tagCelebrities & Fan FictionHillary and Condi

Hillary and Condi


A lot of people on the right, when they discuss Hilary Rodham Clinton, invariably bring her physical characteristics into it. Because they disagree with her, they think she is ugly. And she has "cankles."

Well, I don't think so. I think she's hot, actually. But I have a think for bitches. In my mind, she is Queen Bitch. That makes her even hotter.

There has been talk about her lack of sexual desire, perhaps including lesbian undertones. She is either asexual, or just frigid, or a lesbian. Or maybe she's an alien who doesn't quite get human sexuality.

I see in her, I'm sure, what Bill saw in her: a Challenge. The ultimate challenge. I'm sure that when he finally broke her down, you couldn't pry her mouth off of the gubernatorial cock.

But I see her, and I just want to fuck her. I want to grab her head, and fuck her mouth until I cum all over her face. I want to turn her over, grab her hips, pull down her pants, and fuck her in her tight ass until she screams for affordable healthcare. I want to bang her and bang her, all night, and make her wish she liked sex. Or sex with men. Although I would love to see her with another woman, going at it. 69ing. Oh, yeah. The ultimate threesome: Hilary, Condi, and me. They could take turns sitting on my face, and then sucking my cock.

Unless she really is an alien, in which case I want to steer clear of her head, because her race has the habit of eating the male they mate with, like a preying mantis. But man, what a ride that would be.

I'd deliver food to them, in their hotel. Security checks me out, then lets me through. For some reason, they are staying in adjoining rooms. They are sharing a pizza. They were working together since Hilary was going to take over Condi's job.

I knock on the door, and they are both in their pajamas. They let me in. I set up for them, and instead of paying me, Hilary turns to Condi and says, "Rice, take care of the tip." Condi gives Hil a dirty look out of the corner of her eye, then sinks to her knees in front of me. With Hilary watching, Condi opens up my pants, and removes my cock. I am in too much shock to have a hard on, but as soon as she puts her lips on me, which are surprisingly warm, my cock starts to grow in her mouth. She blows me like a champ, taking my entire length into her mouth. She massages my balls with one hand, and grips my ass with the other.

Hilary sits on the edge of the bed, and takes her pj bottoms off. She has one very furry bush. It looks like a squirrel. She starts to play with herself as she watches, and that makes me even harder, close to cumming. Suddenly Hilary says, "Come here and eat me, eat me now!"

I turn to go to her and get on my knees, and am surprised to see Condi in front of me, already down in position to eat Hilary's hairy pussy. But Condi is on her knees, and her firm little ass is up in the air. While she is eating Hilary's pussy, she lets me take off her pajama bottoms, exposing her bony ebony ass. I kneel down, and stick my tongue in her ass crack, and then in her tight little ass. I lick her ass, and bend down further and lick her pussy too. In contrast to Hilary's jungle land, Condi is trimmed very nicely, almost hairless, except for a thin rectangle just above her pussy.

I bury my face deep in Condi's dark, wet pussy. She is moaning in pleasure, her voice muffled because her face is buried deep into Hilary's dark, wet pussy. I pull my head back, and I am right at her asshole. It is a tight little bud, dark pink, staring back at me. I rim her ass and stick my tongue in it while I finger fuck her, getting her pussy juice everywhere.

I then get up straight and get in position, and get my cock inside her hot little pussy. I bang her for all she is worth, grabbing onto her ass cheeks like they are parallel bars--and I'm a gymnast. I plow deep into her, pulling her back and pushing her forward.

This in turn causes her to pull back and push forward with her face on Hilary's pussy. This is causing Hilary to start cumming, and she grabs Condi's head as she looks down, and grinds against her. Hilary looks at me while I am fucking Condi, and suddenly we become in tune. Hilary yells out, "We need a bipartisan effort!" She is pumping Condi's face, and I am pumping her pussy. It seems as though we are connected, with this person between us. We lock eyes, and continue to do what we are doing, but looking at each other. We pump in unison, and soon we are going faster and faster.

Condaleeza is a helpless pawn between us as Hilary and I cum together, lovingly, with Condi between us. She has Condi by the back of her head, her legs up in the air, pushing Condi's face into her cunt. Meanwhile, I have a deathgrip on Condi's ass, as my hard cock throbs and pours gobs of hot white cum inside her. Condi is sobbing.

