tagBDSMHis Beautiful Neighbour Ch. 10

His Beautiful Neighbour Ch. 10


>>Please meet me outside the lab, I've got something to show you<< James read on his phone, having just gotten a text-message from Carol. What did she want to show him? Something to do with the report they were to hand in next week? Or... something more interesting?

Curiosity quickly getting the best of him, James went to the laboratory where a fidgeting Carol was waiting for him.

"Hey!" she greeted and lit up in a happy smile, relieved to see him. Without caring who saw her, she gave him a hug, making sure to press her huge knockers against him. No reason he should forget who had the better pair between Andrea and she, was there?

"Hey!" he smiled back, returning her hug and really appreciating the soft forms pressed against him, "you're looking good," he complimented her when they let go of each other. She beamed at him, knowing exactly what he meant. She had picked a rather tight t-shirt today, one that really showed the world how big her tits were. And they were big, oh yes. Just like James liked them.

Her bra was straining under the pressure of keeping the heavy, bouncy jugs in place but she felt better with them under control. Though they still drew people's (guys') eyes, at least she could walk around without feeling like a... boob-centered earthquake. A boob-quake?

"So, what did you have to show me?" James inquired, eager to get his curiosity satisfied. He knew he wouldn't be able to keep his hands off her (or off her chest at least) for too much longer, but somehow, it would feel a little weird to begin pawing her in the middle of the hallway, though there were very few people present.

"Come, I'll show you," she winked at him and with a mischievous smile grabbed his hand and led him into the nearby toilet -- ignoring both the men's and the ladies' room, instead heading into the roomy handicap restroom. Inside, she locked the door behind them, took off her glasses and placed them on the sink before turning her attention to James.

Still smiling, she grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and slowly and dramatically raised it up, showing first her stomach followed by the incredibly sexy sight of her bra-held breasts. It (the bra) was cream-colored, satin and looked very soft... and very tempting. She pulled the t-shirt all the way off and threw it on the floor.

"Nice," James said with a crooked smile, thinking he knew what she'd show him -- and he always enjoyed seeing her breasts! He took a step towards her and reached out for the arousingly large globes but she quickly took a step back and held up a finger.

"Ah-ah-ah!" she teased, "you haven't seen what I wanted to show you yet..."

James paused and waited, suddenly a little confused. Trying to keep the dramatic suspension going, Carol reached behind her back and undid the bra clasps.

"Are you ready?" she teased and kept the bra in place with her hands.

Quickly getting back into the mood, James nodded, and with a grin Carol flung the bra aside, holding her arms out from her body, presenting it to him. Or more accurately, presenting them to him.

Her two huge breasts -- each with a piercing through the nipple!

Through both her pink, little buds there was a silver bar, making what used to be a very erotic view into something out of James's wet fantasies.

"Wow!" James exclaimed, impressed beyond belief and immediately grabbed her temptingly naked breasts. The odd contrast between her soft breasts and the hard, unyielding bars was amazing. The instant he touched her, she gave a high-pitched moan, as sexual warmth spread from her tits. Surprised, and afraid he'd hurt her somehow, he quickly let go of her but she just smiled.

"They've become very sensitive..." she winked at him and thrust her chest out to him, inviting him to touch her again -- an invitation he wasn't going to miss.

Grabbing both her hard nipples with two fingers, he massaged the newly pierced bumps, forcing her to cover her mouth with her hands, lest she told everyone outside what they were doing in there!

"So good..." she moaned, trying to keep her voice down. Her chest had always been sensitive, but since she got these babies installed, it had been incredible. She had been forced to wear a bra to keep from rubbing them raw against her t-shirts. Even though the constricting bra had managed to keep her happy tits from bouncing up and down, the constant feeling of cloth against the insanely responsive nipples had kept her in a state of arousal... and now James was doing all kinds of interesting things to them!

Granted, the tattooed woman who had done them had instructed her to stay away from all physical contact for at least a couple of weeks to avoid infections, but Carol figured she could just rub a lot of that antiseptic cream on afterwards. She'd gotten these for James; she wasn't about to tell him he couldn't play with them! Especially not considering how great it felt.

As his erection tried its best to poke its way out through his jeans, James got a rising suspicion that they were going to miss class today.

