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His Daughter's Friend


He really didn’t want to chaperone the dance, but it was a requirement. All parents had to do some volunteer work at St. Catherine High School where his daughter was a senior and night duty was all he had time for. So, this Friday evening he was one of about 15 parents patrolling the dance floor making sure that there was “room for the Holy Spirit” between the teenagers whose hormones were raging.

Bill’s hormones were going pretty good themselves. There were plenty of hotties dancing and shaking their thing and Bill enjoyed watching them.

“How do their parents let them out dressed like that?” he wondered to himself. This girl had a halter on that barely covered her breasts. Another had a T-shirt on so tight that her nipples and areoles were clearly defined pressed against the flimsy fabric. Almost all of them wore thongs that showed above their low cut jeans. So, for four hours, Bill wandered the dance floor fantasizing about the girls he was watching and being avoided by his daughter who was embarrassed to have daddy there.

Just before 11, Bill was assigned to outside duty that involved making sure that the teenagers were not overly noisy when leaving and that no one was run over by the multitude of cars coming and going. Outside duty was fine with him. The gym where the dance was held was hot and the cold air was refreshing. He performed his assigned duty well (that is, no one was run over) and the crowd had dissipated until there was one girl left standing on the corner. She seemed out of place, looking around in all directions and huddled against the cold so Bill walked over to her to see if she was alright.

“Hi Mr. Walters,” Alice said recognizing her friend’s father. “Are you waiting for Suzanne?”

Bill recognized Alice also. “Hi Alice. No, Suzanne is going out with some of her friends. What are you doing standing here? You look lost.”

“I think I got ditched,” Alice replied. “A couple of my friends came with their boyfriends and they went to the car and were going to pick me up. But I guess, you know, I’m the fifth wheel.” She pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one.

Bill felt bad for Alice. She was a pretty girl but a little overweight. Not a lot, though. You might call her slightly “Rubenesque”. But in today’s age, any girl over 100 pounds was considered “fat” and, as an 18 year old senior in high school, Alice was probably very self-conscious about those few extra pounds. He looked into her eyes and they were a little glassy.

“So, how are you getting home?” Bill asker her and as he did, he looked over her shoulder and saw Sister Rose headed our way.

“Give me the cigarette quick,” Bill said grabbing it from Alice and putting it to his lips. Alice looked at him strangely until she realized Sister Rose was on top of them.

“Mr. Walters,” the good sister said sternly, “there is no smoking on the school grounds and we strongly discourage smoking at all in front of the girls.”

“Yes, sister. Sorry, sister,” Bill replied and he dropped the cigarette on the ground and stepped on it. Sister Rose looked down at the butt and then back at Bill.

“Sorry, sister,” he said and he bent down and picked up the butt. “I’ll take care of it.”

“Thank-you,” Sister Rose replied and she turned and walked away from them. Bill took the butt and flicked it into the bushes and smiled at Alice who laughed at Bill’s insolence.

“Thanks, Mr. Walters. Sister Rose and I have not gotten along very well this year and her catching me smoking would not help the situation.”

“Glad I could help,” Bill replied. He reached into his jacket and pulled out a flask. “She didn’t say anything about this, did she?” He opened the flask and took a long sip. Bill was never far from his flask. It had become part of the family, so to speak, and part of the destruction of his family. His divorce had centered around his drinking and although it was somewhat under control, it was never completely under control. He held the flask out to Alice.

“Have some. It’ll ward off the cold.”

Alice took the flask and took a sip. Before she could taste it she took another bigger sip. The whisky burned as it went down her throat and she coughed.

“Good stuff,” she rasped out between coughs.

“Sure is,” Bill replied taking another hit from the flask. “So, where were we? How are you getting home? Are your parents coming for you?”

“No,” Alice said looking up the street. “My parents are away for the weekend. I guess I can walk home. It’s only a couple of miles up the street.”

“Nonsense,” said Bill. “I can take you. It’s too cold to walk and you’re certainly not dressed for walking.”

Despite the temperature, most of the kids did not wear coats since they would have to drag them around the dance. No, it was better to dress “cool” than warmly and Alice was no exception. She wore a tight jersey that showed off her nicely rounded breasts topped by nipples hardened by the cold night air and a low-slung pair of jeans. She had a little fold of fat between the jeans and the jersey that Bill found to be kind of sexy.

