His Cajun Moon Ch. 05


Then I a young guy came walking up to us. He looked exactly like Ray but he had light brown hair and he was about an inch shorter. The only thing he wore were jeans that hung low on his hips. I had caught my breath by then and was just listening to Ray tell his sisters and John Paul about all the body parts he would rip off if people kept touching me. John Paul muttered something that sounded like 'possessive much?' that had the girls snorting. Then, I was being snatched up by the young guy. I let up a yelp right before he planted a wet one right on my lips. He pulled back and had this mischievous smile dancing across his face. Then again I was being peeled away.

"God Dammit, Beau do you want to die?!" Ray yelled as he pushed him into John Paul.

"What? I was just trying to say hi to my new sister" he said as he righted himself. Ray starting growling and his smile got bigger.

"Bruh, if you ever tried to say hi to me like that I would deck you" Lila said.

I couldn't help but laugh a little. Ray was still growling so I put my arm around his waist and he quieted down.

"I am Beauregard LeRoux, at your service" he said with a dramatic bow.

"Well aren't you the charmer" I said not bothering to hide my smile.

"Please catin don't encourage him. He only gets worst, trust me." Ray said.

"Don't listen to old man Alpha here, you'll love me." Beau said as he stepped closer to me.

"If you ever you get tired of him and want to have some real fun, I'm your man." He said in a conspiratorial whisper. I threw my head back in laughter.

"Oh, please stop. Really you are killing me with the weak lines Beau." Maggie said.

"Thanks but no thanks, I got all the man I need right here." I said as I absently kissed chest.

"Aw, so cold, Evie, You didn't even give me a chance" He said. I never understood the phrase puppy dog eyes until that moment. His pale green eyes went all round and glassy and his head was leaning to the side ever so slightly. But his little performance was interrupted when Ray big head cover his face and pushed him out the way.

"Move it Beau, Evie has gotta meet the rest of the pack" he said as he ushered me toward the rest of the pack.

Mostly men came up first introduced themselves, gave their rank, bowed their heads and told me how it was an honor to meet me. They all had on huge smiles but what had me blushing was that a smile was only thing that some of them wore. I'm guessing that some of them had shifted to talk to me. Then there were the women. They were more reserved when they came up to meet me. While they did the same as the men by stating name and rank, only half of them smiled a little. And none of them bowed. A few didn't even acknowledge me, but were smiling and trying but failing miserably to flirt with Ray. I didn't like those females at all and Lila had to order a few of them to leave so other people could and speak to us. Ray it seemed was kind of oblivious to them because every minute or so his hand that was resting on my waist would roam up under my shirt and stroke my stomach. And he was having a deep conversation with John Paul. Yeah I was going have to talk to Lila about that. I whispered to her that I needed to understand pack etiquette when it came to women and quick. She nodded her understanding and let me know we would have this conversation soon. If one more of these bitches disrespected me I was going off but, I also had the sense to know that I could not physically take them without being fully mated yet.

The kids were the most adorable children I had ever seen. Some were super shy and barely squeaked their names to me while others weren't shy at all and were talking at mile a minute. Eventually the women gathered them up and the crowd had all but dispersed. Ray said he was about to take me to see some of the people who weren't there earlier, when I saw her, the little girl from earlier. She had been hiding on the side of the house when the women called out for all the kids. She slowly made her way toward me. When she got up to me I bent down so that we were eye level.

"You have a very pretty name and your skin is pretty too" the little girl quietly said as her tiny fingers stoked my cheek.

"Well I'm pretty sure that your name is pretty too and so is your skin" I said as I moved the hair out of her face and put it behind her ears and smiled at her.

"What's your name darling?" I said.

"It's Elizabeth but you can call me Lizzy" She said stressing the word you.

"Ok Lizzy, and you can call me Evie, how about that?" I asked her and she smiled at me. She was about to say something else when Lila called her name.

"Hey Elizabeth, you back to Shirley's ok, I'm pretty sure that she be worried if she can't find you" Lila said as she bent down next to me. Lizzy shook her head no and started to look at her feet.