"You know," he said slowly, without taking his focus off the exciting new toys in Carol's nipples, "I think we should head back to your room..."

"Oh yeah?" Carol moaned, "but we'll miss the class. We might miss something important...Ooh, yeah..." Being the one to tease him for once felt good to the horny blonde.

"I don't think so," James countered, "I think it's more important to get back to your room. Now!"

"Well, if you say so!" Carol grinned, more than ready to get out of the bathroom and to a place where she could be loud and naked!

Quickly putting her bra, t-shirt and glasses on again, she led him out of the bathroom, not caring if anyone saw them enter or leave.

"When did you have... them... done?" James asked, as they made their way across campus.

"Oh yesterday," she answered with a smile. He was reacting precisely as she had hoped.

"Why, though?" came the next, predicable question.

"Oh, I thought you'd like it," she smiled aloof, not wanting to give the whole story.

The fact was that Carol had felt left behind by Andrea again when she saw Andrea's new tattoo on SexSlaveAndrea.com, Saturday evening. Knowing how much James would appreciate that the older woman permanently had marked herself as his property, she'd wondered how she could 'get back in the game' as she thought of it. The prize of the game: James's attention and admiration. At least now Andrea wasn't winning anymore. They were tied.

Her answer seemed to please him and he hurried on towards her dorm room, forcing her to follow his quick steps.


Inside her room, she quickly went to the bed -- where else? -- with James in hot pursuit. Eager to feel the sexy new addition to her body, James immediately started pulling at her t-shirt, wanting to get it off. She smiled at him and obeyed, pulling it off.

"Mmmm... you're a sexy little one, aren't you?" he smiled when he had her semi-naked on her bed.

"You think so?" she asked, awfully eager for him to tell her that she was sexy. She loved compliments, especially when they came from her aroused lover -- aroused because of her. That in itself was quite the compliment to the shy, buxom girl.

"Oh, yes, you are," he answered, knowing how important compliments would be to her, "such beautiful boobs," he kissed the bra-covered tits, making her giggle a little.

"And such naughty, naughty piercings!" he added, fondling the hard bumps through the bra, making her sigh in reaction, "only sexy sluts would do that..."

"But I only did it for you..." she objected. She wanted to be sexy, sure, but she was not sure if she wanted to be a slut. She was still a good girl, after all, even if he and Andrea were luring her away from her old life.

"That just means you're MY sexy slut," he assured her, and before she could raise further objections he closed her mouth with a deep, heartfelt kiss. Their tongues met and she completely surrendered, wanting to be his slut, wanting to be whatever he wanted, as long as he would stay with her and make her feel good.

While kissing her, his hands moved around her, trying to get the clasps of her bra undone. What looked so easy for the sexy blonde, turned out to be a rather difficult task for her eager lover. And the fact that she was on her back didn't exactly help!

"Let me," she giggled when he failed to get the clever little hooks unhooked for the fifth time. She sat up and freed her enormous tits with a flick of her wrist. The bra ended up on the floor, next to her t-shirt.

"Wow..." he breathed again at the sight of the juicy jugs. Big, round, with creamy, flawless skin -- and now two silver bars! His hands couldn't stay away and grabbed one each, before he lowered his face to the nearest of the pink nipples.

"Ahhh..." she moaned delighted as he sucked the metal bar into his mouth and played with it with his tongue and teeth, "Yes!"

He shifted to the other nipple, luring an identical moan from her at that one too. This was something akin to Heaven for James -- two huge breasts to play with, a very receptive owner of them and hard, new toys in the middle of it all... wonderful!

His hard cock was in need of more though, and his hands crawled down her soft body, down to her skirt that they quickly got pulled up around her waist. Her panties were no hindrance either, and finally Carol felt a very welcome presence touch her attention-craving clit. His fingers worked almost on autopilot when they began playing with the little nub -- and they knew quite well how to entertain it!

"Oooh!" she sighed, "Ooooh, yes! God, so good!" Her hyper-sensitive nipples and now her clit were being stimulated in just the right way, "Oh God, oh GOD!"

Carol was already on the edge, having been horny constantly since she'd been pierced the day before, but too nervous about James's reaction to really do something about it. Now that he had most certainly approved, she finally felt she could let herself go, and it promised to be very, very good!

