tagLoving WivesHigh School plus 20

High School plus 20


My wife has always been inclined to indulge my fantasies.......with limits of course. Remaining faithful to each other is tantamount. Where our comfort levels end is sometimes different, but we agree on the rules. No kissing others and nobody can touch her pussy or my package. Everything else is negotiable.

I have enjoyed all the crazy things my wife has done over the years. My fantasies often build on what she does. Some fantasies are merely a function of the right time and place, others can never happen. That doesn't mean that I can't enjoy imagining.

The hotel room has been reserved, the kids are taken care of, and we have the next day free and clear. In short, there is nothing that can prove a hindrance. Just the act of making the arrangements is exciting and both of us are feeling it as we are getting ready for tonight.

I did not attend her school, so with the exception of a few of her coworkers, I know nobody. At least I have never met them. She has told me about her old boyfriends and all the trouble they got into. It was all fairly mild though. There is one boyfriend in particular that she has kept in periodic contact with over the years. He has been divorced for a few years. About one month before the reunion she confirmed he was going to be here tonight. We have been planning ever since.

There is the mingling beforehand. I will dutifully stand beside her, shake a few hands, exchange pleasantries, and endure endless sneaky variations of 'how much money do you make'. Afterwards there will be the meal. Usually it's overdone prime rib and mixed vegetables. Then the dancing. That is when I am to fade into the background......and watch.

We finally check in. The 'hostess' apparently remembered my wife judging from the catty tone in her voice. Perhaps it is deserved. I am the first to admit that I am lucky to have her. She is beautiful, smart, and looks like a sack full of cats headed for the river in the dress I bought her. It's a standard little black dress, with black nylons and heels. What can I say, I have a weakness for the classics.

I am not going to bore you with the details of everyone we met. Truthfully, I can't recall them. In between conversations, I had my wife remind me about what had transpired between her and Cam. They had gone on a few dates in their senior year. They got along famously, meaning that they both knew how to 'turn each others crank' as my wife put it.

There was never much of an emotional attachment between the two. Different interests, life goals, desire for a family, etc. had them realizing early on that they could never be a match. There was never any resentment or regret when they both moved on to others. Still, there was always that a physical attraction between them that kept them friends. I know it sounds screwy, but it's true.

During high school the furthest they ever got was at a football pep-rally that was held at a local park. A lot of couples starting separating off after a while. They made a three block walk in the dark to the playground equipment on the other side of the park. They kissed a lot, and eventually ended atop a slide. It was one of those ones surrounded by a large plastic cube. He managed to get he shirt off and suck on her tits. The next they they split.

About three years later they bumped into each other. He was going to the University about 100 miles north of where they grew up. She was there for work-related training. They met for dinner then went back to his apartment. They made out for a long time and both ended up naked. Both knew they didn't want to get any kind of emotional attachments forming so their solution was for him to squeeze her tits while she gave him a hand job. Again, I know this makes no sense but that was her version of events.

Eventually we found Cam. The social hour was winding down, so we decided to just enjoy dinner together. I took this time to talk to Cam to basically confirm my wife's version of events. It was a delicate procedure. After all you can't blurt out certain questions in front of the other 7 diners. "Hey Cam, is it true that you sucked on my wife's tits back in high school", and "She told me that you two hooked up a few years later and all you got out of it was a hand job".

Through the course of the meal, my wife's story checked out and was backed up by one of the other diners who was listening in on our conversation. Normally I like people to mind their own damned business, but I welcomed this interruption.

The dancing finally started, but my wife needed to use the restroom first. That left Cam and I alone. Good thing too. We needed to have a talk. Mainly, it was me figuring out how to lay it out for Cam.

I first made sure he was not holding an old flame for my wife. He laughed a bit and assured me that he didn't. They were just kids having fun. Tonight was a blast, but people change in 20 years. He had a new girlfriend since he got divorced, but she didn't feel like attending. He applauded me for subjecting myself to the very boredom his girlfriend wished to avoid. He also told me that in his brief chats with my wife that she was blissfully happy with me. That felt good to hear, especially given what I was about to propose to Cam.

My wife and I had laid a framework for her and Cam to have fun with each other. She was not sure if he would be receptive to such an offer. I told her that she should take a while going to the bathroom. If I stood up when she came back it was because Cam was not going to play along. That way we could just keep walking and leave. If I was still sitting when she came back, then Cam was willing to play.

I didn't know a subtle way of asking, so I just blurted it out. I told Cam that she wanted to have some naughty fun with him tonight. He wanted to know exactly what I meant. So I put it to him in the simplest of terms. My wife is wearing a thong. As long as it stays on (and isn't moved to the side....that would be breaking the rules) they were free to do whatever they wished. He looked at me stunned. The answer was long in coming. But when my wife returned to the table, I was still sitting next to Cam.

She sat in the chair on the other side of Cam. After she sat, she leaned against him while putting her arm over his shoulder saying, "so we are going to play"?

They both looked at me, and I gave them a thumbs up. "Let's dance then" said my wife as she stood up and took Cam by the hand and led him out to the dance floor.

