tagIncest/TabooHilda & Reynard

Hilda & Reynard


My name is Hilda. My husband Reynard and I are of Scandinavian descent, and we live in British Columbia, Canada. I'm 51 and Reynard is seven years older. We have been happily married for 32 years and for the past two years we have enjoyed our sex life more than even when we were in our twenties. I want to tell you about the changes, which have occurred in our lives, which led to such sexual fulfillment in our later years.

Even though I have always been complemented on being pretty, even since I was a young girl, I have put on some weight. After having two daughters, the youngest which is in college in Calgary, I'm what you might call full figured, at about 5 feet 5 inches and 145 pounds. Nothing is really obese on my body, but over the years I have developed a soft stomach and put on some extra inches on my thighs and buttocks. I am fair skinned and have my sandy blond hair cut in a bowl style.

Three years ago, because of Reynard's dwindling sexual interest in me, I started to become quite self conscious about my body and was always wondering if I was still sexually attractive to him. I still craved sexual fulfillment, but to make excuses, I just accepted the fact that old age had crept up on him and this is what every one our age had to face. I had turned to masturbation in an attempt to fulfill my desires, and would usually fantasize about some young man I had seen in the market, or at the lake.

Even though I knew that I still had a pretty face, perhaps my best assets have always been my breasts, which Reynard tells me are very sexy. For example, if he happened to be in the bathroom when I got out of the shower, as I was drying off in front of the mirror he would sometimes come up behind me and cup my large breasts, lifting them as if he wanted to feel their weight. He would tweak my thick nipples a few times. This feels very good to me, and even though he would compliment me on my breasts, it usually never led to anything. That's why I had lost confidence in my ability to stimulate my husband. I even wondered if other men might view me as old and worn out, and undesirable.

Our lives had grown mundane, and in the evenings we would lounge around, he in his pajamas and me in my night gown, and just watch TV until we fell asleep; pretty boring stuff.

One summer evening, as we were watching TV, there was a knock at the door. Reynard got up to answer it. It turned out to be his sister Gretta's youngest son Rolf. Gretta's husband had died the year before and she moved back to Scandinavia to live. Rolf had decided to stay in school and had just graduated in the Spring from the same college our youngest daughter was attending. He was on his way to Banff where he was going to go to work for the park service. Reynard invited him in.

Since I was dressed only in my night gown I looked at Reynard to see if he wanted me to go to the bedroom and put on a robe to cover myself. To my surprise he shook his head no.

"Why don't you go get Rolf a cold beer while I pour myself a brandy," Reynard ask me. As he and our nephew Rolf sat down on the sofa, I got up and went into the kitchen. I have to admit I was a little embarrassed since I was so scantily dressed. It could feel Rolf's eyes burning through me as I made my way past him to the kitchen. As was my custom around the house in the late evening, I was not wearing a bra or panties under my night gown, so my heavy pendulous breasts swayed freely as I walked. I was also certain that my dark triangular pubic bush was detectable through the sheer satin gown. Also, the static electricity buildup, as I walked on the carpet, caused the thin material to cling to my body. It stuck to me, clearly outlining my naked breasts, thighs and buttocks as I walked.

Once in the kitchen, I poured myself a full glass of red wine, took a big swig of it, then refilled my glass. I was somewhat excited that our good looking young nephew had seen his auntie in such a compromising state of undress, and that Reynard seemed to encourage it.

When I returned to the parlor with the beer for Rolf, I momentarily stood in front of the TV as I handed it to him. I could tell my figure must have been silhouetted through my gown, because both men just stared at me. I quickly moved over to the oversized chair across from the sofa and curled up.

As we all chatted and relaxed with the drinks, it seems Rolf needed a place to stay for a few days until he could find an apartment in Banff, which was about a 45 minute drive west of us. Reynard invited him to stay with us, to which he readily agreed, since he didn't have much money saved up. We talked and laughed and continued drinking for another two hours. During that time I would get up and get some snacks or more beer for Rolf and each time I bent over to set it on the coffee table, my gown would fall open at the neck. I'm sure my large breasts and nipples were visible to Rolf and Reynard both.

