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She was always so prim and proper and though never one to unduly criticize she'd turn her head in shock when others talked of the way some slut came on to a boyfriend or brother of theirs. With her you had to have manners and you were expected to actually take her out on dates if you wanted to spend time with her. Not one of these spur of the moment dates, no, it was to be a formal date, set at least several days in advance.

If a guy didn't understand her way she'd be the first to correct him, and she was known to have spurned some incredible guys who tried to shortcut some of the ritual. The first date, normally a nice dinner and a show, might lead to heartfelt conversation and either a quick kiss on the cheek or perhaps the gentlest touch of lip to lip, but nothing more. A whispered, "Goodbye, may I call you?" seemed to be the preferred response.

A second date might be granted following a positive first date and as long as a polite and formal request followed in a comfortable amount of time. An afternoon outing capped off with dinner was a wise approach to the second date, the additional time together in the afternoon combined with polite conversation might lead to a bit more than holding hands. Perhaps a stolen kiss at the appropriate time would be welcomed, a light embrace, the touch of fingertips to her face and if done reverently, a touch to her neck. If all went well then as the date ended, her lips might part inviting a tongue the slightest entry into her mouth.

If she received flowers or a card after a second date and a timely request earnestly followed she might accept a request for a third date. It would begin with dinner followed by a proper, but often hasty retreat usually to a hotel room. Once inside, she'd quickly maneuver into the bathroom where she'd allow herself the appropriate time to undress and then, if the lights were out, she quickly move naked into the bed.

The first time she made love it was missionary so she'd lean back, and after some kissing, fondling with hands and perhaps some kissing of her breasts, she reach down, touch her lover's cock for the first time and guide it into her pussy. Too demure to let a man please her too much that first time, and realizing what affect she had on them, she'd watch the man slowly lose himself in her, finally panting and moaning as they came inside her. It was especially pleasing to her to feel how the once hard, proud cock would slip helplessly flaccid from her.

A fourth date was usually a room service dinner followed by her undressing in front of her lover. Once naked she might get up on hand's and knees and let him take her from behind, or perhaps it was missionary again, but with the lights on. This time, she'd touch his cock with her hands, stroking it some while perhaps letting him push a finger into her. If the man could hold off his orgasm, she'd let herself go, actually letting the sensation of her lover's body take her, momentarily, away from her prim and proper world into the wet, urgent one of ecstasy.

Another date then meant oral sex, where she would throw off her inhibitions and open her legs to his face, his mouth and his tongue. She'd let him taste her pussy, let his tongue open her lips and let his lips suck in her clit as she'd grind against his face in a most unladylike fashion. As she came she'd moan loudly perhaps even calling out his name. When finished, she'd regain her composure and let him either fuck her, or she would take him into her mouth. She would stroke the shaft with her fingers and hand and suck on the head. He could come in her mouth, but she quickly jumped up and spit it into the sink. Swallowing might come later.

Everyone agreed she was a complete lady, and though she was perhaps demanding, they realized this was the way a modern, cultured and civilized woman should approach a relationship. At first they didn't see the lesions, she properly covered them with makeup, later scarves helped as did a daily barrage of pills. She battled it valiantly, just as they thought she would, as a strong, modern and discerning woman was expected to fight.

By the end "they" were gone and she was forgotten. It wasn't a prim and proper way to die. At her last breath it was one of "those sluts" who used to throw themselves at the men, who held her hand.


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