There was two 80's vintage dance numbers that saw them just dancing and laughing a little bit. No doubt reliving memories of dances past. The third number was the invariable slow number that found the couples pressing against each other and slowly shuffling side to side. My wife and Can started to dance like the others, but both laughed at each other. Cam pointed towards an exit and with a quick wave from my wife they were gone.

It was easy to sit there and not be noticed. It was dark, and everybody who wasn't dancing had either split off into groups to keep talking or had simply left. After about thirty minutes they emerged through the door and started working their way towards where I was sitting. Cam pointed to the men's room. My immediate thought was 'you gotta be fucking kidding' but he went towards it alone as my wife continued towards me.

She sat down with a bit of a flourish exclaiming, 'you'll never guess what happened'. While we waited for Cam she filled me in on what happened. They went outside to 'talk' and Cam started asking about our arrangement. She explained that we like to play games to provide occasional spice. She reiterated that we were an unbreakable couple explaining that, "she has had many playmates, but just one soul-mate". She quickly reviewed the rules; no kissing, panties stay in place. Then cam just nodded quizzically and said 'OK'.

The started to hug and then nuzzle (a rule violation, but I was willing to let it go). Cam then asked, "I know you're wearing panties, but what about a bra?"

They were alone but my wife led Cam to a more secluded and darker area while saying, "let's find out".

When they got there, she started the quest off my reaching back and undoing the top button on her dress. She turned her back towards Cam in order that he could continue the quest. He undid most of the buttons then reached his hands around her exposed back. He found her tits and started caressing them slowly. He pinched her nipples a few times then started rubbing and squeezing her tits.

Cam was now a believer apparently. My wife had thought it would not have gone as far as it had. Three weeks ago she told me that Cam wouldn't play along. She was wearing the dress when she told me that. I told her that she shouldn't be so sure. Neither was sure what was next. My wife had Cam button her up and they came back in.

I asked my wife, "so what now?"

By the time Cam returned, I had my answer. "Let's all go back to the room". Cam looked at me and I shrugged.

I stammered, "Sure, why not".

When we got back to the room my wife directed me to the couch while she and Cam stood in front of me. She spoke while Cam and I listened. I would watch everything they would do. As soon any of us feel things should stop then we stop. Cam would leave and that is the end of it. We all agreed. She had one request of me though. "Can Cam and I kiss?". Before I could answer she continued, "There is no chance of it leading to emotional involvement. It just that it might seem weird if we don't".

Cam reassured me that when he leaves that will be it. What the hell I figured. "Go ahead then, just this once. Remember the panties stay on". She and Cam agreed and they commenced.

The immediately started kissing and playing grab-ass with each other. Having already squeezed her tits, Cam started for the buttons. My wife insisted on undoing them this time. Instead of having the top draped around her waist, she instead opted to take off the dress and kick off her shoes. Then she told Cam to undress.

He quickly stripped down to his underwear and nothing else. He then started to reach for my wife who stopped him by saying, "All of it. I have to keep mine on but you don't".

I realized that we hadn't spelled that out and shrugged my shoulders as a tacit agreement. They resumed their groping. It was all rather.....routine. After perhaps 15 seconds of kissing, he went straight for her tits. My wife made some comment to the effect 'just like at the playground'. He sucked on them for about 4 or 5 minutes. For a while she was digging it but seemed to get bored when he didn't mix it up.

He was rock solid at this point. She reached down and gave him a couple of slow strokes. She eased him into a chair about three feet behind him. She steered him into a reclining position. She turned to me and ordered me to take off my clothes. I wasn't sure what she was up to, but readily complied.

While I was undressing, she knelt to his left and stroked him with her right hand. She told Cam that he should squeeze her tits. She knew that he really liked that. After I undressed, she had me stand beside Cam's chair and started to suck me. I was hard in not time at all. All the while she kept the stroking going on Cam.

She pulled back after a moment and leaned towards Cam's cock. I was sure that she wasn't going to start gulping it. She had been pooling saliva and put it into her palm and started stroking Cam. The greatly enhanced lubrication immediately got a reaction from Cam. She again put her face in front of my cock and sucked me a few times. Again she pulled back and exclaimed, "Whoever cums first leaves".

Cam and I both looked startled as she went to work on both of us. There was one thing she had never told me about Cam. Between his grabbing her tits, getting jacked off, and seeing her blow another guy, it was more than he could handle. Just as I was beginning to calm down from her shocking pronouncement, and settle in for an old-school blow job. Cam couldn't wait any longer. He shot out two or three strings of cum. She had anticipated such an event since it landed harmlessly on his chest and stomach.

She stood up abruptly. She wandered off into the bathroom and returned with a towel. She wiped Cam off and explained, "time to go".

Cam agreed and thanked both of us profusely. He tried to kiss her, but she turned saying "just the cheek".

As Cam dressed, my wife sat me down saying, "I'll get back to you in a minute. Stay hard for me honey." She faced Cam, reached for her panties and peeled them off. She put a leg up on the chair and began to finger herself. I guess it was her was of letting Cam know just what he had missed out on.

Cam finished dressing and my wife followed him to the door as they made their good-byes. They both agreed to be at the next reunion and parted as friends. To this day it is still something I can't believe.

She returned to me and told me to lay on back. She immediately straddled me, and took my entire length in one stroke. The rest is kind of hazy.

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