tagLoving WivesHis Best Friend Sees Her Naked

His Best Friend Sees Her Naked

byKiwi Couple©

Disclaimer :

This story is based almost entirely on events that really took place, although names and places have been changed to protect those who had a hell of a lot of fun. Dialogue has been fabricated, however, as after a year it's almost impossible to remember exactly what was said, especially after a night of sampling the products of various vineyards. I've had to add in a fair bit of imaginative "quotes" as grunts and groans don't really make for a gripping story, fun though they are to make. Anyway, enough drivel, on to the story itself. We hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome.

* * * * *

It's been almost a full year since we posted our first effort at documenting our sexual exploration here on Literotica. "Real life" has unfortunately prevented us from posting more as we'd hoped to, but we're back and are determined to keep a proper diary which we will share with others who are interested enough to read our story.

For those who haven't yet read our initial offering, a brief summary of the tale is that I happened to be chatting to a very good friend one night, on IRC, and sent over a somewhat suggestive photo of Jen in the hot tub. I was actually sending the photo to show him what the hot tub looked like, as he hadn't yet seen our new house, and he commented that he wished he could see below the bubbles which covered her. I sent over another photo, this one showing her topless, which he really loved. We chatted a bit more and I realised that I got a real kick out of showing her off to him. At that point, my lovely wife found out, but far from being angry at me for displaying her charms to him, she got rather excited at the thought. She then allowed me to take a few more photo's which I subsequently sent over to him. That's what happened, in a nutshell. Since then, a lot has happened and a lot has changed in our lives, and this story is going to hopefully pick up from there and bring you up to speed on our sexual explorations.

After that first exchange of photographs, we quickly realised that we were a perfect match for each other. My wife and I, I mean. Yes, we knew we were great together or we would never have married, but this little quirk showed just how compatible we were. My secret fantasy turned out to be that I wanted to expose her to other guys, while hers turned out to be that she wanted to be exposed. What a perfect couple! Jen loved the excitement, the naughtiness of letting me photograph her nude and sending the pictures to my best friend. She loved to read his email, especially the ones where commented on how beautiful her body was, and how he wanted to be able to touch her breasts, feel her nipples in his palms, or how he wanted to pull her close and wrap his arms around her to feel her boobs pushed against his chest while his hands cupped her ass cheeks.

I enjoyed reading his replies too, and often found myself with a hardon reading what he wanted to do to her. I frequently imagined what it would be like to watch the two of them making love, and found out that Jen did too. At first we found it just a bit weird. How many guys are comfortable with the idea of another guy fucking their wife, especially their best friend? Is it normal? Well, we've accepted that it is, and for us it's the right thing. We're pretty secure in our relationship, I think that eleven years together proves that. Jim is also a great guy, a great friend to both of us, and the logical choice for a partner that both of us trust enough to join us in bed.

Before I get too carried away with the story, let me backtrack a bit to the few days before our initial photo shoot for Jim. Up till then, Jen had been a very shy lady, and could never understand that I or other men found her attractive. She always thought she was unattractive and overweight. Sure, she's not a supermodel (hell, I think I could be a stand in for Quasimodo if they ever need one) but I find her sexy as hell, and so do other guys. I often used to see guys looking at her but she never believed me when I told her. Since that first night I sent Jim her photo's, she's realised she is attractive and sexy and she's come out of her shell, and finally believes and feels she is sexy!

Anyway, back to the story...

In the days following that first impromptu photoshoot, Jen and I talked a lot about what we'd done. Mostly we were unsure of what Jim now thought of us. Would he feel that we were too weird and stop writing to us, would he want to see more, what was he thinking. What, for that matter, were we thinking?

Jen and I talked a bit, and decided that even if Jim didn't want to see more, we were going to keep taking nude photo's of her because we found it was such a turn on! That afternoon (we couldn't wait for the night) we took more pictures. Jen got dressed up as a naughty schoolgirl and did a slow striptease as I clicked away, taking picture after picture of her as she revealed herself to me. This time she asked me to carry on even after she was naked, and spread herself like a Hustler centrefold for the camera. I showed amazing restraint, and kept taking pictures long after I wanted to put the camera down and bury my throbbing cock in her wetness. Needless to say, when the batteries finally gave out, I wasted no time and jumped into bed with her and fucked her wildly for the next hour or three. She was hotter and wetter than I had ever felt her, and the way she thrashed and moaned as I fucked her made me determined to do this more often. Nude photography is an aphrodisiac!