The wine was having quite an effect on me to the point where I even allowed the guys to look up my nightie each time as I purposely opened my thighs as I got up or sat down. It was making me quite horny and moist in my pussy. I also noticed that there was quite a bulge in Reynard's pajamas, as it seemed my little stint at exposing myself was having quite an effect on him. To my delight, Rolf was being affected as well, because I could see the leg of his shorts was tented as well. Additionally, he hardly ever took his eyes off of me, making me feel as if I was naked.

After several more beers and brandy, and another glass of wine for me, we all went to bed. My head was spinning with the wine when Reynard slipped between the sheets next to me. I was ashamed at what I had done in front of Rolf, and turned my back to Reynard. Once he was situated he reached out and started to fondle my breasts. It felt very good. I reached back and brushed my hand against his groin and detected he still had a very stiff erection. I sensed he was ready for sex, so I rolled over and pulled my gown up. He quickly mounted me and slid his hard penis into my well lubricated vagina. He sucked on my breasts as he penetrated me rough and hard.

"You bitch," he said. "You like to act like a whore in front of our nephew, huh?" he asked as he continued to thrust violently in and out of my pussy. I had never heard him talk to me like this before, and I found it quite stimulating. "Do you like the feeling of my hard dick in your cunt, you slut?" he asked. As my orgasm neared I hoarsely whispered "Yes. Fuck me hard."

I couldn't believe I was answering him back with the same kind of vulgar language, but it made it all the more exciting. "Would you also like to feel Rolf's hard dick inside of you," he asked as my orgasm began to wash over my quivering body?

"Yes, yes, yes, I'm cumming", I squealed, trying to be quiet lest Rolf hear us making love. Reynard thrust hard and deep as he too began to orgasm, ejaculating deep inside my pussy. The thought of exposing myself to our nephew in front of my husband, along with the dirty language, had sent us over the edge and had produced a numbing orgasm for both of us. This was the best fuck we had ever had since I could remember.

When Reynard was through he rolled over and immediately went to sleep. I lay there, Reynard's sperm running down my well fucked vaginal slit and onto the sheets. I kept thinking about how long it had been since we had experienced such good sex. Even though I was now slightly ashamed about how I had exposed myself to our young nephew, and about how Reynard had talked dirty to me, I realized we had both discovered a way to add spice to our almost defunct sexual life.

The next day was Saturday and I got up and fixed a big breakfast for Reynard and Rolf. I decided to wear a matching robe over my gown, which still left my full figure accentuated, but more fully covered. Rolf never indicated that anything was wrong from the night before as he wolfed down his breakfast. I noticed that he did keep his eyes on me most of the time, which gave me a good feeling about myself. Maybe Rolf did find me sexually attractive. Reynard announced that we were going to go swimming at the nearby lake that afternoon, because it was quite warm. Since Rolf had not brought a swimming suit with him, Reynard volunteered to go to the store and buy him one. He also told me he would get me a new bathing suit.

Reynard got dressed and left to go to the store, while Rolf volunteered to stay behind to help me clean up the kitchen. With both of us working together we finished soon. I told Rolf I was going to go take a shower and get dressed. He said he was going to watch TV. I went to my bedroom and closed the door, but left it slightly ajar, as a temptation for Rolf to spy on me. I put a sock on the floor next to the door so that it would be moved if someone came in while I was showering. I also left the bathroom door cracked open about an inch, hoping that Rolf would find me attractive enough to sneak into my bedroom and peek on me as I showered.

My pussy began to get wet as I undressed and stepped into the shower stall, fantasizing about my nephew spying out my nakedness. We have a clear shower door, so my naked body would be clearly visible if Rolf wanted to peek. As the steam from the water began to fog the glass shower door, I made sure to splash water on it to keep it as clear as possible. I stood with my back to the warm running water, enjoying the feeling of the soothing spray running down my back, between the crack of my ass, and over my breasts. I took the bar of soap and began to lather up my heavy breasts, paying particular attention to the sensitive nipples. I lifted each full melon sized globe, cupping them in one hand while rubbing the soap over them with the other, squeezing my nipples, then allowing them to fall heavily from my hand. Nursing my children had caused my nipples to be stretched and my breasts to grow quite heavy and they now hung nearly all the way down to my soft belly. I couldn't help but wonder if Rolf was secretly spying on me as I continued to caress my body. As I rinsed off I allowed my fingers to slip through my thick tangle of pubic hair and begin to fondle my swollen vulva as my other hand tweaked my enlarged nipples. I pinched the sheathed folds of skin which covered my now erect clitoris. I was now very close to an orgasm as I imagined Rolf standing outside my bathroom door and stroking his big fat erection as he watch his auntie masturbating herself in the shower. With a whimper of delight I brought myself to a very satisfying orgasm.

