tagGay MaleHilton Guest of Honor Ch. 01

Hilton Guest of Honor Ch. 01


1. Saturday evening 8 p m

I arrived somewhat late at the hotel. The conference wasn't going to start until Monday, but I had decided to take the Sunday in town to get over some of the jet lag. It was a week-long conference, and I needed all the energy I could muster. A lot of conference attendees stayed at the hotel, but there were also some big team friendly rugby matches coming up.

A lovely young brunette checked me in, but in the middle she had to take a phone call from one of the rooms and VIP guests. She excused herself and called the attention of the hotel manager, who was right behind her. He immediately took over, and turned out to be a very pleasant man about my age (just past 30), with a firm handshake.

"Room 444 then Sir! Have you stayed with us before?"

I said I hadn't, thanked him and headed for my room on the 4th floor. The manager had chestnut brown hair, like I do, and like me seemed very well trained. It was a four star newly renovated hotel, and they had given me a very pleasant room overlooking the inner cover court yard. I showered, donned one of the white morning gowns and switched on the TV. I flipped through the channels as I sat down on the bed, and ended up with one of the adult porn channels. I lay back and felt the warm sense of excitement rise inside, as the scenes unfolded on the screen. It was a collection of scenes of beautiful women pleasing their men orally.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door, but before I could answer or cover myself up it opened. It was the young woman who had checked me in. She strode confidently into the room, and looked stunning with her long brown hair let out, her dark blue suit unbuttoned to reveal some of her voluptuous breasts. She wore a short skirt and high heels.

"Hi! I am Sandra. I saw what you were watching from downstairs. Can I watch you masturbate?"

I was shocked, and didn't know what to say. I was lying half naked on the bed, watching a porn movie, and was holding my now only half erect cock in my hand.

Sandra walked up and sat down on the far end of the bed.

"Sorry to have startled you. Please just continue. When you checked in I just knew I wanted to see you. It just makes me so hot. Please!"

She smiled sweetly, and I felt myself grow hard again. I was not just dreaming. This was for real. I slowly started caressing myself, but now looked more at Sandra than at the TV. She watched me intently, licking her lips. A long time passed, and we didn't say a word. I slowly felt myself approach an orgasm, and quickened the pace.

"No! Wait!"

She moved around and stood by my side, caressing my hair and cheek with her hand. She slowly pushed two fingers into my mouth, and I eagerly sucked on them.

"These cock sucking scenes make me all wet. Do they turn you on to?"

I nodded.

She leaned over and whispered:

"Imagine sucking a big warm wet cock - it is wonderful!"

She pumped her fingers in and out of my mouth. They were sticky with my saliva, and then she took them out and ran them across my face, leaving a wet trace.

"Come let me show you something on the top floor."

2. Saturday evening 9 p m

Sandra the uniformed hotel concierge pulled me up from the bed by the hand. I quickly tied up the white morning gown, to shield my nakedness, as she pulled me out in the corridor.

"Come! I'll show you something really mind-blowing in our top floor gym and spa!"

She stood close by me, as we waited for the elevator. She smelled sweet and good. We stepped into the elevator, which was already half full, of a group of muscular men, also all in white morning gowns. Must be one of the rugby teams, I thought as we rode up. Sandra stood right in front of me, leaning back against me with her hand behind her back. She slowly squeezed my cock through the fabric, and I was instantly hard. She continued holding me like this all the way up. We let the others step out first.

"Come along with me"

We passed the reception, where two beautiful ladies greeted us smilingly. Sandra walked me along the relaxation and massage rooms. There was a big inviting spa area, with pools and soft lights, with fantastic panorama windows overlooking the city below. There were men and women reclining on couches, and slowly moving about in the warm water. Soft music was playing, and the whole place had a mystical aura about it.

We walked through a narrow hallway, and through a door and Sandra opened a second door, to a small rectangular room, with a soft dark brown wooden floor and softly lit by a red lantern overhead. She pulled me in and closed the door behind us. The space was small, and we stood close.

"Kiss me and undress me!"

I took her into my arms, and kissed her. She tasted wonderful. I gently took off her clothes one by one, and when she was completely naked, she freed herself, scooped up her things and put them up on a small rack, I hadn't noticed until now. She turned to me and took of my morning gown and laid it across the floor.

"Come sit here!"

