His Eyes


His Eyes. They watch my every move. Testing him, to see if he really is watching, I turn my back and take a deep breath. The sounds of the crowded room disappear as my heart pounds in my ears. I unbutton three buttons with trembling fingers and turn around. My ample cleavage on display, heaving with every breath I take. The edges of my black lacy bra clearly displayed as it hugs the curves.

I dare to glance up, and yes, I can feel the heat of his gaze, it penetrates my flesh and I shudder as a familiar tingle ripples along my spine. Why is he watching me? I think about the reflection I saw in the mirror as I was getting dressed. Nothing spectacular or outstanding. My hips too narrow for my waist, my ass like that of a young boys, not much flesh to grab hold of back there. My heaving breasts, well, maybe those are note worthy.

Shuffling my feet, I turn away again and climb up on the bar stool. Pulling my short skirt higher on my thighs, letting the top edge of the stockings peek out, parting my legs I swivel and stare back at him. His eyes drop briefly to the dark shadow of the vee at the top of my thighs. But return to burn once again into my sparkling blue orbs.

Giving myself a shake, both visibly and emotionally, I frown and turn away ordering a drink. Gulping the drink, my 4th of the evening, I steal a glance over my shoulder and am surprised and disappointed to find that he is gone. Scanning the crowded bar, wondering at where this man has gone and finding myself vaguely annoyed.

Sighing softly, as I realize that not one other person has so much as noticed that I am nearly topless, I make my way to the ladies room to relieve myself of the 4 drinks that weigh heavily on my bladder. The noise is less here in the corridor and I am concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other without toppling off my too many inches heels.

I feel a brush of movement along my neck as I am wrenched backwards by my hair. A hand is stuffed into my open, ready to scream mouth and I am propelled backwards into a utility closet. There is no light here and my assailant holds me still, his hard body pressed tightly to mine. I can hear the rush of blood in my veins and feel his hot breath on my neck. His hand still stuffed into my mouth, his wiggling fingers, reaching into my throat make me gag.

A soft chuckle as he pushes further into my throat, my throat muscles rebelling at the assault, retching, my body shaking. His hand in my hair pulling my head backwards and I can feel the flow of hot tears tumbling over my cheeks.

He pushes me forward and whispers, don't make a sound...not a peep. Fear settles into my bones as my body shakes uncontrollably. He pulls his hand from my mouth and uses his body weight to pin me against the door, his cock roughly grinding to my ass. He grabs my hands and pulls them over my head, still using his body to pin me, my breasts mashed to the door, my hip bones painfully crushed on the solid steel. I feel the tightening noose on my wrists and suck a breath over tightly clenched teeth. The loop on my wrists tightens and pulls me to the tips of my toes, barely able to keep my balance.

Whimpering as the pressure on my belly increases, the need to pee becoming more urgent than my precarious predicament, I open my mouth and start to explain and feel a cold blade on my neck, he whispers, "Not a sound...shhhhhhhh!" The blade slips in front of me and he pulls me away from the door, cuts off the remaining two buttons and my shirt falls open. The blade, cold and foreign against my skin cuts my bra in half, my heaving heavy breasts tumble forward, nipples rubbing on the cold of the door, instantly turning them to swollen hard pebbles.

His hand grabs my hair and twists my head around so that his lips can claim mine. Hard bruising kiss, meant to punish, to turn his victim to liquid fear. It works and maybe a little too well, as the hot rush of urine explodes from my bladder, pouring, gushing from my urethra, drenching my poor excuse for panties and soaking into my stockings. Groaning, low in my throat, the humiliation of pissing in my panties out weighing this mans assault on my body, I whimper, "Sorry, sorry, sorry..." Only stopping my mantra as the cold steel lays itself on my nipple and he says "Shhhhhhhhh, its just piss, it's ok, I don't mind at all."

Quiet whimpers as he kneels behind me and cuts the wet panties from me, leaving my ass bared, my pussy wet and not just from the piss. My traitorous body is responding to the indignities of this man. I hear the flick of a lighter and the soft glow of a candle burns into my eyes. "I want to see your cunt." he mumbles and I can feel the heat of the flame as he examines me. His fingers pushing my lips wide, his thumb rubbing my clit bringing it to life, he teases it from its hood, making it swell and throb. His fingers working me over, expertly manipulating my clit, two fingers thrust inside my now dripping cunt, rubbing at my most sensitive of spots.

Moaning softly, biting into the flesh of my upper arm, to stop the sounds of pleasure, trying to deny even to myself that my body is loving this. I writhe on his impaling fingers, muscles gripping his probing digits, trying to suck them into my needy hole. Hips undulating as I purposefully rub my nipples on the cold door. A new kind of pressure starts to build in my belly, one that will not be ignored or denied.

His hand still stuffed deep inside me, I can hear and feel him fumbling with his pants and as he frees his cock it presses to my ass cheek. He pushes it into the crack of my ass and humps at me, his body pushing me to the door as his fingers continue to fuck my pouring pussy.

His lips on my ear, his teeth nip at my earlobe as he whispers, "This is going to hurt, but don't you dare scream." With that he kicks my feet wide apart, pushes four fingers roughly into my cunt as his thumb rubs harder and faster on my clit. Sighing softly, thinking to myself, that doesn't hurt, omg...it feels amazing, my body prepares itself for release. The flush of heat, the goosebumps and the sweet flood of juices into my passage...so close, so ready....

The pain sears into me, hot and white, making every muscle in my body constrict, unable to even breathe...he thrusts his hard thick cock into my unprepared ass ...one long continuous stroke, forcing into my tight back door...a cold sweat breaks out on my flesh as the pain slices through me. Too shocked to even try to scream, salty tears flowing into my open mouth, shaking and trying to move forward, escape the monstrous rod that has ripped my ass open.

He stays fully thrust into my ass, his only movement the wriggling of fingers, his thumb on my swollen and throbbing clit. His thick cock holding my ass wide, buried deep in my bowels. The pain lessens, my cunt spasming on the fingers, my clit so tight and engorged with blood that it feels ready to split open. His free hand caresses my cheek, feeling the tears, he pulls his hand back and I can hear him licking the salty wet. His hand moves to my breast, squeezing and kneading before finding my nipple, rolling it, tweaking it.

Moaning, I can't hold back, my body takes over and as the orgasm hits, his cock starts to fuck my ass, hard long strokes. It drives me repeatedly into the door, hammering into me as my body cums. Shuddering, shaking squirting sweet girl cum, it bathes his hand, soaks into my piss drenched stockings. He grunts in my ear and adds his cum to the mix...it shoots into my ass and squelches out as his cock continues to fuck me into oblivion. Panting, too weak to hold myself up, I am suspended by my wrists and his cock.

He pulls his hand from my pussy and offers his wet fingers to my lips, I instantly start licking and sucking the sweetness from them. He releases my arms and pulls me backwards into an embrace, holding me tight against him. He whispers soothing words into my ear, his hot breath fanning over my cheek.

Turning me quickly, he kisses me, breathing life back into my limbs. I can see His eyes, Those Eyes, sparkling in the candlelight as he smiles at me.

"So, how about a date, let me take you to a late dinner, I am starving?" he chuckles as he asks the question...and I can only nod my acceptance. As I lose myself in his eyes.

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