"Oh come on honey, will you do it for me" Lila asked? Again she shook her head no. She had started to fidget and twist her arms together. Lila asked her a few more questions and she shook her head no to all of them.

"Well why don't you want to go back with Shirley?" Lila asked and when Lizzy didn't respond she turned to me and asked me to ask her. When I gave her a questioning look, she told me she would tell me later. So I turned back to Lizzy and asked her.

"Why don't you want to go back to Shirley's house?" She finally looked up from her feet.

"I want to stay with you" she said simply. Lila was about to say something but I cut her off.

"Oh you can stay with me" I said while giving her a smile. I leaned up and looked at Ray, he nodded his head. Then he looked down to Lizzy and back at me and smiled. I held out my arms and she smile and jumped into them. She was a bit heavier than she looked I thought as I settled her on my hip, but she wasn't too heavy to where I couldn't carry her. She wrapped her arms around my neck and put her face into the crook of my shoulder. I laughed because her noise tickled me as she started to sniff me. After couple of seconds she sighed and snuggled up closer to me. I smiled and looked back at the group. They were looking at me in wonderment. 'What?' I asked but before anyone could say anything Ray just said 'Later' and took my hand.

We started off toward the woods to the left of the house. There were no paths that you could see, so I was guessing they knew where they were going. About five minutes into the woods we made it to the first cottage. A very pregnant woman and her mate stayed there. I was introduced and we made small talk for a few minutes, then we went off to the next cottage. As we walked and met people Ray pointed out things to me and what this or what that was. There was a clearing closer toward the house for communal gardens that grew fruits and vegetables. Then there were clearings that had chicken coops and what not. Some cottages had their own personal gardens and chickens but Ray said that mostly everybody that stayed on the land eat at the house. After awhile I noticed that we were walking in a wide semi-circle when we came upon the first distinguishable path. Standing in the middle of it I looked to the left and saw the back of the house. It was about two football fields away and to the right was path kept winding through the trees. Ray said that I led to the clearing were they held all of their ceremonies. We crossed the path and kept on through the trees.

I met a few more people and then we came up to a cottage that looked more like a shack. Ray called somebody by the name of Baptiste. We stood there for a minute then two men came out on to the porch.

"Hey there Alpha" one of the men said. He didn't look necessary look old but I got the feeling that he was. His hair was peppered and had crinkle lines around his eyes and mouth. It looked like he had laughed and smile often in his life which complimented his tanned skin.

"Hey Baptiste, this is Evangeline your new Alpha Bitch" he said and then turned to me.

"Catin this is Baptiste and this is Edmond. And they are two of the meanest son of bitches that I know" he said after cracking a smile. Both men on the porch laughed and came down the steps. I shifted Lizzy on my hip a little and Maggie came up behind me and asked if I wanted her to take Elizabeth. Before I could say anything Lizzy's arms and legs tighten around me and her hold got stronger. I told Maggie no and Lizzy let go a little. Then Edmond got my attention, "Gray" was all he said as he stared at me. I looked around and everybody looked just as confused as I felt so I turned back to the man.

"Um, no my name is Evangeline but you can call me Evie if you like." I said. He was the total opposite of Baptiste. While Bapstiste was tall and rather slim, Edmond was a few inches shorter and bulky. Edmond was black while Baptiste was Cajun I'm assuming. The thing that they did have in common no doubt was their age.

"No, little one he was saying that he thinks that your wolf is going to be gray when you merge with her" he said as Edmond nodded in agreement.

"Oh okay." was all I could say. Ray just shook his and I could have sworn that I heard John Paul say 'How the hell did he get all of that from just meeting her.'

"Yeah, you don't know how much pleasure it brought Ed and me here when we heard that Ray had finally found you. Yeah we had a lot of fun when we called that ass wipe Tobias. Laughed all day we did." He said with a big smile on his face. Edmond cracked a smile too. I looked at Ray because I was confused at what he was talking about. And to my surprise Ray actually looked guilty about something.

"Thank you Baptiste, I had to put Tommy in his place because of that little stunt of yours" Ray said.

"Bout time, that boy is as dumb as a pile of bricks" Edmond voice boomed. I don't think that he was trying to yell I'm guessing his voice was naturally loud.

