slightly dazed from the huge orgasm she had just experienced, instinctively began to eat out the beautiful brunette while Karla leant over and once again sucked on Anna's clit, driving the blonde wild.

Ryan, his eyes almost popping out of his head at the sight of the two striking women, 69ing right in front of him like some scene out of a porno, stood in a haze watching them.

"You gonna stand their watching or you gonna fuck me?" asked a voice. Ryan blinked in surprise, tearing his gaze from Anna and Karla to see Dixie on her hands and knees facing away from him, her lush pussy displayed between the cheeks of her ass pointed straight at him. The young student gave a moan and immediately dropped to his knees behind Dixie, grabbing hold of her hips and preparing to enter her doggy style. He wasn't sure what good deed he had done to deserve this sudden orgy, but whatever it was he thanked God.

"Ahh!" gasped Dixie as Ryan thrust into her from behind, his hard cock plunging deep. Both Ryan and Dixie had their eyes glued to Anna and Karla as they fucked. Ryan grunted and started slamming into Dixie hard and fast, the amazing sight before him, inciting his lust even further.

"Ok it's safe to come now," said the voice in Anna's earpiece. And cum she did. Anna moaned loudly, her hips bucking up off the ground into Karla's face as her second orgasm shot through her. Karla joined her, set off by the other woman's explosion she screamed with pleasure.

"Here it comes!" groaned Ryan, hammered his cock against Dixie's pussy, warning her of the impending explosion. His spurts deep with Dixie's cunt sent the busty blonde into an explosion of her own as all four members of the orgy were wrapped up into their orgasms.

"Well done Agent Hooters," Anna's partner spoke into her earpiece, "The senator's son is safe!"

Chapter One

Agent Hooters approached the bar where she was about to meet with Gary Baylor, an informant the Chief had sent her to meet. The place looked rather doubtful to say the least. Above the door was a neon sign displaying an amply endowed girl with flashing red lights for nipples.

"Sorry miss you can't come in," said the bouncer on the door as Anna tried to walk in.

"Excuse me?" she asked in surprise, looking up at the well muscled doorman. Anna couldn't remember ever getting denied entry at a club. With tits like hers most places welcomed her inside, well apart from one club where she had to suck the doorman's cock to get in, but that had been a restaurant belonging to a mobster.

"Sorry lady, this is a gentleman's club," the bouncer explained.

Anna raised an eyebrow and puffed out her substantial chest, displaying it to full effect in the tight fitting blouse she was wearing, "I'm sure the gentlemen will love me," she said, putting a sarcastic emphasis on the word gentle.

The man briefly eyed up her big tits and licked his lips, "Sorry you can't go in unless you're a guy or a waitress."

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