Hilary kind of pushes Condi to the side, and she comes off of my dick. Hilary motions to me, and I stand up. She has me come to her and lay down on the bed, and she gets between my legs. She grabs my cock, still wet and sticky from fucking Condi, with cum dripping down it, and takes it all the way into her mouth. I groan, almost screaming, from the sheer pleasure. This woman knows how to suck a cock.

And what a large mouth! She takes her mouth off my cock, and sucks one, then both of my giant balls into her mouth. Oh, so gently, she massages them with her tongue while they bulged in her cheeks. The bottom of my cock hit her nose as she did this. Then she went back to my cock, sucking it with gusto.

Then she stops, and she says, "Turn over."


"On your knees. Turn over. NOW!"

I did as she said. She grabbed my ass cheeks and buried her face in my ass, sticking her tongue forcefully into my asshole. This was good, I admit. One hand played with my balls while she licked my taint, then returned her attention to my asshole.

I had no idea what was going on, but I was soon to find out. Condi didn't just lay on the floor and pass out. Apparently, while Hilary was blowing me, she got out a strap on device, lubricated it, and then helped Hilary put it on.

She was still licking my ass, and as she fondled my balls, slipped a finger inside my ass. She moved it around inside me, it felt good. Then it all stopped.

I tried to turn and look, but she held me still, and I felt another pair of hands on me, holding me in position. I could see Condi at my side, holding me. Her thin, naked body, her little brown titties, and her dark nipples were hard and sticking out. I wanted to suck them. I was about to try and twist and get my mouth on them, when I felt a strange sensation in my asshole.

At first I thought Hilary was sticking another finger in my ass. But this felt bigger, and harder.

And bigger around. I felt her hands on my hips, and out of my peripheral vision I could see that she was mounting me, and pushing a strap-on up my ass!

It was lubricated, and apparently my ass was as well, for despite my protests, it slid in easily. I could feel all sorts of weird pressures, including a pressure against my prostate. This was all new to me. The pain of entry had subsided, and there I was, on my knees, with Hilary Clinton wearing a strap-on and fucking me in the ass.

I should have protested more, but honestly, it was kinda hot. She had total control over me. I never thought I would be into that, but she was having her way with me, and from the noise she was making, I could tell she was thoroughly enjoying it. I didn't understand how a strap-on works; I thought perhaps it had a part that stimulated her clit?

My cock was rock-hard. She could tell that I liked it, and started to give me more. Condi watched with pleasure, and saw that I was excited. She grabbed my cock and stroked it. Then, Condi disappeared, and I felt her mouth on my cock. She was lying on her back underneath me, like I was a 57 Chevy, and she was working on me.

And was she ever. Her mouth was hot and wet, and all over my cock and balls. Getting fucked in the ass at the same time was enough to put me over the edge. I screamed loudly and came, feeling burst after burst of cum shoot out of my cock, into Condaleeza Rice's mouth. Every thrust that Hilary gave me made more squirt out. I could hear Condi choking on my cum, pause, and then continue to slurp it up as she kneaded my balls.

I had no idea, no knowledge of what Hilary was doing, but I think she came. She clenched my ass with her hands, and pushed the fake cock inside me harder. It almost felt like it pulsed and throbbed.

Then, Hilary got off of me, and the strap on slid out of me with a plop. Condi got out from under me, and I collapsed on the bed. Hilary got off the bed and walked around, and it was then I noticed the strap on. It wasn't a strap on. It was HER penis.

Hilary fucking Clinton has a fucking penis! I was about eye level with it. Her own penis seemed to be short, but functional. I could see no testicles. She did have an actual pussy, and the whole area, the vulva, was raised and puffy. It looked as though, instead of a clit she just had a cock. Was Condi eating her pussy earlier or sucking her cock?

It was then I realized that it wasn't excess lube leaking out of my ass, it was cum. Hilary came in my ass. I lay there as Condi got on her knees and began to suck Hilary's cock. She sucked it clean, after it had been in my ass. I lay there with my eyes half open, resting. I was going to get that bitch back.

Condi finished, and Hilary backed away. I stood up quickly. "Hilary!"

I said sharply.

She turned to me quickly and said, "What?"

I punched her hard, in the jaw, and she went down on the bed. "It's your turn, bitch. I'm gonna fuck you in the ass." Condi's eyes were wide as she saw me straddle Hilary, holding her down as she resisted. I thought I was going to have to fight her, too.