“Wait here for me,” Bill said, “but if your friends show up, just go ahead with them. I’m just going to make sure I’m finished for the night.”

Bill walked into the school and confirmed he was now officially off duty. He knew Alice would be waiting there. She had been ditched and again he felt sorry for her. He was always the nerd in school and had felt the pangs of rejection plenty of times. He walked outside and could see Alice still on the corner.

“Let’s go. My car’s in the next lot.” They walked together and Bill pulled the flask out of his pocket again. “Ladies before gentlemen,” he said and he offered it to Alice. Alice took another long drink and handed it back to Bill who did likewise.

“Want to try something else?” Alice asked. With that she reached into her pocket and pulled out a marijuana joint. “You won’t tell anyone, will you?”

“Nope,” Bill replied. Now he knew why Alice’s eyes were glassy. He watched Alice spark it up and take a long draw on it. She held in the smoke while she passed the joint to Bill. They were far enough away from Sister Rose’s prying eyes to have to worry. Bill took the joint and drew on it and passed it back. They traded the joint a couple of more times before they reached the car.

“Nice buzz,” Alice said as she climbed into the car.

“Which gave you the buzz?” Bill asked.

“Doesn’t matter,” Alice replied. “Just a good buzz.”

Bill closed the door and climbed in on the driver’s side and they headed off towards her house.

“So, you were a fifth wheel tonight,” Bill said taking the joint from Alice. “No boyfriend?”

“Had one,” Alice said after exhaling a lungful of smoke. “He decided to go for someone prettier.”

“Well that was foolish,” Bill said looking at Alice. “You’re a very pretty girl and any guy would be thrilled to have you as a girlfriend.”

“Then I guess he wanted one that was better to fuck.”

Bill was somewhat shocked. For one thing, he had never heard Alice talk like that although all the kids did these days. But what was more shocking was that Alice said it to him.

“You don’t fuck very well?” Bill joked.

“It’s not that,” Alice said. “He just never tried. Maybe he doesn’t like fucking fat chicks.” There was hurt in her voice.

“Well, first of all, you’re not fat,” Bill said trying to dissuade her of the impression she had of herself. “Did you try anything else?” Bill could not believe he just asked the 18-year-old friend of his daughter about her sexual experiences. It had to be the booze or dope talking and the works just came out.

“Yeah,” Alice replied. “I sucked on him a couple of times.”

“And…” Bill prompted her to continue.

“It was nice and all but he never did anything for me.”

“So, you enjoyed ‘giving’ and would have liked to enjoy ‘getting’ but he didn’t come through for you?” Bill could feel his cock hardening in his pants.

Alice turned and looked at Bill. “Yeah. I enjoyed sucking on him. But I hear other girls talking about their boyfriends going down on them and wished he did too.”

Bill knew the conversation had gone too far. His cock was straining against his pants and he felt it was time to stop. But more words, the wrong words, fell from his lips.

“Why did you like sucking him?”

“I just like the feel of his cock in my mouth,” Alice replied. “It wasn’t a big one. Some of my friends got their brothers’ porn movies and we watched them. The guys had bigger cocks and I would go home and masturbate thinking about sucking on them.”

Bill almost came in his pants. He knew Alice would never talk like this if she hadn’t been drinking and smoking the joint. But she had and was leading him somewhere he didn’t think he wanted to go, but curiosity pushed him further.

They pulled up in front of Alice’s house and Bill shut the car off. He looked at Alice who was staring at her hands in her lap. She was making no effort to get out of the car, but was also not saying anything. Bill wondered if she was waiting for him to say something or do something. He wanted to, very badly, do something but she was a lot younger than him and it just did not seem right. He got out of the car, walked to her side and opened the door. Alice never had a guy open and hold a door for her and she was touched by Bill’s minor courtesy. They walked without speaking to the front door where Alice used her key to open the door.

“Give me your bottle,” Alice said reaching into Bill’s jacket. She took the bottle and walked over to the bar in the corner, pulled out a large bottle of whiskey and refilled his flask. When she was finished, she took a hit straight from the bottle, recapped it and put it away.

“Thanks,” Bill said as she handed the flask back. Alice looked at him, stepped closer and placed a gentle kiss on his lips.

“You’re a nice girl, Alice. You will make some boy very happy someday.”