Later that night I downloaded the photo's from the camera to the computer and relived the afternoons events on the computer monitor. OK, I confess, I got a raging hardon and had to whack off, but it was only the once, I swear! Maybe twice...

Jim emailed again the next day, and it was as if nothing had happened. He wrote about his day, what he and his girlfriend had done (went on a short hike, nothing sordid like you were probably thinking), and other inconsequential items. Fine, I thought, at least he's still talking to us. We haven't scared him off. Then I read those magic words...

"By the way, bud, I really loved those last pics you sent. Tell Jen she's a sexy woman. You're a lucky fucking bastard!!!"

Well, I didn't need any other encouragement. I quickly fired up the picture viewer, selected another three photo's and attached them to my reply.

"I'm glad you enjoyed them, mate. I hope you enjoy these just as much."

I clicked on "Send" and the email with three photo's of Jen in and out of her naughty schoolgirl outfit made its way to his inbox.

Over the next few days we emailed back and forth, discussing the pictures. He thought they were great, and that was when he told me that he got a hardon when he looked at them. Heh. I told Jen what he'd said, and even though she claimed to be shocked and horrified that he'd thought of her sexually, I could see the little look of lust hiding behind the blush. A little later I felt her hand slip around my cock as I typed my reply to his latest email.

"What are you writing?" Jen asked, stroking me gently.

"Just telling Jim how wonderful and soft your tits are, and how hard your nipples get when I suck on them..."


Her hand moved up and down a bit faster.

"Have you told him anything else about me?" She asked.

"A few things...why?"

"No reason." Her hand moved up and down faster still.

"If you don't stop that, I'm going to cum all over your hand." I gasped.

"Can't have that, can we?" She said, just before lowering her lips over my cock. She licked, sucked and slurped like a slut as I leaned back in the chair, savouring the sensation of her hot wet mouth sliding up and down my erection. Less than a minute later I was pumping my cum into her mouth, and she was swallowing like my cum was honey.

That set the tone for the future email to and from Jim. We got more and more intimate, I guess you'd call it, and I often told him in great detail what Jen and I had been up to, while he told me (and Jen, as she read email from both of us) what he thought and felt, and what he wouldn't mind doing to her.

One day Jen asked me what she thought Jim would like to see her do. I must point out that up till now, the only photo's we'd sent to him only showed Jen topless or nude in the bedroom or bathroom, some sexy, some slightly pornographic with her opening her legs for him, but nothing hardcore.

"Why do you ask?" I asked her, knowing already what she was going to say...I thought...

"Well, I love sending the pictures, but it's always what we want, never what he wants. And I'm also feeling really horny and slutty tonight and I want to do something nastier and kinkier."

Hell, I thought, here's my shy (ok, not so shy anymore) wife asking what another guy would like to see her do. A guy other than her husband, she wants to do something more sexy than spread her legs for him on camera? Who am I to argue with a sexyhorny woman?

I sent of an email, hoping for a speedy reply, asking Jim to get onto IRC immediately. Ten minutes later I heard the "Hey stud, you've got mail" sound from the computer, and I went to read his reply.

I'm online now, let's chat in #mysecretroom on DALNet.

I logged into the DALNet network and popped into our channel. We said the usual hellos and stuff, and then I told him that Jen had something she wanted to ask him. Jen sat down in front of the keyboard as I vacated it, and started typing to Jim.

They chatted about the usual for a few minutes, then she popped the question. She told him that she loved exposing herself to him, and that the thought of him getting hard looking at her naked body made her cunt (her word) wet. She told him that she was hot and wet right now, and was feeling a little bit slutty and was interested in doing something extra special for him, something that made her so excited she was dripping. He asked her what she had in mind.

"Anything you want!!!" was her reply.

