tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 08

His Black Master Ch. 08


Kevin had accepted a job with a downtown firm as an entry level accountant and Kathleen landed herself a job as a junior editor for the local paper.

The wedding plans were in full swing. The afternoon ceremony was to take place at a small chapel followed by a dinner reception at Westwood Country Club where Kathleen's father had been a long time member.

Red and Nora instantly fell in love with Kathleen and were very excited that Kevin had found himself a nice girl to marry. Kevin has asked Ty to be his best man and Ty was more than happy to stand up for his boy Kevin.

Kathleen's parents Marty and Ellen O'Malley instantly took a liking to Kevin. They found him to be a handsome, well-mannered boy and felt he would make a perfect husband for their only daughter Kathleen.

Ellen breathed a sigh of relief believing that Kathleen had finally gotten over her attraction to black boys. Ellen could see the sparkle in Kathleen's eyes when she looked at Kevin. It was very different from the look of lust Kathleen would have in her eyes when she saw a black boy. Ellen knew the look of lust very well. She often had the same look in her own eyes. It was a demon Ellen had been fighting for many years.

Kevin and Kathleen had rented a townhouse near downtown. Kevin was living alone in the townhouse and Kathleen was living with her parents until after the wedding. Being devout Catholics, neither set of parents felt it was right for Kevin and Kathleen to live together before they were married.

Ty's sex drive was in hyper mode. Knowing he was going to take Kathleen's pussy on her wedding night was making him hornier than he had ever been. Kevin took the brunt of Ty's heightened sex drive, which of course he did not mind.

Kevin's stomach would always jump when he saw the Escalade parked in front of his townhouse. Ty had taken a key to the townhouse so he could make himself at home. Kevin would usually find Ty in his boxers sitting in the recliner having a beer and watching ESPN. As soon as Ty heard the key in the door his big black cock would stiffen.

Ty was usually engrossed in whatever game he was watching so he would motion to Kevin to let him know what he wanted serviced that day. If Ty wanted his ass rimmed he would slide down on the recliner and raise his legs a bit. If he wanted his cock sucked he would flip his hard cock and it would hit his stomach. Then he would pull Kevin by the hair and move his mouth where ever he needed it.

No matter where Kevin started, he was always rewarded with Ty's creamy black load, either down his throat or up his ass.

After one particular session, while Ty still had his still fuck pole buried in Kevin's ass, he whispered in Kevin's ear, "Make sure the bride is wearing a short dress. I will need easy access to dat pussy."

Kevin knew he had a challenge ahead of him. Kathleen had her heart set on a long wedding gown.

Kathleen, Ellen and Margaret had a 1:00 appointment at MaryAnn's Bridal. Margaret was Kathleen's childhood friend and former college roommate. Kathleen had asked Margaret to be her maid of honor. Kathleen and Margaret shared everything, well almost everything. Kathleen never shared her interest in black men with Margaret although Margaret was suspect.

A tall slender woman greeted the ladies as the walked in the door. "Welcome to MaryAnn's Bridal. I am MaryAnn, how may I help you?"

"Hi, I'm Kathleen O'Malley; we have a 1:00 appointment to look at wedding dresses."

The boutique was filled with beautiful wedding dresses. Ellen's eyes wet directly to a mannequin dressed in a formal long gown. "Look at that one Kathleen isn't it beautiful?" she asked cheerfully.

"Yes Mother," Kathleen replied in a rather stern voice. "We have been over this."

MaryAnn interrupted. Her voice was calm and professional. "Why don't we have a seat so that I can get a better idea of your personal style?"

The ladies followed MaryAnn to a seating area. "Please take a seat," she said politely.

"Can I interest you ladies in a glass of wine or champagne?"

Ellen let out a little laugh. "I thought they only did that in the movies."

MaryAnn smiled, "We find it helps relax the customer. Purchasing a gown for your big day can be stressful."

Kathleen spoke up first. "I will have a chardonnay." She looked over at Margaret, "She will have one too." Kathleen glanced at Ellen. "Mom?" she said questioningly.

"Oh, why not," Ellen said cheerfully.

MaryAnn called to her assistant. "Sandy, three chardonnay's please."

Sandy returned a few moments later carrying a try with three glasses of wine and some bite size cookies.

MaryAnn adjusted her glasses, "So tell me about the wedding and what you are looking for in a bridal gown." Her tone was enthusiastic.

"Well," Kathleen said. "It is an afternoon wedding at St. Matthew's Church down by the river. A reception dinner will be held at Westwood County Club."

"Westwood," MaryAnn said with a smile. "Very nice, and what are you looking for as far as a gown? You look like a size 4."

Kathleen smiled proudly. "Yes, I am a 4. I was thinking a short dress."

Ellen shot her a disapproving look.

Kathleen continued, "A short dress, with maybe strapless or a sweetheart neckline, nothing too frilly.

MaryAnn nodded, "It sounds like you want something more classic than fairytale. And how many bridesmaids will there be?"

Kathleen cleared her throat, "I just have Margaret as my maid of honor. There won't be any bridesmaids. I was thinking a pink dress for Margaret."

"Perfect," MaryAnn said as she placed her note pad on the seat next to her. "Let me pull some samples for you to try on and I will pull a few things for Margaret as well. I will be right back ladies."

MaryAnn returned with a rack of dresses for Kathleen to try on. There were 4 short dresses and one gown. "I know you said that you didn't want a gown," MaryAnn said, "but this one is exquisite and you owe it to yourself to try it on."

Kathleen took all of the dresses in the back. She tried on all of the short ones first. They were all pretty and she liked them all but none of them thrilled her. Kathleen slipped on the gown and she started to glow, it really was exquisite. She imagined Ty's big hands unbuttoning the back as he started to remover her dress. Her pussy started to tingle with excitement.

Kathleen took off the gown and put on a robe. There was a tap on the door. "Any luck?" MaryAnn asked.

Kathleen opened the door. "I kind of like this one," she said as she held up a dress.

"Did you try on the gown?" Mary Ann asked with an excited tone in her voice.

"Yes," Kathleen said with a sigh. "But I really want a short dress," ss a frown came across her face. Kathleen did not want to take a chance and anger Ty. He had demanded she wear a short wedding dress and Kathleen knew she had to obey.

"I have one more," MaryAnn said with an excited tone as she handed a dress to Kathleen.

Kathleen slipped it on and immediately she knew she had found her dress.

Ty insisted he go with Kevin to purchase a wedding ring for Kathleen. As Ty told Kevin, "I'm the one who has to look at it when her hand is wrapped around my big cock, so it should be one that I like."

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