Alice responded with another kiss, this one harder and longer. She pushed her tongue into Bills mouth and flicked it against his. While they embraced, Bill placed Alice’s hand on the front of his pants and pushed down on the outline of his cock. She did not pull back so he started guiding Alice’s hand along the length of his manhood all the while keeping their lips locked. Alice’s hand was soon sliding up and down his cock without help from him.

Bill let her continue for a couple of minutes and decided to go further. He unzipped his pants, took Alice’s hand and slid into his pants. She immediately fished around until she was able to wrap her fingers around his pole’s thickness and started slowly jerking him. Bill leaned back and looked at Alice who by now was staring back into his eyes.

Bill reached down and opened his pants completely. His cock stood erect and a small amount of pre-cum smeared by Alice on his cockhead reflected in the light. Alice now had more room to freely stroke his cock from head to root and did so with a light touch. Bill enjoyed the feel and was ready to go even further even though he knew he shouldn’t. He reached over and put his hand behind Alice’s head and pushed her down slowly on to her knees. When she got there, she opened her mouth and slid Bill’s cock into her mouth.

Bill gasped as the warm sensation from Alice’s mouth enveloped his aching member. She licked the head then slid her lips down the length of his pole until the cockhead hit her throat. She then reversed the movement until her lips were firmly caressing his cockhead.

Bill didn’t need to guide her. Alice had started to build a rhythm and her head bobbed in front of Bill. He reached under her and gently caressed on of her breasts. It was large and firm and he could feel her hardened nipple. He slid his hand under her jersey and up to her bra where he massaged her tit through the bra’s fabric.

This in turn caused Alice to mouth fuck Bill faster. He could feel his orgasm coming but thought he had time to tell Alice that he would cum. He was wrong. Without warning, he erupted shooting his load of hot jism into her mouth. Alice sucked on his cock and swallowed his load and when she was finished she let his cock drop out of her mouth and she looked up at him.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

“Honey, that was great,” Bill replied. He looked at Alice who was looking back, almost as if she was anticipating something. Then he remembered the conversation that started all of this.

“You said you wished your boyfriend took care of you,” he said lifting her to her feet. “Could I do that for you?”

Alice looked into his eyes. “Yes,” was all she said.

It wasn’t everyday that an opportunity like this presents itself, and Bill wanted to take advantage of it. Yes, he admitted, Alice was vulnerable. Yes, he admitted, she was drunk and a little stoned. Yes, he admitted, she was 25 years younger than him. Yes, he admitted, she was his daughter’s friend. But Alice had freely given him a blowjob in her living room and she wanted more. She had returned his kiss in a deep sensual manner and he wanted more.

Placing his hands on her hips, Bill lowered his head to her neck and kissed it gently causing a sensuous shiver to run through Alice’s body. He moved up her neck and, pulling her hair away from her ear, whispered, “Where’s your bedroom?”

He took her hand and, without a word, they climbed the stairs to her room. It was a typical young adult’s room. A few movie and rock group posters on the wall, a computer in the corner and clothes everywhere.

Bill grabbed Alice from behind and pulled her tight against him and her fullness felt good against him. He pulled the flask out of his pocket, opened it and put it to her lips. She drank freely from it and when she was finished Bill went back to her neck and ear kissing and nibbling at them. His hands wandered back down to her hips and he stroked the exposed skin between her jersey and pants then upward and cupped her breasts. Alice groaned as he kneaded her tits and ran his hand over her nipples.

With one fluid motion, Bill lifted her jersey over her head and dropped it on the floor and reached for the clasps at the back of her bra. Damn childproof things. He was never good at unhooking bras and this one was no different. While he fumbled at it he went back to kissing Alice’s neck so as not to interrupt the flow of the moment. Realizing they could be there all night, Alice reached back and easily unhooked her bra. Bill wondered silently how the hell she did that.

Bill let the bra fall to the floor and his hands found Alice’s full breasts. He fondled them gently paying close attention to her hardened nipples while keeping his lips busy on her neck and shoulders. He then moved his hands lower.

Reaching for the front of her jeans, Bill unfastened them and pushed them off Alice’s hips. He stepped in closer again pressing against her and feeling the heat of her body against his. He could feel his passion rising and he turned Alice around.

