His Favorite Birthday: The Next Day


"Oh, quite to the contrary," Kate responded. "She and her friend were very up front about it all, seemed to have enjoyed every minute of it, and made no apologies. Her friend Grace asked if we did that thing all the time. I said of course not. The she even asked me how many orgasms I had. Can you believe it? I had never met her before and she wants to know how many times I came. When I 'fessed up and told her three, which was the truth, she wanted to know if she could borrow Ross one of these days before she goes back to North Carolina. They apparently saw every detail. Of course, sound travels very well over water, so they heard every detail too. I was shocked at how forward their conversation got in only ten minutes. She started to complain about her husband's performance, going into detail about how long it's been since she had even one orgasm with him, much less three. I think they would have liked to carry on talking for a couple more hours, but they had to get packing and on the road. Oh well, they'll be back Sunday evening, and I'm sure we'll be hearing from them then."

Tonya was flabbergasted, "You had three orgasms? That'd be a modern day record for me, although I guess I might have been closing in on it last night. All that exhibitionism sure got me horny as I've been in years. And they wanted to talk about it all? Wow, they are a lot more open about things than I would ever be with a stranger."

"OK then, just between friends, have you ever thought about watching another couple do it? Or how about having somebody watch you and Pat go at it? Along those same lines, which would you rather do, watch or be watched?" Kate asked.

"I guess I never really thought about it," Tonya said, not convincingly. "Well, maybe the thought had occurred to me at some point. Why, how did you feel when you figured out you were being watched last night? Have you ever done anything like that before?"

"No, never," Kate said. "But I have to admit that it turned out to be really exciting, especially for Ross. He was on top when we realized they were watching, so he was much more exposed and he knew it. And I think he figured out pretty quickly from their giggling that it was women who were watching him. If I had thought it was a guy who was watching me, I'd find it much more exciting. Heck, I'd probably like to get on top and put on a show. I've always found it stimulating to have men look at me. What about you?"

"I'm not sure I could do it. Put on a show that is. I might be able to watch you and Ross tonight if that's what you're getting at. Is it?" Tonya asked.

"No, that's not where I was going, but maybe we should talk about that later, after I've had a few drinks," Kate said, laughing. "After last night, Ross would probably jump at the chance. He came so fast and hard, I know he found it exhilarating. I'll bet I can get him to come in less than a minute if you're watching me do something to him."

"No you can't! And you wouldn't, would you?" From Tonya's tone of voice, Kate could tell that she'd probably like to see her try.

Both women's thoughts drifted off momentarily. Kate relived the details of the previous evening. Being spied upon had been exciting, but she knew that Ross had found it much more so. Why was that? Kate quickly came to the conclusion that it had to do with being watched by members of the opposite sex. Would it have been more exciting if it had been Ruth and Grace's husbands staring at her through the night vision binoculars? Definitely so, she decided.

The idea of watching and being watched was also running through Tonya's mind. She imagined herself on the neighbors' dock watching Ross and Kate, their naked bodies intertwined only a hundred feet or so away, clearly visible through the night vision binoculars. The more she thought about it, the more interesting it sounded, especially if she got to see more of Ross.

Then, she pictured the situation reversed, with herself out on the dock, on top, riding Pat, knowing that Ross and Kate were sitting on the deck watching her through the night vision binoculars. She doubted that she'd ever have the guts to put on such a show, but after she thought about it for a few moments, she had to admit that being watched seemed more erotic than just watching.

Tonya broke the silence, "So for you, what's more erotic, having somebody of the opposite sex seeing you naked, or seeing somebody of the opposite sex naked?"

"Oh definitely being naked in front of a man, rather than the other way around. Don't you agree? Don't you think all women feel that way? " Kate asked.

"I agree," said Tonya. "Like last night, seeing Ross take off his clothes was nice - he's got a great body, and I really enjoyed it. And don't worry, I have no designs on your husband. But I could actually feel myself getting excited when I was taking off my own clothes in front of him. Not so much in front of Pat, because he sees me all the time. But having another guy seeing me naked was definitely more stimulating to me. Did you feel the same way knowing Pat was looking at you? So why do us women feel that way? Guys don't think that way, do they?"

