tagBDSMHis Beautiful Neighbour Ch. 04

His Beautiful Neighbour Ch. 04


"So... you wanted to talk?" James said as he sat down at Andrea's kitchen-table. It was Wednesday evening and the first time the two of them actually saw each other since their date Sunday night -- much to Andrea's frustration. While James seemed to gain more and more control, both in their relationship and over himself, she seemed to lose it.

"Yes, I did," she said nervously. She stood next to him and tried to gather her words -- she couldn't remember ever having so hard with getting her words out as she did now. All their previous communications had been a lot easier: usually she just dressed in something racy, and he took it from there. This time was different.

"Yes, I did," she repeated uncertain. Then her face lit up in a suggestive smile, "but first there seems to be something we need to take care of..." she murmured while she let her hands glide down his chest to his pants. She knelt down next to his chair and opened his pants, freeing his semi-hard cock. As she once again saw his wonderful pleasure-took, she briefly wondered if she was avoiding her nervousness by burying it in a more... pleasant task.

"Oooh," she cooed in delight and took the hardening cock in her hand, looking adoringly up at James. She started to stroke it, eager for it to get all-erect. She didn't really have a plan, except for getting him off -- she'd let him decide if he want a blowjob or something more. Deep down she hoped for something more... she always did, but she'd leave it entirely up to James.

She took his growing cock in her mouth, savouring the taste of her lover. Her tongue playfully licked the head, teasing him, before she took the entire length of him into her mouth and down her throat. She held it there for a short while, trying to breathe through her nose. She couldn't, not really, so she had to pull off him again. She got a mouthful of air, and forced her mouth down around it again.

"Mhm..." he groaned every time she slid the entire length down her throat.

She knew how James liked blowjobs -- hard and fast. He usually grabbed her head and fucked it, so she tried to create that feeling for him. Again and again she forced his cock into her mouth, ignoring the burning sensation that started at the top of her throat.

Without warning he grabbed her hair and pulled her off. He stepped around her and knelt behind her. She immediately caught his drift -- he did want something more -- and positioned her upper-body across the chair he'd just left, eagerly giving him complete access to her ass. She'd just gotten off work, so her skirt was of a 'decent' length, all the way down to her knees. It was still a skirt though, so easy to get out of the way and the tiny panties, she wore under, were anything but decent. He quickly got them out of the way too and explored her uncovered pussy.

"Wet," he murmured almost triumphantly, as one of his fingers disappeared into her, quickly followed by one more.

"Yeees...!" she moaned as he began fingerfucking her, "always wet for you!" She felt exposed as she was positioned there on her own kitchen-chair, exposed and humiliated -- and she loved that! It made her feel so terrible wanton, like a whore on display. The detached way in which James used her only heightened that feeling, and she couldn't stop herself from moaning in despair when he suddenly pulled his fingers out. They were quickly replaced by his fat cock though, so her misery was short-lived. James was not known for his patience, with little concern for anything but his own desire, he hammered his hard dick into her open, eager pussy as hard as he could. He grabbed hold of her hips; using them to for balance... and the feeling of power it gave him to control the sex so thoroughly.

"Oh God, yes!" she cried hoarsely, "I missed you sooo much, it's been so long! Oh, you're so BIG! Moooore!" Andrea quickly lost control; James fucked her like no one else ever had. Her sexual excitement went hand in hand with her complete and total sexual submission.

Unlike James, she had spent most of the last couple of days getting off on her own, but her own orgasms seemed so pale in comparison and only left her craving more. Her needs were always just under the surface, and as he fucked her she felt the familiar feeling of an explosive James-orgasm rising.

James had become completely the opposite. He hadn't masturbated since he had sex for the first time -- the time he had phonesex with Andrea didn't really count, at least not to him -- which was quite the turnabout; before then, he had wacked off at least once a day. His newfound abstinence had the downside of course that it was very hard for him to hold for long, especially considering that he was fucking his beautiful, submissive lover. Though he was building up an impressive control and force of will -- greatly helped by Andrea's unwavering faith in him and willingness to submit to nearly his every desire -- his body was still very much that of a teenager.