"Please, more! Yes, yes!" she cried, and that's when he bit her right nipple. The pain and the arousing feelings that followed it made her cry out loudly, "Oh GOD!" as she moved restlessly around beneath him, trying to get the right amount of pressure, trying to get him to touch her everywhere at once, trying very hard to increase the rising pleasure.

"Oh Lord, that hurt... oh, so good, oh God, please, more, please..." she moaned, not even aware that her mouth kept crying her body's needs out. James smiled and rubbed harder and faster on her clit.

"Oh yes, oh my, so good! Please, make me cum, make me, make me cum!"

James's hand was almost a blur between her legs as he rubbed the slutty cunt; his teeth bit down on her other nipple, making her love and crave the strange pain.

"Yesssss! YESSSS! Oh please! Yes, more!" she cried and finally felt her entire body detonate as she finally hit her peak, "Oh GOOOD!"

Wave after wave of bliss rushed over her, as her body convulsed in pure pleasure at the explosion between her thighs. James slowed down considerably, though he didn't stop playing with her tits -- they were just too tempting, too lovely, and too sexy.

"Mmmm... so... good..." she kept mumbling, as her body gradually relaxed.

But James didn't want her relaxed. James wanted her, plain and simple, and he was about to have her. Okay, he had had fun while she was screaming and crying her orgasm out, but it was time for a different kind of fun. He opened his pants, got them and the boxers off (now that he was at it anyway, he also removed his t-shirt, shoes and socks) and laid down atop of her, completely naked. She offered no resistance when he scooted her panties down. He briefly noted how unsexy they were, but figured she probably didn't have too much lingerie. It wasn't Andrea after all, who had a considerable collection.

His rock-hard cock found her dripping wet snatch, and he began working himself in there. She was tight, but had produced lots and lots of lubrication.

"Oh my God!" she suddenly moaned, getting her bearings and realizing a large, hard cock was making its way into her. It was not an unwelcome visitor though, and she didn't even think about trying to stop him. She spread her legs for him as best she could and pulled his mouth down to hers, kissing him intensely. She loved how he made her feel, sexy, desirable, and lovable, and such wondrous orgasms!

Without realizing it, Carol was falling in love with a guy who already owned one sexy slave; one he clearly didn't intend to get rid of, not even in favor of her. But it didn't matter! All that mattered was how she felt in her heart and making sure he'd always be with her.

"Ooh..." she moaned at him, his cock stretching her tight cunt, and it felt so good! "You like it?" she asked, wanting to hear him say what she could see he felt.

"Oh yes!" he agreed and pulled out, still moving slowly, taking care of her. If it had been Andrea, he'd already be hammering in and out of her by now, but something made him take it easy with Carol. Not that it was needed, her flexible pussy would be able to cope with what he could dish out, but she still appreciated it.

"Yeah, you're so sexy, I love it!" he sighed and began thrusting in again.

She beamed at him, choosing to hear 'I love it' as 'I love you', and it made her heart beat faster.

"Mmmm... me too!" she agreed, and sighed in delight as he increased the speed and force of his thrusts.

"Oooh!" she moaned, which was clearly a sign to speed up, to James's ears at least. So he did, faster and faster, more and more powerful thrusts, pounding into her happy pussy that enjoyed every second. Inside Carol a new orgasm was quickly gathering steam.

One James-orgasm was far from enough, especially as he kept playing with her nipples. Erotic messages went into her from her most erogenous zones, and she had to fight to keep from moaning loudly. After her last screaming orgasm, she'd remembered that her neighbors weren't necessarily at class either.

But it was impossible to be silent when James's delightful cock was pistoning in and out of her as his hands were roughly massaging her mighty tits and the sensitive piercings. She strongly suspected that he could make her cum using only her nipples now! And the feelings of love and desire that were building and getting stronger in her mind and heart.

"Oh God, James! You're AMAZING!" she cried, giving up hope of being silent.

That was the kind of compliment James wanted to hear, something that could turn on the still shy and nervous geek. He was quickly losing the battle to resist the orgasm as well. Those tits were probably the sexiest James had ever seen, and now those bars. He couldn't say why, but in some strange way they were at least as sexy as Andrea's tattoos. Or well, at least the one on her ass. Whenever he reread that her pussy was his property, he got very aroused. But these piercings -- especially in these tits! -- might actually rival that.