"No, I'm sure they don't," Kate answered. "Guys would rather see a woman naked. I don't think that they get off at all on being seen. Well, maybe they do. Maybe I should call Ross in here and we can run an experiment."

Tonya's eyes lit up at the suggestion, but she didn't press the point.

Changing the subject, Kate asked, "And if you were watching another couple? What would you like to see most? Would you only be looking at the guy?"

"Yeah, of course. I'd only be looking at the guy'" Tonya admitted. "I'd probably really enjoy watching another guy besides Pat have an orgasm. Of course, it's been so long for me that I've forgotten what another guy getting off might look like."

"So - and this is a purely hypothetical situation - if I called Ross in here right now and offered to give him a blow job right in front of you, would you get embarrassed and leave the room, or would you stay and watch?" Kate asked.

"I'd watch, if I was invited, but you wouldn't really do that, would you? And he probably wouldn't let you anyway, right?" Tonya was suddenly sitting up straight and looking very interested, and Kate noticed.

"Be careful what you wish for, because I'll do it." Kate poked her head out the door and said, "Hey Ross, a purely theoretical question for you - do guys think it's more erotic to see a naked woman or to be seen naked by a woman?"

Ross thought about it for about a millisecond and said, "Definitely seeing a woman naked. Why?"

Kate continued, "So do guys think it's at all erotic to be naked in front of a woman?"

"Yeah, sure, I guess. I don't know. I hadn't really thought about it. It would definitely depend on the situation," Ross answered. Kate turned to talk to Tonya and closed the door so that Ross couldn't hear their conversation. Intrigued, he got up, walked into the house and asked, "I don't know what prompted those questions, but I like where you're going with this discussion. Can I sit in?"

"Yeah, but you have to take off your clothes, right here, right now," Kate insisted. Tonya raised her eyebrows, enough of a change in her expression that Ross noticed.

"Seriously?" Ross asked, "You really want me to strip right now? If I do, what's in it for me? Will you follow suit?"

"Follow suit, as in 'birthday suit'? How about if I promise to make it worth your while? Tonya and I were just discussing something of this nature," Kate quickly replied.

"Well, I, uh, uh, I, um. That's not exactly how I pictured this," Ross stuttered.

"This is exactly what we want to know. Do you feel excited sexually when a woman sees you naked? So I want you to get naked and tell me how you feel. Do you want me to help you out of your clothes, just like I did last night?"

Ross drew back into the corner of the kitchen as Kate moved towards him, following Tonya's eyes all the while. He saw her watching him, and he let Kate pull his shirt over his head. He put up a brief struggle as she tugged at his shorts, but eventually, he relented and he was left standing naked, both women sizing him up.

As their eyes roamed over his body, he could feel his penis begin to swell. Kate quickly noticed it too, and she nudged Tonya, saying, "See? He's starting to get hard." Kate moved in, and took his penis in her hand, and massaged it slowly. "See? He obviously thinks it is erotic to be seen naked by a woman, so we've answered that part of the question."

Ross could see Tonya's eyes running up and down his body, but he did nothing to cover himself up. Kate noticed and asked him, "You like having her look at you, don't you?"

"If you want to put my body on display, I'll let you," Ross said. "You know I like to do that with you. But just remember this when Pat comes back this afternoon. Paybacks can be a bitch."

"OK, we'll worry about that then," Kate said as she moved closer to Ross, letting her hand slide down the front of his body, brushing against his penis. She looked down and could tell he was well on his way to getting erect. "But right now, I've got something else on my mind."

Once again, Kate took her husband's cock in her hand and rubbed it slowly and softly. With Tonya watching, it didn't take very long before he was as hard and big as Kate knew he would get. She stepped back so Tonya could see everything. Kate looked at Ross and saw he was watching Tonya's eyes, which were focused closely on his erection.

Kate suddenly got down on her knees next to Ross and started to kiss and lick his stiffened penis. His knees buckled slightly as soon as she took him in her mouth, and he moaned with obvious pleasure. "Oh my God, what are you doing? Don't. Please don't. I'm not going to be able to hold back. You're going to make me come. Oh no. Do you realize what you're doing?"

Kate took a quick glance at Tonya, and saw she had her hand over her mouth in obvious surprise. But Tonya was making no attempt to avert her gaze; in fact, she was watching intently.