"Nghyeeess!" he groaned loudly, as he came and thrust his cock into her as hard as he could, while pulled her back against him. When she felt and heard him cum, she reached down between her legs and found her clit. He was still hard and inside her and she was sooo close! If she could just...

"Mhmmmm! Yes, yes!" she whimpered, as she rubbed her clit. It didn't take a lot of rubbing before she too came, although not in the explosive orgasm she was used to enjoy with James. It wasn't a small weak one as her own private ones were though.

It was, however, the first time he came before she did. A fact neither of them dwelled on for too long.


"So you wanted to talk to me?" James asked again. She had cleaned up (licked him clean) and brought him something to drink, and they were sitting at the kitchen-table again.

"Yes," she began, thinking about where to start, "well, I had a lot of time for myself since Sunday..." when she saw he was about to interrupt, she quickly continued, "and I understand why! That's not what I wanted to talk about," she smiled relieved when she saw him relax again.

"But with you occupied, I spent a lot of time thinking about... well, us. And I spent a lot of time watching the film, we bought," she blushed as she said that, "and on the Internet..." She took a deep breath as she gathered her courage:

"I want to be your slave."

"You what?" James said with surprised painted on his face.

"I was reading a lot of stories and on forums on the net, and I realised that's what I want! I want you to own me, to control me, tell me how to dress and how to behave!" she said in a rush, afraid that his surprise was a rejection," I want you to have power over me whenever, wherever you want, no matter what I'm doing or who I'm with!"

Wow! James looked into her eyes and saw that she was serious, saw that she had thought this through and that she had made her decision. He shielded his face with his hands, trying to think. Was this what he wanted? He had just cum, so his brain was doing the thinking, and it thought about the enormous responsibility her idea gave him. Was that her plan all along? To get him off, so he wouldn't just accept because the offer turned him on? She wanted to be owned. No, she wanted to be owned by him.

"You want to be my slave?" he asked, needing to hear it again.

"Yes," she nodded.

"My sexslave?"

"Yes," he said again.

"I... I need to think about this," he said and got up.

"Yes, yes of course," she exclaimed, "please let me show you some of the stories and forums I've read."

He had actually meant to go home and think, but he followed her to her computer. She started with a story about three women who enjoy a sort of vanilla-BDSM-sub relationship with two men, but decide they will give the men their ultimate, willing cooperation as a gift of love. The men torture the women in the most gruesome ways, partly for their own enjoyment but also because the women want to, so they can prove their love.

"This is what you want?" he asked, shocked, "pain and mutilation?"

"Of course not," she smiled, "that's not the point of the story! The point is that they loved their... owners... so much that they allowed them to do whatever they wanted. And that's what I want!" She leaned into him as he sat in front of the computer and whispered in his ear: "I want you to know that you can do whatever you want with me. Whatever you want..."

Next came a forum post where a submissive woman told everyone how much closer she and her husband had become after they divorced and she became his sexslave. After that, another story about a woman who submitted to her lover, how they both enjoyed showing her off in revealing outfits in public and how much better the sex got.

She has really planned this out, he thought in awe, as she next took him to another forum where a man wrote how much sexier his wife had become after he made her his slave, and how much they both had enjoyed one night where he had tied her to her bed and fucked one of her friends next to her. Suddenly James looked down on his lap. Without him knowing, Andrea was feeling him up through his pants, slowly stroking his cock that had become erect while he was reading that last story. He had been so focused on the sexy story line she had introduced him to that he hadn't even noticed.

"I think you want this," she smiled at him, "and I really, really want it..."


"Oh yes, oh James!" Andrea moaned in pure ecstasy five minutes later, "so goooood!" She was on her back atop of her desk, with James standing between her wide-spread legs, pounding his hard cock into her.

"And what if I want to fuck you in the school's parking-lot?" he asked, a little out of breath and tweaked her right nipple roughly.

"God, yes! Anything you want, whenever, wherever!" she eagerly replied. He's really gonna do it, h's really gonna make me his slave! she thought excitedly as the combined pain and pleasure from her nipple mixed with the bliss from her pussy and the sexy image James gave her.

"And when I tie you to the bed and fuck your friend right next to you, what are you gonna do?" he asked her without slowing down. His verbal teasing turned the both of them on to no end.