"Shit, you're good!" he groaned, his orgasm quickly getting closer and closer. As it so often happened, he kind of lost control, and his body took over. Mauling her impressive tits and hammering into her soft, yielding cunt, he groaned and moaned.

"Fuck, you look so slutty now! God, it's so sexy, I love it, I love it!"

"You think so?" she responded, her own orgasm so close once again, "I love when you bite them, it feels so good!"

Not needing to be told twice, he bit down on her, hard. She cried, and he hammered into her one last time and emptied his balls into the tight, moaning slut.

"Ahhh!" he groaned as he released his seed, but kept fucking her. Partly to make her cum and partly because... well, it felt good; why stop?

"Oh yes, oh yes, oh YES!" she cried. Feeling him cum and the sudden, arousing pain in her tit pushed her over the edge. With a moan that almost sounded like a scream (and was very clearly heard by her neighbor) she came in a thunderous orgasm that left her breathless and weak.


Frank was a clerk at the Secretary of Student Information. It was a rather pompous title considering it was a small two-person office in which the most important tasks were to ensure that every student got a dorm room and make sure that the ones who requested a single room got one.

At around half past three he was alone at the office, staring longingly at the watch on the wall, waiting for the last thirty minutes to pass so he could close the office and return to his room. Frank was a computer-science major and had the classic 'nerd-look' going for him; and he cared a lot more for his online World of War Craft gaming than his appearance, which didn't exactly make him popular with the girls.

In short, he didn't stand a chance when he suddenly and very unexpectedly got a visitor. An attractive, mature woman, looking to be a little more than thirty, with tanned skin and long, dark-red hair. She was wearing a long coat, effectively covering her body, which Frank suspected was rather hot.

"Hello," the woman smiled and Frank nodded in return.

"Can I help you... ma'am?"

"Yes, I hope so," she answered, as the smile grew wider, flirtier, "I need to find a student here named Carol. I'm afraid I don't know her last name but I have her picture..."

"Well..." Frank said, suddenly a little doubtful. Sure, he had a database and could probably find this Carol. There were pictures for the yearbook in the system as well, after all. But there was something fishy going on. Who was this woman?

"I'm not sure I'm allowed to hand out students' names to anybody. What was your name... miss?"

"I'm Andrea Cinder," she smiled, "and I can assure you I'm a friend of Carol's." Keeping eye contact and smiling her seductive smile, she began unbuttoning her coat. And suddenly it became a near-impossible task for Frank to keep his eyes on hers!

She was wearing a thin, white top, molding to her tits like a second layer of skin. The neckline was so deep that Frank instantly knew she wasn't wearing a bra, and that the threat of her boobs spilling out should she lean forward was very real. The top ended around her stomach and the skirt she was wearing was so short he could see all of her well-shaped thighs.

This was surreal! This was one of his porn fantasies coming to life! Was she a stripper, or better yet, a hooker?!

"Eh..." he mumbled, staring at her amazing body. But as quickly as it had appeared, it started to disappear again. She buttoned the buttons, one after another, covering more and more of her luscious flesh beneath the dark coat.

"Please don't!" he blurted out as the recovering reached her tits.

"Well, if you won't help me," Andrea told him in a frank voice, "I'll have to find someone who will..."

"Of course I'll help!" Suddenly Frank couldn't think of a single reason not to help this wonderful woman -- with whatever she wanted! Especially, if she needed a little relief. Frank had seen enough porn to know that's what women needed when they came to a clerk dressed like that.

Andrea stopped buttoning her coat, leaving him with the view of her impressive cleavage, earning Frank's gratitude and cooperation. Instead, she took a picture out of her pocket and handed it to him.

"This is Carol," she explained, and he forced himself to look at the picture, trying to be as accommodating as he could. That he kept sneaking peaks of her wonderful tits was another matter entirely.

"Hey, I know her," he smiled, relieved that he could help her, "That's Carol Harrison. I think she lives in the building." He looked in his beautiful visitor's eyes, for the first time since she unveiled that wonderful body of hers and was rewarded by a very genuine smile.

"Could you get her precise address on that?" Andrea nodded towards the computer on his desk, pleased to finally have a last name. She had hoped it would be a male clerk, though she hadn't dared dream it would be the one guy on campus who was a bigger nerd that James.

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