Kate pushed forward until her lips reached his body. She was taking all of him deep in her mouth, her tongue rolling around the shaft of his penis. Ross started to quiver and shake. She knew he was going to explode soon, real soon.

Ross' eyes darted back and forth between looking at Tonya and seeing Kate sucking on his cock. It was too much stimulus for him, and he knew he couldn't hold back much longer. He felt the orgasm rising within, and it couldn't be stopped. Tonya was going to see him having an orgasm. He was going to come right in front of her, and he knew he couldn't help himself now.

One last look at Tonya, seeing her eyes focusing on him, and he could feel the orgasm rushing upon him. His body started jerking violently as the waves of pleasure washed over him, the spasms ripping through him.

Tonya watched as his face contorted, his teeth clenched, his eyes rolled back. He let out muted, unintelligible sounds and his hips thrust reflexively as he poured his semen into Kate's mouth. He sank back against the counter, twitching and jerking. Tonya noticed how he grunted and moaned in ecstasy without any sign of embarrassment or being the slightest bit self-conscious. The level of his voice began to subside as his orgasm wound down. Kate was still sucking on his cock, her mouth working expertly up and down the length of his penis, tonguing every last drop of semen out of him.

Ross' eyes opened again and he looked straight at Tonya. The eye contact caused him to shudder and moan, almost as if he was having a second orgasm.

Tonya couldn't believe she was witnessing all of this. How could her close friends feel comfortable doing this right in front of her? Comfortable? They were more than comfortable; they were truly enjoying themselves. Of course Ross was having a great time; he was still jerking and twitching as his orgasm ran its course. But Kate was looking very proud at being able to bring Ross so much pleasure.

But more interesting to Tonya was her own reaction. She wondered why was she enjoying the show so much? Not even a month ago, she would have been running upstairs in embarrassment. Now, she realized that she had actually loved watching. She could feel how wet she was getting - she knew she was literally dripping with excitement. If she was going to be running upstairs now, it would be to masturbate and bring on her own orgasm.

Ross was still twitching and gasping when he finally pulled Kate away from him. Tonya watched his flagging penis as it slid out of her mouth. It wasn't as big as it had been a few minutes ago, and she could see it glistening in the sunlight coming through the big windows. Tonya watched as one last drop formed at the tip of his cock. Ross squirmed as Kate moved back in and licked it off.

He was spent, leaning against the counter, breathing heavily. Kate looked up at him and he smiled at her, helping her to her feet. "Thank you honey. That was wonderful. You are so good to me. I wish I could make you feel as good as you make me feel."

Tonya couldn't take her eyes off of Ross. There he was, ten feet away, right in front of her, still twitching occasionally as his orgasm wound down, naked but apparently not embarrassed. She saw that he was looking at her, a tired smile on his face.

Kate finally said, "Put your clothes back on and go back to your lounge chair." Ross slowly complied and Kate shooed him back out onto the deck. "And Tonya, I hope you won't tell anybody about this. Even Pat. I've never done anything like this before, so I'm hoping that it will be our little secret. What happens at the lake house stays at the lake house. I hope we didn't embarrass you, but I just suddenly decided to do that. I've never done anything like that before, but I have to admit that I kinda liked it. I seem to have been getting a little crazy this weekend. I'm enjoying it, I know Ross is too, and I hope that you are too. Maybe we have to make it up to Pat somehow."

"No apologies are necessary," Tonya replied, still gaping in amazement. "You could probably tell since I stayed and watched with more than a little interest. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I have to admit that I liked watching. I really liked it. As in really, really liked it. I'm not sure I can reciprocate with Pat, but maybe if I have a few drinks later this evening, I might take him out to the end of the dock and you can fire up those night vision binoculars."

"I'm going to hold you to that," Kate said.

While making lunch, the two women continued to discuss their own sexual fantasies and what was keeping them from acting them out. They found that for the most part, they both basically wanted the same thing - to feel wanted, desirable and sexy. The two women decided that they both deserved to feel that way. The real question was - how to make their men make them feel like that?

