Suddenly, Jennifer looked up and it was her turn to flush red. "You have a beautiful..." she started to say vagina but she stopped. "Sorry," she added shyly and then pulled the panties up until they were snug on Mary Ellen's now sensitive pubic mound. Then she helped her out of the chair and onto shaky legs so that she could get dressed.

Dana could see that Mary Ellen was totally flustered as she came out of the room. Her face looked red and her eyes seemed to be dazed. "Are you okay?" she asked.

"No! Let's get out of here," Mary Ellen said angrily. Then she hurried out of the shop with Dana following close behind.

"Wait for me." Dana walked faster.

"I've never been so embarrassed in my life," Mary Ellen whispered in an agitated tone as Dana caught up to her.

"Come on, loosen up," Dana said in frustration.

"Dana, I thought that girl was going... going to... kiss me."

"Kiss you?"

"Kiss... me... you know... down there," Mary Ellen said as she walked rapidly ahead of her friend again.

"Oh! I've heard that Jennifer has a thing for women. I guess one couldn't do that job day in and day out if you didn't like it," she laughed hoping to lighten up Mary Ellen. "See, you even turn women on."

Dana didn't bother to tell Mary Ellen that she knew very well that Jennifer had a thing for women. It was the main reason that she needed to have her own wax job done so often. She hadn't even shared that bit of information with Drew yet.

Mary Ellen gave Dana a dirty look. "You should see what she did to me down there. I don't have any hair!" she almost hissed.

"I know sweetie. I told her to do that." Dana paused and got a pout on her face. "Please, don't be mad. You'll love it, I know it."

Mary Ellen glared at Dana and fumed. Then she shook her head and sighed as she looked at the older woman's worried face. Suddenly, her demeanor softened. She knew that Dana was only trying to help her. She shook her head at her friend.

Dana felt a little relief when she saw Mary Ellen's look. It was almost a smile. "Let's go get a drink," Dana said. "You'll feel better." Dana worried that she had gone too far with the rather prudish woman. Still, she believed that she needed some strong medicine or her marriage might be in jeopardy. She didn't want to see her and Richard break up.

When they reached the bar and were settled into a booth, Dana ordered them both strong drinks. She reached over and touched Mary Ellen's hand. "I'm truly sorry sweetheart. I don't want you to be mad at me."

"Dana, Richard is going to go crazy when he sees... sees what I look like down there."

"At least he'll look and from what you've said that's progress. Listen, take it from me, most men love women with bare crotches. Mine has been like that for ten years. When Drew first saw it, I thought he was going to rape me. Actually, he did now that I think about," she laughed.

"You don't know Richard," Mary Ellen said, ignoring her attempt at humor. "He had some very prudish ways."

"And you don't?"

Mary Ellen looked sharply at Dana.

"I'm sorry. That was rude. But you know that you have to do something or your marriage is in trouble. You told me that yourself. I don't want to see you two guys divorce."

"This might be the reason it ends."

"No it won't," Dana stated flatly. "Besides, it will grow back if you let it." The waitress brought their drinks and they fell silent.

A couple of minutes later Mary Ellen was calling the waitress over for another round of drinks.

"Slow down. You have to take the kids to practice," Dana cautioned gently.

By the time the second drink was finished, Mary Ellen had settled down. The liquor was making her relax in spite of her harrowing experience. Suddenly out of the blue she giggled.

"What?" Dana asked with a smile of relief.

"Nothing. I was just thinking of Richard's face when he sees that my pussy is hairless," she said and broke into laughter again.

Dana was shocked at her use of the word "pussy" but joined her and soon they were laughing hysterically.

When Mary Ellen caught her breath she looked at Dana and said, "It does feel different." She squirmed her hips in her chair. Suddenly she could feel the tight thong panties running between her outer lips and pressing to her sensitive inner ones. A chill ran down her back.

"You don't have to tell me that!" Dana stated. "I think I masturbated ten times in the first two days after I got mine done. The feeling of silk on my sensitive lips was almost too much." Dana blushed at her revelation.

Mary Ellen giggled and squirmed again. "I'm starting to see what you mean. However, I'm very sensitive in another area."

Dana thought she was talking about her breasts. "My breasts are pretty sensitive too."

"I don't mean my breasts," Mary Ellen said nervously. She was unaccustomed to drinking very much and the liquor was starting to really loosen her tongue.

Dana looked at her funny.

"You know... back there."