I finally recovered enough to turn off the water and stepped out of the shower and begin drying off. I silently wondered if Rolf had come into my bedroom and peeked in on me while I was in the shower. With great anticipation I opened the bathroom door and peered into the bedroom. My knees nearly buckled as I looked across the room and saw that the sock had been moved a good foot and a half from the closed bedroom door. That was evidence enough that Rolf had been in my bedroom while I was showering, and that he did find me attractive. It made me feel very good about my body and my sexuality. On top of that, Reynard was now acting much different toward me, and seemed to be enjoying himself also.

After getting dressed I went back into the parlor and Rolf was on the sofa watching TV. He acted as if nothing was wrong, which as far as I was concerned was correct. When Reynard got home he ask me to come into the bedroom.

"I want to show you the new bathing suit I bought for you," he said. "Is it a two piece or a one piece," I asked? I did not believe I had the body for a two piece, but sure enough that is exactly what Reynard bought for me, a solid white two piece with red trim. "Try it on for me," he asked. Just by looking at it I could tell it was too small. But nevertheless, to make him happy, I went into the bathroom and stripped down to try on the suit. As I looked at my reflection in the mirror I realized that I did have some good qualities, so I went ahead and slipped the bottom on. It rode up between my ass cheeks, but the thing I noticed first was how it allowed my ample pubic bush to stick out of the sides, and did not cover the growth that extended partly down each inner thigh. When I put the top on, it barely concealed by dark brown aureoles, and much of my naked breasts overflowed the D sized cups, producing a deep cleavage. I told Reynard to come in as I stood in front of the mirror.

I was embarrassed and had no intention of wearing this suit to the lake, but Reynard loved it. "You look gorgeous," he swooned, as he came up behind me, put his arms around my waist and started kissing my neck as he admired my reflection in the mirror. "But look how my breasts overflow the cups and look down here where my pubic hair sticks out on the side," I argued. "You don't want me parading around in front of Rolf like this, do you," I asked?

Quickly I reflected back on what had taken place the night before, how I had exposed myself to Rolf in front of my husband. The effect on Reynard resulted in magnificent sex, and he now began to appear very excited at the thought of me exposing myself again in this scanty bathing suit. "Yes, I do want you to wear it in front of Rolf," he said. "And don't act like anything is out of the ordinary, and don't keep pulling on it to try and stretch it over your body. I want to see what his reaction is going to be. He's a big boy now, so he can handle it himself. Beside, it makes me proud and excited just thinking about another man looking at you and lusting after you," he said. He then took my hand and placed it on his penis which had now swelled into a full erection. He started kissing me on the neck as he reached around and cupped my heavy breasts. We then lay down on the bathroom floor and Reynard pulled my suit down and fucked me good. I fantasized that it was Rolf fucking me as my husband came to a quick orgasm.

It was very exciting to be taken like that on the spur of the moment. I'm sure Reynard was excited about the thought of me exposing most of my naked body to young Rolf at the lake. I quietly resigned myself to the fact I was going to wear the suit. Whatever pleased Reynard, as long as it made him so sexually active, it was all right by me. Besides, I was a little intrigued by the idea myself as I thought back to the knowledge I had about Rolf spying on me in the shower. He certainly must be interested as well.

The drive to the lake was quite pleasant, and Reynard selected our favorite spot, which was well secluded from the usual public areas. I was wearing a floral print sun dress over my suit, so Rolf had no idea what I had on underneath. I had decided not to clean my pussy after Reynard deposited his full load of sperm, and I could feel it oozing out and creating a damp spot between my legs.