I sat down next to her. She kissed me and then moved over to one of the walls. Only now I noticed the big round hole in it, and the huge erect cock sticking out through it. Sandra smilingly looked at me as she grabbed hold of it and started licking it. After a while she said;

"Please come help me! He is so big"

I couldn't believe what she had tricked me into. With my head spinning I moved over, and looked up close at the massive cock. Sandra took my hand and put it around it. It was soft and hard at the same time. I could feel it pulsating under my hand, as I slowly caressed him. His balls were big, and he had shaved his sack.

"Lick him!" Sandra whispered.

Now or never I thought. This was mesmerizing. I stuck my tongue out and slowly started licking his long warm shaft. I heard him moan on the other side. I quickened the pace with my hand, and all of a sudden he erupted. He stream of white jizz shot up and landed across my hand and in my hair. I continued to stroke him as he continued to shoot his load, now across my chest. Within short he was done, and pulled out. I looked around for Sandra.

"That was hot - right?"

She was right behind me, by the opposite wall. There was another hole there, with another massive cock sticking through it. She was busy pumping him. She reached over and pulled me up to it. I stood on all four, with it standing straight out, touching my lips.

"Take him in your mouth! He would love it!"

She put her hand behind me head and slowly pushed me forward. I opened my mouth and let the big purple head slide in. He tasted fresh and newly washed. Sandra continued to masturbate for him, while I gently sucked him. Suddenly he let out a long loud moan. I felt him stiffen up, and knew what was about to happen. But Sandra held my head firmly in place. As he came, my mouth filled with his seed. I swallowed some, and let the rest dribble out onto my morning gown below. He actually tasted quite good. Sandra continued to milk him, and after five or six times, he was finally done. Sandra let him lose, and he quickly pulled out.

I panted for air, and looked up at Sandra.

"You are a great cock sucker! Here comes our next rugby man!"

Only now did it dawn on me, that I was sucking off a whole rugby team in this little glory hole cubicle, in the middle of the spa section of a luxury hotel. Before I could reflect much more on the matter, there were three big erect cocks sticking through. Sandra took on two of them, and I approached the third. Without hesitation, I licked it and sucked on his balls. It was a young man's cock, smooth and full of testosterone. I proceeded to suck on him, and gently let him face fuck me. Only then did I seriously start to masturbate for him.

I was standing on all four, just about fitting in the small room.

"Here they come!" Sandra exclaimed, and I felt streams of warm sperm rain across my back. They came copiously. The man I was sucking also reached his climax right then. I let him slide out of my mouth, and pumped him fast and hard. His white seed shot across my face and hair. I took him into my mouth again, and sucked on him until he was completely limp. Only then did I let him go. I sat up, and Sandra greeted me with a soft, long and wet kiss. But soon we had 'guests' again.

I serviced a man with a small cock, but a very big sack. He came within minutes, and I milked him into my hand. When he was finished, I turned to Sandra not really knowing what to do. She turned smilingly towards me, her mouth filled. A huge soft cock was just pulling out, behind her. She scooped over to me, and raised her self over me. Slowly she lowered her face towards mine, and we kissed. She opened my mouth with her tongue and slowly fed me the love juice of the man she had just sucked off. It was a big load. We continued to swap it, and kiss, and dribble the white goo for a long while. Our faces were all wet. She raised herself again, and looked smilingly down at me. Only then did she see what I still held in my cupped hand. She took my hand, and raised it to my mouth.

"Drink it my cum thirsty lover!"

I leaned back as she slowly straddled me, and guided my cock up into her. I slid into her wet warmness all the way. It felt fantastically wonderful. As she watched, I tilted my hand and swallowed the white load in my hand. I licked it clean. She leaned in and kissed me. Right next to her head, another erection was pushed through the hole. I watched as she started kissing it.

I lost count of how many men we sucked off, but I swallowed many loads, and it sure felt like a whole rugby team, which I think is around 15 men!

Finally I stood up on trembling legs, and Sandra helped me put on my morning gown. It was soaking wet, with the seed of all the men, she rubbed me with it, and kissed my nose.

"That was incredibly sexy. Thank you. You look like you've had a fantastically slutty time. Please wait outside by the reception for me!"

I stepped outside on wobbly legs, and made my way to the reception. The spa was now almost completely empty. The blond woman at the reception giggled when I approached, but busied herself with some towels.

"Care for one?" she finally said, and gave me one.