Suddenly Dana's face showed surprise and she said, "Oh!"

Mary Ellen blushed. "We shouldn't be talking about this. I'm sorry."

"No, don't stop, please tell me more," Dana said excitedly.

Mary Ellen looked around to see if anyone could overhear her. She dropped her voice to a whisper. "My... my... rear... you know... my anus has always been very sensitive."

"Oh my God!" Dana exclaimed.

Suddenly Mary Ellen thought she had said too much and dropped her head down as her face turned a deeper red. "I know, it's sick." It was a whisper, barely audible.

"No... no... no..." Dana exclaimed and reached over and grasped her hand. "If it's sick, Drew and I must need major therapy."


"God, Mary Ellen, Drew and I have been into anal sex for years."


"Really. But I'm surprised that Richard would do anything like that."

"I didn't say Richard was into it."

"Well whom do you have anal sex with?" Dana said and paused. "Oh! A do it yourselfer," Dana laughed nervously, realizing that she was stepping on risky grounds. However, there was excitement in her voice now. She couldn't believe that she and Mary Ellen had known each other for so many years and didn't know this. Finally she said, "I told you that Drew is an "ass" man. I meant that literally. We must do it three or four times a week."

Mary Ellen gasped at the revelation and suddenly she could feel her vagina begin to throb. That brought on a tingling sensation in her special place. She shifted in her seat to try to relieve the tension. It only served to cause the tiny string on her thong to rub against her now sensitive anus. Mary Ellen had to know more. "So you two do... do that... a lot?"

"Well, if three or four 'ass fucks' a week is a lot, then we do it a lot," Dana said, using language she would normally reserve for the bedroom. She could see the excitement that her words brought to Mary Ellen's face. "And, Drew's cock is so big that I have to be careful. It takes a while for him to get it all into my ass."

Mary Ellen sucked in her breath and closed her eyes. She squeezed her legs together and felt her suddenly swollen sex lips pulse. "Did... did it hurt much the first time."

"Boy, that was a long time ago. We were really young and I think Drew had brought some marijuana home. I had never had 'pot' before. It was incredible though-I remember that. I think he was trying to get his cock into my pussy and it slipped," Dana laughed. "Then, it just kind of popped in. I don't even know if Drew knew it at first. When he realized where his cock was... well, I think I was sore for a week from all the pounding. But it was a good sore."

"Oh God. I have to tell you that I am really excited right now," Mary Ellen admitted. "I'm going to have to go home and find my special vibrator."

Dana smiled and felt her sex lips swell. Mary Ellen wasn't the only one getting excited. A sudden vision of the younger woman on her hands and knees with a man with a large penis forcing it into her ass rushed through her mind. She could feel her panties becoming soaked.

The two women fell silent, deep in thought. Then Mary Ellen spoke. "Dana, you and Drew seemed to have such a good relationship. How do you do it?"

"Truthfully, it wasn't always like that." Dana paused and thought about what she was about to say. "I have a secret. But please, you can't tell anyone I told you this."

"I promise," Mary Ellen said quickly, suddenly anxious to find out what Dana's secret was.

"Well, about five years ago, I did something really stupid. Our marriage was pretty good but I got a little restless." The older woman paused again and she stared pensively across the room. She took a quick drink, swallowed hard and blurted, "I had an affair!"

Mary Ellen gasped and her eyes opened wide in shock.

"It didn't last long-only several months. But Drew found out."

"Oh my God. What happened... uh what did Drew do?"

"You're not going to believe this but Drew was great about it. Yes, he was angry and disappointed in me. It hurt him a great deal. However, he knew that we weren't communicating like we used to and that sex was getting boring. Once he settled down, we had several very long and frank conversations. He was on the road a lot then and I got lonely. When he confronted me, I didn't lie because it was useless... he found photos."

Mary Ellen gasped.

"I immediately confessed to everything. The most amazing thing was that Drew seemed to feel as guilty as I did. Can you believe it? He blamed himself for not being there for me. We cried a lot and then made mad and passionate love." Dana smiled and then added, "Basically, he fucked my brains out." Dana broke into laughter. "Then we talked some more. Fortunately, we worked it out and 'the rest is history' as they say. But you know what? He said he threw the pictures away, but I know that he still has them."

"Wow, I can't imagine most guys being that reasonable. Certainly not Richard."