"Well I can't have y'all startin' trouble for your own amusement. Don't do it again" Ray said.

"Aw, you always gotta ruin the fun hoss. It ain't like he can declare war on us or anything, why do you think he wanted you to marr-" but before he could finish Ray started talking again.

"Yeah well that's not gon' happen now is it. I'm fixin to take Evie back to the main house, she has gotta eat"Ray said hastily. We said our goodbyes and made our way back to the house. Lizzy sat up and started to talk to me about everything. She told me her favorite color, song, day, how old she was, her birthday and she just kept going on and on. When we passed by a cottage with kids playing in the front Lila asked her if she wanted stay I'm guessing it was Shirley's house. I asked her why she didn't want to go to her mom's house she got quiet for a minute.

"Shirley ain't my mamma. I just stay with her sometimes. My mamma died and so did my daddy" she said quietly while she played with the collar of my shirt. My heart instantly went out to the little girl. I had lost my parents so I knew what she was going through. And I kind of felt bad because I had more time with my parents than she did with her. Her bottom lip started to tremble a little and her grip tightened on my shirt.

"It's okay Lizzy I lost my parents too. So it's okay to cry sometimes" I said as I kissed her on the forehead.

"You did?" she asked while wiping away the single tear that fell. For a second I couldn't speak. The little girl was braver than me because I still ball like a baby from just thinking about my parents.

"Yeah but you know what? I think that both of our mommies and daddies are in heaven looking down on us. So, it helps a little when I think about them and miss them, I just look up at the sky and picture them smiling down on me." I told her. Then she looked up at the sky and then closed her eyes. After about a minute she opened them and smile at me.

"I think your right Evie" she said.

"Yeah I think so too" by that time we had made it back to the back of the house was walking into the kitchen. Some people were sat at the table while others were busy around the kitchen. We ate the head of the table and were immediately served. Lizzy sat on my lap as we ate and finished telling me about her life. She said she didn't remember much about her parents but what she did remember she told me. Then I caught a part of the conversation that Ray and John Paul were talking. It seemed that the pack doctor went back in New Orleans and he was saying that Dupree was pissed and was talking about a challenge. That had Ray growling and saying that he could try. Then it hit me, they were talking about Dupree from the Bar.

"Wait, is Dupree a werewolf too and why would he challenge you? What is a challenge anyway?" I asked after finishing my food.

"Yes, Dupree is a wolf catin and he has got it in his head that you might be his mate. But that's not possible because you are my mate and a wolf can have only one true soul mate" he said while looking at me.

"Ok, then what about this challenge business?" I asked.

"It is how we solve disputes and problems in our world. We issue a challenge to the person we have the problem with, sometimes they are fights to show dominance while other times it's fight to the death." John Paul explained while eating his food. That immediately had me worried.

"Well, this won't be a fight to the death will it?" I asked sliding down the bench closer to Ray chair at the head of the table. He seemed to sense my anxiety and leaned over and kissed me. I felt my body relax at his touch and somehow his calmness seeped into me. "Evie, it won't be a fight at all. You are mine baby and he can't ignore that" he said as he nuzzled my face. While a smile slowly creped across mine. Then I remembered that Lizzy was sitting in my lap because she let out a little giggle. Apparently being squished between Ray and me was funny. I blushed some and sat back.

"Besides, we have already started the mating process his challenge would not be a smart decision" he said confidently while touching the bite mark on my neck. That sent an involuntary shiver down my spine. Then his smile turned devilish, he saw my reaction to his touch.

"Yeah there is nothing he can really do until you are fully mated. He knows that he can't come anywhere near a semi-mated female unless he wants to get mauled. Challenge or not" John Paul said as he started to stuff his face again.

I was about to ask him what he meant by that but some of Ray's betas came up to him. They introduced themselves to me and turned back to Ray. Making polite conversation, he asked after their mates and pups. Apparently one of there mates just had just given birth. Ray congratulated the man and said that he would announce it to the pack tonight before the celebratory run in honor of me. The beta thanked him and they went on their way. This went on for about another hour and a half. Eventually the room started to clear out.