"I'm-I'm gonna be so turned on and sooo jealous that I'm not the one getting fucked by your awesome cock! And I'll hope you'll make me clean her out afterwards, so I'll still get to taste your delicious sperm! Oh yeeees! Oh God, yes, yes!" she cried out as the imagine of being 'forced' to lick another woman's cunt clean after James had fucked her caused her to cum in the all-dominating James-orgasm she'd become addicted to.

Feeling her cum, James sped up, eagerly hunting his own orgasm.

"Yes! Yes! Yes!" she cried every time he jammed his cock as far into her as he could. He knew he couldn't hold back much longer and he wanted to make the most of it before he burst.

When he felt the blissful fires of orgasm spread through his body, he pulled his cock out of her and shot his load on her stomach, once again marking her as his. Considering he had cum less than an hour ago, it was quite an impressive load he painted the tanned skin of her soft belly with.

"Oh God," he panted when he stopped shooting. Then he looked down upon her, as she lay exhausted on her own desk with long white lines of cum stretching from her navel to the start of her tits, with the almost-faded letter JB still on her breast and with an eager, hopeful gleam in her eyes, as she looked up upon him.

"Go get cleaned up... slave," he said as he sat his naked ass down on her office-chair, surrendering to her idea of how their relationship should work.


A little less than 24 hours later, James sat at the kitchen-table again. He didn't quite know why, but he felt strangely at home in her kitchen -- he just liked it. As soon as he sat down, he had sent her off to get him a soda -- he wasn't really thirsty, he just needed a moment to collect his thoughts, and they both got a little kick out of him ordering her around in her own house.

She returned with the soda and sat down across the table, waiting for him to take command. She hadn't expected to see him today and was painfully aware that her outfit wasn't up to her usual standards. She wasn't wearing jeans (thank God!) but her sweater wasn't as tight as he would have wanted and nor did it have a neckline. Her skirt was a little too long and her makeup was too discrete. All in all, she was dressed for a day on the job, but not for some funtime with her Master.

"There are some issues we need to talk about," he began, "if you're to be my slave."

She nodded encouraging, eager to get any obstacles out of the way.

"First of all: Money. You earn quite a bit, yeah?" he asked.

"Ehm..." she started, very confused. Did he want her money? "Yes, I work typically between 16 and 20 hours a week. I don't have rent, so I make a bit, yes." He can't take my money, just because I'm his slave... can he? she thought almost panicking, okay, slaves don't have property, but... it's mine. James could see her thoughts jump around in her head; he could certainly follow her line of thoughts. Money meant freedom and independence, slavery meant the exact opposite. But while he did know what she was thinking, he didn't know what answer she'd reach. Truthfully, he enjoyed his little game -- he had no intentions of taking her money, but he wanted her to sweat a little. And he wanted to know how far she'd go, how willing she was to sacrifice.

"Well, I ehh... I'll need money for food and gas and insurance and that kind of things," she finally said, coming up with a compromise, "but you can have the rest. Should easily be almost a thousand dollars a month," she offered finally in an unsteady voice. James just smiled at her. Although he had felt a glimmer of greed be lit deep within him the day before when he had considered the situation, he had no real use of her money. Her trust was way more important to him.

"No, you'll keep it" he explained, "whenever I need to spend money on us, I'll let you know. However," he added with that controlling gleam in his eyes that sent a shiver down to Andrea's cunt and made it moist, "if you want to spend money on anything -- anything -- other than ordinary groceries or gas, you'll ask for permission first. Got it?"

Andrea looked at him with huge eyes and strong, mixed emotions. She felt relieved that he wasn't after her money -- she had felt so strange when he had asked for it, but the thought of him in complete control of her finances turned her on to no end. She felt so... submissive, so helpless!

"So if I find a purse on sale, or want a new phone...?" she asked testing her understanding of his orders.

"-You ask me if it's alright," he finished the sentence for her, "I might be generous, I might not," he shrugged, "at any rate it's my decision."

"But what if I want something for you, like a DVD or something?" she asked with a clever, almost smug smile, thinking she'd found a loophole, "would that be allowed?"