But, amazingly, Condi got up and helped me hold Hilary down. She punched her in the head a few times, too. My cock was getting hard again as I rubbed it in the crack of her ass. Hilary lay flat on the bed, on her stomach. I was going in that way. Condi grabbed the lube, and put some on my cock for me, stroking it. She looked up at me and smiled. "Fuck her hard! Hurt her! Hurt her ass." With that, she spread Hilary's ass cheeks apart as I got into position.

Hilary was sobbing and trying to buck, but her face was in her hands. I got on top, and Condi helped guide my cock to her ass. It was clenched tight. I pushed my finger into her ass abrubtly. She let out a sharp scream as her ass quivered and unclenched somewhat. Condi guided my cockhead to Hilary's tiny little asshole. Together, we got it started, and Hilary involuntarily spread her legs. As soon as I got the head in, I just dropped all my weight on her, pushing my cock quickly, harshly, into her ass. She screamed and cried.

My cock was bigger than hers, and her asshole was smaller than mine. It was tight, very tight. Condi pulled Hilary's ass cheeks apart again when I rose up, and when I thrust down again, I went even further. Hilary whimpered some more. My cock was rock hard because her ass was so tight, it just squeezed it. The lube was a life-safer; without it, I wouldn't have been able to even get the head in.

I continued to fuck her, and each downstroke caused her to cry out, and each up stroke caused her to quiver. After I had a groove going, she didnt cry out any more. From her under her hands, her muffled voice in between her sobs said, "Hey, let me up."

"No way, bitch." I pounded into her ass hard when I said that.

"No, let me up on my knees. You can fuck me better that way."

I stopped, wondering if it was a trick. I slowly pulled out, and sat up and back. Hillary got slowly to her knees, then put her head down on a pillow. She pushed her ass towards me. "Come on, finish it! Fuck me!"

Before I could, Condi said, "Wait, scoot down." I did, and pulled Hilary with me. Then Condi got on the bed, and put her legs on either side of Hilary's head. "Time for you to eat me, Bitch," she said softly. I got back behind Hilary, and positioned my cock near her asshole. It was still every so slightly open from a few minutes ago. I pushed the head in, and, to her moans, pushed my cock all the way inside her ass, up to the hilt--further than I had been in before. She grunted and gasped, and squealed.

I said, "Squeal like a pig for me, darlin'," then started to fuck her ass very slowly and methodically, feeling her tight ass grip my cock on every in and out.

Meanwhile, Condi had grabbed her head and pushed it to her crotch. I saw the back of Hilary's head moving around as she ate Condi's pussy. Condi had her head back, fully enjoying it. I dug my fingers into Hilary's ass and fucked her harder, and she was enjoyig it, and I could see I was pushing her head into Condi's cunt.

I wanted to keep going at least until Condi came, and I was soon rewarded with her screams. Good. Hilary's ass was so tight, it was hard not to cum. I started to thrust harder and faster, hearing her mufflied scream as I did.

The tightness and slickness of her well-lubricated ass started to affect me, and I could feel the orgasm rise inside me. I thrust more deliberately, stopping at each down stroke. Hilary raised her head and was screaming too, but a different scream. She was cumming. I kept up my rhythm, and soon, there was nothing left but my cock, cumming inside her asshole. I gripped her ass tight, and fucked her hard and fast while I came, and she began to scream. I was pumping her hard, very hard, trying to hurt her. She was no longer cumming, she was screaming in pain now, and crying again. What cum I had left squirted deep inside her in several squirts, as I struggled to maintain my position and my hard on.

Finally, my last thrust, and I just stayed inside her, relishing the moment. I looked down at my cock, sticking in her tight little ass. It looked like there as some blood. Good. I was happy to leave it in there.

But not for long. She pulled forward quickly and said, "Get off!" My cock slid out of its warm, wet home. Hilary got off the bed, and went in the shower. She didn't come back out. Condi went in there, came back out with a washcloth and washed my cock and my ass for me. Condi commented on the blood, saying, "I'm glad you were able to hurt the cunt." After she cleaned it, she took a few moments and sucked my semi-hard cock before I got dressed. Condi gave me a hug as I left, and said they would order pizza again real soon.

The Hell of it is, I'm not even a registered voter.

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