"So catin, how about me and you get of out here for a little peace and quiet" he said as he wiggled his eyebrows.

"That sounds really nice but I think that we have to go back to New Orleans to get my things and to check out of the hotel." I said as I helped Lizzy color her picture that Lila gave her before she and Maggie left.

"Oh don't worry about that my mate, I already sent for your things and thankfully we have someone that works at that hotel who can check you out. So, I'm about to take you to the best catfish honey hole in southern Louisiana" with that he got up, took my hand and started toward the back door. I had to practically run to keep up with him.

"You can slow down you know." I giggled as we made it to the big garage. He only slowed down a little and navigated us between the trucks. We stopped at an old blue and white fifties style pick up. He left me there while I looked around the garage. It was huge, there had to have been at least 20 or more pick-up trucks and SUVs in here. There were to large garage doors on opposite sides, to let multiple cars in and out. And on either side of the other walls were toolboxes, areas for car lifts, and what seemed to be racks of clothing. Ray went over to the wall closest to us picked up some fishing rods, tackle box, t-shirt and sweat pants.

"What are the clothes for" I asked?

"Just in case I have to shift quickly and end up shredding my clothes, I'll have an extra pair to change into" he said as he put all of the things in the truck bed.

"Wait for me, Wait for me!" Lizzy yelled rounding a SUV a fast as her little legs would carry her, which was pretty fast. I only had time to open my arms before she was jumping into them.

"Woah, slow down honey" I said but she didn't even look winded.

"I want to go with you guys, Evie, Please?" Again with the eyes I thought. That look alone had me about to agree to anything. That thought had me at a loss, because somehow I knew that wherever we ended up we were definitely going to have hot wolfie sex. I was at a loss as to what to say when Ray jumped in for me.

"Not this time Lizzy, you can go next time" he said in a no nonsense manner. Lizzy hung her little head which almost made say she could come. But my body was already starting to yearn for his touch. So I did the next best thing.

"How about you go to the big house and wait for us to return" I asked while lifting her chin so I could look into her eyes. She smiled at me.

"I won't have to go back to Sheila's house?" She asked for conformation looking between Ray and me.

"You sure don't honey." I kissed her and sat her down.

"Now go back to the big house Lizzy and make sure you tell them that you're under Alpha Evie's orders to stay there" he said as he ruffled her hair. She gave him a shy smile and turned around a skipped back the way she came.

"Ray she is too adorable for words, it's nice being around her, she was so open and talkative" I sighed as I got into the truck.

"She not really that talkative Evie, in fact the only one she has talked to since her parents died is you." He said while starting the car and throwing it into reverse. My shocked expression told him that I didn't believe him.

"Kid you not catin. She wouldn't even talk to me, even under Alpha's orders. And forget about anybody calling her Lizzy, she would just ignore you out right then."

"Wow I don't know what to say. I mean she seemed extremely shy at first but I would have never guessed that about her. Do you know why she stopped talking?" I asked.

"Well Doc said the trauma of losing her parents more than likely brought it on because she wasn't with them when the horrible accident happen so she had no physical trauma." He said as we slowly made our way away from the property.

"That's sad Ray." I said while my hand absently stroked his knee. He took his right hand off the wheel, grasped the hand on his knee, and brought to his lips for a kiss. We rode in silence for a while after that. I had been occasionally catching the lyrics of the low humming radio. Twenty minutes later the road broke through the trees and ran parallel with a swampy river. Ray expertly maneuvered the truck where the tail of the truck was right up on the bank. He cut off the car took my hand and got out, bring me with him. We made out way to the bed of the truck and hopped on. That's when I noticed that he also grabbed more than fishing gear and extra clothes. There were two beanie bag chairs and a blanket. I laughed.

"It seems Mr. LeRoux that you have brought provisions making it able for you to have your way with me." I said as I wrapped my arms around his chest. Then my hands slowly slid down his back to his ass, which I grabbed making his beautiful cock grind into my lower stomach. I instantly became wet and my nipples harden. He growled and grabbed my face bring me in for a soul shattering kiss. Just as the kiss got heavier and our breathing got choppier, he pulled away. I whimpered and tried to pull him back down by the collar of his shirt.

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