After eating, Ross moved to his favorite place in the whole world - the end of the dock. Kate packed the trash and recycling into the car and asked, "Tonya, want to go with me to the dump? We could just drive into town afterwards and do some shopping, or should we save that for later?"

"No, I'm going to sit and nap in the sun for a while. Is that OK, or do you really want some company? Can we save the shopping trip for later?"

"That's fine. Don't worry, I'll be fine," Kate assured her, and she headed out the door.

Tonya walked out to the end of the dock where Ross was sitting, staring blankly out at the empty lake. He looked up and smiled at her as she arranged her beach towel on the other chair. "Well, I guess now I'm the one who should be embarrassed," he said.

"Hey, like you told me earlier, you have no reason to be embarrassed," Tonya countered. "You can tell you work out regularly because you have a great body, and you should show it off more often. Are you the one being the insecure now?"

"Point well taken." Ross answered. "Yes, I probably was. But like you said about feeling that your breasts are inferior to Kate's rather mammoth mammaries, I am not as big and burly as Pat, so I guess I know how you feel."

"Well there's no reason. Like I said, you've got a great body and I have enjoyed every minute of seeing you naked," Tonya said, causing him to blush.

Ross continued, "Well, I guess my point is that being seen naked is one thing. Being witnessed in a full-blown orgasm is a much more, how should I say it - vulnerable, no, that's not it. Open? Maybe. Exposed? Yeah, that's it, exposed position. I've always felt that witnessing another person's orgasm is like viewing into their soul. That's why sex is so bonding. The experience makes you open up and let each other look into your inner nature, your very soul. So you have the advantage over me. Actually, if I was embarrassed, it was because of my performance. I don't have the greatest endurance, even on my best days. I have to admit that you being there was the most erotic, sexy, stimulating feeling that I may ever have had. How long did I last? Maybe a minute?"

Tonya laughed and said, "Kate predicted exactly that. I think it was actually closer to two. I thought you did just fine, so don't worry."

"Well, I just couldn't help myself," Ross tried to explain. "Seeing you watching me was too much. Even now, just thinking about it, and I might have to jump into the water to cool off." He got up and dove off the end of the dock. When he surfaced, he said, "That's better."

Tonya laughed as he climbed up the ladder and toweled himself dry. She rearranged the top of her tankini to expose her stomach to the late summer sun. Ross settled back in his chair and they both stared out at the open expanse of water.

"It's amazing that on such a great weekend, there's nobody out on the lake. Is it usually like this?" asked Tonya.

"Yeah," Ross replied, "it's a little busier down at the south end by the sandbar, but up here, you can sit out for an hour without a boat going by. In fact, it's so peaceful and quiet here that Kate often sunbathes topless."

"Is that a suggestion?" Tonya chuckled.

"I didn't mean it that way. It was just a statement of fact," Ross said. "But now that you mention it, feel free. I promise not to stare."

Tonya looked around, and feeling reassured that nobody could see the two of them sitting on the dock, she pulled the top of her bathing suit over her head and let it fall next to her chair. She smiled when she noticed how Ross was looking at her out of the corner of his eye, and she felt her nipples getting hard as the soft breeze wafted across her naked torso.

"How long do you think it will be before Kate returns?" Tonya asked.

"It shouldn't take her an hour or so," Ross answered. "So, another thing I've been meaning to ask is why don't you have any tan lines? It looks like you're tanned all over."

Tonya explained, "I'm pleased that you noticed. I have actually been laying out on my deck on my afternoons off, and Kate talked me into it when she came over one warm afternoon this past May. First she got me to lie out topless for a few minutes, just to get over my nervousness. Eventually, it progressed to full out nude sunbathing. See? I'm not such a prude after all, am I?"

"No, you certainly are not," Ross admitted. "I have been pleasantly surprised at how relaxed you seem, especially now."

They lay in the sun, chatting about everything and nothing for the better part of an hour. They were both aware that Ross' eyes kept darting all over the exposed parts of her body, but they both enjoyed it. A couple of times, he found it necessary to roll over onto his stomach to hide the sight of his stiffening cock. Likewise, Tonya could feel a pleasing wetness lingering between her thighs the entire time they lay out in the sun.

Eventually, they heard Kate returning and Tonya pulled her top back on, saying "I don't want her to find us like this."

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