Right then I fully realised how powerfully this exhibitionist game we played was affecting Jen, and how it was affecting me too. I loved the way it was turning her into a sexy, uninhibited little slut. Not in a bad way, but in a good way. I realised then too that one day I wanted to watch her actually fucking another guy!

He typed to her that he would like her to pose specially for him, and wanted to see her masturbate for him.

She looked up at me and asked me if I minded. Like hell I did! I told her to enjoy herself and do what she wanted I would be happy to take any and all pictures for Jim. I took control of the keyboard again and let Jim know that we were going to take the photo's now, with him online. Jen said that he was to "direct" her and she'd do whatever he wanted. I think he was shocked, but he obviously liked the idea because he got right into it and said he already had a special pose in mind. It was pretty mild really, but I guess he liked the idea. He said he wanted to see her naked, talking to him on IRC.

Not a problem for Jen. She immediately got up and stripped off what little clothing she was wearing, and sat down behind the keyboard again. In the meantime, I'd gone to fetch the camera and batteries. She was chatting to him, asking him to describe how he wanted her to sit. As she read his reply, she shifted in the seat to pose as he wanted.

She leaned back a bit, arched her back and stuck her boobs out, nipples already hard. I took the first picture. Her eyes were half closed, lips parted slightly, tongue just touching the lower one, making it glisten just a bit. Jen arched her back a little more, and I could see her moving her hips slightly, rubbing her pussy on the seat. Boy, was she horny. I was too, watching her display herself, even if distantly, to another guy.

The next photo was of her, arms raised above her head, legs parted, sitting watching the monitor. She was still surreptitiously rubbing herself against the seat.

Jim asked her to do a few other poses, this time on the bed, legs spread wide apart, cunt lips open so he could see her wetness. Without a moment's hesitation, she went into the bedroom, lay back and opened her legs wide. I followed her, quickly snapped a few pictures as she lay there with thighs open, fingers splitting her lower lips. I asked her if she was enjoying herself, and she groaned out a definite "Yesssss". She then dropped another bombshell and said that she wished she could see Jim's cock, and wished she could see how it got hard when he was looking at her like this. I asked her if she'd like to touch it, feel it. Jen rubbed her clit a bit (I snapped another picture as she did this) and groaned out another "Yes!!!!".

We went back to the computer after this and told Jim we had some of her with open cunt lips like he wanted. He thanked us and said he looked forward to seeing them. Jen asked if he wanted more because she was still quite hot. She typed out a short paragraph and basically told him she was imagining his cock getting hard as he looked, and that if he was closer she would fuck him. He was more shocked than I was and actually stopped to ask if I was OK with this. I told him that I was more than OK with this, and if he wanted, he could fuck her any time. I think if we weren't halfway across the world from each other, it would have been an instant threesome.

I also told him that Jen was hot for cock, and at this point in time it looked like she was ready for anything...what did he want her to do now?

"Anything goes!", I typed.

"You sure about this, mate? I don't want to fuck anything up with this you know."

"Sure...what should she do?" I asked again. I was hot and hard as well, wanting to see what he could get her to do. I actually wished he was there, so she could show him for real!

Anyway, he asked for Jen again, and she sat back down at the keyboard. I could smell her wetness as she talked to him again.

I quickly changed the memory card in the camera while she and he discussed what he wanted from her, and put in a fresh card. At this stage I realised that great though this camerawas, if I wanted to get really good pictures of Jen to send, I was going to have to get a better one (ever the geek, that's me).

She got up just as I finished, and told me she'd logged off till tomorrow. Jim had told her what he wanted, and she was ready to do it for him.

I followed her to the bedroom, and waitied as she arranged herself on the bed again, this time on all fours. She looked back over her shoulder and told me to start taking pictures as she moved. She reached behind her with one hand, and began rubbing her butt. Gently she started pulling apart her ass cheeks, exposing her puckered anus. She looked so hot, so sexy, so slutty, looking into the camera as she spread apart her ass cheeks for someone else. I almost came right there. I took more photo's as she leaned forward more, this time using both hands to pull herself open. Her fingers pulled apart her ass cheeks as well as her cunt. It was wet as I'd ever seen it!

