tagInterracial LoveHis Black Master Ch. 13

His Black Master Ch. 13


The morning sun burst through the window and woke Kathleen. Her black lover's muscular arm was draped around her waist. Turning to Ty, she kissed him gently on the cheek and slithered out of bed. She unzipped her wedding dress and let it fall to the floor in a crumpled mess.

Entering the bathroom Kathleen caught sight of herself in the mirror. Her beautifully done make-up was now smeared all over her face and her tits were hanging out of her underwire bra. Grabbing a wash cloth, she wet it and wiped her face clean. She ran a brush through her long red hair and reapplied her mascara and lipstick.

Sitting on the toilet Kathleen began to pee. She felt a burning sensation and looked down to find her pussy was red and swollen from it's first black invasion. She was still examining her tender pussy when she heard Ty's deep morning voice. "Yo pussy a little tender this morning, baby?"

Kathleen jumped as she looked up. Ty towered over her as she sat on the toilet, his rock hard cock pointing towards her mouth. Kathleen's eyes widened as he moved towards her. Suddenly she felt a blast of warm liquid hitting her face. Kathleen let out a shriek as Ty directed his aim to her tits and down her body.

"Spread yo pussy lips." Ty mumbled as he aimed his golden nectar directly at her pussy. Ty's piss danced around her pussy almost bringing her to an orgasm. When he finished pissing Ty brought his cock up to Kathleen's lips, shaking the last few drops onto them. Kathleen licked her lips savoring the taste of her lover's piss.

Ty lifted her off the toilet with ease as they kissed passionately, both savoring the flavor of his salty nectar. Kathleen clasped her hands around Ty's neck and he hoisted her up, her legs now wrapped around his waist as they continued to kiss. With his hands on Kathleen's ass Ty pulled her away, positioning his cock at the tip of her pussy lips.

Kathleen let out a soft moan as she whispered, "Fuck me baby. I need you inside of me." With one quick motion Ty lowered Kathleen onto his hard black cock. Kathleen bit Ty's shoulder to keep from screaming. Kathleen could see their reflection in the mirror as she watched in amazement as Ty's massive black cock slid in and out of her tiny pink pussy. It was something that Kathleen had wanted and fantasized for so long and now to actually see it happening pushed her over the edge.

She held onto Ty tightly with her arms, driving her tongue deeper into his mouth. Taking control of her body Kathleen started to slide her pussy up and down on Ty's cock, riding him hard as she watched herself in the mirror. Her pussy started to quiver and she climaxed on Ty's cock.

Ty could feel her pussy juice running down his cock and balls. Knowing that he brought her to such a hard climax excited him. His thrusts became stronger as his cock began to swell in her tight pussy. The moaned in unison as his hot black seed shot deep into her coating the walls of her pussy. Ty carried her to the bed with his cock still deep in her. He laid her down gently, his black muscular body covering her. He kissed her softly and then he pulled his cock out of her cum-filled snatch.

Ty walked over to his over night bag and took out a little box and handed it to Kathleen. Her heart was beating fast as she looked at the box wondering what was inside. "Open it baby," Ty said softly.

Her hands were shaking as she removed the wrapping from the box. Ty spread her legs and saw his black seed seeping from her puffy pussy lips. Kathleen opened the box to find a beautiful platinum ankle bracelet with two diamond charms attached. The first was the male symbol in black diamonds and the other was the female symbol in white diamonds.

Kathleen held the ankle bracelet to her chest. "I love it Ty, thank you so much."

Ty took the ankle bracelet from her hands and placed it around her ankle. He moved up, placing his face only inches from hers, "This represents you belongin' to me," he said with a devilish laugh and kissed her on the cheek.

Kathleen stretched back on the bed and extended her leg admiring her new ankle bracelet. The sunlight shimmered across the diamond of her wedding ring and her mind shifted to Kevin. Ty's black cock swung between his legs as he walked into the suite. He found Kevin curled up on the sofa in the fetal position. Ty took his flaccid black cock in his hand and slapped Kevin across the face.

Kevin's body jerked as he felt Ty's wet cock hit his cheek. "Whoa," he gasped while trying to sit up. Ty took the metal chastity device off of the coffee table and placed it back on Kevin's soft cock.

Ty brought his stiffening cock to Kevin's lips. "Suck the pussy juice off my cock, boy." Kevin quickly went to work savoring the taste of Ty's thick black cock. Ty loved the way Kevin sucked his cock and the way he worshipped it. Ty smiled as he remembered the first time Kevin was able to deep throat his entire cock. It was Kevin's third time sucking his meat when Ty looked down and saw that his black snake was all the way down Kevin's tight throat and his pubic hair was pressing against his sexy pink lips. Thinking back excited Ty and he grabbed the back of Kevin's head and started to face fuck him. Kevin could feel the black snake swell in his throat, soon spewing load after load of black seed into his belly.

Ty pulled his cock out of Kevin's hungry throat and rubbed the slimy remains across his face. Ty laughed as Kevin greedily tried to lick it up. Ty pulled Kevin up by his hair and pushed him towards the bedroom. "You got mo' cleanin' up to do boy." Once again Kevin could feel his cock trying to swell in its steel cage.

Kathleen was laying upright on the bed. The sun was shining through the window making her skin look even more translucent. She motioned to Kevin with her finger and he started to walk toward her. He could see Ty's black seed running out of her pussy. Kevin approached Kathleen and gently moved her flame red hair away from her face, leaning down to kiss her cheek as Kathleen put her hand up and pushed his face towards her cum filled pussy. Kevin knew his place and immediately started cleaning Kathleen's cunt.

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Such good cucking..

Delicious cucking story.
I have just made sperm.

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