Alice was clearly uncomfortable standing in front of Bill in only her panties. Her eyes were lowered and she would not look at Bill. She was self conscious about her weight even though it was not excessive. Bill put his hand under her chin, lifted her face and looked into her eyes.

“You’re a very pretty girl, Alice” he said to her and bent to kiss her on the lips. Her lips parted and allowed his tongue to probe her mouth. Bill could still taste his cum in her mouth and found himself turned on by it. He pushed harder against her and their tongues danced in her mouth.

He let his mouth slide from hers and trailed down her neck to her chest. Kneeling in front of her he put his lips onto one of her nipples and sucked it into his mouth. His other hand reached over and played with her other nipple. She gasped at his touch. He moved from one side to the other leaving her nipples coated with saliva. Whichever one was not getting attention from Bill’s mouth was being rubbed and flicked by his hand. Bill could hear her heart beating hard in her chest.

He slid lower and kissed her belly, allowing his hands to reach around and caress her ass. He squeezed her cheeks, kneading them with his hands while licking her navel. Alice’s hands were on the back of his head and started to force him lower. She was totally turned on and knew what she wanted and Bill was more than happy to oblige. Sliding his hands into the waistband of her panties, Bill slid them to the floor exposing her womanhood to him.

Bill wasted no time and dove right into her pussy. Alice cried aloud at the feel of a man’s tongue licking her. She pulled Bill’s head tight against her and opened her legs to allow him to penetrate her with his tongue which snaked up and down her slit searching for her clit. When he did, Alice cried out again.

Bill continued to lick Alice’s pussy pushing his tongue deeper inside her and Alice had started a slight rocking motion as if she were riding his tongue. But Bill could sense that her passion was rising as she started pushing him hard into her pussy. Finally it consumed her.

“No.. no… Mr. Walters…Noooooo” she moaned as her orgasm shot through her body. Bill kept his tongue flicking against her clit and her body twitched from the touch. She grabbed his head and pushed it against her in an effort to stop him.

“No more, please, no more,” she begged him but her body betrayed her as she continued to rub her pussy against Bill’s mouth. Finally she stopped moving, standing still with Bill’s head in her hands. He looked up into her eyes and saw the look of amazement.

No boy had done that for her Bill thought to himself. She had listened to her friends talk about boys going down on them and she probably fantasized about it. She probably even masturbated in bed thinking about it. But here was a guy who had just done her and she was thrilled. He could see it in her eyes. He stood up and took her face in his hands and kissed her. Their tongues met and the taste of his cum mixed with her juices.

While they embraced, Bill walked her over to the bed. He did not know how far this may go, but was willing to find out. He broke from the embrace and looked her in the eyes.

“Would you get on the bed for me?” he asked. Alice did not answer, but rather turned, pulled the bed sheets back and got on the bed. Bill had noticed that Alice had candles in her room so he walked around and lit them. Then he closed the door and let the candle light bath the room in a soft glow.

He removed his shirt and shoes. Unbuckling his pants, he let them slide to the floor followed by his boxers. For the first time, Alice gazed upon Bill naked in front of her. For a man about 25 years older than she he was in pretty good shape. In fact, she had never noticed how handsome he was. In front of him hung the cock she had sucked on minutes before. It looked so much longer with him standing there naked. It was not hard but was starting to swell.

Bill climbed on the bed and knelt beside her, his cock hanging inches from her mouth. She reached out and held it gently in her hand and pulled him closer until Bill’s cockhead met her lips. She opened and let her tongue slip out and lick the tip. Bill’s cock hardened and straightened immediately.

Leaning forward further, Bill pushed his cock into Alice’s mouth which was a welcome receptacle. He pumped it in and out while Alice’s tongue bathed the underside. Bill’s grunts mixed with the slurping noise coming from Alice. As she let him fuck her mouth, he reached down and rubbed between her legs. He could feel that she was wet and ready.

He pulled his cock out of Alice’s mouth and bent to kiss her. While their lips were together, he lowered his body onto hers used his legs to push hers apart. Alice knew what was coming. She lay there as Bill positioned himself, reached down and placed his cockhead at the opening of her pussy. He pushed forward slightly and her outer lips wrapped around his cockhead. He looked into Alice’s eyes waiting for a sign that she did not want to go further but saw none. She was ready to give her friend’s father her virginity.

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