tagBDSMHis Ch. 05

His Ch. 05

bywhores Master©

She slept soundly all night and when she woke in the morning, the smell of coffee filled her nose. She went to the bathroom and when she was dressed, she joined him in the kitchen.

"You slept well, I believe," he said as he greeted her with a kiss.

"Yes Master. Thank you for such a wonderful night."

He smiled at her as he poured her a cup of coffee. He scooped up an omelet from the grill and placed in on a plate with wheat toast and set it on the table. He pulled her chair out and she sat down. He joined her across the table.

"What do you expect from our relationship," he asked.

She thought for a moment and then replied "You are my Master and I do whatever you tell me too."

"Yes. That is correct but there is more to it. Many people play at this lifestyle and treat it like a game, and for them that is fine. They use the power as stimulus for sexual excitement. You and I both found that pleasure in our interactions too. But I believe that there is a deeper relationship that can be enriched if they both want to live the lifestyle. I intend that you be tested to see if you are capable of serving me in the manner that I require. Are you willing to submit yourself to such tests, without knowing in advance what they are?"

"Yes, Master."

"At all times you will wear one of the two collars I have for you. One has the studs and the leash eyelet. The other is plain black leather. The leash collar will be worn when I accompany you, so that I can walk you properly. The other collar is worn at all other times. You are not to conceal them, but to wear them proudly so all will know that you belong to me. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Master."

"I want you to do the following today. Buy yourself a pair of black spike heels and a black leather dress. It should be short enough to reveal your legs and should fall above your knees. I want you to go to a Music City and buy a CD of George Benson "Breezin." I want you to go to Krogers and buy groceries and then I want you to have your nipples or your eyebrows pierced. Any questions?"

"No, Master."

"Good. I will plan to meet you here then tonight at seven. I want you to show me your purchases and tell me about the day. I must leave now, so feel free to go when you choose."

He rose and kissed her cheek and left. She finished her breakfast and tidied up the kitchen a little and removed the studded collar in favor of the plain black one. Then she left to do his bidding.

She drove to the shopping mall, where he had bought her clothing before and went into the shoe store. A salesman greeted her and followed her as she looked through the high heels. She soon found two pairs that seemed to meet his requirements and she asked to try them on. She sat as the salesman went into the back to find them.

He soon returned and sat across from her. He took the shoes and slipped hers off and helped place the new ones on her feet. She stood and looked at them in the mirror and walked around. She sat back down and tried the other pair on. She liked them much better and decided to take them. He carried the box as they went to the cash register.

"That is a beautiful choker you are wearing," he said.

"Thanks," she replied.

"Was it a gift?" he asked.

"Well, sort of," she replied. h

He completed the card transaction and wrapped the box and placed it in a sack. He thanked her for the business and she left the store.

Next she went to the dress store across the mall. She walked around looking at all of the beautiful clothes. She really enjoyed seeing the styles and colors that were now popular. She found a Donna Karan black velvet dress and took it to the dressing room to try on. She called the saleslady and requested another size. It fit perfectly. She redressed and took it to the counter.

"Special occasion?" the sales lady asked.

"No," she replied, "just a party dress."

"Well it goes well with your collar. I'm sure your Master will be pleased."

She felt flushed and embarrassed and felt the need to declare "no, it is just for me."

She rushed from the store.

She felt a little sick and walked quickly out of the mall. She sat in her car for awhile and wished she hadn't been defensive about the collar, but she was unprepared for the question.

She drove out and immediately went to her favorite restaurant, but when she parked, she decided not to go in. Some of her friends might be there and the waitresses knew her well. She didn't want any of them to see her like that. She had started to think of the collar as a beacon.

She started the car and shifted into reverse, then suddenly put it back in park and turned the ignition off. She reached up and unfastened the collar, removed it and placed it in the sack with the dress. She sighed in relief as she went in.

She ate lunch quickly and left for the music store. She didn't want to drive the extra eight miles to Music City, so she stopped at another chain a few blocks away. She went in and found the CD and purchased it.

She only had one errand yet to complete, she thought. She had discussed piercings before with him, and he had encouraged her to get them if she wanted. Now she was excited as she drove. She decided to get her navel pierced, instead. She thought that looked so cool on her friends that had them.

She screwed up her courage and went into the studio. It was brightly lit and didn't look at all like the old grungy tattoo parlors used to. She soon was on a table and the clinician was started to prepare her. After a few painful minutes, she was finished and she carefully walked out to her car. She lifted her blouse to look, but couldn't see much because of the protective covering.

She drove home, carried her packages inside and undressed to relax. She lay on her bed and took a short nap. She was awakened by the telephone. It was him, reminding her to wear casual clothing when she met him at seven.

She showered and got ready and soon it was time to go. She was excited to show him that she had followed his instructions, and knew he would reward her. She tried to imagine what her reward might be. She felt a tingling deep in her stomach.

He was in a back room when she entered. She called out and he told her to meet him in the room. She knew which room he meant and went there. He entered soon and motioned for her to sit in a chair across from his.

"Did you do as I instructed?" he asked.

"Yes, Master," she answered and proceeded to show him her purchases, and then she lifted her shirt to show her navel stud.

He looked at the dress and shoes, and then the CD. He looked back at her and asked "Where did you have lunch?"

Her heart skipped a beat.

He didn't wait for an answer.

"So you are ashamed to be collared by me?" he quietly asked.

"No Master," she said.

"Then why did you remove your collar and why did you deny the significance of it to the saleslady and salesman?"

Her heart sank.

He continued. "Where did I tell you to purchase the CD? Wasn't it at Music City? Did I tell you to get a navel piercing?"

She looked at the floor, unable to answer. His voice was louder now. She could feel his anger and worse yet his disappointment.

"It is obvious that you can't serve me as your Master, so get out. I don't have time for games and you have failed the simplest tests today."

She burst into tears and crawled across the floor to him.

She grabbed his legs and looked up, pleading "Please Master, I was foolish and disobedient today, but I want to serve you more than anything in the world. If you give me another chance you will see that I truly mean it. Please Master. I need you."

He pushed her away and sat quietly. She sat on the floor, sobbing. her head was down and she was drained.

"You are so pathetic," he said. "I can't believe I am such a bad judge of character that I would waste my time on someone as wretched as you. You are like a little child, taking shortcuts, and lying about your mistakes and denying your self."

"Yes Master. I am all of those things. I cannot deny that because the truth is so painfully obvious. I do not deserve your patience and guidance. But Master, I look in your eyes as I tell you that I do want to serve you and I will prove myself to you if you give me one more chance. Please Master. I know I am useless without you. Make me something worthwhile by being your servant."

He was moved by her sincerity and he motioned for her to stand up. "You have but one chance. Do not fail, for if you do, I will not even speak to you or of you again."

She bowed and fell around his feet and kissed them in gratitude.

"But you will be punished severely for your bad judgment and for failing to obey me."

Her eyes were wide as she heard these words. Chills ran down her spine. She was frightened and excited.

"Remove your clothes. Go to the bathroom and then go get a drink. Then, sit at the edge of the bed. I need to get a few things and I will be right back."

She did as told, and sat shaking as she waited.


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