"The truth is, that's what made it so hard for me. He was almost too understanding and reasonable. At first I thought that it was because he didn't really love me. Then I realized that that was self-centered and frankly stupid. A woman couldn't hope for a man that was more understanding. I resolved to keep him no matter what it took. However, it's been surprisingly easy." Dana paused and her face flushed. "The secret is that I give him my ass any time he wants. Truthfully, I've grown to love it as much as he does. He would disagree, but I feel like I owe him. I try to make it up to him every day." Tears began to fill Dana's eyes.

Mary Ellen had a tear in her eye as well. She reached over and grabbed the older woman's hand. It felt soft and warm and strangely comforting to Mary Ellen. She resolved that if Dana and Drew could do it, she was going to try to get the spark back into her own marriage as well.

"I guess we had better get going if you are going to get your kids to practice," Dana said as she stood up.

Mary Ellen stood up and then she swayed. "Wow, I think I had a little too much to drink."

Dana was a little better. "You can't take the kids to practice now."

"I have to."

"Wait, I'll call Drew. If he doesn't have an appointment, he can take them."

"I couldn't let him do that."

"Nonsense. He'll love it," Dana said as she dialed his number.

"Hi Hon," Dana said with a smile in her voice. "No, I'm still with Mary Ellen. Listen, we have had a little... uh too much to drink." She giggled. "Do you think you could take Leslie and Brett to practice? It's at 3 o'clock over at the school." Dana paused and listened to Drew then smiled at Mary Ellen. "You're a doll. I owe you one tonight. I love you." Dana hung up and said, "Drew will take them to practice."

"He is a doll," Mary Ellen said and smiled as she thought of the handsome man.

Chapter 5

"Can I get you something to drink?" Mary Ellen said as she and Dana carried her packages into the house.

"Why not, I can just stagger through the back yard," Dana laughed, still feeling the effects of the drinks she had consumed at the bar.

They piled the packages in the living room and sat down at the bar. Mary Ellen stirred up a picture of Daiquiri's and poured them both a large drink.

Dana raised her glass to Mary Ellen and said, "Here's to a new beginning for you and Richard."

Mary Ellen raised her glass and tapped it to Dana's. "I hope so. The truth is though, I don't really even know where to start."

"Here's an idea. Since it's Memorial Day weekend, you can send the kids to your mom's and the four of us will go out to a nice dinner on Saturday night. We will get Richard relaxed, ply him with a little liquor and then when you get home you can seduce him. Simple!"

"I like the dinner part but I don't think I know how to seduce anyone anymore... if I ever did," Mary Ellen said sadly.

"Well, if the shaved pussy and sexy underwear doesn't do it, he's probably dead anyway," Dana laughed and tapped her glass on Mary Ellen's again. "Why don't you try some of the stuff on again and we can pick out a dress for Saturday night. I like the red one but let's look."

Mary Ellen was feeling pretty good after downing her second Daiquiri. She swayed just a bit as she got off the barstool. "Let me carry these," Dana laughed as she picked up their drinks and carried them into the living room.

After shuffling through several boxes, Mary Ellen found the dresses that she had purchased. She picked up the red one and started to leave the room.

"Come on Mary Ellen, change here. We're both girls and I'm pretty sure you don't have anything I haven't seen," she laughed.

Mary Ellen looked at Dana and thought for a second. "Ah, what the hell," she said and began to unbutton her blouse. Underneath she had on a modest but lacy bra that was somewhat thin and showed the nipples of her firm breasts. She turned her back to Dana and unsnapped her shorts, wiggling a little as she slid them down her legs. She had forgotten that she had on a pair of thong panties and that her buttocks were totally bare. When she dropped the shorts, she felt the cool air on her cheeks. It was an immediate shock to her. She turned and looked over her shoulder at a smiling Dana and her face turned red.

"Very nice," Dana giggled as she took a sip of her drink, looking over the rim of the glass at the sexy woman with a naughty smile.

Again Mary Ellen blushed. She quickly picked up the red dress and slipped it over her head. Then she turned around to Dana.

"That's never going to do," Dana said when she saw her bra was showing through. "Lose the bra."

"I can't go around without a bra! I'm 35 years old for heaven's sake."

"Come on Mary Ellen, you have great breasts. Live on the wild side a little."

Mary Ellen reluctantly slipped the dress back over her head. She turned away from Dana and unclasped the bra and threw it on the sofa. Quickly she put the dress back on and turned around.

