tagErotic PoetryHighschool Sweetheart!

Highschool Sweetheart!

byUncle Pervey©

My highschool Sweetheart was the first one for me,
And her pussy was the first one I ate.
I nuzzled in and began licking her clit,
And before too long, I thought it was great!

She spread her legs apart to make it easy,
And she lifted her middle, for my lips.
I began to lick and tongue-fuck her pussy,
While I held each luscious cheek of her hips!

I ate her til her cum-juice was flowing,
And I slurped, and swallowed, every sweet drop.
I licked her pussy dry of all it's juices,
And kept licking til, she begged me to stop!

Then I trailed my tongue up to her scrumptious breasts,
And I sucked each nipple with pure delight!
I sucked each nipple til it got long and hard,
Then I shoved my cock in and out of sight!

The sex the first time for me was greased lightning,
And in no time my hot cum was squirting.
My orgasm felt so good I was moaning,
And I filled her hole with my hot spurting!

I talked my Sweetheart into turning over,
Because I wanted to check out her ass.
Her ass was absolute perfection to me,
And I knew right then, I wanted her "Brass!"

I put a rolled up pillow under her hips,
And this raised her ass up just right for me.
I began licking and sucking both her cheeks,
And then I spread her cheeks apart to see!

I saw the "Glory" of her Rose-bud flower,
And it was a lovely, bewitching sight!
It was tightly squeezed together like a bud,
And I wanted to possess it, all night!

My Sweetheart moaned as I began my licking,
And I moved slowly down in her sweet crack.
I licked and sucked her skin from top to bottom,
Then I covered her sweet hole for a snack!

I licked the outside of her hole all over,
And then I slowly wormed my tongue inside.
I kept licking and sucking on her anus,
Until her hole was swelled and pooched out wide!

By now my cock was swollen and tingling,
And I slid my body up and on her back.
As I began kissing and licking her neck,
I felt my cock sliding into her crack!

Everything from that point on was like magic,
And my inflamed cock found her tender hole.
I pressed and felt my cock ben, then slide inside,
And I tried to shove it clean to her soul!

When I had it in as far as it would go,
The heat of her inflamed hole lit my fire!
I began pumping in and out with slow strokes,
And it's friction, and heat, made me higher!

The joy I felt from my orgasmic cumming,
Fractured my mind into bursting white light!
My hot creamy cum kept spurting in her hole,
And I made love to my Sweetheart, all night!!

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