Once we parked the car, the men ran off and jumped into the lake. I got out and brought the ice chest with the beer and wine and set up the umbrella and chairs. By the time they got back, everything was arranged and it was now time for me to take off my dress. As Rolf and Reynard were drying off I glanced at Reynard to see what his reaction would be as I began unbuttoning the dress. He smiled and winked at me as I slowly unbuttoned each button. I could not help glancing at Rolf who was stealing a peek at me as he continued to dry off his already dry body.

Just as I finished unbuttoning the last button at my waist, Reynard broke the awkward silence by suggesting to Rolf that they drink a cold beer. Rolf agreed as I allowed the sun dress to fall down around my ankles. When I stepped out of the dress I glanced up and saw Reynard and Rolf both looking at me very intently. As I bent over to pick up my dress, one of my heavy breasts fell out of the undersized cup of my top, hanging low and heavy. I'm sure Rolf and Reynard both got an eyeful. I acted as if nothing was out of the ordinary as I lifted my breast and pushed it back inside the bra cup and sat down in one of the beach chairs.

"Reynard, why don't you pour me a glass of wine?" I said, as I reached into my bag and pulled out a tube of suntan lotion. Reynard handed me a glass of white wine, which I downed with one gulp, and both he and Rolf settled back in their chairs with a beer and began watching me as I rubbed the suntan lotion on my body.

I began by rubbing my feet and ankles first. I was very proud to have such thin ankles and still shapely calves, and smooth, well-defined knees. As I rubbed the lotion on my lower legs I glanced up to see that both men were eyeing me discreetly. As I moved up my calves I finally reached my thighs. Now was the moment of truth. I paused as the guys drained their cans of ale and reached for another. As Reynard idly chatted about how hot it was, I placed one of my heels on the edge of the chair which gapped my legs open, and began rubbing lotion on my inner thighs. As I looked down I could see the pubic hair which grew along my goin area along with several thick tufts of hair poking outside of my suit. The dark hair contrasted distinctly with the pale white flesh of my inner thighs. I'm sure Rolf and Reynard could see it too since I was sitting directly across from both of them, just a few feet away. I could also clearly see the wet spot on the thin material covering my crotch which was caused by a combination of Reynard's sperm, which continued to ooze from my vaginal slit, and my own natural lubrication which was now flowing freely.

I acted oblivious to my exposed pubic hair and continued to rub on the lotion. After giving them a good look at my vulva, which was clearly outlined against the thin material of the suit, I then turned my attention to my breasts. I squeezed a good amount of the white cream on my palms and began rubbing the exposed skin of my large pale white breasts, allowing my fingers to work down slightly inside the cups, caressing my aureoles and nipples. This caused my nipples to harden and become quite turgid. They poked against the thin fabric of my white bathing suit like two large marbles.

By now the bathing suits of both men were clearly tented. I just lay back and closed my eyes allowing them to feast their own eyes on my nearly naked body. Needless to say I was quite aroused.

That night, when we had returned to the house, Reynard and I had another fantastic fuck session. As I lay on his arm, him caressing my breasts, he admitted about how very excited he was by the effect I was having on Rolf. "You are making him crazy with lust," he said. "Why don't we arrange for him to see us fuck," he suggested. I have to admit I was excited about the thought of Rolf secretly watching us make love, but I had another idea. It was taking a chance, but I felt that now was the time to see if Reynard would be willing to allow me to fulfill a special fantasy.

"I have something I want to ask you," I said. "What," he asked? "How would you like to secretly watch me and Rolf fucking each other," I asked? I was shocked at the sound of my voice and my choice of words. Who was this strange woman who had just ask her husband if she could commit adultery in front of him?

"I'd like that," he responded. I couldn't believe my ears. He had agreed. "How would you arrange it," he asked? I hadn't thought about it that far, so I said, "I don't know. What do you have in mind?"

"Why don't I plan to leave the house tomorrow evening, as if I have to go to the office for something. I'll tell you, in front of Rolf, that I will call you when I'm coming home so you can have dinner ready," he said. "That will give you a chance to lure Rolf into our bedroom and seduce him. Meanwhile, I'll park around the block and walk back and secretly wait until your bathroom light comes on. That's the signal for me to sneak back into the house and peek through the bedroom door and watch you two fuck as I masturbate."

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