Jen moved about a bit more, varying the pose slightly by spreading her legs more, pulling herself apart more, and then started pushing her fingers into her cunt. First one, then two, then three. I watched and photographed as she finger fucked herself to two orgasms, and then had to take a break to change memory cards again, and my pants because I'd also shot my load while watching.

Jen's next request surprised me a bit, I'll admit, but I wasn't going to say no. She asked me to get her biggest vibrator and join her on the bed. She said that Jim had asked for a special set of her fucking herself with a dildo, and she wanted to do it for him, imagining it was him she was fucking. Jen said that she didn't want to be unfaithful, even in her mind, so she wanted me to share her in a threesome. Can't say I hesitated. I got onto the bed, aimed the camera at her cunt and shot off a dozen photo's as she squeezed the rubber cock between her cunt lips. She orgasmed again as I told her how cheap and slutty she was, fucking another man as I watched. Guess she really liked the idea. I was pleasantly surprised when she asked me to move forward so she could feel what it was like to fuck two guys at once.

I focused the camera on her face, zoomed in close, and snapped off another two or three shots as she wrapped her lips around my cock. She looked like she was in heaven. A thick cock in her wet hole, another in her mouth, and she was sucking for all she was worth as she pumped the dildo in and out of herself. A minute or two later it was all over. I spurted hot cum into her mouth, and she swallowed, cumming again. before long the batteries gave out and I put the camera down, concentrating only on Jen for the next hour or two. We fucked like teenagers before falling asleep.

The next day I downloaded 108 photo's from the previous evening, compressed them, zipped them and emailed them to Jim. He got to see the whole evening, so to speak, firsthand. With this email, I told him how Jen had fantasised about him, and how wild she went when "he" slipped his thick cock into her. I also told him that if he wanted anything else, he was welcome to ask, because she would do anything for him.

In the following months we had a number of very interesting days, evenings, even whole weekends fulfilling Jim's requests which ranged from simple spread shots to anal sex with the dildo in her ass and me in her cunt. We've all three enjoyed our remote sexploration more than you'd believe!

This hasn't been the end of our experimentation, though. With Jen's newfound sensuality has come confidence and a desire to show off more and more. I love this. She's begun to flash me in public every so often too, driving me almost insane with lust as she flashes her tits or pussy in restaurants, on the beach, even in shopping malls when she goes up an escalator. She "accidentally" flips up the back of her short skirt, giving me a teasing glimpse of pantieless ass. Ahhhhh....

Jen and I were taking a walk along a local trail about three months ago when I decided she had to flash her tits at me. She, hesitating a few moments, whipped up her top, exposed her tits with perky, erect nipples and waited as I focused and snapped off a few shots. She looked a bit nervous for the first shot, but very quickly relaxed and decided she liked it. We kept this up the whole way, every so often I'd say "here" and she'd either lift her t-shirt or flip up her skirt for me. It wasn't as hot as the sessions for Jim, but it was the start of her "real" exhibitionism. Since then we've done regular flash shoots, and when we get home Jen's hornier than ever. She loves exposing herself outdoors, where the chance of getting caught is high. On a few occasions, I've dared her to go totally topless, and after I'd "persuaded" her, she'd take off her shirt and bra, hand them to me and pose while I get a few pictures for our scrapbook. Twice I've even dared her to go nude, and she's "reluctantly" stripped off totally and stayed that way for up to an hour as I photographed her. I know the reluctance wasn't real because even with a crappy camera I managed to catch the sunlight glinting off a very wet pussy. In some pictures you can see how engorged her cunt lips are. I also know she loved it because she sucked me off in the bushes while playing with herself both times!

This basically brings us to a month ago, when we took another big step on the path of sexual discovery. Our friend Jim finally took a long overdue vacation and flew over for a month long visit which coincided with our Summer vacation. We were all quite nervous about seeing each other in the flesh again, so to speak, after not having seen each other in the three years since we moved, and also in light of our recent picture swapping. We needn't have worried because after a few minutes in the car on the way home from the airport, it was as if we'd never been apart. Sure, there was a slight undercurrent of sexual tension when he and Jen hugged at the airport, but after that it was chat and bullshit as usual.

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