"Well, of course you can buy gifts for me!" he exclaimed, as if it were self-evident, "it would be silly if you had to ask me if that was okay... Oh, and lingerie counts as presents for me," he finished, and looking over her luscious body, hidden beneath her everyday-clothes he got a somewhat annoyed look in his eyes.

"Your clothes today though... they aren't really what I'd call 'nice'," he informed her in a disappointed tone. Humiliated -- and not in the good 'being-James'-slave-way' she'd come to crave -- she nodded. "I know, I wasn't expecting you today. At least not without a warning first..." she objected weakly.

James stored her excuse away, already planning how to make sure this situation would never arise again.

He beckoned her over with an impatient, somewhat arrogant wave of his hand. Eager to please, eager to serve, eager to get back into his good graces, she quickly got up and went to him.

He pushed his chair back, creating a space between it and the table and guided her in between his legs and pushed gently on her shoulders from his sitting position -- she understood immediately and knelt down in front of him, awaiting his next command.

"Now," he said, looking into her eyes while he unzipped his pants, "you'll suck my cock and think about how you displeased me today, while I tell you what will happen tomorrow."

Andrea quickly grabbed the chance to redeem herself -- she was a bit taken aback by his cocky behaviour but at the same time did his self-confidence and unquestionable dominance turn her on! He knew she'd do whatever he told her, and him knowing that made her horny. The backward logic seemed strange, even to Andrea herself, but her pussy knew best -- and right now James' easy control of her made it quite wet.

Doing as he demanded, she got his hard, sexy cock out of his pants and closed her soft, red lips around its long shaft, giving a little moan as she tasted his cock again -- she'd longed for it since he went home yesterday.

"Ahh... yes, that's right, that's a good little slut," she heard James sigh above her, and she proudly continued. To most women being a 'good little slut' would hardly be something to strive for, but it was what Andrea wanted most in this world. To be James' good little slut.

"You're not working tomorrow, are you?" he asked, throwing her off-balance. Her mind was far into the world of cock-sucking that the question about her 'normal' life caught her completely off-guard. She looked up at him and started to pull off his cock to answer but James was faster. He had anticipated her reaction and quickly grabbed her head and pushed her down on his cock again, taking the control back again.

"You don't need to stop sucking to answer a simple question! Just nod or shake your head! Sheesh!" he exclaimed, sounding disappointed with her lack of consideration. Andrea blushed, annoyed with herself for losing James approval so soon after getting it back. Remembering his question, she shook her head no; she did not have work scheduled the next day.

"I expect you to concentrate, woman! If you want to be my slave, you have to pay attention to my orders and follow them to the letter. If I tell you to suck my cock, you keep sucking 'till I stop you. Okay?" James explained. He knew with himself that it was kind of silly to berate her on such a little mistake -- it's a gut-reaction to answer a question after all -- but he felt it was important to both of them to underline that his orders were not to be neglected. Neither of them had no doubt that it would take them a while to define their new 'relationship'.

Without removing focus from the hard cock in her mouth, Andrea nodded her head up and down; Yes, she understood.

"And you don't have work tomorrow, right?"

She shook her head from side to side, making sure to keep his delicious member between her lips; No, she did not have work tomorrow.

"Very good," he said in a serious voice and gave her a gentle pat on the head. Andrea didn't know what was worse: That he treated her like a dog or that she liked his praise.

"I'm off at twelve o'clock tomorrow. You will pick me up at the school's parking-lot -- oh yes, God that's good!" he suddenly interrupted himself when Andrea unexpectedly swallowed all of his cock, taking it all into her warm mouth. Once again James grabbed her head and held her head down, enjoying the feeling of his cock-sucker totally engulfing his dick -- and enjoying too the enormous power-rush it gave him to control her like this.

Andrea didn't struggle against him as he forced her head down -- she knew she could easily break free but she didn't want to disappoint him again, so she just accepted the uncomfortable situation and tried to breathe through her nose. The large head of his cock was at the beginning of her throat, and she had to suppress her gag-reflex not to spit him out, but it was worth it to the subservient woman. She felt her eyes water -- she didn't know why, she wasn't in any real pain or sad. Just a reflex, I guess, she figured, as the need for air spread throughout her system.

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