"Oh my!" Dana exclaimed as she stared at the pretty woman. The dress hugged every curve of her body. On top her breasts looked firm and smooth with her suddenly hard nipples poking through.

"Turn around," Dana said.

Mary Ellen turned until her back was toward Dana. Suddenly, she could feel the older woman's eyes on her backside. Her face began to flush hot.

"If Richard doesn't rape you when he sees that dress... you can give Drew a call," she laughed. "Put on your high heels."

Mary Ellen slipped on a pair of black high heels. The heels emphasized her legs, shaping the curves all the way to her firm thighs. She stood tall, almost proudly, letting the older woman look at her.

"Excellent," Dana said. "Now try on the others."

All of the dresses were a good six inches above her knees. She slipped on a bright yellow shift type dress. It hugged her in all the right places. Suddenly, she felt good about herself, almost sexy. It had been a long time since she had paid attention to her appearance. Now with her new hairstyle and professional make-up, there was a glow about her. She used her hands to smooth the dress across her waist as she walked to the dinning room mirror. "Oh," she said when she saw that her nipples were poking through the top of the dress. She backed up until she could see her lower half. A sudden chill ran through her when she saw how good her legs looked. She turned around and looked over her shoulder at the mirror. I do have a pretty sexy ass! she thought and smiled.

She tried on all of the dresses, modeling them for Dana. Each one seemed to look better on her.

When Mary Ellen finished trying on the dresses, Dana said, "Now the underwear."

Before Mary Ellen could protest, Dana turned and hurried to the bar saying she would fix them another drink.

The now nervous woman bit her lip with indecision, as she stood in the living room with her mouth open. However, there was a constant chill of excitement running through her. She turned and picked up a lace "teddy" and then hesitated. When she glanced over her shoulder, she could see Dana at the bar fixing the drinks. Quickly she stripped off her dress and then slipped her panties off. When she pulled the teddy up, she realized that it only covered half of her breasts. The top half of her breasts and nipples were exposed.

"Let me see," Dana said as she walked back into the living room carrying two large drinks.

Again, Mary Ellen's face flushed as she slowly turned around.

It was Dana's turn to feel a chill rush through her as she gazed at the almost naked woman. The areolas of her breasts were almost totally exposed and the tips were as hard as pencil erasers. Without thinking, her eyes drifted down to her crotch. A little gasp involuntarily escaped her lips when she saw that the lacy crotch hid nothing. She could plainly see the tuft of hair at the top of her vagina and the fat lips of her vagina below. Suddenly, Dana's hands were trembling and in danger of spilling the drinks. She mumbled something and turned and set the drinks on a table. Her legs were getting weak so she sat down. Dana had never been attracted to women... well, except the several little episodes with Jennifer at the shop but that was just a lark. However, now she found herself getting very excited just looking at her nearly naked friend. "That's... uh... that's very... sexy," she stuttered.

Mary Ellen felt like the room was suddenly charged with electricity. She hurried over and picked up her drink and swallowed about half of it. Then she went back to her packages and pulled out a lacy bra and panties. Suddenly, she felt very bold. She turned and stripped off the teddy in front of her friend.

Dana picked up her drink again and took a big gulp as she stared at the now totally naked woman. Incredibly, she could feel her vagina throbbing as her eyes ran up and down the sexy woman's body. She squeezed her legs together and tried to control her breathing as she watched her turn away from her and bend over. The older woman sucked in her breath when she saw the pouch of Mary Ellen's sex staring back at her. She could swear that it was wet.

Amazingly, Mary Ellen felt her own thrill of excitement at exposing herself to the older woman. She could feel her eyes on her ass and exposed vagina as she bent over. It took her a lot longer than necessary to find the panties she wanted. She picked up a pair of thongs and pulled them up her legs. Next she wrapped a spandex corset around her waist. It had about ten stays that hooked in the back. She held it in the back and turned to her friend. The front of the corset left her breast totally bare but the under-wire bra pushed them up and out. "Could you hook these please." Then she turned away again, suddenly feeling shy.

Dana stood up on trembling legs and walked unsteadily over to the waiting woman. She took the material in her fingers and slowly hooked each stay. When the last one was done she stopped, standing close behind the younger woman. Then she dropped her hands to Mary Ellen's waist. Almost without her control, her hands suddenly moved lower to cup the younger woman's soft buttocks. She caught her breath when she felt the warm cheeks in the palms of her hands. She had never done anything like this in her life.

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