I took it and thanked her. I wiped my face with it. Sandra emerged freshly showered, and immaculately dressed. She took my arm, and walked me out to the elevators. We rode down in silence to the fourth floor. As I stepped out, and the doors were just about to close, she said;

"Good night hotel cock sucker!"

I stood silently as the doors closed. What had I been doing? The worst part was that I felt incredibly turned on by the whole thing. I walked to my room and let myself in. The TV was still on. I looked at it, and to my horror I saw myself, sucking a huge cock. They must have had hidden cameras in that little room! And now they were streaming me and Sandra's sexual exploits all over the hotel's adult pay-TV channels. Dread ran down my spine, and yet I was rock hard.

3. Saturday evening, midnight

Before I had time to think much more, there was a knock on my door. I went and opened it. It was the hotel manager, whom I had met when checking in. He looked awake and happy, although it was past midnight. He walked straight into the room, and turned to me, standing right in front of the TV.

"Congratulations sir! You have been awarded a Hilton Lifetime Guest of Honor status"

"Well thank you that is great news," I said.

"There is just one little favor I need to ask you before I can complete all the formalities"

He turned and looked smilingly at the TV. My face filled the screen, and I was eagerly sucking a big hard cock.

"Would you please do me a favor and follow me down stairs ... a quickie?"

I immediately understood what he wanted. To my own surprise I found the whole situation very erotic. Here I stood half naked, drenched in cum, in front of a fully dressed attractive man, who wanted me to suck him off. And right behind him I could see myself, just drinking another man's sperm, on TV. He looked over at the TV, and the back at me.

I just nodded.

"Splendid! Just follow me Sir!"

I followed him out, and we walked down the corridor to the staircase. We went down to flights of stairs, and there the Manager held open a big white door. I entered a very big room with chandeliers, and a multitude of round tables, with white linen cloths on top. A soft bluish light from the street lamps outside came through the many windows along one wall. Otherwise the room was dark. The hotel Manager closed the door behind him.

"Please take off you morning gown and walk to the middle of the room!"

I did as he ordered, and let the morning gown drop to the floor. Completely naked I walked to the center of the huge dining room. I felt very exposed.

"Lie down on the table in the middle and caress yourself for me!"

I turned towards him, and lay back on one of the round tables. I took hold of myself and started masturbating. He circled around the table, opened his pants, and took out his own erect manhood.

He stopped by my head which was hanging over one side, and ran his half hard dick across my face. Back and forth he moved it. It smelled good.

"Tell me what you want to do with my cock!"

I looked up at him.

"I want to lick and suck your cock!"

He tapped his cock over my mouth and nose. It was now rock hard and perfectly straight, its head massively swollen.

"Tell me what more do you want"

"I want you to come for me! Come in my mouth!"

Was this me saying these things? I couldn't believe I had turned to this, in just a few hours at the hotel. Lying naked on a table in a hotel dining room, and begging to suck off a man!

I turned my head, so he had better access. He gently pushed himself into my mouth and started to face fuck me. He fucked my face with long rhythmical strokes. After a while he pulled out, grabbed hold of himself and panting heavily he released a small preload over my outstretched tongue. Then he pushed himself in again. This time all the way down. I gagged briefly but was astonished that I could take him whole. It felt fantastically sexy.

"Beg for it!" he commanded.

He pulled out and stood over me, masturbating. The tip of his cock danced a few centimeters over my mouth.

"Please! Come for me!"

His climax was massive. He came in floods. He shot into my mouth, over my chest and face, and then milked the last rounds into my open mouth. I swallowed and swallowed. Then he pushed into my mouth again and let me suck him dry, whilst I caressed myself to orgasm. Still sucking on his half hard member, I came all over myself. Time seemed to stand still.

After a long while, he pulled out.

"I think there should be no problems completing your life long honors status now! Do you like the catering here?"

"Yes thank you! It is delicious!" I replied as I slowly sat up.

The manager quickly zipped up and exited. I lay motionless for a long while. The huge room was silent, and I felt the nice excitement of being completely exposed on a dining table in the middle of the big room of the hotel make me hard again. With the taste of him still in my mouth, I walked back through the semi-dark dining room, and picked up my damp morning gown. I stopped and looked around as I was just about to exit, back into the staircase. Only now, for the first time, and at the very far end of the room, I saw two women in evening dresses get up and leave. One of them waved to me as they slid out. I licked my moist lips, and walked back to my room, and crashed for the night.

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